In search of my island

When I wrote The Zahir, the main character says: writing is getting lost at sea. It’s discovering your own untold story and trying to share it with others. It’s realizing, when you show it to people you have never seen, what is in your own soul. In the book, a famous writer on spiritual matters, who believes he has everything, loses the thing that is most precious to him: love. I have always wondered what would happen to a man if he had no one to dream about, and now I am answering that question for myself.

When I used to read biographies of writers, I always thought that when they said: “The book writes itself, the writer is just the typist”, they were simply trying to make their profession seem more interesting. I know now that this is absolutely true, no one knows why the current took them to that particular island and not to the one they wanted to reach. Then the obsessive re-drafting and editing begins, and when I can no longer bear to re-read the same words one more time, I send it to my publisher, where it is edited again, and then published.

And it is a constant source of surprise to me to discover that other people were also in search of that very island and that they find it in my book. One person tells another person about it, the mysterious chain grows, and what the writer thought of as a solitary exercise becomes a bridge, a boat, a means by which souls can travel and communicate.

From then on, I am no longer the man lost in the storm: I find myself through my readers, I understand what I wrote when I see that others understand it too, but never before. On a few rare occasions, like the one that is about to take place, I manage to look those people in the eye and then I understand that my soul is not alone.

Once I heard an interviewer ask Paul McCartney: “Could you sum up the Beatles’ message in one sentence?” Tired of hearing the same question myself, I assumed McCartney would give some ironic response, after all, given the complexity of human beings, how can anyone possibly sum up a whole body of work in a few words?

But Paul said: “Yes, I can.” And he went on: “All you need is love. Do you want me to say more?”

No, said the interviewer, he didn’t. There was nothing more to be said. The Zahir could be summed up in the same way.

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  1. Nelly Nazario says:

    Es cierto todo gira entorno al amor

  2. Andrea Olson says:

    I am re-reading Brenda Euland’s classic “If You Want to Write” this week because of this blog post of yours, Paulo. Thanks again for the ongoing inspiration. Big things to come. I’ve authored one book so far and there is so much more inside, finding ME.

  3. Jacqueline Esic says:

    Totally..If of all us would really realize that LOVE is only think we need then we are all at peace..

    1. Jacqueline Esic says:

      Thing i mean

  4. Adriana says:

    It is wonderful that you are about to promote your last book . I hope it is as short and touching as your first fables. I wanna you make me dream.

  5. Vits says:

    So sweet of you …..varham
    ….thats what true love is…you do not want him to be in pain … shows how much you care for him ….but why are you worrying about loosing him and leaving him in pain ? …n moreover if it is destined to be such atleast let him enjoy/share the Ecstasy of your love what you are enjoying at present ….have faith in your love n God its not going to change….it will keep on growing….n ever if it happens as you feel he wont be alone to bear that pain….that pain also will be shared by you which itself will have a part of you will also filled with your love….afterall love n pain go side by side…so i will suggest life is too short dont miss a single moment of love …..go n tell him how much you love him…..

    1. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE says:

      ya vits & arto i fully agree with you both……varha katims ….. do not waste time…..we all need is to love & be loved…….

    2. Varah Katims says:

      Thanks guys… I will give it a try. but I’m still afraid… Anyway thanks…

    3. vits says:

      varah….Paulo says “But love is much like a dam; if you allow a tiny crack to form through which only a trickle of water can pass, that trickle will quickly bring down the whole structure and soon no one will be able to control the force of the current ” …… and with you that crack has already taken place varah i doubt now you will be able to stop the structure to bring down…any ways wish you all the best stop the crack to develop further if you can….

    4. Varah Katims says:

      im still trying to stop it. let’s see what happens… thanks a lot!

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  7. Toni-Yvonne says:

    When I sit down to write, I am amazed by the things I ‘tune’ from within. It is for sure a gateway

  8. Varah Katims says:

    Wonder whether love is everything… I really love someone & he also loves me. But I’m afraid whether my mind would change. So O’m not expressing that to him. ‘Cause I’m afraid that I’ll hurt him someday because of that… :(((

    1. Arto Hutto says:

      Everyone hurts everyone in the end, so why worry? The rain will come one day for sure, so enjoy the sun =;O)

    2. Varah Katims says:

      But the pain would be less if I stay away from him… But that’s not what I really want to do.
      Thanks for your reply Arto…

  9. Bianca says:

    dear paulo, dear readers,

    started to write a book abour my one and only love, I threw it away because I found someone else, the book started with the words: “she always knew there was something out there when she watched the sea.”. I think I will rewrite the book. Thank you for inspiring me in this very special way. New love may come into your life, but the words that express yourfeelings that you felt in those very unique moments will last forever.

  10. Arto Hutto says:

    I wonder…

    In romantic love we often talk about “the one”, our soulmate. Is it possible to have more, at the same time?

    When we get kids, we love the first one, and the second one, and the third one equal much. The love is not divided (only the time). We may love the children in a slightly different way but still we have this unconditional love for them.

    Why is this not possible in romantic love, or is it?

    With love,


    1. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Dear Arto,
      Only Love is multiplied when it is shared.
      For maternal or paternal love, this is obvious, as you said. For love romance, I think it’s the same. Love is true, If what we share with someone is sincere, even when it’s for a short time. I think the time is not important, and whether for a second or a hundred years, what counts is the intensity of the exchange.
      The heart is large and can distribute his love to several people during a lifetime. As can be seen described in Brida, our twin soul may be found in several other souls we meet in our lives or not. But if this meeting occurs, it will be intense, every time. It’s what I hope .
      Seul l’Amour se multiplie quand il se partage.
      Pour l’Amour maternel ou paternel, c’est une évidence, comme vous le disiez. Pour l’amour Romantique, il me semble que c’est pareil. Ce que l’on partage avec une personne est véritable s’il est sincère, míªme lorsque c’est pour un court moment. Je crois que le temps ne compte pas, et que ce soit pour une seconde ou pour cent ans, ce qui compte est l’intensité de l’échange.
      Le coeur est grand et peut distribuer son amour í  plusieurs personnes, au cours d’une vie. Comme on le voit décrit dans Brida, notre í¢me jumelle est peut-íªtre retrouvée dans plusieurs autres í¢mes que l’on rencontrera ou pas dans notre vie. mais si cette rencontre se fait, elle sera intense , í  chaque fois.
      Marie-Christine G

  11. Sonia says:

    I believe ib Signs! I was getting the feeling of buying this book The Zahir even though I already had 9 unread books from which 3 were of the same author. Anyway I bought the book and what I came to understand as a Sign from my Guardian Angel were these lines,
    “Say Goodbye to what you were and, as you will see if you try, you create space for a new, unknown world. As those spaces grow, it is important to fill them up quickly, even if only temporarily, so as not to be left with a feeling of emptiness. That is how we change. That is how love grows. And when love grows, we grow with it.”
    I have succeeded in creating a space but emptiness inside me was growing more and more as time was passing by… I came to realize that even though I have tried to say goodbye to who I was am still in the middle of the road trying to figure out who do I need to be and how do I need to fill in the emptiness of my life.

    “If you tell a story, then that means you are still not really free of it. Only when we close that story or chapter can we begin the next one.”
    Even though somehow I had stopped speaking about my old past stories still I needed to learn how to start the new one…

    Thank you Paulo for the words you give to our feelings and for the books you write =)

  12. Vits says:

    The “Aleph”…….Paulo if I am not wrong…..everything Exists somewhere in the Universe…..all are travelling in the same train…there is no Past Present Future….there is nothing like Distance….all the scenes are there going on somewhere in the universe….its all ALEPH….

  13. Ciao Bella says:

    Here is another artist Monet who loved the nature, the flowers and the people..and I would loved to have one of his water lilies hanging in my living room such a piece of love. I have always loved his paintings. I didn´t know this until now that when Monet was only a student everyone who studied art at that time copied other famous painters but not Monet he loved to look at the nature and people whom he wanted to paint off.

  14. Wanderlaini Aparecida Rodrigues says:

    Sim o amor transforma, salva e cura. Nenhum ser humano vive sem amor, nem os animalzinhos e bichinhos. AMO AMAR, mesmo que ás vezes doa.

  15. LoveM says:

    With each and every insight
    I realize another whole world
    Populated by people who already know
    What I have just learned

    1. Annie says:

      “all you need is love”
      contagiously contagious
      come and hum it or sing it
      or write it or be it

      and you ‘ll contain all the words,
      all the islands and all the worlds

      Love and Gratitude

    2. LoveM says:

      I..lands of the mind
      Searching for the Promised Land
      Heart of all

      Heart at its deepest source has a single point of departure
      At its height it balloons into two equally full hemispheres
      In the midst of that fullness it makes a huge impression
      To the eye its the mind its a the heart its just Itself

  16. Jen says:

    I have many stories, but have been hesitant to share. I have been encouraged to write, but wonder who would want to hear my story? I read this blog and I see that the writing is the journey. Your words have inspired me to take the journey…Thank you

    1. luzmariposa says:

      Amor..simplemente el luz.
      El amor lo puede TODO..sin limites de de de vidas..lo puede Todo lo es todo..
      Hay una estrella que siempre va a brillar en mi corazon..Halo..

  17. lilah says:

    thanx ,this is one of my favourites
    luv and light to you mr coelho
    my divin messenger at this time

  18. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Whe, you said:
    “On a few rare occasions, like the one that is about to take place, I manage to look those people in the eye and then I understand that my soul is not alone.”
    For me, there is nothing more to say. All my life is here.
    All we need is love. Yes , Indeed !
    M christine Grimard

  19. Sonja Plonero says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I like to write short stories for my friends. The most of them are about my experiences and love to my family and sometimes about relationship. When I have inspiration the fingers are typing easy my minds.

  20. Ivan says:

    Or “all you need is to love”?

  21. toñi says:

    Hola buenas tardes!
    La pregunta es: ¿vivimos en un mundo amistoso? si, por supuesto. Todos los seres de este mundo podrí­an vivir y compartir de una forma amistosa. ¿vivimos en un mundo lleno de amor? si, por supuesto. El amor es una de las fuerzas más grande, es el puente que nos conecta a uno con los demás. Yo ayer por la noche me puse muy nerviosa por culpa de mi hija que estaba enfadada por cosas de niños y me puso nerviosa. Entonces me fui a la cocina un par de minutos para estar sola y…sentí­ que alguien cantaba para mi, y me sonreí­ y mentalmente dejé que mi corazón y toda yo cantase a duo con esa persona…y ¿sabes qué? el nerviosismo desapareció de mi tan rápido como habí­a llegado. Estamos conectados todos nosotros entre nosotros, pero si no estamos felices no podemos ver las frecuencias felices de los demás, si no nos sentimos felices no podemos ver ni sentir el mundo que nos rodea. Nuestras almas nunca están solas, ni siquiera cuando estamos tristes estamos solos, lo que pasa es que si estamos tristes no podemos ver las almas que hay cerca de nosotros intentando darnos paz y amor. Ayer mi padre me dijo “Toñi ,tú te acuerdas de una canción que se llamaba La Bella Lola? Me ha venido al pensamiento así­ de repente!” Y me dió risa y le dije “Conexión musical papá, llevo 20 minutos cantando para mis adentros la canción de La Bella Lola, me la enseñó mi señorita Mercedes del colegio cuando era pequeña!”. Si, vivimos en un mundo amistoso, un mundo lleno de amor. Si no hubiera amor en este mundo …sencillamente este mundo no podrí­a estar aqui y nosotros tampoco. Toda creación fue creada con pensamientos de amor. Y el amor nos hace grandes!
    Un fuerte abrazo,

    1. Empié says:

      Creo que el amor es como la masa que une el mortero, bueno, este sí­mil es un poco de profe de tecnologí­a, bueno, lo que quiero decir, es que es lo que nos une a todas las personas, nos hace uno. Además creo que en el mundo hay superheroes y supervillanos que luchan por que el amor triunfe o porque la falta de amor termine por destruirnos. Cuando somos uno por medio del amor, ya no nos pueden enfrentar contra nuestro hermano, supongo que esa clase de amor es la que predicaba Cristo, supongo que algún psicopata de la época intento ahogar su voz y su mensaje para hacer que el mundo se aniquilase y sentirse bien por hacer daño y salir indemne, también creo que al final el amor vencerá.

      Por otra parte a veces pensamos que la tristeza, la amargura, es opcional, que depende de nosotros estar tristes o felices, si fuera así­ todo el mundo estarí­a riendo todo el tiempo. En cualquier caso, no deja de ser un estado transitorio que supongo que transformará al que lo padece, y supongo que cuando la transformación se haya completado ese sentimiento deja de ser necesario, y la luz vuelve, se resucita…

      Un saludo, hablamos.

  22. arun says:

    writer is a free soul who has no shame in going naked in public. It is a dance with lover on the crossing of roads and all naked as well…..writer writes first and then thinks later. The time to know his thought is hardly a tab over the key-pad……….writer is a child stays in his own world of passion, emotions, and principles. It excites one with the tag of no boundary……….shows his nepotism, and criticism. He puts them on acid test and then takes back them from death defying situation. He Insults and gets humiliation by his own modes of tools………..He keeps his readers in his own world with their free will. …….. EXCERPTS:

  23. LoveM says:

    The writer in you
    Is making up a story
    How to love Oneself

    I am separate
    From everything… is a thought
    To separate from

    You already are
    What you have been searching for
    Who’s lost…who’s looking

    Who will be trying
    To find the you… who is lost
    So which one are you

    There is no out-there
    I am… this constant presence
    Aware of One-self

    There is only One
    Ever present reality
    That is what we feel

    Looking in your eyes
    I see the One who dwells…
    Spotless consciousness

    When you speak with love
    You will be speaking for the
    Entire universe

    1. Simone says:


    2. Annie says:

      I try to speak for the entire universe
      so I try to speak with love
      and because I love this
      I speak for the entire universe..
      and when I will try to play for the entire universe
      I will play with love
      so if the universe wants to speak
      will say through me: I love all this
      your brilliant verses, islands and universes
      sing for the entire universe, believe me
      when I sing how I love all this

      Love and Gratitude

    3. LoveM says:

      Annie… )'(
      Αρτεμις Î´ÏÎ±ÎºÏ‰Î½
      Love your singing and your song
      Sing on all day long

    4. Simone says:

      Thank you M for your nice thoughts and your well chosen words :)

      We are all beings of light
      Flying and floating in this space
      If only we could control more our mind
      We can reach the unknown and find
      What is obvious already: The Source

    5. LoveM says:

      Sublime Here..
      My heart is left laughing dove..
      Light as a flying feather..
      In Sunshine..

  24. Empié says:

    Bueno…. he llegado hasta aquí­, que no es poco.

    Esperaré a que mi corazón me dicte el siguiente paso, o a que los íngeles coloquen la siguiente piedra en mi camino, lo que nunca haré será renunciar a la vida.

    Un saludo.

    1. toñi says:

      Hola Empié!
      Me alegro de tus avances, de verdad me alegro un montón.
      Ya verás que los ángeles te guiarán o te enviarán señales para que sigas avanzando!.
      A mi me ha dado ahora por la música…pero música de todos los tipos: flamenco, baladas, paso doble, rancheras…es super divertido. No me doy cuenta y me pongo a cantar, hoy me ha dicho mi madre “pues si que cantas bien, lo única que necesitas es trabajar un poco la voz” que risa, ni siquiera me habí­a dado cuenta de que estaba cantando. Ahora mismo estoy escuchando a la Rosarillo Flores ” Flores, muchas flores”. En mi adolescencia me gustaba mucho el rock&roll, el heavy metal y el tras metal. Pero he descubierto mis origenes infantiles que eran bastante hippies, ye-ye y flamenco. Se ha metido la música en mi cabeza. Realmente la música es un idioma universal que sirve para todos.
      Bueno, pues ánimo y alegrí­a con tu camino.
      Un fuerte abrazo,

    2. Empié says:

      Bueno, es una vocación como cualquier otra, lo que pasa es que como da prestigio y dinero se llena de gente que busca este tipo de cosas, luego se posicionan arriba y no dejan pasar a los que valen si les pueden quitar el puesto, lo de siempre… luego hay gente que se cuestiona que qué pasa con la música, pues lo mismo que con todo lo que da prestigio, poder y dinero, en seguida se llena de psicópatas y el negocio, el estado o lo que sea se va a pique, porque lo malo es que disfrutan haciendo daño y viendo que ellos son listos porque aun siendo peores viven mejor y dirigen el negocio y a los demás.

      Perdón por la explicación, me estoy leyendo un libro que se llama “Cara a cara con el psicópata”, y me confirma lo que habí­a observado.

      Pero bueno, hablando de cosas bonitas, al final la música, es lo que sientes cuando escuchas o interpretas música, es un poco el polo opuesto a lo anterior, buscar dentro no fuera. Me alegro de que te haya dado por la música, nunca se sabe donde te puede llevar tu vocación, tus sueños, y en cualquier caso, es una manera estupenda de pasar el tiempo, al menos para el que disfruta con ella.

      Un saludo, nos vemos por aquí­.

    3. toñi says:

      Ayer estuve leyendo cosas sobre enfermedades mentales: psicosis, esquizofrenia, depresión, baja autoestima. Creo que todas las personas tienen un poco de todo. Por lo que leí­, los esquizofrénicos tienen visiones y oyen voces y los psicóticos tiene problemas disfuncionales con la realidad. Yo a veces me voy de la realidad y también tengo visiones, aunque lo controlo. Quiero decir que creo que todas las personas tienen visiones o visualizan cosas: recuerdos, imágenes en su mente que suelen ser tristes o alegres. No sé, supongo que cuando pasas los lí­mites es cuando entras en la enfermedad, pero pienso que todas las personas tienen un poco de todo, incluso los niños crean amigos imaginarios y sueñan o inventan historias fantásticas ¿verdad?. Bueno, lo leí­ por curiosidad.
      Esto es solo una opinión o una idea que me ha venido a la cabeza.
      Un abrazo,

  25. luzmariposa says:

    Que hermoso, bello..querido Paulo..
    Cuando uno escribe..muestra el Alma..
    Cuando alguien aunque sea una sola persona lo comprende..y te da su amor..eso hace que el escritor tambien lo comprenda..vea la luz de su alma reflejada en sus palabras..
    El amor lo puede todo..lo es el motor la fuerza, el entendimiento..
    Un gran abrazo..y segui mostrando tu alma..y reflejando tu luz..
    Nos seguiremos encontrando todos alrededor de la hoguera..

  26. Paulo, you always have such a warm way of reaching to us here by pouring out what is your heart with us!

    Speaking of the Zahir, while I was in Santiago I met a woman (Pilar), a occupational therapist, who has been working in a prison for the past 25 years. She shared with me that by working with the prisoners, they have taught her so much about understanding who she is. Through them, she learned to be in touch with her emotions. It has helped her to be able to connect with them. “When we are able to be at peace with who we are, by accepting that we have the same emotions as the prisoners or everyone else out there, we will be able to feel what they feel and have understanding and compassion. Maybe those emotions are not to the same intensity, but, the same quality. We become in touch with ourselves. We will be able to be in any situation, any environment and around any group of people, regardless of their background and we will be confortable to be ourselves.

    1. Mark says:

      So true. If the world could meditate on this we could end our wars in a day. X

  27. nina ramirez says:

    En todos los idiomas el amor tiene el mismo significado:Entrega absoluta…La retribución a ello en todos los idiomas provoca el mismo efecto: Satisfacción!!

  28. nina ramirez says:

    Estoy de acuerdo que una palabra tan simple pueda encerrar un contenido tan grandioso,AMOR!!

  29. Simone says:

    I am searching for my island surrounded by deep waters only and the sun followed by the moon.. I love all but from a certain distance that allows me to breathe. Sometimes I don’t smile and that is the moment when I become the island I am searching for. After solitude comes the joy of being a part of all beings and nature in a full circle. And then again I am searching for my island.

    1. LoveM says:

      Thank you Simone for that lovely reflection and wonderful insight… LoveM
      Ego’s moody moon
      Lies pale and forgotten…in
      Sentient sunlight…
      Always a light ray
      Sometimes you are the sunshine
      Often a moonbeam…
      When in Sol.i.tude
      I am dressed in its ra.i.ment
      A being of light…

  30. Annie says:

    “I know now that this is absolutely true, no one knows why the current took them to that particular island and not to the one they wanted to reach.”

    I wanted to go to Ithaca
    yet a current had another view
    and took me towards Symi..
    “but I wanted to go to ithaca” i say to the current
    “is it possible that you get not what you want but what you need?”
    said the current

    And so I arrived to Symi
    such a beautiful wondrous place
    It’s interesting though I felt it has Ithaca’s face..

    Love and Gratitude

    1. LoveM says:

      Beautiful Annie… Thanks… powerful… letting go… LoveM
      To flow with power
      Just let go of what you know
      And become current…
      For this holy quest
      I suffer separation
      So wholly absurd…
      Life is so perfect
      even what we don’t want has
      The desired effect…
      Seeing is within
      What a beauty to bewholed
      This one awareness…
      Wherever I look
      I see this love and beauty
      Looking back at me…
      This is much simpler
      Than a teaching or practice
      Look for…I…you see

    2. Satora says:

      “Ένα δειλινό στο Αιγαίο περιλαμβάνει τη χαρά και τη λύπη σε τόσο ίσες δόσεις που δεν μένει στο τέλος παρά η αλήθεια.” (Οδυσσεας Ελυτης, Μικρος Ναυτιλος)

  31. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    A wonderful text. Thank you very much. Writing is something obsessive. I see it more as a passion. It is probably difficult to separate. Is the case with any art. Or in football. Congratulations at the way to my team. Fortuna Düsseldorf is in the German Bundesliga again, after 15 jahren. We have also seen very clear, what a Zahir can cause, when complete idiots storm the field before the game is over. let us push the cloak of silence above this. Yes, there is love and love. And Paul McCartney is certainly right. I send the song, if you allow. I love it.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

    1. toñi says:

      Pienso igual que tú respecto al fútbol. Es fútbol es el negocio más estúpido que jamás se ha inventado. Me parece increí­ble que un grupo de idiotas ganen millones y millones de euros por darle una patata a una pelota. A mi nunca me ha gustado el fútbol. Además también tienes razón en lo que dices de que el fútbol es un Zahir, la gente se vuelve loca por ver un partido de fútbol y ¿para qué? para ver a un grupo de idiotas dándole patadas a una pelota y haciéndose millonarios gracias a sus seguidores. Si explota una guerra mundial, no pasa nada…ponemos al Barí§a a jugar con el Madrid y la gente se olvida de todo!. Eso se llama lavado de cerebro.
      Un saludo,

    2. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      That is an opionion which can be accepted. But thank god, it is not the only opinion. Money is always a topic. Many football player earn much money. Too much? No idea. But men which build weapons earn much more money. We can discuss which money is more honestly earned. Or banker. Many people which do not deserve it in my opinion earn a lot of money. Football is a game, and many people have a lot a pleasure with this game, so people earn a lot of money. I have heard much worse stories.

      I wish you all a wonderful evening

  32. Vits says:

    Paulo…..your soul is not alone….all you need is love … not the book writing itself ?….are not we all discovering our untold story….is not the current guiding us to our mysterious island…..all the roads are connected to the same place….all the rivers finally meet the same sea…are not these all connected with same connecting thread…all our souls wither of you me or of a book or of an island of sea ,of a road , of everything in the universe Exists and is connected to ” The Universal Soul “….n some Enlightened souls like Paulo only know that this journey of life is also Destined n connected with the same connecting thread….

  33. Marie-Christine says:

    “Being a real writer means being able to do the work on a bad day.”
    Norman Mailer

  34. probooklover says:

    ‘No Man is an Island’ – John Donne, Paulo Coelho talks about storytelling and his novel ‘BRIDA’ on


  36. Catherine says:

    aND tHANK YOU paulo – for demonstrating in this story here some of the paths a writer takes and how the process feels and works ;o) it’s enlightening!!

  37. THELMA says:

    ‘On a few rare occasions, like the one that is about to take place, I manage to look those people in the eye and then I understand that my soul is not alone.’

    Your words, my dear Paulo Coelho, have touched my heart! Yes the shortest bridge in the material world to the .. other islands, is in looking into the eyes. Then we may find we are not alone or that we .. really have found a .. wall and loneliness. Words may fool us, but never the expression of the eyes or the ‘silent inner thoughts’ perceived by our intuition.

  38. O Zahir foi minha companhia e eu dele durante 9 dias numa maravilhosa ilha portuguesa, em Dezembro de 2007. Amámo-nos
    Hoje, estou arrumando minhas malas para ir de novo até lá pois dessa minha paixí£o me foi permitido gerar parir um sonho: adquirir, lá, um pequeno espaí§o. A ti Paulo Coelho, para além da minha especial e dedicada apreciaí§í£o dos teus dizeres, desde há anos,és meu convidado a seres o padrinho.
    Até breve
    Nattalis Sollis

  39. Mariëlle says:

    Dear Savita,

    Your welcome sweet Savita, but don’t thank me, thank Paulo.
    I’m just the observer in this case, not the initiator.


  40. Breda says:

    This evening I feel I would settle for PEACE – CONTENTMENT – in my life , to escape the love- ‘battle ship ‘-it used to be a ‘love boat’ but still can be a love boat some days !!!! : )

  41. Dear Paulo,

    Nicely written and well, said.

    -“Love is beyond faith, religion and hope. Love is what makes and love is what which will fake, love can heal and at the same time love can kill.”

    -“A book has a life of itself, very true and every object has life in itself, too.”

    -“All life work of any artist cannot be explained in one sentence nor can it be explained in one century, it takes longer than time itself.”

    -“Yes, we all need love and those who can understand, learn, keep believe, capture, share and dare to fight for love will always be legend.”

    God bless you all !
    God bless you all !

  42. Savita Vega says:

    For karen, Marielle and, of course, whomever else might be interested:

    Today I feel I have come full circle. This post on islands has led me to discover my own.

    Another ibis has landed on my windshield, except this time it is not an ibis, but an island. Day before yesterday, karen made a suggestion to me on this blog, under this same topic, “In search of my Island – Part 1.” She suggested I use some of the pieces I have written on this blog, edit them and collect them into a book. She wrote:

    “Your pieces which you write are your ISLANDS dumbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just realised.
    Put your islands into a book!!!!!!!!!!!”

    So, as I never save anything that I write on this blog, I set out last night to begin collecting from the archives everything that I have written here, to see what might be usable in some way. I thought the best way, the most systematic way, to do this would be to find the first post I ever made on this blog and then just work forward from there, copying and pasting everything into Word, for later editing. I knew that I had started dropping in on this blog sometime around September of last year, so I went to the archives and started searching there. When I finally got to it and realized what my the very first post to this blog was, my heart skipped a beat, maybe even two, or three. The first entry I made was dated September 8. The topic – Free Association of the Week: The Island!

    Thank you, karen. Thank you, Nanci. Thank you, Marielle. And, of course, most of all, thank you, Paulo!

    If, as your main character in the Zahir says, writing is getting lost at sea, I may have just found myself. As you note, Paulo, it is a great source of surprise to me too to discover that other people might also be in search of that very island that I am writing from. “…And what the writer thought of as a solitary exercise becomes a bridge, a boat, a means by which souls can travel and communicate. From then on, I am no longer…lost in the storm: …I understand what I wrote when I see that others understand it too… and then I understand that my soul is not alone.”


  43. B*Sofie says:

    Mysterious God
    your life reminds us
    that relationships are at the heart of reality.
    Deepen our experiences of your presence
    in our life
    Save us from false isolation
    that inhibits all peace & joy.
    bring us back again into the light of your love,
    for herein we find life & graced joy*

    (R.F. Morneau)

  44. Heart says:

    Yes, communication, communication, communication or sharing, sharing, sharing. Each single soul is so precious… we need to be extremely gentle listening to others, to be able to love and respect each other. To go through those lonely moments… to find oneself, gives back a much more integrated person who is able to understand and have empathy, too see the loved one and give him/her a supreme attention.

  45. Jenovia says:

    It is so true Paulo!! We readers find ourselves in your words time and time again. It was one of my dreams to look you in the eye, tell you all that you have done for me and thank you….I got to do just that!!!! It was no question for me how it was going to happen, just a matter of WHEN. 5 years after I read the last page of ‘The Alchemist’ I was standing in my favorite city in the world (Paris), standing right in front of you, shaking your hand and telling you how much you have shown me about life, love, and the pursuit of dreams.

    You were the catalyst that catapulted my dreams and deepest desires into action. And I can say that on this VERY day and everyday after…I am living the life I was meant to live, living my personal legend, and will never again choose anything but what my heart yearns for.

    You are a gift to the people of the world Paulo. You are loved.


  46. Sherry says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Thank you for baring your soul to us, your readers. I think your kind of writing and the kind that many of us strive to do is a result of the constant courage to speak your truth and to remember that there is only love and that it is the only thing that matters. It is about remembering, acting from, and not getting lost. Not easy, but when you have done it, you can’t imagine doing or being anything else…

    Sherry (

  47. Irina Black says:

    Freedom and Piece in Substitution for Happiness? “I know about my span,that fortune’s jurisdiction has fixed;but for my heart to beat I must wake up with the conviction that somehow that same day we’ll meet..”(A.S.Pushkin)

  48. Marie-Christine says:

    “Love is something eternal, the aspect may change but not the essence.”
    Van Gogh

  49. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much. Its exactly answers for my questions. But, is valid in your case, and in the case of some writers, to be understood so well by so many people. Is about talent, empathy , good luck, I am still not sure.I might say why I like your books, but the miracle that other hundreds of millions do like them same way, I cant explain.Your books talk about love, but also are so optimistic, surprising turns of the situation in the end , happy endings, universal symbols, stories of common people who are able to change their fate. But other authors use all these things,more or less, and still no one love them. Here comes the magic, the alchemy.Your personal touch. Love,

  50. sido66 says:

    “The soul can not live without love, it is always something to love because it is through love that God has created”
    Sainte Catherine de Sienne

    (Now I read on my calendar that it was his party, so I am pleased to write this for you today;is a phrase that is dear to my heart, that I wrote in the header in the book I sent you “Aimer, c’était donc í§a”

    « L’í¢me ne peut vivre sans amour, il lui faut toujours quelque chose í  aimer puisque c’est par amour que Dieu l’a créée »
    Sainte Catherine de Sienne

    ( aujourd’hui j’ai lu sur mon agenda que c’était sa fíªte, alors je suis heureuse d’écrire cela pour vous aujourd’hui ; c’est une phrase qui me tient í  coeur , que j’ai écrit en en-tíªte dans le livre que je vous ai envoyé “Aimer, c’était donc í§a”