ZDF 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair

Just found by chance this video, when youtube asked me to upload videocasts that were not in PauloCoelhoTV.
The first 40 sec are in German, but we switch to English.
It was recorded the day after the party were we celebrated 100.000.000 copies sold


  1. Hah! I am from Germany. I am so happy for you. You surely deserve such great, grand recognition. You are amazing. I am in love with your writing!

    I would like to ask you, if you would do me the gracious honor to read something I wrote. Of course, I do not want to spam you, but it truly comes from the deepest stores of my heart and soul. It’s called: “Welcome, You Most Amazing New Me!”

    I am truly hoping to somehow receive recognition. I feel helpless trying to reach out and having precious souls receive my message. Please be so kind and give me a chance, Paulo.

    I hope you will be filled with just as much love reading it as I was writing it.


    Chrissy Divine
    (hope to be your friend. (-:)

    PS: This is the link.

  2. marghe says:

    Complimenti! Congratulazioni per tutto il tuo lavoro e per i libri scritti. Alcuni sono veramente notevoli.
    Una domanda, se è lecito, e una piccola, piccolissima critica magari fuori luogo, ma sincera: Paulo, pensi di scrivere qualche libro che sia fuori dal tuo clichè collaudato, ma ormai anche troppo battuto?
    Mi piacerebbe leggere qualcosa di nuovo ed originale. Una svolta, che sorprenda i tuoi lettori, qualcosa del genere. La fantasia non ti manca. Forse ne ho troppa pure io ma non riesco a farla accettare. E’ cosí¬ difficile farsi accettare se sei solo un nome sconosciuto. Perchè?
    Grazie e perdona la domanda.

  3. Marie-Christine says:

    I recognised you at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I remember Gilberto Gil was there as well.
    Keep rocking.:)
    with thanks and Love

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Estimado Paulo, no se puede ver el video.

  5. Heimo Alexander Kruschinski says:

    Great interview thank you. And congratulation for yur success.

    I wish you all a wonderful day