Dreams: the 12 steps

When Joseph Campbell created the expression “follow your blessing,” he was reflecting an idea that seems to be very appropriate right now. In “The Alchemist,” this same idea is called “Personal Legend.”
Alan Cohen, a therapist who lives in Hawaii, is also working on this theme. He says that in his lectures he asks those who are dissatisfied with their work and seventy-five percent of the audience raise their hands. Cohen has created a system of twelve steps to help people to rediscover their “blessing” (he is a follower of Campbell):

1. Tell yourself the truth

Draw two columns on a sheet of paper and in the left column write down what you would love to do. Then write down on the other side everything you’re doing without any enthusiasm. Write as if nobody were ever going to read what is there, don’t censure or judge your answers.
2. Start slowly, but start
Call your travel agent, look for something that fits your budget; go and see the movie that you’ve been putting off; buy the book that you’ve been wanting to buy. Be generous to yourself and you’ll see that even these small steps will make you feel more alive.
3. Stop slowly, but stop
Some things use up all your energy. Do you really need to go that committee meeting? Do you need to help those who do not want to be helped? Does your boss have the right to demand that in addition to your work you have to go to all the same parties that he goes to? When you stop doing what you’re not interested in doing, you’ll realize that you were making more demands of yourself than others were really asking.
4. Discover your small talents
What do your friends tell you that you do well? What do you do with relish, even if it’s not perfectly well done? These small talents are hidden messages of your large occult talents.
Begin to choose
If something gives you pleasure, don’t hesitate. If you’re in doubt, close your eyes, imagine that you’ve made decision A and see all that it will bring you. Now do the same with decision B. The decision that makes you feel more connected to life is the right one – even if it’s not the easiest to make.
Don’t base your decisions on financial gain

The gain will come if you really do it with enthusiasm. The same vase, made by a potter who loves what he does and by a man who hates his job, has a soul. It will be quickly sold (in the first case) or will stay on the shelves (in the second case).
7. Follow your intuition
The most interesting work is the one where you allow yourself to be creative. Einstein said: “I did not reach my understanding of the Universe using just mathematics.” Descartes, the father of logic, developed his method based on a dream he had.
8. Don’t be afraid to change your mind
If you put a decision aside and this bothers you, think again about what you chose. Don’t struggle against what gives you pleasure.
9. Learn how to rest
One day a week without thinking about work lets the subconscious help you, and many problems (but not all) are solved without any help from reason.
10. Let things show you a happier path
If you are struggling too much for something, without any results appearing, be more flexible and follow the paths that life offers. This does not mean giving up the struggle, growing lazy or leaving things in the hands of others – it means understanding that work with love brings us strength, never despair.
11. Read the signs
This is an individual language joined to intuition that appears at the right moments. Even if the signs point in the opposite direction from what you planned, follow them. Sometimes you can go wrong, but this is the best way to learn this new language.
12. Finally, take risks!
The men who have changed the world set out on their paths through an act of faith. Believe in the force of your dreams. God is fair, He wouldn’t put in your heart a desire that couldn’t come true.


  1. Nancy Guardado says:

    Al momento de hacer el dibujo de las columnas yo escribí­ en la izquierda:

    y en la columna derecha escribí­ solo una palabra:

    Algunas cosas en el texto me ayudaron, sin embargo me siento como si estuviera atrapada en una jaula. Desearí­a con todas mis fuerzas que viviéramos en otra época, en donde las cosas materiales no fueran indispensables en nuestra vida. A veces me gustarí­a dejar absolutamente todo y aventurarme al mundo, sin ningún centavo en mi bolsillo, ninguna meta en especifico, sólo el deseo de aprender y respirar atardeceres.
    No sé si algún dí­a lea esto Sr. Coelho; no sé si algún dí­a cumpla mi sueño o si este vací­o en mi corazón algún dí­a desaparezca, pero si llegará a suceder, créame que siempre me acordaré de usted…


  2. Nicolette says:

    It was really interesting, I recieve daily inspirations and read them, some times I’m inspired to read the entire article, most of the time not. I’ve been reading them for over 5 years or more and have found that when a daily inspiration makes the hair on my skin stand up, it’s usually something writen by Alan Cohen. Does your teacher find you or do you find your teacher? Yesterday I was inspired to share a passage of his on facebook and wrote about a book called Power vs Force and the levels of consciousness, how some people take longer to get it, to reach the levels, if they’re not there, whatever you say to them will sound like a foreign language and not be understood. Then I thought, I haven’t gone on Paulo’s site for a while, I miss the comraderie, so I came on and there was Joseph Campbell and Alan Cohen together, so everyone is conspiring to get me back on my creative path, to take risks, to let go and trust.

  3. Sherill says:

    We only have one life, one shot to makes us happy… Thank you Sir Paulo for sharing this….

  4. Ofelia says:

    Ame más esta parte: “Dios es justo, Él no puso en su corazón un deseo que no podrí­a hacerse realidad.”


  5. neelam says:

    Dear sir,
    i have no doubts with the steps, these are really brilliant BUT my problem is i don’t know what my dream is??? I don’t know how to have a dream in life even…
    Most of the times whenever i read your blogs, novels i feel good and sad as well because i don’t know what are my dreams?

    1. Angela says:

      I too thought that I lost my dreams or that I don’t have any dreams. But then I realized that I have many things/activities that I still want to do and should’nt I consider them dreams as well? I know that it may seem simple for a dream but at least it’s a start.

    2. nbvc says:

      Dont worry about not having dreams!
      Ask people around you,what they think about you,how they see you.
      This may lead,you may say hey,that’s really me!!!or thats not me!That will help you to study yourself.
      After understanging yourself,you will see,you will want to live your dream.
      I hope i helped you.

    3. Dave C says:

      Hey, I am with you neelam. I choose to recognise what brings to me joyful reactions, places or situations where I FEEL spontaneously lit up. And move forward from there.

  6. Elena says:

    “God is fair, He wouldn’t put in your heart a desire that couldn’t come true”
    I love repeating it in every moment of day.
    I need it as the air i breathe.
    Thank you. REALLY thank you,
    my angel.
    Good night from Italy

    With Love

  7. karina says:

    As vezes os nossos sonhos nao dependem , exclusivamente , de nós mesmos e nem de Deus para serem realizados da nossa maneira. Mas só o fato de termos consciíªncia que é necessário a mudanca em nossa vida já é uma bencao e uma esperanca de uma possivel realizacao , que muitas das vezes Ele tem guardado para nós. Deus é capaz de nos surpreender e de nos recompensar com seu amor e gratidao de acordo com as nossas intencoes , sofrimento pelos quais passamos pelas injusticas e maldades humanas e acima de tudo pela fé e pelo amor…

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  9. radwa emad says:

    thnx ,, your words have just relaxed me,,I was suffering from self destruction,after i have reached the first step of my dream that i have spent years struggling for it ,,trying to comfort myself in those killing hard moments that on reaching the first step ,,life will be a game of joy,,but it is the life trajedy that doesn’t make things to be so easy as you expected them ,,,it does want to test your enthusiasim in every step you realize,,,it is a set of endless tests that compel you to use all your talents,,and give you the choice to end these tests by Marginalization yourself as many people have already prefered that choice having the general justification that anyone use to justify his failure “BEING A VICTIM” ,,,and sometimes it gives you a mercy by ending your game time

  10. Safiya says:

    Although these steps excite us to do all the things we want.. but not everything we could do…. GOD is fair, he’ll help us to fulfill some of our dreams not all.. not all the dreams come true… and its human nature to have desires.. its not GOD that time.. he has given us the free will to think anything , to desire anything.. definitely not all our desires come true….

    1. Vincent says:

      Hello !

      funny what you are saying about those desires….Just out of a jail in Thailand where I’ve been beaten up and almost raped, while the only thing I had done was having smoked a joint…Went into intense thinking during this month and a half, and realized (but of course nothing is sure about it !) that maybe all our our desires could’nt be fulfilled, but perhaps the one that were important to you deep inside, the one that truly matter for your evolution can be fulfilled…As the song puts it, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need !”…

    2. Salma says:

      but sooner or later God will change that desire u have only to make u realize its the wrong one…. Sooner or later u’ll realize that ur heart tends to work in the direction where u know what ur true desires are… :)

  11. Andrea says:

    I love all twelve steps. I find these points essential for this time in my life where I am in transition. One thing that I ask God for to accomplish my dreams is to have COURAGE. I pray that he gives me strength to face challenges and overcome them. Thank you Paulo! I have decided to integrate these steps in to my life.

  12. niccolo says:

    quando arrivano questi messaggi in certi momenti della vita, senti l’universo intorno a te! si Dio è giusto ed oltre a mettere dentro il nostro cuore sogni che possiamo realizzare Egli ci ricompensa con il Suo amore per le battaglie che abbiamo combattuto e cura le nostre ferite cosicchè possiamo riprendere il nostro cammino! oggi ero in un centro commerciale passeggiando ho visto il manuale, l’ho aperto a caso, cosa che faccio spesso in ogni luogo o momento con qualsiasi testo che mi capita sotto mano, ho letto una cosa che piano piano stavo dimenticando “”per credere nel proprio cammino non c’è bisogno di dimostrare che quello altrui è sbagliato.”

  13. Maksuda San says:

    Muito interessante o texto das bananas.
    Escrevi um no meu humilde Blog.
    Mas e isso mesmo, meu amigo. Se a gente viver com a culpa, ela toma conta de nos. E nao conseguimos fazer outra coisa. Acontece o mesmo com a raiva, o odio, a discordia.
    Apegue-se ao que e bom e deixe ir o que nao faz bem.
    Um grande abraco, Maksuda San.

  14. Walter Paul Bebirian says:

    I like that last point the best – that God is fair – well that says a lot for God since most other things and people in this world do not seem to always work under that same system – so I will stick with God –

    thanks Paulo :-)

    1. Monika Rana says:

      Dear Paul
      I too agree and like the last point. I have blind faith in God and do believe that the seeds in our hearts are always sown by All Mighty…everything that happens has connection in either past or will in future ….things do not happen unnecessarily …….Im waiting for the results now as grounds have been made, seed is sown..and Im praying my Deity to bless me……..pray
      Monika Rana , Himachal[India]

  15. Marie says:

    PS: I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that it’s the realization of our dreams that allow us to be consistent with ourselves (I always heard my mother say that if I really wanted something when I had provide the means) and therefore walk to our personal legend. Excuse me for shortcuts first post.

  16. Irina Black says:

    Как часто DREAM,
    ERSATZем заменяя,
    Грустим..дойдя до самого,
    ДО самого до края.

  17. Nando villalobos says:

    muy interesante me cuesta trabajo entender, muchas cosas por falta de escuela , pero le encuentro parecido con cosas que e visto en la vida , habia ya hace varios anios donde visite un poco un gimnasio de box, habia un hombre que practicando nos queria intimidar a todos, le pegaba con mucha rapidez a los costales hacia unos movimientos como un gato, acababa con los costales , las venas de las manos casi brotaban sangre , y el dia que vinieron a un enfrentamiento con boxeadores o practicantes de otro gimnasio , cuando le toco el turno a la fiera y tener el contrincante de frente nunca solto sus manos y le pego el otro hasta que se canso se hubiera defendido mas un ciego, y pense asi es la vida muy diferente pensar las cosas y tener el mismo valor en el momento de los hechos y eso a sido un problema para mi tambien la vida, siempre que me gustaba una mujer , pensaba maniana le voy a decir tal cosa porque me gusta y exactamente en el momento que la encontraba el punto exacto segun yo me quedaba mudo y se hiba la oportunidad y me sentia el hombre masa inutil del mundo . y me sentia igual que el boxeador.

    1. toñi says:

      Cuando te guste una mujer y te quedes sin saber que decir…respira hondo y di algo, lo que sea, aunque sea una tonterí­a. No podemos quedarnos congelados y dejar que la vida pase frente a nosotros sin darnos la oportunidad de darnos a conocer. Porque a veces la persona a la que quieres decirle algo, está esperando que le digas algo porque ella tampoco se atreve. Las personas a veces somos así­ de tontos y no reaccionamos. Alguien debe dar el primer paso. Y si te rechazan pues…por lo menos no te has quedado con la duda dentro de tu corazón. Mas vale un no o un si, que estar toda la vida pensando “que hubiera pasado si…” Suerte y ánimo.

    2. Atreyu says:

      Y que harí­ais si la última vez que te toco tirar saliste un poco escaldado? Me ha pasado alguna vez que al buscar a alguien me he encontrado con que esa persona no pensaba lo mismo que yo. Creo que en estos casos lo mejor es no insistir.

      Que opinais?

    3. ashy says:


    4. toñi says:

      Hola Atreyu, pues si que salí­ escaldada, la última y única vez que expresé mis sentimientos a alguien…me mandaron a la mierda. ¿Qué harí­a? pues no lo sé, porque de momento no he vuelto a explicarle a nadie más mis sentimientos. Pero si me enamoro y me da la sensación de que puedo expresar mis sentimientos sin recibir una respuesta demasiado cruel, creo que lo intentarí­a aunque me digan que no. Pero a mi me resulta muy difí­cil enamorarme porque soy una persona muy rara y bastante tí­mida, pero si me enamoro lo intentaré de nuevo, aunque sea para decir “hola, pilicula o cualquier tonterí­a” intentarlo lo intentarí­a, ya me voy acostumbrando a hacer el tonto. A veces los tontos tenemos suerte. Un fuerte abrazo. Toñi.

    5. Atreyu says:

      Joder… pues yo intentando volver al mundo de nuevo, todo lo demás me importa poco, porque se que en cuanto vuelva a ser normal todo fluirá. Nunca he tenido problemas para relacionarme, para conseguir trabajo o para lo que sea, a pesar de ser un poco autista.

      La verdad es que no era bueno para ligar, normalmente me enamoraba y solo querí­a a la persona de la que me enamoraba aunque no estuviésemos juntos, luego se me pasaba, disfrutaba como un loco de la vida y me volví­a a enamorar aunque la verdad es que como me veí­an un poco raro las cosas nunca cuajaban del todo, y la verdad es que si no estaba enamorado no querí­a estar con nadie, menudo jaleo.

      Un saludo Toñi, creo que todo está escrito, si las cosas no pasan es por algo, y pasan cuando tienen que pasar y con quien tienen que pasar.

      Hasta pronto.

    6. toñi says:

      Hola Atreyu,
      estoy pensando en esto de ligar, yo no sé si ligaba mucho (creo que si) pero en realidad no estaba pendiente de si ligaba o no. Siempre han sido los demás los que se acercaban a hablar conmigo, pero para una vez que yo me atrevo a expresar mis sentimientos…pues me mandaron a la mierda y …sinceramente creo que esa persona no era ninguna maravilla ni nada del otro mundo. Me sentí­ fatal, claro la falta de costumbre de ser rechazada. Pero bueno es lo que dices tú que las cosas ocurren cuando tienen que ocurrir. Yo también soy rara y si no hay sentimiento, estar por estar es tonterí­a. Un saludo,

  18. angela says:

    olhando de fora parece facil,mas diante do papel da um branco e dificil!

  19. Jack Ellington says:

    You cannot fly and have your feet firmly on the ground at the same time…

    A man might choose to be faithful to unrequited love, knowing that it will either set him free or certainly kill him… All or nothing; no compromise… A perfect life or one not worth living.

    When taken so seriously and investing ALL hope, surely this is the ultimate risk?

    I do hope point 12 is correct!

  20. Maksuda San says:

    Achei interessante compartilhar.

    Conta uma lenda dos í­ndios Sioux, que uma vez, Touro Bravo, um jovem guerreiro, e Nuvem Azul, a filha do cacique, chegaram de mí£os dadas, até a tenda do velho feiticeiro da tribo…
    – Nós nos amamos… e vamos nos casar – disse o jovem. E nos amamos tanto que queremos um feitií§o, um conselho, ou um talismí£… alguma coisa que nos garanta que poderemos ficar sempre juntos… que nos assegure que estaremos um ao lado do outro até encontrarmos a morte. Há algo que possamos fazer?
    E o velho emocionado ao víª-los tí£o jovens, tí£o apaixonados e tí£o ansiosos por uma palavra, disse:
    – Tem uma coisa a ser feita, mas é uma tarefa muito difí­cil e sacrificada…
    Tu, Nuvem Azul, deves escalar o monte ao norte dessa aldeia, e apenas com uma rede e tuas mí£os, deves caí§ar o falcí£o mais vigoroso do monte… e trazíª-lo aqui com vida, até o terceiro dia depois da lua cheia.
    E tu, Touro Bravo – continuou o feiticeiro – deves escalar a montanha do trono, e lá em cima, encontrarás a mais brava de todas as águias, e somente com as tuas mí£os e uma rede, deverás apanhá-la trazendo-a para mim, viva!
    Os jovens abraí§aram-se com ternura, e logo partiram para cumprir a missí£o recomendada… no dia estabelecido, í  frente da tenda do feiticeiro, os dois esperavam com as aves dentro de um saco.
    O velho pediu, que com cuidado as tirassem dos sacos… e viu eram verdadeiramente formosos exemplares…
    – E agora o que faremos? – perguntou o jovem
    – Agora,disse o feiticeiro, apanhem as aves, e amarrem-nas entre si pelas patas com essas fitas de couro… quando as tiverem amarradas, soltem-nas, para que voem livres…
    O guerreiro e a jovem fizeram o que lhes foi ordenado, e soltaram as aves…
    A águia e o falcí£o, tentaram voar mas apenas conseguiram saltar pelo terreno.
    Minutos depois, irritadas pela incapacidade do ví´o, as aves arremessavam-se entre si, bicando-se até se machucar.
    E o velho disse:
    – Jamais esqueí§am o que estí£o vendo… este é o meu conselho.
    Vocíªs sí£o como a águia e o falcí£o… se estiverem amarrados um ao outro, ainda que por amor, ní£o só viverí£o arrastando-se, como também, cedo ou tarde, comeí§arí£o a machucar-se um ao outro… Se quiserem que o amor entre vocíªs perdure… voem juntos… mas jamais amarrados.

    1. ashy says:

      que hermosa historia y que buena enseñanza para tener en cuenta.

    2. YDA C. says:


  21. Marie-Christine says:

    1. Tell yourself the truth.
    I am having fun first of all

    2. Start slowly but start
    I have started a few things, learning other languages is one of them, and I enjoyed them immensely

    3.Stop slowly but stop
    12 steps, one at a time.
    Make it one step a month :) then enjoy your Everest
    it sounds reasonable, give you some room to move

    4. Discover your small talents
    that was amazing, finding out that you are more than a wall paper flower

    Begin to choose
    that’s the hardest because when you like many of the things you do, it renders it more difficult so you find yourself dabbing into this and that

    Don’t base your decisions on financial gain
    You can’t because it is like a game , you are having fun

    7. Follow your intuition

    8.Don’t be afraid to change your mind
    It happened a few times, and I was pleased about that because it was no longer working

    9. Learn how to rest
    It;s a good point

    10. Let things show you a happier path
    I like translating, playing with words and for me it is another translation, It is solving a puzzle kind of . The more I do it, the more it becomes interesting.
    May be it is a sign. Anything I do seems to be related with words in a shorter manner. I relate to it using different languages and it has shown me that we are all connected and the words we use are variations of different languages . I hasten to add I am no expert still something is telling me that there is a potential.

    11- Read the signs
    Over the years I became aware that life is about languages in every aspect of life and that is what makes it so fascinating because there will always be a new language to learn hence a new experience throughout life

    12. Take risks
    I have learned a big lesson is that whatever people think of me is none of my onions.
    And that ‘you cannot wound the soul’ P.Coelho It has proven to be one of the best thing I have ever read. It has helped me to go forward.

    Life is faith
    Li FE (faith)
    Upside down it becomes
    Efil (er) thinning up. Life is made of many threads indeed.

    Thank you for being
    With love

  22. mita says:

    Thank u sir for giving such an article. No individual can move forward without a dream.,,,,,, thank you for the tips for getting charged…….but getting charged we need to spent money ……. when things are not favorable then spending money is also a risk factor ……when depression covered us it hard to get rid of it……but we have to try to get out of it and by shifting our dream one to another.Take care .Good night.

  23. Arto Hutto says:

    “Follow the great and wise and the coming great and wise will follow you”

    Someone wise said that all words have been said and written and all thoughts have already been thought, but they need to be repeated for new generations to discover.

    With love,

    Arto Hutto

  24. Arto Hutto says:

    In Swedish:

    Drömmar: de 12 stegen

    När Joseph Campbell skapade uttrycket “bejaka din glädje” återspeglar han en idé som verkar vara mycket lämplig just nu. I “Alkemisten”, är det samma idé som kallas ” Levnadsöde.”
    Alan Cohen, en terapeut som bor på Hawaii arbetar också med detta tema. Han säger att på hans föreläsningar då han frågar vilka som är missnöjda med sitt arbete, så räcker 75 procent av publiken upp handen. Cohen har skapat ett system av tolv åtgärder för att hjälpa människor att återupptäcka sin “glädje” (han är en anhängare av Campbell):

    1. Berätta sanningen för dig själv
    Rita två kolumner på ett papper och i den vänstra kolumnen skriv ner vad du skulle älska att göra. Skriv sedan ner på andra sidan allt du gör utan entusiasm. Skriv som om ingen någonsin kommer att läsa vad som finns där, censurera och bedöm inte dina svar.

    2. Börja långsamt men börja
    Ring resebyrån, leta efter något som passar din budget; gå och se filmen som du har skjutit upp; köp boken som du har velat köpa. Var generös mot dig själv och du kommer att se att även dessa små steg kommer att få dig känna dig mer levande.

    3. Sluta långsamt, men sluta
    Vissa saker förbrukar all din energi. Behöver du verkligen gå på detta möte? Behöver du hjälpa dem som inte vill bli hjälpt? Har din chef rätt att kräva att förutom ditt arbete så måste du gå till alla dessa fester som hen går till? När du slutar att göra det du inte är intresserad av att göra, kommer du att inse att du hade fler krav på dig själv än andra verkligen hade.

    4. Upptäck dina små talanger
    Vad säger dina vänner att du gör bra? Vad gör du med välbehag även om det inte är perfekt gjort? Dessa små talanger är dolda budskap i dina stora ockulta talanger.

    5. Börja välja
    Om något ger dig glädje, tveka inte. Om du är osäker, blunda, tänk dig att du har fattat beslut A och se allt som det kommer att ge dig. Gör nu samma sak med beslut B. Beslutet som får dig att du känner dig mer ansluten till livet är det rätta – även om det inte är det lättaste att göra.

    6. Basera inte dina beslut på ekonomisk vinning
    Vinsten kommer om du verkligen gör det med entusiasm. Samma vas, gjord av en keramiker som älskar vad hen gör och av en som hatar sitt jobb, har en själ. Den kommer att säljas snabbt (i det första fallet) eller förbli kvar på hyllorna (i det andra fallet).

    7. Följ din intuition
    Det mest intressanta arbetet är där du tillåter dig själv att vara kreativ. Einstein sa: “Jag har inte nått min förståelse av universum med enbart matematik.” Descartes, logikens fader, utvecklade sin metod baserad på en dröm han hade.

    8. Var inte rädd för att ändra dig
    Om du lägger ett beslut åt sidan och det stör dig, tänk igen på vad du har valt. Kämpa inte emot det som ger dig glädje.

    9. Lär dig att vila
    En dag i veckan utan att tänka på arbete gör att det undermedvetna kan hjälpa dig och många problem (men inte alla) löses utan hjälp från medvetandet.

    10. Tillåt det visa dig en lyckligare väg
    Om du kämpar för mycket för något, utan att resultaten visar sig, var mer flexibel och följ de vägar som livet erbjuder. Detta betyder inte att ge upp kampen, att bli lat eller lämna saker i andras händer – det innebär att förstå att arbetet av kärlek ger oss styrka, aldrig förtvivlan.

    11. Läs tecknen
    Detta är ett individuellt språk förbunden med intuitionen som visas i rätt ögonblick. í„ven om tecknen pekar i motsatt riktning än vad du planerat, följ dem. Ibland kan du hamna fel, men detta är det bästa sättet att lära sig detta nya språk.

    12. Slutligen, ta risker!
    De människor som förändrat världen gav sig ut på sina banor genom en handling av tro. Tro på kraften i dina drömmar. Gud är rättvis, han skulle inte placera en önskan i ditt hjärta som inte kan gå i uppfyllelse.

    Paulo Coelho in Swedish: http://www.facebook.com/PauloCoelhoSverige

    More Paulo Coelho in Swedish: ttps://twitter.com/O_La_Vie / http://olavie.wordpress.com/http://olavie.wordpress.com/

  25. houdini says:

    For two years I’ve been chasing my dream. A year ago I almost made it. Sadly, due to technicalities, It didn’t happen. All my efforts went to nothing. This left me broken-hearted. I literally cried myself to sleep for a week. I prayed harder. Then I figured that maybe God wanted me to be ready to receive blessing. Subconsciously, I knew that I was not yet ready at that time. I spent the whole year enriching my mind, body, soul and heart. God planted the seed of our dream. Our struggle towards it, more than its fulfillment, is a greater gift to Him. We build patience and persistence. God never says “no”, He perhaps meant “not now, later on”. I believe in perfect timing. I will give my dream another shot this year. Hopefully, heaven will hear.

    Thank you Paulo for constantly reminding us to be our own “Santiago”. You never fail to inspire me. Godbless!

    1. Marie says:

      Houdini Hello, I just read your comment, I admire your patience and wisdom. You’re a great person ! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Maksuda San says:

    O irreal, o ilusorio… nao tem espaco no Universo, apenas na concepcao material. O grande veu de Maya, que nos oculta todos os misterios. Mas sinto dizer que nao acredito em uma uma religiao pre-concebida pelos homens. Mas em um poder superior – como alguns dizem – que transcende o tempo e o espirito.
    Um abraco, Maksuda San.

  27. Ramonita says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I really enjoy ir” thanks!

  28. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    What a great program to follow to help us find our “Personal Legend”!
    Just follow the recipe line by line, just put aside daily routines .. sit and think .. arise and to clean up his daily life.
    However, it takes a lot of courage to make a clean sweep sometimes ..
    May start slowly with the first point:
    “Tell yourself the truth” Draw two columns on a sheet of paper … ”
    The first column fills up quickly, so quickly that life would not be enough ..
    The second returns you to face whatever the day may have heavy to wear .. Reread dizzy, how can I impose myself all this, day after day, and why?
    In fact it is sufficient to tear the sheet into two parts. The right side is burned, it produces a small straw fire which did not even have time to warm your heart. The left, I made “‹”‹a “cocotte en papier” I run towards the infinite sky. In its wake, my desires after his flight, and join my dreams. The same ones that await me has always been on the edge of the Milky Way. Will I have the courage to join them in this life?
    The rest of the recipe is so dense that I will continue tomorrow, but it is precisely for this, as I am still at the same point…
    …still for an eternity ..
    I must try .. The first Step.. and the next.. Only 12 steps .. easy.. no ? HELP !
    M . Chris

  29. Alejandra says:

    It was definitely not a coincidence that I read this at this precise moment. Thank you

  30. jill Abbott says:

    12 steps,
    came accross this on twitter last night, its so real and hits the mark.
    My husbands business has failed and we will possibly loose our home, its been difficult for the last few years.
    My private practice work is building well and keeping us fed and watered and most times i have a faith that all will come right.
    reading this just cements my foundations of faith and hope
    thank you
    jill Abbott

  31. Lynne says:

    Thankyou for a wonderful reminder……so, so often we settle for existence not life. Back in the uk I have massive debt problems but after today my realization is this, I only have what I have, you cannot take more or expect more than that. Fear gas gone , bless you for this gift today

  32. Oversetter - oversette din tekst says:

    Veldig god blogg!

  33. BLmac says:

    There have been so many signs, I see them but never ackowledge. pretty soon they will stop trying to grab my attention, and move onto someone that takes notice and does something about their dream.

  34. The Poet says:

    As with all lessons, this appeared just at the right time for me.

    Many thanks as always x

  35. nia says:

    Simple and truthful steps for following a dream.
    In reality,it is in nature that one must suffer to achieve dreams.Once a dream is achieve,an extreme sensational of joy will be the reward.
    The question is that how long does happiness last when a dream is succeed? and
    Do you just seek on a new dream when happiness fades?

  36. Vasavi Acharya says:

    So true…

    I woke up disheartened…as if all my dreams were slipping away from me, one by one. Then i read this….and yes!! I feel better, charged up and ready to follow my heart again, brushing aside all the dust that covered them…
    Thanks M. Paulo, for being my friend and guide….