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  1. Mya says:

    I do not blog or twitter so it became quite complicated for someone like me who is not I.T. and socially media engaged just to convey to you a – Thank you
    I was contemplating with difficulty, attending a memorial service for loss which would include my mother and best freind. I read your comments “Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing realy belongs to them”
    Of course not but sometimes it first needs stating order to be able to reflect on the point.
    I felt much braver going to the memorial – Thank you for your words

  2. Diana says:

    Em resposta í  pergunta de Rubens, vários trechos do trailer sí£o do filme íGORA”.

  3. Diana says:

    Caro Paulo Coelho
    É uma leitura muito interessante, “O Manuscrito Encontrado em Accra”.
    Li-o em um dia e, apesar dos ensinamentos alí­ contidos ní£o constituirem uma novidade, já que expressam conceitos de 3 religiíµes bastante conhecidas, sua compilaí§í£o se mostra bastante útil para qualquer época.
    Um detalhe me chamou atení§í£o: quando é citada uma CADEIRA DE RODAS, invení§í£o do final do século XVI, em um manuscrito do século XI (e talvez copiado no século XIV).
    Deduz-se daí­ que se trata de uma ficí§í£o atual, e ní£o de um manuscrito com idade tí£o remota, como é informado no iní­cio do livro.
    O estilo e a forma literária nos remete de imediato a “O PROFETA” de Gibran Khalil Gibran…
    P.S.: Lí­ o Aleph e amei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Renata says:

    Há uma razí£o especial para o livro ter sido laní§ado justamente em agosto de 2012, um míªs super pesado e difí­cil?

  5. Rubens says:

    Gostaria de saber vi triller do Laní§amento do Livro Manuscrito encontrado em Accra e gostaria de saber de quais filmes sí£o.

  6. Wanderlaini Aparecida Rodrigues says:

    Obrigada por nos propocionar uma ótima leitura, e dar acesso para que possamos nos comunicar.
    Felicidades de montí£o. Abraí§os e Parabéns.

  7. A.Guaranis says:

    Bendiciones al Padre Team

  8. Elena says:

    Dicono che l’attesa aumenti il desiderio…posso confermare che è vero :) Vola in Italia Manuscrito :)

    Buonissima giornata caro Paulo,
    with love


  9. Adriana says:

    Enhorabuena por el lanzamiento oficial del Manuscrito el dí­a de hoy. Deseándote sólo lo mejor y esperando poder leerlo pronto.
    Con mucho amor

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    Have the best launching ever Paulo
    Keep on smiling :)
    With love

  11. Marcia Nascimento says:

    Meu querido escritor Paulo Coelho,
    O manuscrito encontrado em Accra, e um livro especial do comeí§o ao fim.Uma obra prima tí£o primorosa quanto o Alquimista. Relata valores anos esquecidos pela humanidade. Obrigada Paulo por vc ter nos relembrando de conceitos tí£o valiosos para uma viver em harmonia com nos mesmos e compartilhar energias positivas com o próximo. Muito sucesso beijocas

  12. Marie-Christine says:

    The first chapter has whetted my appetite for what has to come.
    There is so much packed into it.
    It is the kind of book that you will refer to time and time again,
    The ups and downs of daily life occurrences and how we deal with it,.
    the importance of these experiences and the knowledge we have acquired will make us I believe a better person.
    Also Paulo you made the point about the importance of nature how we can learn so much from it by observing it and learning invaluable lessons from it,by reminding us that we are also part of it and we need to respect it.
    I like that section describing the mountain and the seasons.

    Can a man who has been training for years to climb the highest mountain in the world feels defeated when he arrives at the summit and finds that nature has covered it in the snowstorm?
    The man says about the mountain:
    You don’t want me now, but the time is going to change and in a day I will be able to climb to the top. During this time, you continue then to wait for me.
    Can a young when he is rejected by his first love claims that love does not exist?
    The young says to himself:
    I will find someone able to understand what I am feeling. And I will be happy for the rest of my life.


    The winter fights to rule supreme but at the end of it, it is forced to accept the victory of Spring, who brings with it flowers and joy.
    The Summer loves to extend its hot days forever because it is convinced that the heat brings benefit to the Earth. But it will end up accepting the Autumn’s arrival that will allow the ground to rest.
    The gazelle eats the grass and is eaten alive by the lion.
    No one is interested in who is the strongest, only stages that needs to be respected when the HUMAN BEING”S HEART UNDERSTANDS THIS HE BECOMES FREE. He accepts without any second thoughts the difficult times and does not get misled by the moment of glory.

    I have translated that chapter I can I forward it to you I enjoyed doing it. I have learned a lot from it.
    Thank you for being
    With love

  13. Belina says:

    É um livro maravilhoso, que nos tranquiliza e nos incentiva a seguir adiante, pois, nos dá conhecimento e consequentemente a seguraní§a para agir.

  14. esperando con ansia este nuevo libro igual que cada uno de los anteriores….

  15. roberto says:

    aun sin estrenar y revisando los comentarios recibimos con entusiasmo y delicada espera un libro mas de Paulo, excelente escritor, una vision mas del fondo y no tan solo la forma de las cosas, muchas felicidades; enhorabuena, Bienvenido “Manuscrito encontrado en Accra”

  16. Cristina says:

    Li o livro e amei. Uma leitura simples, dinamica, agradavel. Com as lembraní§as dos ensinamentos que todos nós conhecemos, mas, esquecemos na luta diária. E o Paulo Coelho nos relembra com tanto amor compartilhado atraves do seu dom. Obrigada querido Paulo, e Deus abení§oe voce, sua vida, sua familia!