Twicam, 12 mayo 2012


  1. Stephanie says:

    I just realized there are TWO books I do not have and three I have not read. B&N card will be used for this. Soon.

  2. mary says:

    Today I purchased in hardcover ALEPH. It is the occasion of Mother’s Day in America, so I bought the book for myself in honor of my two children. I will tell them how the first 18 pages took away my breath, made my heart beat a little faster. My son loved THE ALCHEMIST and I believe my daughter has yet to discover Paulo Coelho. Thank you, dear sir, for making my life better with your thoughts and writing. With love, Mary

  3. Tutti Rivero says:

    Que bom que sai no Brasil dia 6 de agosto!Poderia adiantar o tema do livro,ja que o titulo voce ainda nao tem?Bendiciones.

  4. Tutti Rivero says:

    Estava travando el computador en un principio,ahora esta perfecto!Sds.