Explicaí§í£o e pedido de ajuda

Como devem ter notado, aceitei apenas tres entrevistas para a mí­dia impressa (GLobo, Folha de Sí£o Paulo, Estadí£o).
Todo o mais que foi publicado teve como base as informaí§íµes enviadas pela editora.

Por que isso?

Porque cada vez mais as perguntas giram sobre mim, e cada vez menos sobre os livros que publico.
Nada de errado por parte dos jornalistas: eles estí£o fazendo seu trabalho da melhor maneira possí­vel. Nunca deturparam uma só palavra do que disse.
Algumas crí­ticas podem ter sido duras, mas isso faz parte da vida de qualquer escritor.
Entretanto, sempre quem tem a última palavra é o leitor. Portanto, estou usando Twitter e Facebook para falar diretamente com vocíªs.

O que resolvi fazer?

Deixar nas mí£os de vocíªs a promoí§í£o.
Se gostarem, por favor recomendem a seus amigos – é um livro muito importante para o momento em que vivemos.
Nestas duas primeiras semanas, o livro entrou e se manteve na lista, subindo uma posií§ao no sábado ( 11 de agosto)
Vejam se falta em livrarias e me avisem. Participem. Ajudem.
Criei uma página no Facebook > “Manuscrito encontrado em Accra”. Conversa direta com leitores. Fotos!
Ela é lida tambem pela Mariana, da editora Sextante. Problemas de distribuií§í£o devem ser postados lá

Um guerreiro da luz confia nos outros guerreiros da luz.
Muití­ssimo obrigado

Parece trailler de filme, mas na verdade é trailler de livro
Agradeí§o a quem colocou ali


  1. MR Bleasby says:

    siga, por favor.

  2. MARLENE says:


  3. leila kely says:

    Nossa arrepiei com o trailer… quero esse livro, amo tudo que escreve e esse deve ser mais uma emocionante viagem. Suas obras sí£o magní­ficas, ní£o tenha medo de ser o melhor!!

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    There are two words that speak to me within the text
    K now le dge
    K now ledge
    The K(ey) is associated with the now.

    Move ment
    A shift in consciousness.

    Thank you for being
    With love

  5. raj says:

    paulo coelho is a writer whom this man admires because of his choice of subject matter and the ability to probe the human psyche.

  6. Cristiano Dorneles says:

    Recomendo, como todos os outros livros deste grande mestre! Espero um dia realizar meu sonho de conversar com este grande sábio!

  7. Luana says:

    Recomendadissimo! Adorei o livro e indico para todos os amigos. Gostaria de lhe parabenizar, aprendi muito com ele.
    Obrigada por dividir com o publico.

  8. Marie-Christine says:

    In English
    ‘Manuscripto encontrado em Accra’ by Paulo Coelho
    Paulo COELHO
    Manuscript found in Accra

    What are the values that remain after everything was destroyed?
    Well known in Brazil and around the world, Paulo Coelho’s works has been published in more than 160 countries.
    Amongst his biggest successes are ‘The Alchemist’ the most sold Brazilian book of all time and the “The Pilgrimage’

    Born in RIo de Janeiro, worked as a theater director and author, journalist and composer before dedicating himself to Literature.

    An impressive collection singles out Paulo Coelho’s path:

    . His books have been translated in 73 languages and more than 140 millions of books have been sold.

    . More than 10 millions ‘ copies of ‘The Pilgrimage’ have already been sold around the world.

    . Has won more than 100 International prices.

    . Joined for the second time ‘The Guinness Book of Records’ with his book ‘The Alchemist’ -the most translated in the world (69 languages).

    . He is the author with the biggest numbers of followers in the social network , reaching 13,5 millions between Facebook and Tweeter.

    . Was elected the second most influential celebrity in Twitter by the Forbes’ Review.


    In December 1945, two brothers who were looking for a place to rest found an urn filled with papyrus in the Hamra Dom Region’s caves in High Egypt. Instead of reporting it to the local authorities as per the law, they decided to sell them one by one to the Antique Market, this way avoiding the Government’s attention, The mother of the two boys, fearing the influence of ‘negative energies’ burnt several papyrus recently found.
    The following year, for reasons that the story does not mention, the brothers quarreled between themselves. Attributing this to the ‘negative energies’ the mother gave the Manuscript to a priest who sold one of them to the Copta Museum in Cairo. Here the papyrus received the name that they have until to-day ; Manuscript from Nag Hammadi (a reference to the closest city from the caves ) where they were found, One of the curator of the Museum, the religious historian Jean Dorese, understood the importance of the discovery citing it for the first time in a publication in 1948. The other papyrus started appearing on the black market. Shortly after, the Egyptian Government is aware of the importance of the discovery and try to stop them from leaving the country. Soon after the 1952 revolution, a big part of the material was handed to the Cairo’s Copta Museum and declared a National Heritage. Only a
    text disappeared from the organization, appearing in a Belgian Antique Dealer. There were futile attempts to sell them in New York and Paris, until they were finally acquired by the Carl Jung Institute in 1951. With the death of the famous psycho analyst, the papyrus, now known as the Codex Jung, returned to Cairo, where to day more than 1,000 pages and fragments from the Manuscript from Nag Hammadi have been re-assembled.
    The papyrus found are Greek translations of texts written between the end of the first century of the Christian Era and the year 180 D.C….and constitute a body of texts also known as the ‘Apocrifos Gospels” but they don’t appear in the Bible the way it is known to day. For what reason?
    In the year 170 D.C. a group of bishops got together to finalize which texts will become part of the New Testament., The criteria was simple :included, must be everything that can fight heresy and doctrinal divisions of the time.
    Selected were the actual Gospels, maps and everything that had a certain ‘coherence’ say, with a central theme of what we believe to be Christianity. The reference at the Bishops’ meeting is a list of books accepted in the unknown ‘Canone Muratori’ The other books like those found in Nag Hammadi are left out representing women’s texts (like the Maria Magdelen’s Gospel) or to reveal a conscious Jesus of his Divine Mission, which will make his way through death less exhausting and painful.

    In 1974, an English archeologist Sir Walter Wilkinson discovered near Nag Hammadi another manuscript this time in three languages : Arab, Hebrew and Latin, Knowing the rules that protected the findings in this region, I forwarded the text to the Cairo’s Museum Department of Antiquities. Not long after, I received a reply. There were at least 155 copies of this document circulating around the world (three of them belonging to the Museum) and they were more or less the same. The texts with carbon 14 (used to make the data of the organic materials) revealed that the papyrus were relatively new – written possibly in the year 1307 of the Christian Era. It proved not difficult to trace its origin as far as the city of Accra (Acre) outside of the Egyptian Territory.
    Therefore, there was no restriction to leave the country and Sir Wilkinson received permission in writing from the Egyptian Government (Ref.1901/317/IFP-75, dated the 23rd of November 1974) to have it sent to England.

    I met Sir Walter Wilkinson’s son at Christmas in 1982, in Porthmadog, Wales, United Kingdom. I recalled at the time, he mentioned the Manuscript found by his Dad, but neither him nor I attached much importance to that subject. We maintained a cordial relation during all these years and I had the opportunity of seeing him at least two other times when I visited the country to promote my books.
    On the 30th of November 2012, I received a copy of the text that made reference to our first encounter, I am transcribing it now:

    I would like so much to start these lines by writing :
    ‘Now that I am reaching the end of my life, I leave everything that I have learned to all the ones that will come after whilst walking on the face of this Earth. Make good use of it.’

    But unfortunately, this is not the truth. I am barely 21, my parents gave me love and education and a woman that I love and who loves me back – but life will undertake to separate us to-morrow when each one must go in search of its path, its destiny or its way to contemplate death.
    For our family, today is the 14th of July, 1099. For Yakob’s family, my childhood’s friend with whom I used to play in the streets of this city, Jerusalem, we are in 4859 – he used to say that the Jewish religion is older than mine – for the respectable Ibn-al-Athir, that spent his life attempting to write down a story that is drawing to a close, the year 492 is ready for the off. We never agreed on the dates nor the way of worshiping but with everything else, the co-existence has been very good,
    A week ago our leaders met. The French troops are infinitely superior and better equipped than ours. All were given a choice : to leave the city or fight until death because , for sure, we will be defeated. The majority decided to stay.
    The Moslims were at this moment, gathering at the Al-Aqsa’s Mosque, the Jews were listening to Mihrab Dawud to focus on their soldiers, and the Christians, scattered around in lots of areas, were in charge of defending the sector, South of the City,
    On the outside, we could already see the onslaught Towers built with wood from a ship that was pulled down especially for that. Concerning the enemy’s troops activity, we believed that they will attack to-morrow morning spilling blood in the name of the Pope, for the ‘liberation’ of the City, from the ‘Divine Wishes.’
    That night, in the square, where there is a millennial, the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate handed over Jesus to the crowd to be crucified, a group of men and women of all ages went to meet with the Greek that we all know here as Copta.
    The Copta is a strange man,. He decided to leave his city of birth, Athens still an adolescent, in search of money and adventure. He ended up knocking at the doors of our city nearly dying of hunger, was welcomed and little by little gave up the idea of continuing his trip and decided to settle here.
    He got a job as a cobbler- the same way as Ibn.al.Athir. He started to take down notes for the future of everything he saw and heard. He did not affiliated with any religious practice and no one attempted to convinced him of the contrary. For him, we were not in 1099, nor in 4859 and even less at the end of the year 492. The only thing that the Copta recognised was the present time and not what we call of Moira – the unknown God, the Divine Energy, responsible for a unique law that can never been infringed upon or the world will disappear.
    Next to Copta, were the Patriarchs of the three religions that settled in Jerusalem. No leader appeared during the conversation – they were concerned with getting ready for a resistance that we believed to be totally pointless.
    ‘Many centuries ago, a man was judged and condemned on that square’ said the Greek.
    In the streets that goes along the right, walking towards death, he went past a group of women. Seeing they were crying he said ;”Don’t cry for me. Cry for Jerusalem. ‘ He predicted what was happening now. ‘From to-morrow. What was harmony will transform into discord. What was joy will be substituted by grief. What was peace will give rise to war that will stretch out in a future so distant that we will not even dream of its end.’
    No one said anything, because not one of us knew exactly what we were doing here. Do we have to listen to another sermon on the invaders that call themselves ‘The Crusaders.’?
    The Copta savored for a while the confusion that set us. And after a long silence, decided to explain:
    ‘They can destroy a city, but cannot put an end to all that it has taught us. For this reason , it is important that this knowledge does not have the same fate as our walls, houses and streets.
    ‘But what is knowledge?’
    Since no one answered, he continued :
    “Nothing is the absolute truth about life and death. But what helps us to live and face the daily challenges of life. It is not the erudition of books, they only help to feed useless discussions on what happens or will happen.. but the knowledge that lies in the heart of the men and women of good will.’
    The Copta said :
    ‘I am an erudite and although I have spent all these years retrieving antiquities, classifying objects, annotating data and discussing politics, I don’t know what to say exactly. But in this moment, I ask the Divine Energy to purify my heart. You will ask me questions and I will answer them.. In Ancient Greece, it was the way the Master learned, when his disciples asked him about something they had never thought before, but that’ they were obliged to answer’.
    ‘And what can we make of that answer?’ asked one of them
    ‘Some of you will write what I have said, Others will remember the words. But the important is that to-night you leave for the four corners of the world, spreading what you have heard. This way, the soul of Jerusalem will be preserved. And one day, we can re-build it,. not only like a city but as a place where again the knowledge will converge and where peace will come back to rule.’
    ‘No one knows what to-morrow will bring because each day has enough good
    or bad, Therefore, we will ask questions that we want to know, forgetting the troops on the outside, and the fear on the inside.’
    ‘Our legacy is not to tell those who inherit the Earth what is happening in to-day’s date., This , the history will take care of it. We will all talk therefore of our daily life, of the difficulties that we were confronted with, Only this concerns the future because I don’t believe that many things will change in the next 1,000 years.

    Then my friend Yakob said::
    ‘Let’s talk about defeat’

    ‘Can a leaf when it falls from a tree in Winter is put off by the cold?’
    The tree tells the leaf: ‘This is the cycle of life. Although you think that you are going to die, in truth you are still going on with me. Thanks to you, I am alive because I can breathe, thanks to you as well, I feel loved because I can give shade to the tired traveler.
    Your sap is my own sap, we are one and the same.’

    ‘Can a man who has been training for years to climb the highest mountain in the world feels defeated when he arrives at the summit and finds that nature has covered it in the snowstorm?
    The man says about the mountain:
    ‘You don’t want me now, but the time is going to change and in a day I will be able to climb to the top. During this time , you then continue to wait for me.’

    ‘Can a young, when he is rejected by his first love claims that love does not exist?’
    The young tells himself :
    ‘I will find someone able to understand what I am feeling. And I will happy for the rest of my days, ‘

    There is no victory nor defeat in the natural cycle. There is movement.

    The Winter fights to rule supreme but at the end of it, it is forced to accept the victory of Spring, who brings with it flowers and joy.
    The Summer loves to extend its hot days forever because it is convinced that the heat brings benefits to the Earth. But it will end up accepting the Autumn’s arrival that will allow the ground to rest.
    The gazelle eats the grass and is eaten alive by the lion.
    No one is interested in who is the strongest, only how God is showing us the cycle of death and of resurrection.
    In this cycle , there are no winners nor losers, only stages that needs to be respected when the human being’ s heart understands this, he becomes free. He accepts without any second thoughts the difficult time and does not get misled by the moment of Glory.
    Both will pass. One follows the other. And the cycle will continue until we will free ourselves from the flesh and we will meet with the Divine Energy.
    Therefore ,when the fighter is on the ring – it is his own choice. It is because the unimaginable fate put him there – that his spirit had joy in the battle he was ready to engage. He kept his dignity and honor. He can lose the battle but
    but he will never be defeated , because his soul will be intact.
    And he won’t blame anyone for what happened with him. Since he loved for the first time and was rejected, he understands that this does not destroy his capacity to love – what is good for love is also good for the war.
    Losing a battle or losing everything that we own brings us moments of sadness. But when they dissipate, we discover the unknown force that exists in each one of us. A strength that surprises us and increases the respect for ourselves.
    We look around and say to ourselves :
    “I have survived” And we rejoice with our words.
    Only the ones who does not recognize this force says :
    ‘I have lost’ and they become sad.
    Others, even suffering with a defeat and humiliated with the stories that the winner spread about respect give themselves permission to shed tears but never feel their own sadness, They hardly know that the fight was interrupted and that in the now, they are at a disadvantage. They listen to their heart beats, they fix what is tense. What they are frighten of. They take stock of their life and discover that, despite the fear they are experiencing, faith continues to fire their soul and drive them to continue.
    They want to know where they went wrong and where they succeeded.
    They use the moment where they fall to rest and fix their wounds.
    Discovering new strategies and getting better equipped.
    And, comes a day in which a new fight knocks on his door. Fear continues but he needs to act – or will stay for ever lying in the chaos – he gets up and take on the adversary.
    Remembering the suffering he had lived and that he does not want to live any longer.
    The previous defeat forced him to win this time – further more , he does not want to go through the same pains again and if the victory is not for this time, it will be the next one and if not for the next one, it will be near. The worse is not falling. It is to stay on the ground.
    Only is defeated who withdraws. All the others are victorious.
    And the day will come when the difficult times will only be stories to be told proudly for those who wants to listen, And all will listen with respect and will learn three important things :
    – to be patient and wait for the moment to act.
    – knowledge so as not to let another opportunity pass.
    – be proud of your scars.
    – the scars are medals carved into iron and with fire in the flesh and leaving
    his enemy frighten – as demonstrating that the person in front of them has a lot of experience in fighting – a lot of times – he went to open a dialogue and avoid the conflict.
    The scars are higher testimony than the sword’s blade that caused it.

    Manuscript found in Accra
    Paulo Coelho

    with thanks and appreciation

    1. toñi says:

      Hola Marie-Cristine,
      Gracias por compartir este texto tan precioso.
      Es curioso, yo no he podido encontrar el libro, supongo que todaví­a no lo han editado en España.
      En estos últimos dí­as, pienso que aquellos que podemos considerar nuestros enemigos…son en realidad nuestros mejores maestros, porque nos enseñan a ser más fuertes y a aprender a crecer. Y a veces nuestros enemigos, sin pretender ayudarnos, nos dan una recompensa gloriosa para nuestras vidas.
      Un cordial saludo, y gracias de nuevo por compartir.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Gracias Toni
      Para mi hacer la traduccion es una manera de compatir y tambien una manera de encontrarme.
      Cuando hago eso puedo entender otra persona punto de visto. Es como un retroceso,
      Todos los dias me siento al frente del computador y escribo.
      Muchas veces no es nada importante y son tonterias.
      Pero me da cuento que mi energia sale y sube durante el dia y ahora, muchas veces puedo cambiarla solo con la respiracion. Me cambio de idea y me ayuda a regresar al momento presente. No parace mucho, pero hace toda la diferencia para mi. Y asi puedo manerar mi vida de un modo mas ‘intelligente':)
      Cuando me voy caminando, uso la fotografia tambien. Al fin del dia tengo una historia. Me ayudo tanto, es una otra vida y lo he aprendido todo aqui con las lecciones de Paulo,
      He ententido que el movimiento es parte de la vida, es una cosa que no podemos escarparnos.
      La soledad para mi es una investigacion de yo mismo
      Sol i t ude
      Sol(Sun) I t ay(Ude) (Ayudar)Help
      and you can go towards the Sun after.
      Y hacer una traduccion tambien le da libertad, Tiene una grand varietad de palabras que pueden usar.
      Muchissimas gracias Paulo para poner la traduccion y con la ayuda.
      Con amor,

    3. toñi says:

      Hola Marie-Cristine,
      la escritura y la fotografí­a son formas hermosas de encontrarse uno a si mismo, y la traducción también. Además, con tus traducciones también ayudas a otras personas: yo he descubierto que el lenguaje occitano y el lenguaje catalán son variantes de una misma lengua, y ésto lo he aprendido gracias a tus traducciones. También he podido leer el primer capí­tulo del libro de Paulo “Manuscrito de Accra” gracias a tu traducción en este blog. Es hermoso encontrar una forma de hacer que la energí­a de nuestras vidas y nuestros cuerpos encuentre la armoní­a, sea a través de la respiración, la escritura, la fotografí­a, etc. A mi me ocurre lo mismo pero a través de la energí­a en mi energí­a y la energí­a del mundo que me rodea, y gracias a las escrituras de Paulo que también son formas de energí­a.
      Un abrazo y muchas gracias por el apoyo que das en el blog con tus traducciones.

    4. Marie-Christine says:

      Hola Toni,
      Muchas gracias.
      El gusto es mio.
      Todos los dias pienso que tengo mucho suerte.
      A donde se puede encontrar un sitio donde puedo hablar de varias cosas
      que me interesen y me da la posibilidad de hablar y aprender otras idiomas de una manera internacional.. sin fronteras? y hacer caso que somos todos iguales.
      Si la lingua occitana y catalana son variantes y tambien otras linguas tambien.
      Un abrazo para ti tambien,.

  9. Camila lopes says:

    Pode deixar com a gente!
    Muito obrigada!

  10. Kavya Kanikar says:

    the trailer was awesome.. can’t wait.. when its going to be published in India?

    Love from the other Warrior:)

  11. Izabelle Santos says:

    Paulo Coelho, o livro “Manuscrito encontrado em Accra” ní£o tem na livraria Imperatriz no Shopping Center Guararapes (Prazeres,Jaboatí£o dos Guararapes,Pernambuco) :(

  12. Liliane Klee says:

    Falta em muitas livrarias. Estive em outros estados e tb ní£o tem. Sempre me dizem que ‘ainda ní£o chegou’. Ní£o tive tempo de ir até a Cultura que fica longe de casa e ainda ní£o tenho. Mas acho que ele segue seu caminho natural. É tí£o maravilhoso seu trabalho! Vai seguir seu caminho natural. Bjus.

  13. Guacyra Marques Gomes says:

    Paulo obrigado pelo Manuscrito,lindo estava precisando refletir e tem sido um prazer ler,fico triste pq acabou logo mas estou relendo e recomendando aos meus amigos ,parentes ,colegas de trabalho e conte comigo pra divulgar mais ainda,Um abs

  14. Adriana de andrade Abreu says:

    Muito legal da sua parte em se preocupar com os leitores,o meu minha prima troxe do Rio,estamos lendo em sociedade,ní£o tenho certeza se jí  chegou em Juiz de Fora,ní£o tive tempo de ir no centro da cidade,mas assim que ver por aqui eu mando o nome da livraria.Um grande abraí§o e parabéns,é um ótimo livro!

  15. joelle says:

    J’aimerai savoir la date de parution de votre livre en France. J’apprécie ce que vous faites . Chacun de vos livres apporte du grain í  notre moulin . Ils donnent í  réfléchir et í  faire le meilleur pour soi . Le voyage est agréable í  vivre en feuilletant vos livres . L’important c’et d’avoir un noyau dur de lecteurs qui vous aident í  disperser vos textes. Vous vous donez beaucoup. Il faut savoir profiterpour rester le plus longtemps afin de poser des lignes d’écriture sur des pages blanches . Vous íªtes un grand écrivain quelles que oient les critiques . Le ríªve est lí  en tournant les page de vos livres . MerciPaulo .

  16. Anabela Campos says:

    Gostava de saber quando é editado em Portugal? Estou muito curiosa para a ler adoro os seus livros desde que li o primeiro, fiquei uma fí£.
    Obrigado por conseguir propurcionar-me um imenso prazer que sinto quando leio os seus livros.

  17. Mel Caxias says:

    Estou encantada com este livro… Ganhei de presente de um amigo que sabe que sou apaixonada pelos livros do Paulo e me serviu para tirar varias lií§íµes de vida neste momento!!! Super recomendo!!!

  18. Angélica Nievas says:

    Paulo: Como siempre tus palabras con respecto al acoso que te preguntan sobre tu libro es muy razonable, para mi como todo lo que tu escribes, soy gran admiradora tuya, Yo, como muchos otros somos luchadores de la vida, nos hemos enfrentadosa demasiadaguerras internas y externas pero hasta ahora ninguna me ha vencido. Sigue escribiendo cosas bellas, pues Dios te ha bendecido con la palabra. Un abrazo .

  19. paqsor says:

    I nderuar Coehlo.., kam lexuar nga Ju Zafirin, “11 minuta” dhe “Fitimtari seshte i vetem: Per mua je shkrimtari qe bashke me Ruis Zaffon dhe Murakano perbeni top listen e shkrimtareve qe shkruani per intelektualet dhe per masat e gjera.Ju keni ne filozofi te vecabnte, stil e forme te zhdervjellet.Kete qe ju publikoni se kam pare por besoj se si te tjeret , ndoshta dhe me i mire…Suksese i madhi Coehlo..

  20. Vou dar uma olhada nas livrarias sempre que lembrar, mas ní£o posso fazer mais que isso, ainda estou com o Aleph aqui intocado

  21. SUJEY says:


  22. SUJEY says:

    Para tornar-nos parte de seus dias, EU AMO ISSO PODE COMENTAR

  23. Monica Rocha says:

    Paulo, o que tenho a te dizer é apenas obrigada, pois estou num momento muito dificil da minha vida, onde ideias absurdas passaram pela minha mente, e após ler Brida, livro que eu já tinha faz algum tempo na gaveta as coisas estí£o fazendo algum sentido. Fortaleí§o minha fé a cada vez que releio algum trecho que me encantou e que me traz um novo sentido para viver,
    “É preciso correr riscos, seguir caminhos e abandonar outros,”, Muito obrigada

  24. Maria Bertilia M. LIns says:

    Parabéns Paulo Coelho pela publicaí§í£o,e do modo como foi viabilizado a sua publicaí§í£o;fiquei feliz pois de alguma forma tema nossa contribuií§í£o de leitor e fí£!Muito sucesso e em breve estarei lendo para também trocarmos comentários saudáveis.Um abraí§o de sua fí£ e leitora Bertilia Lins

  25. Daniela says:

    Ansiosa para adquirir meu exemplar!!! O/

  26. Anna Pavelec says:

    Leio seus livros a muito tempo. Provavelmente tinha uns 15 anos quando li “Diario de um mago”. Moro na California agora e dependo da minha mae pra mandar sempre seus novos livros, tenho todos. Seu “Manuscrito” ja esta a caminho e nao vejo a hora de receber aqui. Paulo Coelho tem que ser lido em portugues, nao admito ter que ler em ingles. Parabens pelo seu trabalho, seus livros nao procuram agradar criticos, e sim o seu publico. Voce fala sinceramente, como um amigo. Trabalho em um restaurante em Orange County – CA e o gerente quando me contratou e viu meu resume disse que quase 80% das pessoas preenchem a parte de “melhor livro” com um livro seu. Eu tinha escolhido “O Alquimista”. A ultima menina contratada, americana que morou na europa, escolheu “Onze Minutos”. Muito interessante. Se algum dia vier por aqui divulgar seu novo livro esta convidado a um excelente jantar no meu restaurante! Meu gerente ja pediu uma copia em ingles para ler =)

  27. Obrigada Paulo por transmitir as pessoas quanta coisa positiva. Sí£o frases com peso de um livro todo…Obrigada de coraí§ao por partilhar. Uma frase apenas é suficiente para me abastecer por longos dias…
    Quea Luz de DEus brilhe sempre em voce.

  28. raquelmartinhocampos says:

    Ao meu escritor favorito Sr. Paulo Coelho.
    Pax e Bem.
    A cada livro que leio do senhor me surpreendo pelas mensagens tí£o bem elaboradas e contagiantes. O manuscrito encontrado em Accra chega no momento certo.Como tem me ajudado as leituras. Sí£o verdadeiros caminhos de busca para o crescimento interior. Tenho praticamente todos seus livros. Sou sua fí£ há muito tempo. Quanto aos comentários: faz parte dos ser humano ser desprovido de sinceridade, lealdade, fraternidade, infelizmente o ser humano ní£o descobriu a fórmula de viver intensamente o ser humano que carrrega dentro de si.
    Moro em Lorena.
    Abraí§o fraterno e PAX!!

  29. Pilar de a Orillas del Rio Piedra says:

    Es la manera más bonita y original, cariñosa, contar con tus lectores, gracias Paulo, siempre gracias.
    Pilar and Juan

  30. Patricia Ferreira says:

    Paulo, vocíª ficou muito em evidíªncia após se “internacionalizar”, e isso mexe com a imaginaí§í£o e senso crí­tico das pessoas, tanto para o lado bom quanto para o lado mau. Eu mesma fui uma que sempre que ouvia falar das suas obras, achava tudo balela, a razí£o era a de eu ter uma cultura religiosa muito rí­gida. Somente agora, aos trinta e poucos anos, após ter passado por muita coisa na vida, fiquei analisando o por quíª da minha existíªncia. Sabe aquele momento “estranho”? Em que vocíª questiona tudo? Até mesmo sua sexualidade…rsrs, foi aí­ que uma noite, após perder o sono, assisti a um documentário, acho que foi na NatGeo, sobre sua volta ao caminho de Santiago, suas experiíªncias, e seu prazer em compartilhar o que aprendeu. Acredite: é algo imensurável compartilhar com tanta objetividade e clareza, sentimentos e tabus que muitos de nós ní£o quer aceitar. Este dom é para poucos. Seu trabalho é muito importante para milhares de pessoas, e vc está aqui por causa dele. A pretensí£o da mí­dia é manipular a massa, é causar impacto, mesmo que isso deturpe uma imagem até entí£o consolidada como a sua. Mas ní£o se aflija, seja sereno e confie, mantenha-se firme e cuidado com os amigos, porque os inimigos vc já conhece. Um abraí§o de quem te admira muito. Patricia.

  31. Borges says:

    Olá, Paulo…

    Tenho acompanhado o seu trabalho desde o “Diário…” e confesso que, apesar das crí­ticas, o tenho como realmente é e se permite aparecer na sua obra, pois tudo o que um escritor é, é aquilo que ele exterioriza, mesmo que í s vezes venha disfarí§ado de ficcí£o. Ficcí£o mais pura e realista é a vida sob as letras na forma de siní´nimos e metáforas que conseguem atingir as pessoas mais diversas nas suas particularidades e tocando-lhes no desejo consumí­vel de compreender a realidade que o cerca, e isso vocíª faz muito bem. PARABÉNS!!!
    Ansioso para conferir e seu novo trabalho.
    P.S.: Li que pretendes viajar pelo paí­s para divulgar o novo livro. Quando vir ao Para vou encontrar um jeito de encontrá-lo. BOA SORTE!!!

  32. juany says:

    Claro que vamos, e uma honra que voce confie em nos sober isso. Espero que eu pode te conhecer pessoalmente um dia, eu gostaria de segurar sua mao…excuse the punctuation.

  33. Ana says:

    Hola!! Felicidades por sus libros, son muy buenos y de mucha ayuda, Deseo saber cuando va a estar a la venta en Mexico su nuevo Libro Manuscrito encontrado em Accra
    Gracias de antemano, saludos!!

  34. ingrid wouterson says:

    i s this book already translated into dutch?

  35. Ah Paulo, ní£o gostei ní£o. Sou jornalista (e sua fí£ e já te entrevistei) acho uma pena vocíª ní£o dar mais entrevistas. Se as pessoas perguntam mais sobre vocíª do que sobre o livros, é porque vocíª é mais importante. Vocíª é o criador. Ok, se acha que está se falando pouco nos livros, use as redes sociais que vocíª maneja com maestria para preencher a lacuna. Mas, ní£o deixe de dar entrevistas, ní£o…

  36. felicitaciones por el libro! hermoso, que todo lo que usted ha hecho. Creo que he leí­do 20 libros escritos por usted. Tal vez usted piensa que sabe lo que decir ahora, pero empecé con: El alquimista. Gracias por hablar con nosotros, tus lectores. una vez que usted puede doner una entrevista porque io estoy trabajando a un periodico, “la libertad” – Libertatea. Les deseo una semana hermosa y puedo responder a mi e-mail cuando se tiene tiempo ([email protected])

  37. Posso te entrevistar para o Papo de Homem? hehehehe…

    No mais, pode contar comigo para fazer a divulgaí§í£o. Sou fí£ convicto!

  38. felipe policeno says:

    Olá Paulo se vocíª é brasileiro porque só escreve em inglíªs no face e twitter.
    Gosto muito de seus livros

  39. A mim nem precisaria um pedido, ní£o sendo egoí­sta (nesse sentido, rs) eu tenho já o hábito de dividir com meus amigos seus livros, só ní£o empresto mais, mando comprarem e até presenteio, pra ní£o correr mais o risco de ficam sem, como certa vez me ocorreu ao emprestar um de seus livros… Sempre sugiro que vale a pena comprar pra ler com calma e sempre que senti necessidade de um contato especial, porque é o que sinto ao te ler… além de ouvir sua voz ao te ler, rs… Hoje já vejo isso com bastante humor e liberdade, e sempre, SEMPRE distribuindo seus trechos, desde seu iní­cio de carreira… A mim, sempre foi um guia, um exemplo de superaí§í£o e principalmente de viver sua verdade, seu eu, muito aprendi com seus escritos, por isso, grata, compartilho confiante nos benefí­cios, nos efeitos… Obrigada mais uma vez por mais um livro, livro este que só tem um defeito, ele deixa a gente com vontade de ler mais e mais, de perguntar algumas coisas para o Copta, mas… um Guerreiro da luz sabe, que as respostas chegam em seu devido tempo, mas, que só em nos fazer questionar mais e mais, já é um dos melhores efeitos.
    Obrigada Paulo!

  40. Marie-Christine says:

    Translation of the video
    This video is a gift from Master Roma Waiteman

    To-day is the first Day of your life
    of feeling for the word ‘Love’
    Being you makes all the difference
    Only is defeated who desists
    No one can go back
    Love does not have a price
    Do not renounce
    Do not attempt to be useful
    Listen to your heart’ s beats
    Love needs rest
    Nature says : Move
    Beauty is in everything
    Love is
    Success is the soul at peace.
    It’s better to love and loose
    than not to love.
    Arrogance attracts hate and envy
    Life sprays Light in all directions
    Go in peace.

    ‘Manuscrito encontrado em Accra’
    Happened a 1,000 years ago
    but continues present in your life until to-day

    In libraries.

  41. Marie-Christine says:

    In English
    Explanation and asking for help
    As you might have noticed, I have accepted only one interview with the printed media (O GLOBO). Everything that has been published was based upon information sent by the Editor.
    I will accept two more interviews and will leave it at that.

    Why this?
    Because each time the questions revolve around me and less about the books I am publishing, Nothing wrong from the journalists’ point of’view. They are doing their job the best way they can. I will never distort a word that they are saying.
    Some critics can be harsh, but they are part and parcel of any writer’s life.
    Nonetheless the one that has the last word is the reader. Therefore, I am using Twitter and Facebook to speak to you directly.

    What have I decided to do?
    To leave in your hands the promotion.
    It is nice that you recommend it to your friends please – it is a very important book in the times we live in.
    Look if they are not in libraries and let me know. Participate. Help.
    I have created a page on Facebook ‘Manuscrito encontrado em Accra’.
    Direct conversation with readers. Photos!
    It is also read by Mariana the Sextant’s Editor. Problems with distribution must be posted there.
    A Warrior of the Light relies on the others Warriors of the Light.
    Much obliged.