Manuscrito de Accra: trechos


  1. leticia says:

    Interesante las descripciones d los terminos.

  2. Diana Rivera says:

    Interesante las descripciones d los terminos. Me gusto leerlas en brasile~no

  3. Estou postando essas frases para meus amigos no facebook. Sí£o frases lindas que nos ajudam a melhorar como pessoa. :)
    Fique na paz.

  4. ganjina1981 says:

    I pray this finds you all in the best of health and spirit.
    Dear Sir, do you think you would be coming to London UK to give a lecture anytime soon??? Pleaseeeee………thank you. G.D..

  5. Clara Dark says:

    I was researching and found out its about the documents ( ancient) found at the Death Sea…great. And maybe your next book? Cant wait. Thank you.
    P.S. My niece and God child was told by her teacher to read your book, The Alchemist…Teacher praised you, she read many of your published work. (me too)
    My niece (Beatrix) was ready to boast with her auntie (me), who had the big chance to meet the author…teacher was amazed.I am sure niece will love the book.
    Best regard!!!!

  6. vits says:

    It resonates with page no 39 of a hindi book …….ALVIDA AI DOST…….
    which goes like….
    (may be the last sharing of souls on this blog….)

    हंसते हंसते रुला गए आखिर…

    जिन्दगी की मायने है क्या …सिखा गए आखिर…

    था जो बेवफाई का एक छोटा सा हिसाब
    वो तक तो न छोड़ा तुमने उसे भी चूका ही गए आखिर ..

    रोम रोम है तेरी इसी फितरत का गुलाम
    जो माँगा थोडा सा प्यार मैंने सारा पैमाना ही लुटा गए आखिर ….

    पड़े थे जीने के लाले जिस गरीब को …
    उसे भी रातों रात माला माल बना गए आखिर…

    अँधेरी पडी थी मेरी कुटिया …
    जाते जाते उसमें भी एक चिराग जला गए आखिर..

    दोस्त सारे जहाँ की खुशियाँ भी गर वो डाल दे तेरी झोली में तो वो कम है
    डूबते हुए एक दोस्त की कश्ती को पार लगा गए आखिर….

    हंसते हंसते रुला गए आखिर…

  7. Xin Ying says:

    I’m a young girl, well not exactly young when heading in into the late twenties. But I’m still fresh, immature. I come by the name XinYing, very oriental, but I speak english. English only.

    I’m an engineer but I like to write. I’m an engineer but I like to dream. But only one former classmate of mine reads my writings. I turn heads because I’m female, and an engineer. I’m proud to be an engineer, it pays my bills, I can take care of my parents. But i will want my soulmate to know me as a writer. It’s me.

    I don’t like to read. I can’t hold my concentration long enough on books (maybe it’s ADHD), but I love and adore walking into book stores and libraries. I just have to walk through the aisle, and feel ideas and stories come to me. I pick a few books up, sometimes for some quick reading, sometimes purchasing but the purchased books always end up unread, next to my bedside. I like watching people in bookstores too. Best bookstores are those which plays jazz and have a coffee store next to it. The aroma, heaven.

    I take the train to work. I bumped into another engineer. Also female.
    She likes to read and told me of a new book from her favourite author.
    I asked “who? ”

    And she said ” Paulo Coelho,”

    I got to my office and searched, ” Paolo Coelho,”

    I’m a writer with bad spelling.

  8. Maria Bertilia M.Lins says:

    í“tima chamada!Estamos aguardando o laní§amento,que tenho certeza que será mias um sucesso!

  9. barbara says:

    Hello Mr.Coelho, I hope you having a great summer :)

  10. roberta badreddine says:

    roberta badreddine

  11. pedro says:

    linda la pagina web los felicito

  12. mercedino says:

    muy lindo el video saludos

  13. vits says:

    Goodbyes are never easy, and yet they do come as both ends and new beginnings……….. well said PAULO ……

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    in u ti li da de
    in you you can read what is given by God
    Each soul that comes down to Earth has a reason to be here.
    I believe so.

    1. Pandora says:

      It always fills me horror and dread when I get the image in my head from the film the Matrix of billions of people being completely unaware that they are indeed just powerhouses for machines.

      The system using their lives by deception and feeding off their energy source, to be callously discarded at the end of their lives, having lived in delusion, illusion as in the dark world of the cave, in Plato’s allegory.

      Whatever the truth may be, I believe that it is far better to celebrate and worship life than to think that you are just an accident, created by an uncaring, bizarre nature, and that your only purpose is to survive and get through life as if you were just another cog in the wheel, or brick in the wall.

      Perhaps it is not necessary for me to believe that I am born to this earth with a divine purpose (however much I may like or dislike the concept), rather that each and every human being has a right to love, to be loved and to consider themselves worthy of both giving a fulfilled existence.

      Very curious to read this.

      Many thanks

  15. jackienoriega says:

    ha sido muy bueno encontrar la forma de escribir nuestros sueños e ilusiones y al mismo tiempo poder encontrar una bella lectura que nos ayude a encontrarnos a nosotros mismos por tal motivo invito a todos los que escriben en el block a que tengan paciencia y que cada acontecimiento malo nos ayude a buscar una salida honorable para todos y que nunca es tarde para volver a empezar aunque parezca mentira pero nunca debemos fincar nuestro futuro ni nuestro presente en las manos de otros y tampoco no debemos dejar de creer en los milagros porque estos si ocurren pero si creemos en ellos todo el manuscrito es una gama elocuente de lo que significa cada una de las cosas importantes que tenemos en la vida y que sentimos

    1. toñi says:

      estoy contigo, acepto la invitación y pienso lo mismo que tú. cada persona es dueña de su destino y no debe dejar que otros dirijan su vida. también creo en los milagros y sé que existen, o ley de la atracción, o como se quiera llamar. un saludo,

  16. Richard Ark says:

    Congrats Paulo on having the Number 1 ranked blog!

  17. mascia raponi says:

    Grazie Paulo per cií² che scrivi,per come lo scrivi…ringrazio Dio per aver creato e fatto crescere un uomo cosí¬ straordinario.Leggendo i tuoi libri sto percorrendo come un cammino,avvolte un po’ pií¹ lento ma che comunque mi reindirizzano sempre verso Dio…Spero che un giorno riesca ad incontrarti dal vivo,nei sogni l’ho fatto gií …ma come dici tu nei sogni non facciamo altro che viaggiare spostandoci su un altro vagone,scusa per non aver scritto in inglese o una lingua per te migliore da comprendere subito senza l’ausilio di un traduttore
    Ma non so altre lingue oltre l’italiano.Grazie per la tua comprensione a risentirci presto ti voglio un infinití  di bene ….Mascia

    1. ngl68 says:

      Brava Mascia . Anche a me Paulo regala tanta gioia , è un grande messaggero d’amore. Ciao

  18. Estou ansioso esperando mais esta dádiva do mago das letras, Paulo Coelho!

  19. Pilar says:

    Gracias por esta música, por las palabras, por las referencias.
    Pero a pesar de todo, hoy he tirado la toalla despues de haber amado, vivido,respetado, ayudado, comprendido, despues de llamar a los angeles, ; HOY HE tirado la toalla, no hay más sueños, ilusiones…… el resultado: golpes que ya no soposrto.
    El manuscrito de Accra,debo reconocerlo como un volver a empezar. Gracias.