Publication dates

Below the publication dates of my new book, “Manuscript found in Accra”
This list is far from being complete, but it is the one I received today from my office.


  1. Leidy Sanchez says:

    Paulo me encantaria poder tener la dicha de conocerte , acabo de leer ALEPH y me parecio increible ( tus libros transmiten un magia hermosa) GRACIAS !!
    Me gustaria hacerte una pregunta que nadie ah podido contestarme? :)

  2. cats says:

    very happy to see a new book coming to Uk in 2013.
    And more so.. one on the world area where I went to, in order to follow my dreams.
    How come, Mr Coehlo, that your novels are always so timely, eerily spot on..

    This next novel examines values that span time; and I would just like to note something about the kingdom of Ghana [if it is the same Accra that Your book is mentioning].. the region was once ruled by a tribe that encompassed a larger area than Ghana is today. What is interesting, is looking at the West African adinkra symbols that still pervade so much of the culture.
    Printed cloth for clothes, for example, take the symbols as design. Each symbol has own meaning.
    And, when living in northern Ghana, I was always staggered and amazed at the simple, but strong connection that still extended between ancient and modern. Something in the value system had continued to thrive and was well….. healthy, organic…… perhaps that is the pure value of truth and all it’s cousins. ;o)
    All the best.

  3. Jerzy Kurpiewski says:

    Excuse for misspelling your last name Paulo.

    J Kurpiewski

  4. Jerzy Kurpiewski says:

    Love all the books written by this extraordinary human being, unlike other authors’ books Coehlo’s books I read in one sitting. Can’t wait.

    Muito obrigado Paulo,


  5. Juno Cristi says:

    I am secretly wishing for a suprise English publication this year. But I am also thinking about brushing up on Spanish so I can read it sooner. Haha. Love, J.

  6. hadis says:

    and not in iran
    how can we read?
    i cant even get the english eddition in anyway
    and dont know where to buy.
    is there anyplace here I can get ur original books?

    1. cats says:

      Does Paulo Coehlo not sell online via this website or another way, such as Amazon?
      I remember seeing this a while back – 2-3 years ago.

      New copies and second-hand available.
      Good luck <3

  7. Maarja Maris Illak says:

    Oh, how I wish this book would be published in Estonia soon. Besides the fact that I LOVE Your books and Your thoughts and ideas in them, I really need it (and it’s comfort) this time in my life.


  8. Elena says:

    -1 :) :) :) :)

  9. Susana Barboza says:

    Boa Noite ! Unicamente para deixar a minha queixa ao «Universo» que sempre está a escutar : Porque só para a primavera de 2013 é que vamos a ter o livro em Portugal ? I don´t understand … Vou a ter que encomendar o livro a algum amigo de viagem pelo Brasil …. :(

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      nao depende de mim. Se eu pudesse, já estava publicado aí­.

  10. Mary says:

    Very excited about the new book! Such a long wait for the English translation…

  11. Ana Souto says:

    Fico anciosa por Marí§o 2013

  12. prashant gurjar says:

    what about releasing in INDIA…???
    waiting for it..

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      I just posted the timetable sent by my agency, but I guess it will be published at the same time as in UK

  13. prashant gurjar says:

    what about releasing in INDIA…?????

  14. Adriana says:

    I’m delighted to find out it will be released in Central America in November as I had expected. Cheers!

  15. atreyu says:

    Que bien, el primer libro que voy a leer de Paulo Coelho siendo yo de nuevo.


    Un saludo.

  16. Marie-christine Grimard says:

    Merci de ce calendrier de réjouissances í  travers le monde .. On est heureux pour tous les lecteurs potentiels qui auront le grand plaisir de vous lire tour í  tour ..
    Cette joie partagée est cependant un peu moins ardente quand on voit son propre pays inscrit tout en bas de la liste ou Paz du tout inscrit comme Annie .. Mais l’attente du plaisir , fait déjí  partie du plaisir .. Je peux toujours relire Aleph .. Pour la quatrième fois .. Blessings and love for you . M. Chris

  17. Shine says:

    Hi I am eagerly waiting for it. Saw some passages on facebook…….must say very inspiring, “the difference between defeat and failure”, “solitude”, ” uselessness”, Absolutely Beautiful!
    Love Avantika
    P.S: Please write the date of its availability in India =)

  18. Joao Franco says:

    Em portugal só em 2013???

    Poí§as, tí£o tarde….temos k insistir com a Pergaminho

  19. cristina cabral says:

    Parabéns Paulo, vocíª merece, o livro é maravilhoso!

  20. Celina Lima says:

    I need it in the usa now!!!=) absolutely love your work and will savor the time life is taking to prepareme for it and the new lessons i will learn.

  21. Heart says:

    So if the world ends like some interpretations of the Mayan calendar December 20th, 2012, I may never read Accra! April 2013 is better than never, I suppose..

  22. Annie says:

    I wish Greece was in that list too…
    Oh well…………. :(

    Love and Gratitude

  23. Nikola says:

    What about Serbia? In another life? :(

  24. Melody says:

    Thank you Paulo for informing us about that dates, we r so excited waiting ur new release.

  25. Angelo says:

    Ciao Paulo vieni in Italia quest’anno?
    Se si Quando e dove. Ciao

  26. Hilmi Ahmad says:

    Ok I see USA now … To be released in April 2013! Going to hard to wait that long

  27. Hilmi Ahmad says:

    What about north America ? Is it going to be in English?

  28. stefan says:

    Congrats on your new book! I am glad that the release date in Romania is set for a short period of time. The publisher will be Humanitas, as always?
    Best regards from Romania!

  29. eleonora says:

    non vedo l’ora di leggerlo!

  30. Marie-Christine says:

    En francais
    Dates de Parution
    Ci-dessous les dates de publication de mon nouveau livre “Manuscript trouve a Accra’ Cette liste est loin d’etre complete, mais c’est celle que j’ai recu aujourd’hui de mon bureau.

    PAYS Dates de parution

    ITALIE 19.09.2012

    HOLLANDE 12.10.2012

    ROUMANIE 24.10.2012

    BULGARIE Fin Octobre 2012


    TURQUIE Novembre 2012

    ESPAGNE (Espagnol & Catalan) 13.11.2012

    COREE & CROATIE 2013

    SUEDE Janv.2013



    TCHEQUE 2013

    & ETATS UNIS D’AMERIQUE Avril 2013

    POLOGNE Mai 2013 (entre le 9 & le 12)

  31. MARIA says:

    Mr Coelo in Greece?

  32. Elena says:

    -8!! Siiiiiiiiii :)

  33. Saurabh Kant Goel says:

    When will it be released in India???

  34. Amidala says:

    How about its release in the philippines?

  35. Jane Stewart says:

    Thankyou Paulo! Congratulations!
    It’s lovely to see the smiles of those who have already read your new book! And I am looking forward to April. Happy reading Italy happy reading everyone! Love, gratitude and much success
    Sending this little note to your blog from my phone, a first time!

    1. bharat says:

      sir,please include INDIA also in the list of releasing country.