Four topics about fear

by Chandresh Bhardwaj

The origin of fear lies in the unknown. Be it the darkness, ghosts, weather calamities or whatever is unknown to the man is feared the most. If you are walking in darkness, you are afraid to go ahead, fearing what will come next. However, as the light appears, the fear tends to settle down. Fear, thus, is just a manifestation of your imagination ruled by cowardliness. When we get certain information on our fears, we get relaxed. However, it’s not going to be possible that we will always get the information on the unknown. Then what can we really do to manage our fears?

1. Accept your fears: There’s no need to fight your fears. The more you fight, the more they will haunt you. If you accept them the way they are, they will bring a shift in your consciousness necessary to move beyond the fear.

2. Fear is normal: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about in being afraid. If you are afraid, then you are. Society has connected fear with the sign of weakness and that is one of the reasons why we hate to accept that we are afraid. When you accept fear as a normal emotion, it doesn’t bother you anymore.

3. Explore the unknown: Every year, make a list of things that you fear the most. Then, do something everyday that gets you closer to the unknown factor residing in your fear. Gradually, you will overcome all your fears one by one.

4. Know the roots: Go into the source of your fear. Some fears are based on past conditioning. Having a good understanding of the roots from where it all started will help in moving toward state of fearlessness.

Moving on, death seems to be the second issue bothering everyone if the world ends. There’s nothing one can do to avoid death. You can avoid the possibility of birth by using pills, protection and so on, but man hasn’t been able to interfere in the business of death. What you can do is accept it with open arms. If the world ends, it ends. It will release all of us from a life where we yearn for things that are useless to show off to the people who don’t matter. When the world ends, it will end for everyone. Why we are giving it so much attention?!

(I found this very interesting text by chance, and decided to post it here. To read the full article, please CLICK HERE )


  1. Kate says:

    I would like to share with you a very nice video from Mr Ramesh “dance with fear”.

    You can see it on my blog : (the video is in English translating in French).

    I love it!!!

  2. Vic says:

    Thanks for this article, I’ll surely try and put into practice its advice. Fear has always been my greatest obstacle and I’m still trying to overcome it. Thanks Paulo for being there and for helping with your wisdom.

  3. john says:

    Conquer your fears and I promise you will all conquer death! Alexander the Great of Macedonia

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  5. Lili says:

    I have been coming across articles and posts about fear for couple of days now… I ignored them all, but thought I should read them, because I am sooooo there… living in the fear…. When I saw your post of facebook, I just clicked on it and started to read… Thank you soooo much! It was just what I needed… yes.. it is so simple, but yeat also so hard… but I am one step closer now, to get rid of my fear, and start living in “now”…. thanks again!

    1. Sherry Davis says:

      I think that’s the key – live in the NOW. That’s all we have. Enjoy every moment. There is nothing to fear.

  6. Zurine says:

    Would you then say that Fear is the first step to Bravery? What is Bravery, then?

    You face your Fear, a humbling experience it is. Pure honesty that disarms your ego. Confrontation of the first degree. Now, then, there is virtually nothing restraining you from whatever it was in the first place.

    Could Bravery be momentary insanity. The lack thereof: fear. Where passion meets impulse. Act.

  7. karina says:

    O medo é uma reacao natural de todo ser humano!
    O medo em excesso paralisa e nos impede de viver, de mudar, de aprender, enfim deixamos de realizar sonhos …
    Mas o que seria deste mundo se as pessoas nao tivessem medo?

  8. ajitkumar mane says:

    While reaing this,i remember that I had watched two movies on the same concept “FEAR”….
    The first one was “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson and it had the same message that one should overcome the fear and fight the situation.
    The second was “Spiderman-3″ which had a tagline saying “The real fear lies within”.
    I liked the concept….Fear!

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      fea r = it has an ugly side
      but also a good one
      fe= faith

      with love

  9. Fear is not something we are born with, as a kid, we were not afraid to take risks. Fear is something we learn through our course of life experiences, an emotion just like our other emotions. I totally agree, we should accept it and not hide behind. After all, it also serves as our means of survival, this emotion is what keeps us from jumping off a bridge. However, it can also make us become our worst enemy if we hide behind it. It will control the decisions and actions we take. It is best to know your enemy very well, if you are ever going to defeat it. So, being aware of where it comes, you will eventually be prepared to stand up to it.

    1. elif says:

      I totally agree with you.

    2. Saurabh says:

      Well said !!

  10. gypsylee says:

    Today, I wrote on my wall that we fear love and kindness. So as I was reading that sentence: “the origin of fear is the unknown” I felt a bit saddened. What we fear and distrust most are love and kindness, this means we are not exposing these energies enough and it is time we do.

    Also, who says NO man as defeated death or been victorious in finding how life works for sure. We are far far from knowing…. but maybe someone does?

  11. gugu says:

    Wow I have learned to look fear in the eye and say bring it on- so my biggest fear was Money & I secretly wanted lots of it but I would pretend as if no it’s ok to suffer – Hell to No now I embrace it I love it & I want. Another 1 was fear of commitment Now I want to commit and amazingly I wrote down the qualities of my dream guy & now that he appeared I am so afraid & I am aware of what I fear – It is all False Evidence Appearing Real… Thank U for a lovely article.

    1. Fred T. says:

      I think that in some cases, people may fear the things that they want, because they’re concerned that when those things arrive, they may not be ready for them.

  12. Katrine hägglund says:

    Reminds me of a great session in Davos…. Very interesting!! Fear is a topic we all need to learn about and understand. In order to lead the life we want to ..

  13. Catherine says:

    Speaking with Mc Mystic, a friend, about 20/12/2012 probably the end of the world…he told me how people all over the world are preparing themselves for that day… with questionmarks in his eyes, wondering if I’m not scared…
    I said, well when it is my time to go, I will transform, and if it isn’t my time to go yet, I will know what to do at that moment…My faith is strong enough ! Thank You P Coelho !

  14. John says:

    When the mythical Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit in disobedience to God – FEAR was born to all creatures as an emotion to return our faith and trust in God, whether in our consciousness or not.


    Yo no tengo miedo ala muerte,porque una vez muerto no sientes nada,pero si tengo miedo ala muerte cuando lleva sufrimiento

  16. Maria says:

    False. F
    Expectations. E
    Appearing. A
    Real. R

    To Annie, I have often wondered, too, how we change or why…as a child I had NO fear (ask my mom!). And now, it is a different story… Perhaps the answer lies in keeping the inner child alive.

    Love & light

    Mil gracias Senor Pauolo

    1. Cristina B. says:

      Wonderful words Maria!!!
      you put in few words the whole meaning of this concept.
      for those who are afraid of death, I advice you to read the books of Raymond Moody, or also a book of JOVANOVIC PIERRE “enquete sur l’existence des anges gardiens ” about angels!

  17. joelle says:

    La peur est un sentiment controversé . Il peut vous broyer sur place et vous empíªcher d’avancer . Il suffit pour y faire face de faire preuve de courage :avancer petit í  petit . Les pas sont de moins en moins difficiles í  faire . Certains se lancent tout de suite dans le vide en fermant les yeux mais il vaut mieux regarder les choses qui vous terrifient car vous ne faites pas preuve de courage si vous ne regardez pas dans les yeux vos peurs en face de vous . C’est cela faire preuve de témérité connaitre et faire front aux choses qui vous terrifient . Sinon vous n’avancez pas et vous restez au míªme endroit avec toujours la peur au ventre et le coeur qui bat devant les problèmes que chacun doit surmonter . Merci Paulo pour ce texte ,très inspirant .

  18. Maria says:

    False. F
    Expectations. E
    Appearing. A
    Real. R

  19. Christina says:

    A wise man once said “Always do the thing that scares you the most”, and by that, I have truly lived.

  20. Mariana says:

    studying the roots can help you to avoid not only this problem but a lot of others. Thanks a lot for precious words

  21. Johanna Casan says:

    I truly admire every book or quote or anything that comes from the brilliant mind of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho! Hail to you, Sir! =)

  22. Paura dell’indifferenza che appare in superficie, con l’apprensione che il cuore
    ha recepito l’emozione brutta e presto o tardi dirí  anche la sua

  23. ideaswar says:

    wonderful…i usually use these points to overcome some of my fears, other’s i really enjoy to keep myself on track

  24. Shine says:

    How interesting? Love Avantika

  25. Azwer Ali says:

    Pardon my frankness but it was not helpful at all especially the death part, it was wholly unconvincing

  26. kelly atkins says:

    This is really important to me at this point in mylife… i am about to embarc on a life changing adventure that i have almost pulled out of due to fear… I am very glad this post found me today .. Thank you form my heart.. xxx Love and light

  27. Sotiris says:

    Fear is a natural emotion that we must accept, after all this is the emotion that protects us since the beginning of humankind. Yes, it is a protector, but not our life. We must listen to our emotions, but we must never let fear overwhelm us and control our choices and our life

  28. Glaiza Lyn M. Lapinig says:

    Most of the time that I doubt myself, I feel the panic building inside my mind. It’s true that we really fear things that we do know of and because of that we come to unplanned decisions in life that may either come to bad ends. It’s really great that I’ve taken time to read this article because somehow, out of our busy times and fully pack schedules, we somehow come to a point and ponder over this wisdom. Now I know how to overcome such fears, somehow, even if it takes time but at least we do know how to work over with such issues. Thank you for this shared knowledge, now I’m an enlightened one .

  29. Meg says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reading about the topic of fear. I can honestly say I am not afraid of anything, even dying. It’s not that I don’t get that afraid feeling in a moment of challenge or crisis, it’s just that I let myself feel that, I recognize it for what it is, but then I am ok with whatever might come. The two books that meant the most to me re this topic are The Gift of Fear by Garrett De Becker and Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. The first is a great analysis of what fear is and how it affects us, and the second convinced me that there is so much more than this life, and that there is nothing to be afraid of in death.

    1. Meg says:

      The Gift of Fear talked about how good fear is that instinctive feeling we get when there is danger. It keeps us safe, and also tells us when something is just not right. Unfortunately, society doesn’t teach us to trust this. In fact, many women, in particular, are taught to “just be nice” and to ignore their instincts, and this can lead us into trouble.

      The other kind of fear is really just worry and anxiety. It’s being afraid not of things that are, but of what “might” happen.

      The book has a lot more good stuff in it, but I thought this info might be interesting to people.

  30. jordanN says:

    “What you resist, will persist” We resist by dwelling, worrying, stressing, avoiding, and most importantly by maintaining our present dysfunctional perspectives. Therefore, begin to confront your fears by seeing them differently. They are there for a reason. For you to learn and grow and evolve your soul. Fears can instruct if you would only let them. :)

  31. waleed ashraf says:

    This piece is just brilliant

  32. jos says:

    el miedo s normal,todo lo dsconocido genera miedo e inseguridad. la mjor formatd terminar cn sto s la confrontacion. n terminos d la muer e, como sociedad no se nos ha educado a tener consciencia d la misma sino todo lo contrario, nos aterra y muchas vcs x pensar n esto se nos va la vida preocupandonos x algo q no sabemos cuando llegara, y no valoramos ni disfrutamos lo q vale la pena n ese momento. comparto s a gran frase cn uds. “el miedo, s l hijo dl no saber”. gracias paulo. spero ntiendas mi msj cause today i didn’t write ENglish. kisses

  33. lea says:

    thank you for your words.
    I was thinking/dreaming about fear before I got to sleep last night. I was seeing a vision of a robbery at my house – here in my country almost every week you read about theft and robbery – and the thief was holding a gun at my head. I was afraid but I was saying, you can shoot, you can pull the trigger, but the only thing thats happening than…is me going to die and you going to live with that. In my dream I was not afraid of dying. That was chrystal clear to me. I think its the most fearfull thought of human beings: death, thats the ultimate unknown. I hope I can embrace it like in my dream when the time comes. love to u all!

  34. Dhruvi.J says:

    I would like to share one thing that Fear is instilled in us and Love is what we are born with, Fear is what we learn !

  35. Anna says:

    Well i think this is very helpfull, but most of the time it is so easy to say but hard to do, for example accept the fears.

  36. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    A great text. Fear. Entire books have been written about it. 1984, a great example in my opinion. Fear is an evolutionary fact for me. I consider it value-free. Without Fear we would perhaps be extinct. People who have no Fear, are either liars or stupid. Without Fear there is no courage. To me it seems sometimes that the whole world is full of fear. Scared of what? Not having money mainly. Many call it the anxiety of existence. In industrialized nations, the fear is growing steadily. Also, anxiety disorders and panic attacks are, more and more. Something seems not to be true. This fear is a symptom of something. There is certainly no existence fear. Our ancestors had this fear. Rightly. To be Eaten by a wild animal, is certainly not funny. This fear has nonody today . Respect for nature is completely gone. Apparently we have the earth under our control. We will see what our descendants will say on this subject. The fear of our ancestors seems to look for new ways. Many fear we have, come of course, from personal experience. I had an incredible fear of dogs. I was attacked by a dog as a little child. My daughter helped me overcome this fear. She loves dogs. But I have respect for them. I had panic attacks a few years ago. I still do not know exactly why. I have overcome it. I know one thing. I’ve also written before. I was a coward. I have not lived my life. I’ve lived without thinking for myself. Always done just what was expected of me. Where I did not succeed I lied. Because there was no apparent alternative, to lie to others and to myself myself. Fear is a very difficult subject. And I think many wrong decisions in life are made out of fear. Not necessarily out of malice. Perhaps the most famous question of everyday life. What do others think about me? And the answer is often found. Talk bad about others, then I look good. Maybe I’m wrong, this are just a few thoughts.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

    1. katie says:

      “Perhaps the most famous question of everyday life. What do others think about me? ”
      it’s a wrong question:
      most people are not interested about thinking/talking about others. it’s actually boring. we all have our own part in life, own problems to hassle with. you would not believe how rare this is and how unimportant this question is for those who want to live life. for me it means: boring and wasting good time.

      “Talk bad about others, then look good.”
      Those people who do that again and again are boring, too. they lose people hating the bad energy that they produce in this way. friends are getting less until they drown in their own negativity.

    2. toñi says:

      Tener miedo es algo natural. Yo tení­a miedo a las arañas, las cucarachas, los mosquitos, las abejas. No me daba miedo un león o un oso, pero corrí­a de auténtico pánico de una abeja o un mosquito. Lo importante es aprender a superar el miedo, es difí­cil pero hay que aprender a superar el miedo.
      Un saludo,

    3. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Yes the question is not good dear Katie, and i think it is boring. But neverless true, many people has nothing better to do. It is not our business what other think about us. I think Paulo has a reason to say this. Thank you for your opinion and much love.

      Thank you Tony, you are absolutly right, in my opinion
      and this is very difficult to learn. One must face the fear. And indulge in it. In my panic I had the feeling of dying. At first I thought I had a heart attack. It was like a wave. I started to run, before I was of course the doctor. At some point while running, I got an attack. I get up close do not stay, I ran faster and faster. And then it was gone. Since that day there was less and less until it disappeared. Much love to you.

  37. Larisa says:

    …When I saw the title ‘Fear’ I straight away thought of fear of rejection…It lies in some sort of problems with iknowing who you are, your dentity, isn’t it? I was hoping you will say something about that…

  38. bababode anthony says:

    good. very good

  39. Zuber says:

    Superb ! Thanks Paulho.

  40. Penelope says:

    I feel we are on the same plane . I lived i Byron Bay for many years,now in North Queensland , I believe we are all one, just aspects of . Thanks for reminding me of my inner life with your wonder full stories.

  41. dr. shivanjali sandhir says:

    true… very true. the bhagwad gita says that whatever is born has to die,,,death is a part of life , or let me put it another way, life is a part of death as we dont know which is longer,,,

  42. Everything you fear haunts you, everything you confront, you control.

    The first law of spirituality, pretty self-explainable.

  43. Pilar de a Orillas del Rio Piedra says:

    Yo no tengo miedo, tengo ahora mismo pánico.. pánico a la enfermedad.. a que un familiar muy querida.. le pase algo grave.. y su hijo se quede sin mama… si tengo mucho miedo… pero también tengo algo.. ESPERANZA……… Y HAY AMOR ENTRE TODOS… AMOR ES = A MILAGRO.. ENTONCES YA EL MIEDO DESAPARECE..

  44. barbara says:

    Thank you, you are a constant inspiration! God bless you! XO

  45. Clara says:

    Yes and no…it is mentioned that we must do something to get closer, to understand our fear, and to fear. I think is ok trying not to be afraid in some cases, while in other cases is a way we stay alive, because we avoid dangers. If we do not fear anything we might act in a foolish way. But fear when is not a case ( we might overcome the obstacle) is a drawback. so, thats why I say. yes and no…
    thank you

  46. Cynthia Pugh says:

    Yes fear is a terrible thing. Surrendering to your fears can make them less. Our bodies respond to situations and it can be impossible at times not to feel fear. So just go with the flow. I agree with this article on the fear of death. On a molecular level we never die we just transform into a part of something else still holding that cosmic energy. I remember reading many years ago about yogi’s who could see the cellular structure of people and thus could see what had been retained from another life form. Cannot really explain it in words but I know it had a profound impact on my understanding of spirituality and the universe.

  47. toñi says:

    Gracias, necesitaba leer algo así­.
    El mundo no se acaba, el mundo siempre continúa en el ciclo sin fin. Ayer estuve leyendo profecí­as mayas y todo ese rollo y…pensé…no voy a decir lo que pensé ¿vale? Pero es cierto que si las personas no estuvieran tan pendientes del miedo y del fin del mundo y dedicasen su tiempo a intentar ser felices …todo serí­a mejor. La naturaleza aprende a evolucionar y a adaptarse. Y creo que en ese tema es como en el tema de un parto ¿Qué puede hacer una mujer cuando se pone de parto? pues aceptarlo y intentar pasar el mal trago, porque ponerse de parto es muy doloroso. ¿Qué vas a hacer? no puedes ir hacia atrás y retroceder, no queda más opción que parir y por favor que sea lo más rápido posible jajaja. Y sobre el miedo, también pienso lo mismo, si llegas a la raí­z del miedo descubres como aceptar ese miedo. Es curioso, cuando das a luz a un bebé…es algo muy doloroso “como si te fueras a morir” pero yo en mi caso particular …en ningún momento pensé en la muerte y además creo que ha sido la única vez en mi vida que realmente he sentido unas tremendas ganas de vivir. Divertido ¿verdad?. Una vez me operaron y todo el mundo me llamaba diciéndome que me querí­an mucho “como si se despidieran de mi” ¿pero qué pasa, que todaví­a no me habéis enterrado, todaví­a estoy aquí­? y me daba risa la verdad. También a veces he deseado morirme pero eso se debe a los genes malditos, esos genes que a veces surgen. A veces también tienes miedo por los demás.
    Creo que cuando una persona supera el miedo, entonces sólo queda avanzar hacia lo más hermoso, la enseñanza que puedes aprender de ti mismo.
    Y para ésto, una canción de Marisol “Estando contigo contigo contigo…me siento felizzzz” ( si no tenemos a quien cantársela, podemos cantarnosla a nosotros mismos, de una forma sana y hermosa de respeto hacia nosotros).
    Un fuerte abrazo.
    Y alegrí­a, alegrí­a que ha llegado el sol y la playa!

  48. Annie says:

    this is so interesting : Fear, thus, is just a manifestation of your imagination ruled by cowardliness.

    as I say Fear is the kind of big fat lady in the airplane sitting by your side, taking your space…
    I recently felt that panicky feeling, that fear that you are covered in sweat in an instant and you feel nauseated, and it was no fun… at that moment I thought of how I was as a child .. as a child I never feared.. I didn’t fear of getting hurt , of jumping from the highest tree or stairs , of daring to do things my mom would not approve, I hurt my knees so many times, I ve fallen thousand times hurting my hands that I couldn’t play, and still I never feared…then I asked myself: what changed?? well so many things, but it turns out it isn’t all the things that can make one afraid which make me afraid.. instead it is this panicky feeling that I am afraid…. i hated this dread feeling because I didn’t know how to deal with it…that was what I was afraid… there is still one thing thought that hasn’t changed, there is still this child in me that calls and says “com’on let’s do it.. it will be fun”.. so at that moment I thought , maybe the most efficient way to deal with the fear is to just go with it, ok it’s not very sweet the taste it feels and maybe not very fun, but if you feel it to the gut and accept it you I don’t give it power… instead you let it die…
    I just can’t accept the notion of my imagination being ruled by cowardliness. This cost is too much for the child…

    Love and gratitude

    1. Olta Canka says:

      You just made me remember of my own childhood. I was the exact opposite of you, and I still am. I and panic are kind of best friends. And the greatest fears I always had were : disobeying to others, crossing my limits, making important changes, making mistakes.
      What made me move forward was the fact that I couldn’t allow my fears block me where I was, I need to move forward, so Courage has been my motto, always. Can’t stand my fear, but can’t stand standing behind neither… But at least, so much fear, has made my life a bit more exiting than I expected it to be. :)


    2. Annie says:

      I think it’s time for new best friends :))
      the fact you have courage is admirable, it’s brave, and that’s what fear can also teach you..
      “Every moment of light and dark is a miracle “- Walt Whitman
      if you try to remember this.. because fear is a dark moment.. it makes you feel it’s ok.. no panic needed …
      Big hug <3
      Love and Gratitude

  49. Rishabh Bhasin says:

    This is quite excellent and very helpful