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And then he told us:

We have to take risks.
We can only truly understand the miracle of life when we let the unexpected manifest itself.
Every day – together with the sun – God gives us a moment in which it is possible to change everything that makes us unhappy.
Every day we try to pretend that we don’t realize that moment, that it doesn’t exist, that today is just the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. But if you pay attention, you can discover the magic instant.

It may be hiding at the moment when we put the key in the door in the morning, in the silence right after dinner, in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us. This moment exists – a moment when all the strength of the stars passes through us and lets us work miracles.

Happiness is at times a blessing – but usually it’s a conquest. The magic instant helps us to change, drives us forward to seek our dreams. We shall suffer and go through quite a few difficult moments and face many a disappointment – but this is all transitory and inevitable, and eventually we shall feel proud of the marks left behind by the obstacles. In the future we will be able to look back with pride and faith.

Poor are those who are afraid of taking risks. Because maybe they are never disappointed, never disillusioned, never suffer like those who have a dream to pursue.
But when they look back – for we always look back – they will hear their heart saying: “What did you do with the miracles that God sowed for your days? What did you do with the talent that your Master entrusted to you? You buried it deep in a grave because you were afraid to lose it. So this is your inheritance: the certainty that you have wasted your life.”

Poor are those who hear these words. For then they will believe in miracles, but the magic instants of life will have already passed.

in “By the River Piedra I sat down and wept” (read Goodreads comments)


  1. Becca Chopra says:

    Great reminder to keep an eye out for those miraculous moments every day, and let the pain and worries that consume us fall away as fleeing and unimportant in the end. Thanks, Becca

  2. Claudia says:

    Take a risk, life is wonderful !!!!

  3. Zayneb says:

    This is beautiful.

  4. cheryl field says:

    Mr Coleho….Thankyou…. I have been waiting for this missing peice in my jigsaw of life (((*♥*)))

  5. Laura says:

    I love this book. I gave it to an ex. I do not think he read it. It is liberating! thanks Paulo Coelho!

  6. Elaine says:

    You are one cool guy, Paulo.

  7. lilah says:

    did you ever go in the cave behind the waterfall by the river piedra?
    luv and light to all

  8. Marie-Christine says:

    ‘Il faut toujours un coup de folie pour batir un destin.’ M. Yourcenar

    Dear Paulo,
    I wrote some reflections about my 2010 Journey from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostella. and my dream is to have it printed to give to charity.
    I also wrote a letter on the blog to His Excellency United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki- moon and I like to deliver the letter and read it. I believe it makes sense.
    I would like to know whether you can help me to facilitate this to happen.

    With thanks and appreciation.


    1. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      This is a very noble idea. There is only one problem with the thing. It changes nothing. Paulo has certainly a lot of money. Even if he would give all his money to charity, the world is no better place. Only he has a less happy life. And the UN to write letters, why not? It is useless but it does not hurt. You can even dance naked through the streets. And I hope you get it all done alone, without help. Where else would the fun?

      I wish you all a wonderful day

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      …Maybe I should go for the Noble Prize :) thank you Heimo and
      – Possibly you are right, possibly you are not –

      Writing the letter was a magic moment for me and I am proud of what I wrote . As a Citizen of the World, I believe I am as entitled as anybody else to participate to those debates.
      Health happens to be an important matter to me and I have the experience and that experience can perhaps make a difference.
      Health is part of human rights.


  9. Pilar de a Orillas del Rio Piedra says:

    Ohh que magiaa, que maravillaaaa gracias , mi querido Paulo!! de momentos, sencillos, de amor.. esta hecha la vida un beso grande!
    con amor
    Pilar de a orillas…… :)

  10. I just read this part yesterday…or maybe it was the day before. I am in love with the story and lose time in it…Thank you so much for it!

  11. Sheela Nandini says:

    Today’s been magical enough :)

    May 11 th 2012. A Day to Remember.


  12. Antonio Mancini says:

    Non so chi parla per chi!Non so se parla quel Paolo dei libri che non ho letto ,o se parla quell uomo che tutti dovrebbero aspirare a diventare.Ultimamente riesco solo a dare un occhiata a questo vostro e nostro commentare ,trovo una nuova energia che esce dal torpore ,una voglia di dire e fare a prescindere. Cazzo ,chi dice sbaglia, chi fa sbaglia .Gioisco per chi sbaglia con nel cuore il principio unico di provare ad essere giusti.

    1. Antonio Mancini says:

      Scusate non mi sono firmato Antonio il giardiniere !

  13. GB_Cobber says:

    Uplifting words.
    Thanks Paulo.

  14. Merci pour ces infos sur la coupe du monde. Votre blog est vraiment surper cool !!!

  15. marie-christine says:

    C’est magique!

  16. marie-christine says:

    Cher troubadour Paulo,
    Je crois que j’ai trouve.
    A propos de la “espalda.” Celle d’Esmeralda.
    La clef est dans la montagne magique – le Languedoc Roussillon.
    C’est ma memoire – celle d’un elephant – qui revient.;)
    Alors, il y a possibilite que j’ai vecu a cette epoque celle des Cathares (Brie -da)Bri-ssy )Bri-Ja )Bri-oui) la re-incarnation – j’y crois.
    Quand tu parles des Traditions – qui se passent de generation en generation – egalement il y a de la valeur.
    J’ai du ecrire un poeme qui date du Moyen Age et que j’ai ressorti de ma conscience.Lequel? Celui sur la musique? – a l’epoque des Cathares, il y avait des troubadours.
    Si c’est celle la, alors viens vite me la chanter.
    Regresa mi.
    Allez, on ira faire un tour sur la montagne. Ram. Mar.
    Beijos 1000
    Pa and ma rock!

  17. Ilva Asote says:

    Two days ago an Angel showed me a magical image and reminded not to wait for a clear cloudless day-time sky…


    If you want to breathe the wild air, try to change your walking route. Can’t change your walking route? Try to change your breath.

    “If he [warrior of the light] intends to begin the fight immediately, he pretends he is sleepy and prepares himself for sleep…” And while he dreams, the warrior’s breath becomes a stone; the stone, a plant; the plant, an animal; the animal, a man; the man, a spirit; and the spirit, a God.

    Latvian Auseklis, Magen David and Santiago’s dream…
    All his journey ‘Santiago’ will not know that I (and probably many others) follow him… It will be HIS journey and also MINE. REAL for him and also-for me. How about images taken with me? All images created within me will be images WITH me.

    “The moment that he begins to walk along it, the warrior of light recognises the Path. Each stone, each bend cries welcome to him. He identifies with the mountains and the streams, he sees something of his own soul in the plants and the animals and the birds of the field.”


    Nothing makes the dance more boring than “empty geometry”. Man has to create “the form”, but woman has to fill it with beauty… Man has to lead, but woman – to follow… This is their ode to “G” –

  18. Tanmeet Kaur Sahiwal says:

    “Miracles” are talked about by almost everybody, almost every other day. The “miracle” talked about is usually the fulfillment of something which seemed nearly impossible.
    I would like to talk about my realization of miracles.
    My first miracle was realizing that I was God’s very own child. This occurence, that I was a special part of God was the first, and very magnificent miracles that I encountered. And this miracle opened the doors for all the other miracles. From then on, every moment, practically every moment has been a miracle. I now sense God around me all the time, fully aware that he watches over me at all times. Every tree, every bird, every speck of dew makes the presence of God all the more sure. In everything that I see about me, I see that God manifests Himself.
    I had started questioning God’s ways after a few incidents in my life. But His patient answers, and taking me back in his fold with just no grudges and without demanding any explanation, is no less than a miracle.
    To God’s beauty and presence.

    1. ganesh says:

      YOU are the miracle………You are not seperate from GOD…you, and all of us are GOD..
      So…trust in yourself and hear your words…listen to the “still small voice within”

  19. marie-christine says:

    Coucou ! Phew Quelle journee! J’ai ete tres occupee. Ouais,.. la renovation, et aller chez Merlin, chercher des ampoules a basse consommation, puis Carrefour, etc.
    j’ai achete du Lavant brillant _Glansreiniger – de chez le fils de John.pour les paves, etc, lorsque j’allais passer au check out il y avait un SDF qui avait un bouquet de tulipes – je lui ai demande si il voulait passer parce que j’etais pas si pressee que cela. Il a dit que non – qu’il allait donner le bouquet a une dame qu’il aimait beaucoup. J’ai trouve que c’etait tres bien et je lui ai dit “:Give me 5″ and he “gave me 5 back”.
    De retour dans le tram, j’ai pense que j’avais oublie les SDF dans les imprimants et qu’ils sont tres imnportants.
    Alors ce que je voudrais savoir: est-ce que je peux toujours en imprimer d’autres s’il te plait? Merci.
    Egalement, j’en ai distribue aux amis qui s’etaient occupes de mon papa et de ma maman lorsque j’etais en Australie, VOlume1, 2, et 3. QUand ils les auront finis ils les echangeront.C’est une bonne idee. Ca leur a fait bien plaisir.Egalement, en parlant avec le peintre, il en voudrait un aussi. De plus, il m’a donne la colle pour que je puisse re-enforcer la premiere et derniere page avec un papier plus epais. C’est gentil de sa part.

  20. Miko says:

    Those sentences are they, what I really need right now!!!
    I came here far from my home country to realize my or our dream. For that I leaved my job, room and and and … and now, I can not go back. So many things, which not planed are happen. Almost I had a fear to lose everything. But it shall so to be as it written long before my birth. But now I can accept all things that I have and I know I am right way going on my dream.
    Shortly before my deperture, one of my best friend told me about Alqhemist and since then, it is one of my picture to show me a way … And then, I would like to read more books from this great auther …

  21. Mari Ann says:

    If I could go to El Dorado, I might find something that could help a lot of people! :-)

  22. Ines says:

    I met your homepage and tried to write a message to you, but it simply doesn’t work. a small window is apperaring, telling me to fill in correctly, but I did, still it didn’t work. and I’m too stupid to handle facebook etc. what can I do?

  23. Thomas says:

    I don’t regret the times I took a risk, eventhough taking a risk only offers you an opportrunity for happiness, I squandered quite a lot of these opportunities, still I also had my little “miracles” (the question of worthiness aside) and even the mistakes or the dumb things I did in a way helped me improve my life. I’m not there yet, but words like these give me the hope for better, necessary to be/act/think/write better.

  24. Daniel says:

    It is 9 o’clock at night, 40 degrees celsius, covered in sand and salt, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and drinking guiness. More magic moments. :-)

    1. Olta Ana says:

      I wanna be theeeeereeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
      Can I come pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee! ;DDDDD
      Summer is definitely my favorite season!


  25. Iwona says:

    Truth, truth nothing but truth

    Thanks Paulo!!

  26. anna says:

    After read it, I realize something.
    It’s time to find the truth. I’ll leave “the comfort zone” …. Thanks

  27. Nicolette says:

    Just coming back to this site after being away for a while, feels like a magic moment. Reading all the beautiful thoughts and feelings that everyone expresses, are like a thousand brilliant stars, magic moments in themselves.

    I wake up in the morning and take my dog for a walk, I start by saying, “Oh God, refresh and gladden my spirit, purify my heart, illumine my powers!” I don’t know if to get there, really get there, one has to let go of that which will try and keep one away, little gremlins that invade your thoughts, they seem to be more prevelant, the longer I consistently start my day in this manner. Like sports, when practiced young, teaches you that you can go further then you thought, letting go of fear, of those gremlins to really find one’s magic moments, can take time and patience.

  28. Laura says:

    Enlivening prose. As is all your prose Paulo.

    As Steve Jobs said: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Aka: take risks!!

  29. marie-christine says:

    Ce que j’ai appris
    c’est que la vie est un mouvement constant, ou il faut se remettre en question tout le temps et meme changer nos opinions si besoin par l’echange -et c’est cela la beaute- L’echange se fait de plusieurs facon je crois, verbalement, par la lecture,l’observation et l’ecoute -l’intuition par le language des signes –
    Apprendre donne un sens a la vie. Elle nous donne un regard plus humain. Elle satisfait notre curiosite, notre soif de connaissance.
    La maniere dont nous procedons ne marche pas.Je vois l’education de la nouvelle generation une priorite pour vivre dans un monde sain et juste.

    What I have learned is that life is a constant movement where we constantly have to start questioning over and over and even changing our opinion if need be through an exchange- and that is the beauty of it – I believe the exchange can be done in several ways – verbally, through reading, observation and listening – intuition through the sign’s language.
    It makes us look at humanity in a different way.It satisfies our curiosity, our thirst for knowledge.
    I don’t believe the way we are going about is working.I see the education of the next generation as a priority if we want to live in a healthy and fair world.

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Dearest Paulo,
      Here is the message I tried to send to the Davos Forum and was unable to send because I don’t know how to do>:)
      My name is Marie-Christine I am a mother and a grandmother. I have three grandchildren.
      If I had to re-design my life – health care and education – would be on top of my priority.
      Fourteen years ago, I had breast cancer. Over the last six years, I have lost my brother, my Dad and my Mum.
      A relative of mine was also diagnosed with a mental illness. I too have had depression.
      Through these experiences, I believe there is a link between cancer, depression and social justice.
      I see education of the next generation as a priority to ensure that mistakes are not repeated and can be avoided by educating our children by thinking in a healthy way for a healthier world.
      Thank you.
      I would like to give my voice to the Davos FOrum. I feel very strongly about that and I believe that what I am saying makes sense. Over the years I have spoken about this theme at length on your blog and it has been recorded.
      I would like to know whether you would be kind enought to channel my message to the FOrum if this is not too late.
      Thank you very much.

  30. marie-christine says:

    I saw the spirit!:)

    1. m says:

      C’est le must..
      on zeen plus.
      special parking pour le che val entreuh laiz artbereuh.?:)

  31. marie-christine says:

    Bien cher Paulo,
    I believe the Hebrew Language is the language Universal.
    It deals with numbers and letters.
    My reality deals everyday with both.I follow my intuition .
    Signs come to me in many ways – by watching number plates – I am forever adding numbers, letters, words (I mix and match, read them upside down,etc). I listen to people talking – one word might have a meaning – if not on the same day, the day after -In writing, etc,for ex- I wrote some quotes on the blog about Gaston Bachelard which, Paulo you mention on “La Milanesia” and I read you were in Milan.
    I have many more examples to give and I know that I have tapped into something truly “magic”.
    I take photographs.
    All of these combine speak to me volume.
    The only thing I have ever been interested at school was learning languages and geography.
    I believe that is how souls can contact one another too.

    In his book “La Tora expliquee aux enfants’ The Tora explained to children ” by Marc Alain Ouaknin he said;

    “La Tora commence comme un livre de geometrie, avant de devenir un livre de geographie puis un livre d’histoire.”
    “The Tora starts as a geometry book, before it becomes a geography book, then a history book.”

    I took a photograph a few days ago of a lunch bar “MA” Perque. I interpreted it at the time as But Why?(italian)and never stop questioning.

    -As I was reading the book I find out that MA in Hebrew represents the number 45 and means What?

    -“The word Tora designe the first 5 books of the Bible.
    houmach =5
    Le cinq fait allusion au mot “lumiere”.” the 5 alludes to the word “light”.

    “La Tora apporte la lumiere au monde.” “The Tora brings light to the world.” A.M. Ouaknian
    I believe this is true.

    “les philosophes, les psychologues ne savent pas tout, les poetes ont sur l’homme d’autres lumieres.” Gaston Bachelard

    “The philosophers, the psychologies do not know everything, the poets have on man other lights” Gaston Bachelard

    “Today, having to speak about the elements I see myself as having a great deal of responsability towards you.
    Because I am not here to prove anything.
    Because I am not here to bring you the ultimate truth.
    But because in these stories, I am trying to make you realise how truly “useful” and “necessary” a world of imagination is to our souls.” Paulo Coelho
    I could not agree more.
    Imagination – it’s magic !-

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      I have made a mistake
      “ma” in Hebrew is written in lower case not in capital.
      J’ai fait une erreur, “ma” en hebreu est en minuscule.
      also Alain Marc Ouknian dit
      “On pourrait dire. que la Tora commence comme un livre de geometrie avant de devenir un livre de geographie, puis un livre d’histoire.”
      “One could say that the Tora starts like a geometry book before it becomes a geography one then a history book.”

    2. marie-christine says:

      I truly believe that religion emanated from one source and got divided through stories into different branches.
      Adam in hebrew means man
      Je suis sure que la religion provient d’une seule source et a ete deformee par les histoires et divisee entre plusieurs branches.
      Adam en hebreu veut dire homme.

  32. Daniel says:

    Yesterday I watched my eight year old son jump off a pier into the ocean for the first time, and my five year old let me carry him into the deep water. Magic.

    1. THELMA says:

      Amazing moment, dear Daniel! You must be a very proud father. But you must be proud of yourself too. Because your children trust you. In this regard, I should have you as my father!!! I am always afraid of the deep sea, although I live in an island!
      Thelma xxx

    2. Daniel says:

      Yes I was quite proud Thelma!

      But fear not! You are on an island, the island is in the ocean, the ocean is in the sky, the sky is the space that makes us all one. You can never be lost in the ocean. Stand in the water and watch your reflection. Close your eyes and the image you just created of yourself no longer exists. All you have lost is a mask that was never real.

      Someone recently commented on one of my poems that “…not many put their feet into water as there is a fear to loose one’s illusioned self”. This meant a lot to me because I have many illusions that I need to dispell right now if I am going to fulfil my dreams.

    3. katie says:

      I also recognize their trust ..
      also, how symbolic to go into the deep water.
      they must really feel well safe with you….
      keep it going …

    4. Daniel says:

      Yes Katie, it was really lovely to have that trust. It marks a turning point in my relationship with my boys after a difficult period. Thank you for your encouragement!

  33. Karin Struik says:

    Dear Warriors,

    Here is a beautiful, funny, magic moment from tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Morrie (as he is affectionately known) is Professor Morris Schwartz, and the book cronicles his bravery and unbelievable courage in the face of Lou Gehrig’s disease The disease destroyed his nerves from the legs up and is terminal.

    ‘Okay, question, I say to Morrie. His bony fingers hold his glasses across his chest. which rises and falls with each laboured breath.
    “What’s the question?” he says.
    Remember the Book of Job?
    “From the Bible?”
    Right. Job is a good man, but God makes him suffer. To test his faith.
    “I remember.”
    Takes everything he has, his house, his money, his family…
    “His health.”
    Makes him sick.
    “To test his faith.”
    Right. To test his faith. SO, I’m wondering…
    “What are you wondering?”
    What do you tink about that?
    Morrie coughs violently. His hands quiver as he drops them by his side.
    “I think,” he says, smiling, “God overdid it.” ‘

    1. Nancy says:

      Cool story. I liked the end it made me grin.

    2. Den Rod says:

      We’d better judge neither anyone’s story nor God’s will.
      God is always right. !

  34. Kenia Morales says:

    HA! Dreams, those clouds that we observe and can’t touch.
    I have accomplished some and others seem so far to reach.
    Our lives are full of curves,just like a road!
    However, we must keep riding!

    Good or Bad is a sign that we are alive!

    What I really want to say to you is HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    If you ever wonder about your work being what you want it to be, it is inspiring and motivating like the sun in the mornings.

    Lots of love,

    Kenia Morales

  35. “Every encounter is a possibility to live life fully by the heart with a fresh mind.” Beautifully said, dear Hildegarde, and surely, this is what life is all about!

  36. Mehmet Celik says:

    Paulo Coelho is really the best writer in the our modern era. Very good blog. Thanks a lot from Turkey.

  37. vicky says:

    Have a ball one or two, three or four, or more… ;o)


    Lots of love,


  38. Mary Donnery says:

    Very moving…thank you for postng this.

  39. Suki says:

    This is why I go after my dreams. No matter what others are saying I’ll follow my calling and use my dreams and talent to move the world. Maybe just a little bit. Magic Moments are in our hands and our choice to make. Create them. Live them. Love them.

  40. marie-christine says:

    Je suis du Languedoc Rousillon.
    Je suis nee a Lodeve.
    J’ai passe toute mon enfance a Bedarieux.
    Ensuite, j’ai suivi mes parents a Montpellier.
    Je finis de lire “La Tora expliquee aux enfants” de Marc Alain Ouaknin.
    Mon interpretation de la Tora est la suivante :
    A l’etat naturel
    Tora en Japonais = tigre -sse (feminin)
    Toro en Espagnol = bull (masculin)
    Lorsque l’explosion se produit tout devient magique.
    Tout n’est qu’amour dans la vie
    Nous sommes tous des distants cousins des Cohens
    Monsieur Cohen est mon voisin,
    Monsieur Cohen me donne la main,
    Nous sommes tous des etres humains
    – comme les Roumains –
    Nous allons vers notre destin
    En suivant notre instinct.

    -et quand la coupe est pleine c’est la fontaine qui rejaillit, c’est quand Doliprane se transforme en Doliprana.
    La vie est bien faite.
    La vie est un vrai miracle et un mystere …avec beaucoup d’amour.


    1. marie-christine says:

      j’ai oublie
      et le toro en so prano!
      “Le livre la lecture et l’etude sont infinis et la pensee doit toujours etre en mouvement. La vie c’est le mouvement. C’est d’ailleurs pour cela qu’on les appelle , les”arbres de vie”. Marc Alain Ouaknin

    2. Olta Ana says:

      Intéressante! Tu viens de me donner une information très intéressante. Moi je suis curieuse de savoir quelque chose sur l’arbre de la vie. Je sais que généralement les arbres sont le symbole de la vie, mais c’est important d’avoir des autres avis ;P
      Alors, si j’ai bien compris í§a c’est comme í§a:

      (Livre, lecture, étude,)=pensée–>mouvement

      Résultat : “Arbre de la Vie”=”Vie en mouvement”
      C’est comme í§a u je me trompe ?

      Merci beaucoup marie christine!
      Olta Ana

    3. Marie-christine says:

      Thank you Olta Ana

  41. Nidhi says:

    thnx for writing such inspirational posts i love to read them and they improve me every day

  42. Karin Struik says:

    What a beautiful read once more. It’s wonderful to be reminded that challenges and dark times present us with the greatest opportunities. We are allowed a moment to access the courage the lies buried deep within us and go into battle. We access strenth we never knew we had. Whether we win or loose, we grow and learn. Then we can start regarding our scars positively, and they make us feel good about ourselves.
    Thank you fellow warriors too. It’s very encouraging to read about you all – FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

  43. marie nicole says:

    Hi everyone on the site.
    I want to ask what is the Best Paulo Coelho Book among:
    A. Like The Flowing River;
    B. Veronica Decides To Die;
    C. The Pilgrimage;
    and D. The Valkyries

    Although i know all of his books are “the Best(s)”, I need only to choose among these. These were the books I haven’t read yet and my budget won’t allow me to buy them all.

    Thanks for help and God Bless!

    1. Olta Ana says:

      Dear marie nicole,
      I can tell you something it has happened to me with Paulo’s books, so maybe you ‘ll want to do the same.
      His books have appeared in my way each at the right moment to give consolation and help me from what I was going through at those certainest part of my life.
      Sometime I’ve had to make choices. Now there is this expression do not judge a book from its cover but I used to choose the one I used to be more attracted to, my heart was attracted to.
      I like Paulo’s books and I can’t tell you which might be better to read, because they are all special.

      Love ;)

    2. Debbie says:

      I am new to Paulo’s work. But I am totally enamored with his writing. I got The Alchemist for Christmas. The night after Christmas I watched Valkyrie with Tom Cruise with my family who I was visiting. The next day, I started The Alchemist on my way home (hours of flights and airports), and read the jacket. I saw that he wrote The Valkyries. Seeing that word twice in 12 hrs was a sign, to me, that I needed to read it. Then, I found out it was written in 1992, when my son was born.

      I just finished it tonite. I am still dizzy. It was profound.

      Pick the one that calls to you….I think they are all going to be wonderful

    3. Eugenia says:

      Hi marie nicole,
      the best for me it is A. Like The Flowing River because I thing it is a complete book.

    4. Nancy says:

      marie nicole, I agree with Olta Ana even though I did not realize it at the time. I also had several Coelho books to pick from at the start, and I just happened to decide on “By the River Piedra I sat down and Wept” and after that somehow decided on the second, and then the third…etc.
      Have fun picking out his next book!

      Mr. Coelho has the book “Like the Flowing River” been published in Canada? I do not recall seeing a copy in any bookstores. Will it be re-leased?

  44. Maryana Thomaz says:

    Cada dia, em diferentes momentos, sinto algo de mágico, uma invasí£o súbita de Paz e Harmonia com o universo. í€s vezes penso que é nesses “segundos” que Deus me dá a tal oportunidade de mudar tudo e quebrar com o que me faz infeliz. Outras vezes, sinto que me falta a intuií§í£o e percepí§í£o suficientes para fazer desse momento o “único”, pois ainda ní£o encontrei aquilo que tanto anseio, o amor.
    Acabei uma relaí§í£o de 25 anos, difí­cil, tempestuosa e de longo e duro sofrimento (nos seus últimos anos, naturalmente!). Agora cerca-me a solidí£o, a Paz e a Liberdade necessárias, mas também a falta de carinho e atení§í£o. Quisera eu que nesses momentos mágicos eu encontrasse a chave da felicidade, um amor de verdade, uma companhia, uma cumplicidade, quisera eu identificar tais instantes e mudar a minha vida!!!! Mas a fé sempre me acompanha…

  45. Jojo says:

    I tend to make a link between the magic moments referred to by Paolo to what is called “coincidences” in the Celestine Prophecy of James Redfield. The first revelation of that book happens when we become aware of “coincidences” in our life. It says: “Have you ever had the intuition of something that you really wanted? Of a direction that you wanted to give to your life? Did you ever wonder how to proceed for that to happen? And then, after having half forgotten, you found yourself nose to nose with someone, or did you read something or did you go to a place that brought you suddenly the chance that you were waiting for?” And then, that is the moment where you acknowledge, take the risk or pass. The author then goes on and says: “In the opinion of the priest, that is the experience that we were able to glimpse at and that we would like to live without interruption. More and more are convinced of the “reality” of that phenomenon and that something happens under the surface of the day to day life. That conscience is the first revelation.” That is for me for 2010 one of the discipline that put in action, and let me tell you as of now I am amazed! I knew … but did not put it in a “mode of life” on a constant and conscient basis enough.

    Just wanted to share with you what was there for me today

    Love, Jojo.

    1. Olta Ana says:

      I am happy for you Jojo!…


    2. Jojo says:

      Yes, Olta, happy for me because then I am the poor who hear the words, that believe in miracles but do not take the magic moments put on my path and become the tree that do not bear its fruits.”

      Love, Jojo.

    3. Olta Ana says:

      NOT ANYMORE. :)
      I know that now you are going to bear some delicious fruits. ;D


    4. Jojo says:

      Oups, what I meant to write is happy for me because then I would be that poor …


    5. Olta Ana says:

      hahahaha ;D
      In Albanian there is an expression which says:
      “Mistakes, we are, and we, make people” this is an exchanging of places, instead of saying : “People, we are and we, make mistakes.”


  46. Frank Mento says:

    Great! I have always followed these guidlines, listening to the still small voice inside me, and I don’t regret it.

  47. marie-christine says:

    “I am a dreamer of words, of written words. I think I am reading; a word stops me. I leave the page. The syllables of the word begin to move around. Stressed accents begin to invert. The word abandons its meaning like an overload which is too heavy and prevents dreaming. Then words take on other meanings as if they had the right to be young. And the words wander away, looking in the nooks and crannies of vocabulary for new company , bad company.”

    The repose of sleep refreshes only the body. It rarely sets the soul at rest. The repose of the night does not belong to us. It is not the possession of our being. Sleep opens within us an inn for phantoms. In the morning, we must sweep out the shadows.”

    A word is a bud attempting to become a twig. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank pages gives the right to dream.”

    “To feel most beautifully alive means to be reading something beautiful, ready always to apprehend in the flow of language the sudden flash of poetry.”
    Gaston Bachelard

    1. Evelyn says:

      Each word is put in a sequence that result in such a meaningful expression!

  48. Abeer Al-Mutawa says:

    amazingly true.

  49. ivana says:

    just pay attention the world and people around us… and the moments and miracles will happen…

    love to all…