Pain. Suffering. And pleasure

While he was speaking, Terence was transformed into two very different men. The one who was calmly explaining the rules to her and the one who made her feel like the most miserable wretch in the world.
‘Do you know why I am doing this? Because there is no greater pleasure than that of initiating someone into an unknown world. Taking someone’s virginity – the virginity not of their body, but of their soul, you understand.’

She understood.
‘Today you can ask questions, but the next time, when the theatre curtain goes up, the play will begin and cannot be stopped. If it does stop, it is because our souls are incompatible. Remember: it is a play. You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.’

‘What if I can’t stand the pain?’
‘There is no pain, only something that transforms itself into delight and mystery. It forms part of the play to say: “Don’t treat me like that, you’re really hurting me.”

Maria, kneeling, lowered her head and stared at the floor.
‘…in order to avoid this relationship causing any serious physical harm, we have two code words. If one of us says “yellow”, that means that the violence should be decreased slightly. If one of us says “red”, it must be stopped at once.’
‘You said “one of us”…’
‘We take turns. One cannot exist without the other; no one can know how to humiliate another person if they themselves have not experienced humiliation.’

These were terrible words, from a world she did not know, full of shadow, slime and putrefaction. Nevertheless, she wanted to go on – her body was trembling with fear and excitement.

‘Was tonight worth one thousand francs?’

Terence seemed pleased with this response.
‘I’ve asked myself the same thing. The Marquis de Sade said that the most important experiences a man can have are those that take him to the very limit; that is the only way we learn, because it requires all our courage. When a boss humiliates an employee, or a man humiliates his wife, he is merely being cowardly or taking his revenge on life, they are people who have never dared to look into the depths of their soul, never attempted to know the origin of that desire to unleash the wild beast, or to understand that sex, pain and love are all extreme experiences.
‘Only those who know those frontiers know life; everything else is just passing the time, repeating the same tasks, growing old and dying without ever having discovered what we are doing here.’

in “Eleven Minutes”


  1. Thatayaona says:

    I would like to know. How do these people find pleasure in all of that,spanking,gagging the pain is just too much? Where should your state of mind be,your spiritual level?
    I don’t think that I could handle that and at the same time find pleasure in it.
    Well,I must say…it is a good read 11 Minutes by you Mr Coelho and 50 Shades of Grey must read…
    Thank you

  2. Rita says:

    Went into town to get a few items in need of replacement
    then I could not resist it…
    Christian must have seen me coming,……………………………………………………………….
    My hair was getting greyer by the time I reached the counter :)
    Hurried home and upon entering the building spoke with my neighbour and got into my appartment.
    and went straight into bed with Christian in my arms :) and fell asleep. :)
    I could not help thinking how this book relates to ’11 minutes’ . I saw something whilst i was waiting for the tram I cannot recall the exact word but it gave me an answer it had something to do with rit and the word ance at the end, which, it hit me that it was going back to the ancestor. the original ‘us’, the wild beast.
    I loved the way that particular text ‘pain, suffering and pleasure’ is so cleverly organ ised from page 169 and very musical.:) also.
    and whichever way u look at it
    ES X
    and dare I say…something to keep your inner-garden in bloom.
    With love and :)

  3. Grace says:

    I pray for the courage to break away from my love of pain. Of the willingness to be the victim, to embrace the pain because I always believed things were too good to be true, that things would never happen to me because I believed a big love would never happen to me. With all the blood I lost with you, help me to awaken a new person, yet again. Don’t ever let me stop trying. I secretly loved the pain from disappointments and I was proud of the emptiness I felt because I was scared to believe in hope, in miracles. I want to breathe. God help me to breathe and to believe in love. There is nothing shameful about loving someone. It is hate that they should be ashamed of. Please hear me

  4. Chukwunedu says:

    It takes so much courage to live at the extreme. Most people who do have a deep understanding and calmness about life!

  5. Ms. NBSB says:

    Hi Paulo, I’m a subscriber of your blogs. I haven’t read this book yet, Eleven Minutes, but from this excerpt, I noticed that there are things similar to the story of “50 Shades Trilogy” like the use of coding and the innocence of the girl. I’m just amazed. :)

  6. adrianikkyo says:

    paulo coelho enseña que es obligatorio en la vida seguir a tu corazon, seguir tus sueños, seguir las señales. maria en este caso queria aventuras y las consiguio. lo mas importante fue que aunque no fue de la manera que ella esperaba, el final de esa aventura le trajo un gran aprendizaje de la vida. por eso invito a que sigan su leyenda personal, por que cada paso dado vale la pena. muchas bendiciones a todos!

  7. Ma. Alejandra Castro Vilchiz says:

    Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said before? I consider this novel as well as your others “GREAT”. All of them make you reflect on your own life and understand maybe, things that otherwise you wouldn’t have realized about.
    Eleven minutes trapped me since the moment I started to read that enchanting beginning of that stupidly shy girl who couldn’t react in a right way in the right moment, and how she regreted about it so much time later.
    The story makes you realize about your own growing in life and how good it is to experience the things that could be considered to be evil or bad and how they turn into great experiences and you can value all the teaching they give you. Great BooK! GREAT!

  8. Nancy says:

    Bondage lets you play the villain, and if you do not respect your victim you can turn into the devil.

  9. sanil nair says:

    desire is suffering,love,erotism,pain….interesting writing.i have been thinking about it for some time.

  10. Jessica says:

    Eleven Minutes is a interesting book … made me think of the differences between love and sex for example ….. can we have sex without love … well not without attraction anyway I suppose *LOL*
    We can sure have love without sex ….. but a relationship would be very boring without sex ;-)

    So now I have think enough of this subject for today ;-)

    Love and light Jessica

  11. wanderlaini Ap. Rodrigues says:


  12. Maksuda San says:

    Uma raposa resolveu fazer uma pequena competií§í£o entre os animais da floresta.
    Quem cruzasse o rio ganharia um príªmio.
    O rio tinha apenas duas opí§íµes: uma ponte velha, caindo aos pedaí§os e a água.
    O coelho, o porco e o macaco se inscreveram, apenas por aventura. Mal sabiam da intení§í£o da raposa, que ní£o era dar príªmio algum, sabendo ser impossí­vel cruzar o rio.
    Primeiro veio o porco. Olhou para a água e pensou: deve ser rasa. A distí¢ncia é pequena. Eu consigo.
    E foi lá, tentando atravessar. Ní£o passou um minuto e foi levado pela correnteza, morrendo afogado.
    O coelho olhou para a ponte e pensou: ela irá me aguentar. Eu já cruzei pontes parecidas a vida inteira.
    Comeí§ou a correr pela ponte, que ní£o aguentou seu peso, rachou no meio, levou o coelho í  água e o mesmo foi levado pela correnteza.
    Entí£o foi a vez do macaco. Ele avaliou as opí§íµes. E decidiu fazer o que ninguém faria.
    Quase um dia depois, a raposa encontrou o macaco do outro lado do rio, suado e cansado.
    – Como vocíª atravessou o rio?
    – Dando a volta pela floresta. Era a escolha mais difí­cil, o caminho mais longo, mas o mais seguro.

  13. What can I say??? It’s beautifully written. Leaves my heart and body altered in some way. It’s also far beyond me. Must read it. Eleven Minutes……I would like to take time out and read all of your books one after the other like eating a handful of M&M’s.

  14. Chris Dudley says:

    One cannot know death, truly know it. But one can know life. I reject the view that one must go to extremes to know life. I think it is a view born of the vagaries and black holes of language.

  15. vinod says:

    Beautiful. Blessed are those who are on the path of Self inquiry.

  16. Pete Theodoropoulos says:

    My whole life has seemed to me to be one, very long extreme experience. I would not trade it for anything, though most people would never have wished the life I have lived on anyone. For me it has forced me to find God. I am grateful for that, and because of that i have experienced the depths of things like desire and pain at their roots. What I am left with, is that all of it arises out of our unwillingness to accept who we really are, and the doubt our minds, programmed by the past, cast over our true identities. We think we have to prove ourselves, though our true self is beyond proof. The compulsion to prove ourselves arises out of our inability to reconcile the dark and the light. Those who go into the dark, and can reconcile the two polarities experience real life and ultimately their real self, in a way that is unforgettable. It forges us into the Gods and Goddesses we are.

    1. teresa says:

      so true…

  17. Habe sehr ähnliche “Grenz” -Erfahrungen , auch ..als Inspiration zu Komponieren meiner Piano-Musik persönlich Erlebt …
    würde gerne Dir – Paulo persönlich erzehlen …
    – VIELE Liebe GRíœßE – Chris Zukowski

  18. Deine Worte und Gedanken sind so überzeugend …. in den so viel Wahrheit … Erfahrung und so viel Potential von der Liebe !
    ich wünsche mir persönlich – daß jede Deine wunderbare Werk , Paulo .- und vor allem das Buch “11 Minuten ” – eine Film- Realisation findet…
    und möchte sehr / träume – für den Film-Sequenzen meine spezielle romantische und lounge-MUSIK komponieren –
    herzliche , liebe Grüße und wünsche viele gr0ße Erfolge !!
    Krzysztof / Christoph Zukowski
    Pianist / Komponist
    z.Zeit aus Kitzbühel – Alpen-Tirol / Austria

  19. Black Swan says:

    Eleven Minutes is way much better than Fifty Shades Trilogy…Coelho is at his BEST on this book..

  20. Sylvannah says:

    I am busy reading 50 shades of… as well and the red and yellow code passage is also in it but can’t wait to read the authentic one! Love you and your novels Paulo! I wish I could write like you one day! <3

  21. zukowskimusic says:

    Twoje slowa sa tak bardzo przekonujace … tyle w nich prawdy …. doswiadczenia i tak wielki potencjal MILOSCI !
    zycze sobie aby kazde Twoje wspaniale dzielo , Paulo
    – a przede wszystkim ” 11 Minut ” – zostalo zrealizowane filmowo
    i chcialbym / marze – aby do tych sekwencji filmowych stworzyc / napisac muzyke … serdecznie pozdrawiam i zycze wiele sukcesow ! – Krzysztof / Chris

  22. carli pierson says:

    Not quite as romantic but here is a REAL story of a prostitute in Geneve:

  23. Amali says:

    It’s so funny… I’m in a “waiting” period too, and today I was thinking hmm I need Paulo…. Veronika or eleven minutes???
    got my answer… just following the clues….
    Thanks Paulo ;)

  24. Nancy says:

    The story above is about choice. Play the game of bondage or not, but when such game goes wrong it goes extremely wrong.

  25. Ivette says:

    Masterly written, Eleven Minutes open the mind to many possibilities. There is a Maria in every woman. Not happy when any of it is compared to Fifty Shades Of Flatus.

  26. Jack Ellington says:

    Throughout my life I have found great reward and personal growth from painful/negative experiences as well as happy/positive ones.

    Having realised that the only difference between a ‘bad’ day and a ‘good’ one is my attitude, I now CHOOSE the positive every time and am much happier for it.


  27. Yvonne says:

    I felt very uncomfortable reading this. Almost stopped but forced myself to finish reading It. Question to self is why did l feel uncomfortable?

  28. Pandora says:

    The whole image of this text reminds me overwhelmingly of the “Devil” card in the Rider Waite pack, and the reverse of the “Lovers” card.

    The two figurines “demons” have a dog collar around their neck chained to the Great Beast (la Bíªte Noire as Annie points out below) who adorn the reversed pentagram. But the chains and collar are so loose, they could easily escape but they choose to stay, chained to lust, worldliness, fear, pain, suffering or perhaps believing that this is what they deserve or desire?

    The Lovers (twins), on the other hand are depicted in a beautiful garden (perhaps Eden) free to roam and love as they please … under the watchful eye of a benevolent angel derived from Cupid/Amor in the original packs ….

    Chains and darkness versus love and light…. and the free will to choose either… to fight for our dream – freedom or to remain tied to materialism and suffering?

  29. Kausar Bilal says:

    Loved our topic and the way you showed it…You are my most favourite novelist…

  30. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Where lies Love, in pain and suffering, or in the fullness of sharing.
    Human beings are capable of the worst and the best. Why some find their reason to exist in the humiliation and suffering inflicted on their fellow man. Humiliation ordinary, domestic or professional humiliation, public or private humiliation.
    “No one can know how to humiliate another person Themselves If They Experienced humiliation have-nots.”
    Are We reproduce at the infinite, all the suffering that has been experienced, towards the weakest? Does it remain us a little human consciousness, or so, once crossed the limits, there is no more restraint.
    Resisting in the face of barbarism, and keeping his freedom, is so difficult when you have in front of you, sheer brutality. I always wondered how an executioner can continue his gesture when he looks at his victim’s eyes. And what does he think, before falling asleep ? How not to be haunted by that glance , up to the end of his days?
    It is so hard to try to alleviate suffering, how can one have the envy of inflict on someone else?.

    1. toñi says:

      Los torturadores fí­sicos y psicológicos no sienten nada cuando miran a los ojos de su ví­ctima porque no tienen corazón. Son criaturas oscuras, no tienen conciencia. Pienso que cuando hacen sufrir a otras personas, sólo piensan en su propia satisfacción y en si mismos, son tan egoistas que no son capaces de sentir compasión hacia su ví­ctima porque sólo piensan en ellos. Si miras a un asesino o a alguien que ha cometido atrocizades contra otras personas a los ojos….podrás ver claramente que sus ojos no tienen expresión ni brillo, son ojos vacios, como los ojos de las ratas. No hay reflejo de emociones ni de nada. Son ojos que dan miedo porque es como si mirases en un abismo oscuro. Los ojos son el espejo del alma. Yo siempre he evitado hablar con personas que tienen los ojos así­, porque siempre esconden algo muy muy oscuro.
      Un saludo,

  31. priya rajoria says:

    Few lines of d act is similar to the novel called fifty shades of gray.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      11 Minutes was published in 2005

  32. Atreyu says:

    La verdad es que no se que opinar, si alguien quiere que le humillen, pues allá el o ella.

    En cualquier caso creo que en los extremos está el conocimiento, pero si te quedas demasiado tiempo cerca del fuego te acabarás quemando.

    Una vez que has aprendido no tiene ningún sentido seguir sufriendo.

    Un saludo.

    1. ashy says:

      La gran pregunta de porque se aguanta tanto? a veces se acepta la humillacion por miedo,por no tener otra opcion, y te puedo decir que duele hasta el corazon ante cada humillacion y lo que quieres es que algun dia termine ,cada humillacion te va destruyendo poco a poco ,y si ! es como si te quemaras poco a poco y seguramente terminare quemada totalmente .pero no es tan facil evadirla,por mas que te des cuenta .
      cuando te dejas humillar ,te llenas de lagrimas por dentro y piensas ,algun dia DIOS me ayudara.

    2. toñi says:

      Es cierto, muchas veces las personas se ven obligadas a aguantar la humillación (sexual, psicológica etc …) por necesidad o por miedo o por las dos cosas. También hay personas que desde pequeños vivieron humillados y no entienden otro sistema de vida porque no han podido conocer otro sistema de vida. El tema de la humillación es muy triste y doloroso. Luego el tema sexual entre una pareja es otro tema, cada pareja es un mundo. Quiero decir que si hay parejas que disfrutan con el rollo sado-masoquista y a ellos les parece bien pues es asunto de ellos y ya está.
      Un saludo,

    3. Atreyu says:

      No se que opinar, no me he visto en esa lucha. Alguna vez me han humillado cuando parecí­a un niño, pero eso provocaba odio en mi y sed de venganza, de matar, por lo que tení­a que alejarme y arder en soledad. Esa fue mi defensa, pero cada persona es un mundo, lo que pasa es que el maltratador disfruta humillando por eso busca a personas que no son capaces de defenderse, para devorarlas poco a poco. Las manipulan para dejarlas sin apoyos, para separarlas de su mundo, les hacen creer que las personas que las quieren quieren interponerse y cada vez aí­slan más a la victima.

      Espero no verme nunca en una situación como esa, yo he intentado no caer en la provocación porque una acción incontrolada servirí­a para que ellos pusiesen a mi mundo en mi contra.

      No se si fue la mejor opción, por suerte ya no ardo, y sus provocaciones no tiene poder sobre mi, eso no quiere decir que haya olvidado. Me aparto de las personas malas, no vivo con rencor, pero espero.

      Un saludo.

    4. toñi says:

      Hola Atreyu, a mi me pasa lo mismo que a ti. Yo me alejo de este tipo de situaciones. Una vez…estuve a punto de vivir una situación de humillación por parte de otra persona…y te juro por Dios que jamás en mi vida he tenido tanto miedo, miedo de mi misma porque estuve a punto de matarlo!! Nunca me hubiera imaginado que alguien como yo serí­a capaz de desarrollar tanto odio contra otra persona. La otra persona en cuestión se quedó alucinado. Pero yo aluciné mucho más conmigo misma. Controlé mis nervios y salí­ corriendo como los locos, cuando llegué a mi casa tení­a en medio de la frente una vena super hinchada…como los guerreros de Bola de Drac Zeta, cuando se transforman en Guerreros del espacio. Jamas en toda mi vida he vivido tanto miedo y tanta tensión y sé …que un ser humano se puede transformar en un animal muy muy peligroso, yo me transformé en un animal y lo pude controlar (no sé como), al dí­a siguiente me dolí­an los músculos de la descarga de adrenalina. Imagí­nate que levanté un sofá con la persona sentada en el sofá y le dí­ la vuelta al sofá y a la persona y los lancé por el aire!! En una situación lí­mite un ser humano puede desarrollar una fuerza increí­ble, como el increí­ble Hulk, que vergüenza me da cada vez que lo recuerdo. En fí­n, es mejor alejarse de situaciones de alta tensión. Un abrazo,

  33. miss Red says:

    that’s sickness you know that ??
    its really sickness, that should not be done to any living person on the earth.

    pleasure to hit a woman ? to make someone else suffer? I hate that

  34. cristina cabral says:

    Maria exemplo para muitas mulheres, lutarem com coragem e fé.

  35. Organizedc says:

    Someone who likes to cause pain and suffering on others in the name of love or sex is a sadist/ Masochist. This is like saying “No sex-No Peace” , kind of creepy!

  36. Raj says:

    Este blog naßa bellamente como inconscientemente entramos en ‘ciertos cuartos’ en la vida. En la raiz de la misma es una gran mentira y una identidad equivocada. Pero el alma puede recuperar su inocencia original una vez que observamos estos tirones inconscientes que nos llevaron alli. Gracias.

  37. Psalmbody says:

    Just, remembered how this book engaged and expanded my thoughts about the “game”!!! Maria’s pastoral goals juxtaposed with the unexpected passions of her growth offer an example of “love in a hopeless place” that the ‘world’ can relate to then and now. I thank you in p(e)ace.

  38. marilou says:

    It is indeed an inspiring book, every inch of every leaf leaves a mark in my heart and in my mind and above all in my soul.

  39. Marie-Christine says:

    Pain. Suffering . And pleasure
    I am looking at the word
    it has a hum I lia te
    and I make it
    There is a link with you and I
    It’s the hum, hu m the human Hu=God
    We are all connected and I love inventing words with one word :)
    It makes sense to me.
    I think I might have crossed your path before in a past life Paulo.
    With love

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Pain.Suffering.And pleasure
      Ugly.Bad. And the good

      Terrence is very down to Earth
      A terr es trial.
      A conquistador

      Thank you for being,
      With love

  40. Penny says:

    Yes, yes … and yes!

  41. Karina says:

    É lamentável quem ainda nao viveu e nao compreendeu o significado das experiíªncias extremas e um desperdí­cio quem envelheceu , morreu sem nunca ter descoberto o que estamos fazendo aqui…
    Só resta chorar e chorar muito quem nao se deu a liberdade, o prazer , e a graca de voltar as profundezes da alma, do reeencontro í­ntimo e individual com Deus e de sentir a totalidade do próprio ser… Somos parte de uma dimensao infinita, mí­stica e poderosa consagrada pela luz e amor de Deus…

    1. corine says:

      je parle anglais, espagnol et brésilien.j’ai la chance de lire ses langues comme cela je peux avoir plusieurs exemplaires du míªme livre dans differentes langues.
      paulo coelho est pour moi une personne importante car ces livres sont”humains” et se príªte í  la réflexion.buenos dias a todos e a todas.

  42. JOELLE says:

    L’amour est une alchimie entre deux íªtres , sentiments, plaisirs confondus . La violence est extríªme et incompréhensible, il y a tellement d’autres choses í  découvrir í  deux . Il ya plein d’aventures í  inventer ensemble, la vie est déjí  assez compliquée : Pourquoi faire de deux corps in champ de batille . La douleur est un sentiment négatif. Les chemins du bonheur se trouvent en nous, il y a plein de petits sentiers í  caresser et í  toucher . Il ne faut pas prendre les roses í  pleines mains, il vaut mieux mettre des gants pour éviter de se piquer . Les épines sont autour de la tige et elles font des petits trous aux doigts, autant prendre des précautions . Quelques fois , il y a unpeu de mousses sur les chemins mais il ne faut pas trop s’aventurer car on risque de s’enfoncer les pieds car parfois il y a beaucoup trop de rosée . Le corps est une belle plaine aussi avec quelques monts í  escalader . L”amour est une belle aventure í  vivre avec le consentement de l’autre. Il y a trop de souffrance dans le monde commises sur les petites filles dans certains pays oí¹ l’on fait du tourisme sexuel. Il faut respecter l’un et l’autre ainsi que les enfants . L’amour est un beau voyage í  faire avec celui qu’on désire dans toues les circonstances.

    1. toñi says:

      Estoy de acuerdo con usted. Si todas las personas del mundo pensaran como usted, la humillación y la prostitución dejarí­an de existir. Hay demasiados problemas en el mundo. Que algunas personas paguen para humillar a otras personas, sean chicas, niñas o niños es una vergüenza. Que algunas personas humillen a otras sin pagar…también es una vergüenza. Este tema de la humillación y el dolor es algo que me enfada y me sienta muy mal. He conocido mujeres que se han visto obligadas a prostituirse para darles de comer a sus hijos, por 15 o 20 euros y encima la gente las insulta y las critica. Me da asco el tema en sí­. Todas las personas merecen respeto. Toñi.

  43. toñi says:

    ¿Sólo mil francos? Bueno, dicen que todo tiene un precio. Hay personas que decimos que no estamos a la venta, por dignidad y por principios…pero todo tiene un precio. Quizás por un millón y medio de euros (para arreglar un poquito las vidas de todos a los que quiero)…si …un millón y medio de euros está bien (es un precio justo)…quizás entonces alguien como yo estarí­a dispuesta a dedicarle medio horita o una hora de tiempo a un hombre como el de la historia de Maria.

  44. bhuwan says:

    that is the reason perhaps for this world to have seen heartless dictators as well as selfless saints. heart finds its full expression only when it loves to the extreme and when those selfless saints tread the path of this life with but one motive i.e. to reveal the real nature of this world, just before entering the batyle with a lost and indifferent and cold world, they gather all their courage and leave behind all that is familiar and comfortable because only with that amount of courage that stakes whole of their being can they fulfil theur mission. Loving someone against their will is not easy because the unwillingness of that someone is nothing but his/her fear of love, of transformation which love can trigger. This is the time and place wjere the battle of the warrior begins. The heartless dictator is nothing but a victim of the ego, of the self. this victimising self is the cause of the closing in tendencies of the dictator whose ambitions do not stop at just conquering one or two countries; his ambitions draw on the isolating instincts of the ego and those separating instincts manifest themselves in the strategies of the dictator which are inevitably aimed at creating walls and not allowing diffusion and perspiration and osmosis of people and their thoughts which leads to isolation of love, the basic instinct planted in each and every pore of the creation.

    this isolation of love is both, the cause as well as the effect of the heartlessness of the dictator. one is all and all is one and therefore, the isolation of love in one will inevitably lead to isolation in whole of the world.

    the saint, the selfless warrior, works out his life just to ensure that love is not isolated. he faces opposition from his cold fellows, from the indifferent world, from the lost souls but despite the adversity, he continues because he believes his heart, because he lives his love and because in mustering up his courage, he even offers his whole being, without giving a single thought to the solitude that he may have to live with or the humiliation that he will have to suffer.

    And then the Lord is best pleased.

    1. shiena says:

      Well said. I love your thoughts and the attempt to analyze the extremes: dictator and saints. Looking forward to read more of your reflections :)

  45. Annie says:

    There is a French term for ‘black beast’ called bíªte noire..
    usually meant for something that should be avoided because it is frightening or harmful and painful….
    so here’s the question: who’s afraid of the big bad wolf??
    The courageous ones step in the shadows..and it takes a lot of faith to stand there..
    And after that step they begin to understand themselves and that even the wildest beasts can be understood and even tamed…
    It is when you ‘ve experienced your ‘black beast’ at its wildest form, that you know it , and also the possibility to know how to tame it..
    when you know your demons, your own ‘black beasts’ you can know yourself at the depths of your soul and really experience what Whitman says “Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Heidi S. says:

      I agree…



    2. Aviv says:

      Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!! I really brought me to a better place just now

    3. naina always... says:

      TRUE.. :)

    4. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      I agree, Often the “black beasts” waiting to be tamed, to show their bright side.

    5. vinod says:

      Beautiful. Energy is the same, how it manifests really matters.

  46. Olta Canka says:


  47. angela says:

    e extremo poder e ter coragem de falar de sentimentos tao opostos ,e ao mesmo tempo tao ligados um ao outro em uma sociedade que nao se fala uns com os outros

  48. Kiba says:

    We all go through suffering, but using it as pleasure or forming a game out of it is not based on experience but of desire, if one Trully wishes to experience life then life alone is enough but if one manages to escape himself or herself such plays are bought to justify their suffering.

    1. Katy says:

      So true Kiba! Life itself is enough. When we have the courage to face the heights and depths of our being, be with pain without masking it, soar and expand with our love, know our emotional selves then we find our bliss. Sometimes pain is needed to wake us up from our numbness. Be awake – be alive. Know life.