Why leave man to the sixth day

A group of wise men gathered to discuss the work of God; they wanted to know why he had left it to the sixth day to create man.

“He thought about first organizing the Universe well, so that we could have all the marvels available to us,” said one of them.

“First of all He wanted to run some tests on animals, so that He would not make the same mistakes with us,” argued another.

One wise Jew showed up at the meeting. They told him the theme of the discussion: “in your opinion, why did God leave it to the last day to create man?”

“Very simple,” commented the wise man. “So that when we were moved by pride, we would remember that even a simple mosquito enjoyed priority in the work of the Divine.”


  1. mac says:

    simple yet amazing story of humility.

  2. abe says:

    great story paolo. keep it up :))

  3. ams says:

    What a good reminder! Very inspiring that we should look and treat everyone with equal importance. Thanks Paolo for this story…And for this I have to think more what’s really the reason by the way. ..and I came this as my answer:

    God loves us very much that He made everything ready for us. However, God likes to show that what he created before us, are superior than humans. Nature will stand on its own without man but we could’nt live without it. Being created on the last day, implies humility and respect towards anyone/anything, which is the essence of being a human and that’s what God expected us to do but we failed him. Man is very proud and yes intelligent that we like to conquer all. We like to conquer all, even the nature. But the nature will take its own course. Natural calamities are unbearable and deadly…reminds us that we’re just humans, bigger than the mosquitos but we’re just the weakest animal on earth that we should’nt be proud of.

  4. Rahul says:

    All of us like to fall in love and looking love couples is also equally facinating. God also felt the same. So he has created man and women. The way they make love is intimate and passionate !

  5. K S S Pillai says:

    God must have got bored creating all those creatures for five days and told himself, “Let me put all that is good and all that is bad in one creature and take some rest.”

  6. Dr.G.Johnson says:

    Creating man in His own image is easy. Creating nature, animals, fishes and birds needed much imagination and creation. So God took time to create the difficult species first and left man whom he knew too well to the end.

  7. Atreyu says:

    Y la luz para cuando??? Bueno, la verdad es que creo que está amaneciendo, cada vez hay más y más y más luz. Que bien¡¡¡

    Un saludo, que ganas de retomar mi vida, no sabéis lo que es volver a nacer, volver al mundo después de 18 años. La vida Empieza ahora.

    Hasta pronto.

  8. Jeff says:

    My heart rejoices in that we, along with all of God’s creations, are created in the Now. My ego would like to timeline it and create separation but in the end this is only an illusion and nothing else.

  9. David Clemente Martinez says:

    Por que no creamos al septimo dia un grupo que se llame AMORALIA ( De amor ) O PAZ Y AMOR O BUENA CONCIENCIA O COMO SUJIRAIS, En el que nos encontremos todas las personas buenas que creamos y queramos cambiar un poco nuestro al rededor y asi un poco nuestra sociedad y el mundo nuestro pequeño circulo pero que sepais que pequeños circulos unidos buenas acciones buenas ideas cuando se unen forman un gran circulo una gran esfera y porque no esa esfera sea nuestro mundo que como sigamos asi lo vamos a destruir…. Dios ,el Universo, Pachamama o como quiera que lo llames conciencia universal o justicia universal tiene mucho poder y nosotros como hijos y parte de este nuestro buen dios tambien somos parte de el y somos tambien pequeños dioses que podemos cambiar nuestro propio mundo cercano nuestro pequeño circulo ,trabajando todos los dias con la herramienta mas furte del universo el Amor animaos amigos trabajemos juntos por un dia mejor y mas cercano
    son acaso mis palabras un descubrimiento no tenemos esa idea todos nosotros dentro despertar hacia una conciencia superior ya sabeis la union hace la fuerza cuantas buenas personas hay por ahi. unamonos crezcamos trabajemos por un mundo mejor.

  10. Heart says:

    As I’m such a quick personality, waiting for the last is always a difficult test for me. Yes, it’s a test of pride, but most of all against my nature.. If we are really created in the image of God, who existed before Creation, in real; We were created first.. I want to re-write the creation story!

  11. Pandora says:

    Because She liked to save the jokes for last … (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!)


    1. katie says:

      very good.

  12. All God’s critters follow their life-plan never faltering from their destiny. Except man. We tend to think we are “above” all that and spend most of our lives trying to find our way back to it.

    Good story Paulo, thank you.

  13. mita says:

    Nice post! If end is good then all is good.That is why The All Mighty made the most intelligent creature at last…….In this universe man is most intelligent creature.

  14. cats says:

    A great message, thank you Coelho !

    My CAT has helped bring me to a much more insect-friendly and respect for the animal kingdom generally.

    I must read the importance of the cat in meditation now! ;o)

  15. luz mariposa says:

    Somos Amor, por que somos el reflejo de Dios, que es amor.
    Somos espejos, podemos vernos en cada cosa viviente. De eso se trata el amor, esta en nosotros aceptarlo, tomarlo, vivirlo..
    Dios nos da el septimo dia ..para que aprendamos..y veamos en los otros ..su reflejo.
    Atrevamos a ser lo que realmente queremos ser, hacer, y vivir. aprendamos a volar
    besos Clarisa

  16. toñi says:

    La mejor forma de saberlo es preguntándole a Dios.
    Un niño le preguntó a Dios “¿porqué creastes al hombre en el sexto dí­a?” y Dios le contestó: “¿y tú porqué te sacas mocos de la nariz todos los dí­as? porque te da la gana ¿verdad?. Pues yo también hago lo que me da la gana.”
    (Ésto era sólo una broma. Pero sencillamente, hay cosas que no tienen respuesta y ya está bien que sea así­.)

  17. Irina Black says:

    Чтоб человек подобен Богу был-
    Роль номинатора Господь ему определил.
    И слово первое,Адам что произнёс,то..
    После много слов для всех и для всего нашлось.(Номинаторы и Номинации)

  18. Marie says:

    le 7ème jour : repos pour profiter du jour offert…méditation (avec ou sans chat !)
    La différence fondamentale entre les animaux et les hommes : la conscience de ce que nous sommes et donc la responsabilité de nos actes.
    Je crains que le moustique réponde í  un besoin impérieux de survie et l’homme a un besoin furieux de le tuer en conscience !

    C’est étonnant, il existe 7 jours, 7 astres, 7 péchés capitaux et 4 vertus cardinales. Peut-íªtre qu’il existe 3 autres directions í  découvrir ?

  19. Hello Everyone,
    Well, I don’t have the answer but enjoyed listening and reading too.
    A little note to say thankyou.

    Feels like my soul is also part of the flower’s soul, life (watching flowers again today, the garden is so beautiful!).
    Thankyou God <3

    With Love,

  20. Tushar says:

    Nice message.
    Thank you God.

  21. coolguy1609 says:

    Nice… & we must also remember that human life has the greatest priority of all life. So, if a mosquito is about to kill a human, first we must save the human. And, if a human is taking many human lives, we must prevent that at all cost, which includes taking the life of the mass murderer!

  22. Psalmbody says:

    That was beautiful, Paulo. Thank you!

  23. Hector says:


  24. Marie-Christine says:

    First he built the world and showed us how it works, so that we can learn how to share and take from the land what we require on a daily basis and that way we can live in the present time and complete the task. And on the 7th day
    Eve rest with Adam :)

  25. Boa tarde querido Paulo :)

    Deus deixou o homem para o 6º dia para nos mostrar que toda vida é importante…

    Fique na paz :)

  26. Annie says:

    A group of fools – not wise men and women- tried to answer this question:
    here are a few answers:
    some not so serious:
    – “Because He wasn’t sure, He postponed it”
    – “Because a rose never troubles Him as humans do”
    and some more serious:
    – “Because He needed company”
    – “Because all the birds, the beasts, the creeping things and fish and animals can be ‘symbolically’ types of man
    – Because everything that He created before us, exists also in us..
    – Because He wanted to share His love and give everything His children, as Father does”
    I ‘d add “Because He wanted to show us what is Love and what can be created with Love and for Love”

    Love and Gratitude

    1. kalyan says:

      Loved your Imagination annie :)

    2. Annie says:

      thank you Kalyan :)

  27. Shine says:

    Oh My God! Lovely, what a lesson in pride :) love Avantika

  28. LoveM says:

    Making up stories..
    One story deserves another..
    The day man made God..

    And then God made man..
    So that all the mosquito’s..
    Could find a sucker..

    Truth cannot be told
    so we lie about and tell
    a story instead

    Time for your story
    You wont believe this tall tale
    That’s good.. many would

    I hear your tale
    But can you find the you who’s
    Having this story

    Here in the glory
    We celebrate the beauty
    Without a story

  29. Elena says:

    Illuminating :)

  30. eleonora says:

    Si,mi piace pensare che lo abbia fatto per dimostrare quanta cura avesse messo nel volerci consegnare un mondo meraviglioso,aspettandosi da noi altrettanta cura nel conservarlo..La vita non è altro che un giardino da preservare con molta accuratezza.Felicití *

  31. Fabio says:

    Rispondo alla domanda della tua favoletta. Perché l’uomo al sesto giorno?normale sapeva che avrebbe potuto distruggere quello che aveva creato nei cinque giorni precedenti…ed allora creí² la la donna per contenere la sua innata voglia di distruzione.
    Se invece uso il cervello dico che l’uomo ha creato se stesso.
    Niente dio,dei.ma solo la Terra UNICA nostra VERA creatrice.
    La Terra

    1. Fabio says:

      Devo dire, nonostante la mia educazione cattolica, ho dimenticato che il settimo giorno è di “riposo”, perí² non ricordavo, che anche dio fosse razzista nei confronti della Donna e, pur di non crearla si RIPOSO. Sapete cosa vi dico .che è MIGLIORE la mia risposta, alla favoletta della creazione.Mamma mia povere Donne discriminate dalla creazione…
      il settimo giorno [modifica]
      Bereshit 2,1-3
      Con i sesto giorno Dio ha completato la creazione e, nel settimo, si riposa. íˆ in questo momento che nasce il concetto di settimana e dello shabbath
      I primi grandi uomini [modifica]
      il giardino dell’Eden [modifica]
      Bereshit 2,4-25
      La terra non è ancora coperta di vegetazione perché Dio non ha ancora fatto piovere. Né, si racconta, esisteva l’uomo per poter coltivare la terra. Si narra di come Dio abbia creato dalla polvere soffiandovi dentro il proprio spirito vitale (l’anima?). Dio crea un giardino in una localití  che si chiama Eden e si trova ad oriente. Qui Dio fa fiorire la vegetazione. Qui colloca anche l’albero della vita e l’albero della conoscenza del bene e del male. Nell’Eden scorre un fiume, che una volta uscito dal giardino si divide in quattro rami. Il primo, di nome Piscion, va a bagnare una localití  chiamata Chavilí  in cui dice esserci l’oro, l’onice e il bdelio. Un secondo ramo, di nome Ghichon, circonda il paese di Cush di cui, perí², non si riporta alcuna caratteristica saliente. Il terzo braccio, Chiddekel, scorre ad est dell’Assiria, il quarto fiume è l’Eufrate.
      Dio assegna all’uomo il compito di coltivare e custodire la terra del giardino. Gli dice perí² Mangia pure di qualsiasi albero del giardino; ma non mangiare dell’albero della conoscenza del bene e del male, perché nel giorno in cui tu ne mangiassi moriresti.
      Dio decide che l’uomo deve avere un aiuto, la donna, ma non la crea immediatamente; pone l’uomo al cospetto del creato e gli fa assegnare un nome per ogni cosa. Dio non troví² perí² tra tutti gli animali che aveva creato un compagno adatto all’uomo. Cosí¬ addormentí² l’uomo e, presagli una costola, creí² la donna.
      L’uomo e la donna qui sono creati da Dio eppure, subito dopo la creazione della donna, la parashah recita: Percií² l’uomo abbandona padre e madre, si unisce con la moglie e diviene con lei come un essere solo.

  32. Atreyu says:

    A veces pienso como creemos que nuestras opiniones son verdades absolutas, incluso cuando no sabemos nada del tema sobre el que hablamos, incluso cuando una tras otra nuestras previsiones fallan. A veces pienso que somos un poco tontos, por llevar la razón somos capaces de traer cosas malas a nuestra vida.

    La ciencia actualmente cuando asevera algo dice que “en el estado actual de los conocimientos” algo es cierto o no, cualquier borrego (y perdón por la expresión) cree que lo que cree que sabe , o simplemente opina, es la verdad absoluta.

    En fin, al final las decisiones equivocadas llevan a un pozo donde a veces es difí­cil salir, y si no que pregunten a más de uno cuando juraban que los pisos nunca bajaban. Así­ una, y otra y otra y otra.

    Bueno, que cada cual siga su camino.

  33. Ropo Beltran says:

    God created the Universe and Man in six days ……and rested on the Seventh.
    On the eight day created women … and nobody has rested ever since.!

  34. Albert Espejo says:

    God have got very strange caprice
    Did you know God could sent instead of Christ Lucifer?
    But he didn`t do it,why? Beacause lucifer doesn`t want the freedom of the humanity,he wanted everyone to be good forcing it