Four topics about fear

by Chandresh Bhardwaj

The origin of fear lies in the unknown. Be it the darkness, ghosts, weather calamities or whatever is unknown to the man is feared the most. If you are walking in darkness, you are afraid to go ahead, fearing what will come next. However, as the light appears, the fear tends to settle down. Fear, thus, is just a manifestation of your imagination ruled by cowardliness. When we get certain information on our fears, we get relaxed. However, it’s not going to be possible that we will always get the information on the unknown. Then what can we really do to manage our fears?

1. Accept your fears: There’s no need to fight your fears. The more you fight, the more they will haunt you. If you accept them the way they are, they will bring a shift in your consciousness necessary to move beyond the fear.

2. Fear is normal: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about in being afraid. If you are afraid, then you are. Society has connected fear with the sign of weakness and that is one of the reasons why we hate to accept that we are afraid. When you accept fear as a normal emotion, it doesn’t bother you anymore.

3. Explore the unknown: Every year, make a list of things that you fear the most. Then, do something everyday that gets you closer to the unknown factor residing in your fear. Gradually, you will overcome all your fears one by one.

4. Know the roots: Go into the source of your fear. Some fears are based on past conditioning. Having a good understanding of the roots from where it all started will help in moving toward state of fearlessness.

Moving on, death seems to be the second issue bothering everyone if the world ends. There’s nothing one can do to avoid death. You can avoid the possibility of birth by using pills, protection and so on, but man hasn’t been able to interfere in the business of death. What you can do is accept it with open arms. If the world ends, it ends. It will release all of us from a life where we yearn for things that are useless to show off to the people who don’t matter. When the world ends, it will end for everyone. Why we are giving it so much attention?!

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  1. dalia gamal says:

    when fear conquers our soul we will have nothing to give cause we will spend our lifes trying to hide our fears which might be only illusions in the end.

  2. Gigi says:

    My only fear of death is to come back to this life re-encarnated ~ 2pac Shakur

  3. Christal-Rose says:

    Cet article est fait pour moi…

  4. Somdatta Paul says:

    Dear Sir,

    Yes its true that we all do have fear for something or the other in this world…. and perhaps the most common one is “Death”. I do still remember that when i was a kid of around 5 years…one day i watched a movie…which was somehow related to death….and after that i cudn’t even sleep properly at night for the next few days. But now i am a grown up lady of 25 years……and in due course of time….my outlook of living life has changed a lot….and now i feel…..that why should we fear about something which we cannot control……rather life is very short….so its better to enjoy each and every moment……its good to dream a lot….and atleast try to turn all those dreams into reality…its nice to move on in life….with a positive vibration….so that each and everyone around me is also happy.

    Somdatta Paul.

  5. Mariana says:

    I am not afraid to say that I love you Paulo! :)

  6. teddyted says:

    “Death is nothing for us,because if we are death isn’t come and if death is ,we are not.” Epieuras.
    But what we should to know is that ,after death,we would be punished or accepted.We do not get anything from life…only our acts.we don’t bring nether money nor anything else only what our actions…if we used to be good,gentle helpful,God won’t forget it;but if you are crual,bad ..Allah will punish you for your devations..

  7. Khushey says:

    And there are certain fears that we grow out of eventually, as getting wiser is a part of aging and knowledge is the antidote to fear.

  8. Chetan says:

    Four years ago I had a really bad injury in my right arm while playing a soccer game, I got my elbow operated, and later I discovered that my arm was totally ruined.
    Due the the wrongly performed operation I had several other injuries in my arm with an average of on an injury per four months.
    Now, I get nightmares of having another injury while I am wide awake. I get day dreams of how can it happen again, and sometimes it’s just good for it saves me from doing anything stupid to make my condition worse, but it still haunts me.

    It’s true that I need to take really hard care of my arm, but having these delusions make me feel really bad. Is there anything that you think I can do?

    1. Khushey says:

      What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and I think it is a temporary phase. It will pass away as your arm heals :)

  9. herdevillips says:


    — Fr Brian MGL

  10. Olesya S says:

    I would say the root of a certain fear is The ignorance and Lack of knowledge. Ignorance intensifies fear. Once a person stops searching for information and knowledge, ignorance sets in therefore fears generate the thinking.

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  12. nancy says:

    Yo tuve miedo cuando perdi mi techo, trabajo, comida, luz y agua potable, el caer asustaba, dos años peleamos para resurgir junto con mi esposo e hija y hoy el universo nos devolvió todo, trabajando mucho para no rendirnos, vivimos en la indigencia dos años,dos meses y catorce dias. Hoy estoy frente a un computador escribiendo, vencimos el miedo. La muerte no es peor que estar vivo y sentirte muerto. La muerte es cambiar de vestido o de piel y volver a nacer.
    El valor esta dentro nuestro, es nuestra desición si lo dejamos salir afuera y lo manifestamos. Se puede, doy fe de eso…Nancy…

    1. sea mour love says:

      Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu hermosa familia

  13. Arman T says:

    A collective death is not as awful as it might seem. Reality will perhaps be a little better off without us after all. What we tend to forget is that our existence is off little significance. It matters not if you dress in expensive, fine clothes, or if you live day to day on bread crumbs. In the end we are all insignificant. The sooner we realize this facts, the sooner we can learn to love each other and work towards avoiding it completely meaningless mass-extinction..

  14. lisa says:

    there is no chance….

  15. jackienoriega says:

    el miedo siempre nos hace titubear es necesario conocer y aprender a sacarle el cuerpo a todo lo que signifique atraso en nuestras vidas a veces hay ocasiones que por miedo no crecemos nos quedamos estancados y es necesario tomar en cuenta estos cuatro temas para salir adelante. lo bueno de todo es que una vez que crucemos esa telaaraña ya nadie nos alcanzarí  y podremos alcanzar nuestros sueños

  16. Adriana de Andrade Abreu says:

    Eu tenho medo de mudaní§as ,fazer algo diferente e ní£o dar certo,talvez seja uma especie de psicopatia,medo do que é novo.Isso tem trvado a minha vida mas estou tentando corrigir isso.tTalvez devido á decepí§íµes que a gente tem aao longo da vida,por isso sempre busco coisas positivas para ler,ouvir,como as de Paulo Coelho,que tem muita energia boa,já que me fazem tí£o bem.

  17. astrid says:

    that’s just what I suddenly thought few days ago; when I die I will open my arms and welcome death with both arm, as if it is a lost lover! Nothing to fear or worry about, live is wonderful I love it
    only….then a thought sneaked in….oh, the parting of the beloved, the difficult goodbye, I quess there’s always a layer underneath another, considering fear

  18. cristina cabral says:

    É um sentimento humano que temos que lidar com ele, eu sinto muito medo, mas a oraí§í£o, sempre me ajuda, e quando olho para trás, reconheí§o como fui ajudada, ní£o consigo entender como as pessoas conseguem lidar com o medo sem oraí§í£o, sem pedir ajuda a Deus.

  19. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    P … Pour ne plus jamais avoir Peur
    E … Ecoute le battement de ton Coeur
    U … Une main te fait signe , te montre le chemin
    R … Regarde qui est lí , et attrape sa main
    S… Suit sa voix qui t’appelle, réveille-toi, c’est déjí  demain..

  20. katerina Greece says:

    Everybody wants to conquer its fears. We can present the fear of something like a demon created with our own hands. Every time we succub, we make the demon a “gigas”, meaning bigger and stronger than ever. Knowledge as a first step and exceptance as a second, are the only ways to defeat the demon which, remember, is our creation. The above, together with certain -everyday- practices such as yoga exercise will help so the ”phovia” (a Greek word) which means faulse – violence, won’t be able to occur………… I really wish I’ve helped somebody with this………..

  21. LoveM says:

    What is frightening
    Unknown… figment of my own

    Fear’s opportunity
    A terrific chance to see
    The mind’s fallacy

    Be in the moment
    Without fear or fantasy
    Present to yourself

    My Love I can see
    How joyful are the dying
    They are close to you

    You’ve changed your mind
    Even changed your body
    So…what are you…then

    Dying to dying
    It is none of my business
    No-mind no-body

    What cannot be lost
    After all has come to pass
    What then still remains

    The one basic driver of all fear is death… ie existential fear
    All other fears are then derived from this… ie if i have no food, shelter, money, love i will die…
    So fear is a good emotion of have if you want to survive… without it death will undoubtedly come sooner rather than later…
    Unfortunately we also learn a number of survival fears/techniques that are false… we fear things that won’t lead to us getting hurt or dying…
    These are the most destructive and life limiting…it is best to realise and overcome these fears…
    Ultimately the fear of death is also over come when you realise your true nature which is pure consciousness…

    1. michael archangel says:

      LoveM, I think it’s not about death itself, rather the pain attributed to it, people knew death is inevitable, I reckon that what people fear about is the thought of being separated forever from their love ones. I know someone who is not afraid to die..she wanted to die, after her mother died..the bottom line, fear is not all about dying, sometimes it is about losing someone you truly love ^_^ yet, I really like your thoughts.

  22. Loma Loots says:

    Death – It will release all of us from a life where we yearn for things that are useless to show off to the people who don’t matter.

    This is a very lighthearted statement. Three weeks back I faced death in emergency major surgery. When a very learned and skilled specialist surgeon look you in the eye and say ‘I’ve done what I could. If you do not fight to live, I give you 6 hours’, you go numb, are stunned. When the pain arise and they sedate you, you fight not to fall asleep, for the fear that you will wake up in another place is overwhelming. Everything you still want to do, to say rush through your brain like wild horses. And when you awake amidst the sound of monitors beeping, pipes and needles in all existing holes and a few new ones, you anxiously want to tell the people you love that you love them, you want to tell the people whose friendships you value that you appreciate them, you want to recall faces, eyes and expressions just one more time.

    The greatest fear of all is not where you are going, is there a heaven… I know all that and I know that when I leave here, I am with God. Yet, the fear that you will not hear the words “I love you” one more time before you go, the fear that there will be no familiar hand to hold yours that one last time… that fear, my friends is overwhelming.

  23. arun says:

    The death if decided than it would come on due date. If people are so sure about the time of their departure than I feel that there shall be less pain and more gratitude. There shall be less taking more giving. There shall be more forgiveness than revenge. There must be more humbleness than cruelty. There must be more love than hate. But what I am noticing that people are becoming more centric than thinking about welfare. They are becoming greedy than distributing their comforts. ……EXCERPTS:

  24. Siddhant Vaidya says:

    Dear Sir,
    Worrying about the world coming to an end makes no sense at all as you said as we are destroying our present in the process. We humans need to struggle everyday to survive in this highly competitive world. But our struggle for survival, our sacrifices are not justified if the world would be coming to an end. For eg. people will not go for work and slog and instead they could spend their savings trying to live in the moment. Living in the moment is not wrong but its not feasible everywhere. What if the world doesn’t end when we are expecting it to end? It would be a major catastrophe than anyone ever could have imagined. It would cripple the basic foundations of humans. So how to pave a way out of this tedious situation?

  25. Ref: Your Article “Four Topics about Fear”.
    Thanks Paulo. Knowledge and awareness are important to determine fear of the unkmown:
    In the PRE INCAS and INCAS Culture and Cosmovision from Perú there were 3 laws considered to face every day ( I repeat them every morning) :
    MUNAY: With Love
    LLANCAY: without Fear
    YACHAY: with Wisdom and Knowledge

    Kind regards from your fan and admirer
    Ropo Beltran

  26. Empié says:

    CABALLERO ANDANTE (Extremoduro)

    ” A caso no has visto el cartel, prohibida la entrada de ranas,
    el cerebro se me empieza a deshacer, pero yo no estoy loco, que yo no estoy loco, que yo no estoy loco….

    Sueño de aroma y luego nada, andrajos, rencor, filosofí­a, roto en tu espejo tu mejor idilio, ya de espaldas a la vida oh… para ser ahorcado hermoso dí­a.”

    “Salgo de cero, lo primero aprender a volar, luego me dejo caer, salgo de cero a ver si entiendo la vida mejor, luego me escucho cada sensación.
    Salgo de cero lo primero aprender a volar, luego me dejo caer, salgo de cero y voy dejando todo tan atrás que hoy no me vale la ropa de ayer…”

    “Cuando no hay nada que hacer, yo puedo ser… con Rocin flaco y galgo corredor.
    Cuando no hay nada que hacer, vuelvo a empezar, soy Don Quijote y el molino… donde está.
    Cuando no hay nada que hacer yo puedo ser, con rocí­n flaco y galgo corredor. Cuando no hay nada que hacer, puedo elegir, paso de todo….quieto… jabalí­¡¡¡”

    “Ni tú ni yo, ni perro que nos ladre ni el calor del sol….”

    “Hoy morirán hojas y animales,
    más no morirán para siempre,
    y en su transformación de mañana,
    darán a la tierra, pasado mañana, brotes de esperanza.

    Y yo no he muerto,
    si tengo frí­o, me caliento,
    si tengo miedo, que no lo tengo,
    susurro y pienso,
    y para mañana, ya me he comido mi pequeña ración de esperanza…”

    Poema de Manolillo Chinato.

  27. Tara Hamdi says:

    I would like to thank Paulo about these interesting subjects, ofcourse everyone has his own fears, some from beeing isolated others from poverty or hights or snakes, I found it best to read about your fears, understand them, it is all science, usually fear comes from the Unknown, so when you have great knoweldge about the thing you fear you will fear it less.
    Thats what I have been teaching my 2 daughters from early age.
    Tara Hamdi

  28. Anna says:

    Angst vor was? Ich habe Angst dass ich ausgelacht werde, dass ich verurteilt und unschuldig bestraft werde. Ich gehe jetzt den Weg der kleinen Schritten, denn sonst bin ich gelähmt, und so gewinne ich, wenn auch nur wenig. Lieber ein wenig gewinnen als stets verlieren. Ich brauche ein kleines Erfolgserlebnis, das macht mir Mut.
    Danke Coelho für die Erklärungen, ich kenne die Ursachen meiner í„ngste, aber ich kann sie nicht mehr ändern, es ist passiert und ich bin ja auch nicht mehr 20 Jahre, darum überfordern mich grosse Anforderungen. danke

  29. Milena says:

    Plasiti se vampira,duhova,mraka i slicnih stvari je jos podnosljivo i pobedivo.Moja prijateljica zivi odmah pored groblja i trebalo mi je dosta vremena da pobedim strah koji sam osecala kada bi se na primer vracala od nje kasno nocu.Ali,uspela sam.Na kraju krajeva na tom groblju je sahranjena moja baka.Onda ne moze nista lose da mi se desi,zar ne?Ponekad se plasim od kontakata sa ljudima I od toga da li cu uspeti da ispunim njihova ocekivanja.Ja imam 33 godine ali taj strah mi se I dalje povremeno javlja.Nekad je taj strah vrlo jak i

  30. pradyumna says:

    i agree that we should accept that we are afraid and face that we fear………. I have been doing this for years…. In some cases I have overcome my fears while in some fear is still there………like i spend hours in moving around in dark but i m still afraid of dark…. but i still venture into dark rooms

  31. Oommen K John says:

    I think fear is nothing but our in-ability to accept the uncertainty. The moment we accept the uncertainty, fear becomes adventure! So instead of accepting fear, accept uncertainties in life and you will find an occean of difference in your life.

    1. maruti nandan says:

      Hi that’svery well said. Somehow i felt it deep inside that this is exactly what the case is.!

  32. Pravish says:

    What has been said makes all the sense, however, I do not agree that choosing to do something can lead you to a state of fearlessness. Ofcourse we overcome fear but we will have fear again the next time we do it as long as the uncertainty factor remains in the act. It might just get easier to overcome it the next time.

  33. D of the Rose says:

    Reminded me of this man’s most remarkable speech:

  34. JHON EDUAR CUERO says:

    eso es una gran verdad es por eso que la oscuridad nos causa esa impresionó o ese temor de pasar o de estar en un lugar oscuro y desconocido pero que resulta ser lo mas de tranquilo luego de ser conocido o iluminado pero también es cierto que la muerte es un tipo de tortura para unas personas que no pueden aceptar que estamos en este mundo para tres cosas y una de ellas es exactamente la muerte y que debemos de vivir con ella al lado todos los dias

  35. vicky dee says:

    Yes it’s ok/normal to have fear, just keep calm, be hopeful & deal with it!

  36. Fred T. says:

    “What makes the difference between a brave man and a coward? It’s not the abscence of fear, for even the bravest of men (and women) can experience fear. The difference is that a coward acts out of fear, whereas a brave man acts in spite of it.” – Fred Tellez

  37. Fred T. says:

    Fear is momentary; regrets are forever. – FT

  38. Jung Ko says:

    Thank you Paulo. This blog as well as others made me view the world in a different way. You made me understand better the problems I have. Hopefully, I overcome the fears I have.

  39. Kandavel Karunanithi says:

    I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again. ~ Achilles