Five Years in Paulo Coelho’s blog

(by Little Rich Girl)

Five years ago, a post I had written in my old blog Soul Work received this comment:

It then led to a series of exchanges with Paulo Coelho’s team, then finally to an email exchange with Mr. Coelho himself.

That experience taught me three important things:

Our idols and heroes are actually within reach.
Never underestimate the power of the Web to make things happen.
Trust your inner wisdom.

I’m revisiting all these now, not just to mark the fifth anniversary of my post being up on my favorite author’s blog, but also to remind myself that everything that I had written then still very much applies to me now. I wrote the original blog post nine years ago while I was in deep discernment over the direction my whole life was about to take, and while it first appears to speak about love it can actually apply to so many different areas of our lives. Now that I once again find myself in a life-changing crossroad, I need to remind myself that everything I need in order to make a decision is already here within me.

If, like me, you find yourself caught in a major crossroad and are in the middle of a deep search for meaning and fulfillment, then this post is for YOU. READ IT HERE

(I found this post by chance, but you are more than welcome to post your experience with this blog, and also to give me some ideas on how to improve it.
Thank you
Paulo Coelho )


  1. Pilar says:

    Sí­. ¡¡ Felicidades !! Usted ilumina las almas. ¡¡ Gracias !!

  2. LoveM says:

    Thank you dear Paulo
    For you wonderful books & blog
    They so beautifully express your heart
    Thanks for the space you give us to express ours
    Bless you LoveM

    Do you have any idea…
    who is reading this
    who is perceiving this
    who cognises this…
    Divine… to speak to you again…

    I’m glad you get it…
    This is not a compliment…
    It is who you are…

    Dreams do… come true
    Dream true.. good for you
    Dream you… your reality too
    Dream too… best for all of you

  3. Jessica G says:

    About crossroads Im in a middle of that right now …. which direction it will take will also be fate I suppose …. I have prayed for the best solution and I hope God will hear it *LOL*.
    Im dreaming of helping both youth and adults that has problems of different kind with alcohol or some other drugs or other problems … I have applied for a school and I hope I will get in.
    Warm hugs Jessica

  4. Jessica G says:

    Miracels do happen from time to time …. I believe in that :-)

    Isnt life a big suprise or what ?

    Love and light Jessica

  5. Atreyu says:

    Al principio fue una depresión. La prueba fue durí­sima, pero solo fue una enfermedad aunque en ella aprendí­ a renegar de mi antiguo dios. Me habí­a portado siempre lo mejor posible y dios me abandono en medio de aquel diluvio, ya no creí­a en dios, al menos en el que me habí­an gravado a fuego desde el nacimiento, me habí­a desconectado. Después paso un tiempo de adaptación, estaba contento como un niño porque habí­a vencido, pero al dejar la medicación salté a otro mundo aunque todaví­a no era consciente de ello. El tiempo pasó, las cosas no cambiaron demasiado y no sabí­a nada de señales ni alquimistas ni nada de eso, más tarde alguien apareció en mi camino y empecé a ser consciente de que algo no andaba bien en mi cabeza, no sentí­a como antes y no podí­a ofrecerle mi corazón a nadie de quien no estuviese enamorado porque se que el amor cuando llega te lleva y no querí­a que nadie me quisiese para mañana tener que decirle que estaba enamorado de otra persona, lo que no sabí­a es que no podí­a sentir, ni siquiera podí­a sentir el amor, al menos lo bueno, porque lo malo si que lo sentí­. Arrojado de nuevo al vací­o, despojado de lo único que querí­a vagaba sin rumbo, entonces un libro apareció en mi vida, el Alquimista, y los mensajes empezaron a aparecer, me acuerdo del primero, me impactó mucho, estaba pensando en que hací­a yo en este mundo que no sentí­a como mí­o, cuando una frase apareció en un muro tras la ventana del tren, “Lucha por ellos”, me quedé alucinado, ¿que estaba pasando?. Luego siguieron mostrándose, pensaba en algo y aparecí­a una respuesta de la nada, otras veces los buscaba y nada. Poco a poco empezaron a formar parte de mi vida, luego estaba tan metido en la batalla que ni siquiera me sorprendí­an, no intercedí­an en la lucha, aunque más de una, de dos, y de tres veces, llenaron mi alma de bellos perfumes, de sabios consejos y de esperanza. Así­ hasta el dí­a de hoy.

    No he llegado todaví­a, pero ya han salido a mi encuentro aunque todaví­a no lo expresen de forma directa, tengo que pasar todaví­a por algunas cosas, el camino no se puede acortar, pero sin duda, se que no ha sido un sueño. Me estoy acordando de un libro que mi hermana dejó en la mesilla de la habitación donde me tení­an atado a la cama, se titulaba “No digas que fue un sueño”. Dicen que el principio es como el final, caminaré hasta que lo vea con mis propios ojos… y en los suyos.

    Un saludo.

  6. Marie-Christine says:

    Le sentier ou God y va
    Est parseme de senteurs boisees
    S nir a lac dans la foret
    Pour y acceder, leave the Beta waves for the Alpha ones
    Por um te a t rico acto de fe in te rio
    Listening to the T weety birds brushing up with light feathers
    Adding some ‘sel’ to your cells is one of the access to the source
    Preparing for the flight of a lifetime
    Fill your chakrahs and action the fans with the beauty surrounding you
    Let the sparkle in your eyes reveal the pearl hidden inside of you
    Feel the life entering through your breathing
    Let the gentle musical breeze whispering sweet nothin’s into your ears
    Engulfing you into a discovery channel you have never reached
    Let LOVE make a print alongside with its hands
    Let it all go and say it, say it
    You are home…at last

    1. Raminder Singh says:

      beautiful comments for a beautiful blog of a beautiful mind

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      I love the interpretation.
      Simply beautiful Raminder Singh!

  7. Yan says:

    I also wish to comment again. Thanks internet, it makes so much possible.
    And thanks Paulo again for all your short and long articles. They bring joy to me every day.

    You teach me to be a warrior of light. And my son teaches me to be 100% efficient in my life. I am trying not to waste a single minute I have. Live it to the fullest!



  8. Adriana says:

    Your blog is really something and means a lot to me. Cannot do without it. I found it at the right time, at the hour of my greatest despair, and it has served ever since as a source of inspiration, signs, love and friends. God knows how dear it is to me.
    Lots of love to all.

  9. Tina says:

    Yes I am following you and your blog, and I hope when all my demons have disappeared and all your crossroads are gone, we will eventually enjoy this life. Why all this suffering on this planet if we don’t get any reward for it. It is my hope anyway, because I don’ t know how it is going to end, only God knows.

  10. Man, u answer to your fans internet comments :D, it’s amazing. Grettings from Poland!

  11. Marie-Christine says:

    I have learned that I can respect the way you think, it is your choice. It does not have to be my choice .
    I have learned that when people make snipes and comments, maybe it is time to have another look at oneself, because whether we like it or not, others are a reflection of ourselves.
    I have learned that making up my own mind is always best.
    I have learned that enjoying life and staying healthy is the most important. The rest is just nonsense.
    I have learned that staying heal thy is the best way for healing ‘THY’
    with love

  12. Marie-Christine says:

    I have learned that a simple breath can change your outlook on life and show you ways you had never imagined

  13. Slavica says:

    Our idols and heroes are actually within reach.
    Never underestimate the power of the Web to make things happen.
    Trust your inner wisdom.
    The second sentence seems very encouraging to me,since i really found myself’&my world on the net;perhaps i would never start writing,which turned out to be very nice experience,my blog saw almost 10,000 readers from the time i began it,i am happy that writing opened the whole universe to me,it is like a magic what i do now,becoming aware how many untold things were hidden inside me.I love to share all with my friends,and i must leave a comment being here,probably like the most of ones who read your blog.
    I always say,it is books to find-choose us;while going into my local library,i never asked the librarian which book to take,i walked past the shelves ,reaching my arm to pick up one to lie there forgotten/most often/..

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    I have survived.
    and looking forward to the next chapter in my life.
    I have learned , respect ,self respect is the best
    the power of writing
    the importance of languages in human relations
    the connection with nature
    the psychology of our own make up
    keeping your own sanity with humour adds pepper into your salt
    never to give up
    to keep learning
    the importance of social justice and health
    the importance of learning to breathe for inspiration
    to let go of the’ Bete'(silly) waves of the daily chatter and opt for the Alpha ones I make it the Alpha Romeo ,,,because I know it is leading me towards love and LOVE is all there is.
    With love and thanks

  15. Esther says:

    Un chico llamado Jose vino por el bar donde trabajaba en el año 98, era un año horrible para mi pues mi padre habí­a fallecido y mi padre era un hombre sencillo que hablaba en verso porque como el decia su verso era consuelo, sensible lleno de humanidad. Yo estaba pérdida sin rumbo sin meta, entonces siempre he hecho caso a la gente que me quiere ayudar y ese chico que por cierto tení­a muy mala fama, decí­an que era drogadicto me dijo sino habí­a leido el alquimista, yo nunca habí­a escuchado tal cosa, ademas habí­a dejado de leer y no me importaba ya nada. Me escribió en una servilleta el nombre del autor y la verdad es que en mi bolsillo estaba todo arrugado pero decidí­ comprarlo y cual serí­a mi sorpresa que cuando leí­a la Historia del alquimista era una historia que me contaba siempre mi padre cuando era una niña y las lágrimas rodaron por mis mejillas sentí­ que mi padre estaba presente en el libro además mi padre Roberto ” Carracho” habia cuidado ovejas y cabras en su pueblo ” La Artosa”, todo cambio a mi alrededor comprendí­ que nadie muere y que los mensajes te llegan cuando mas los necesitas, desde entonces soy fan de Paulo Coelho al que adoro por ser tan sencillo y escribir de esa manera que solo sabe dictar el corazón.
    Gracias Gracias Gracias.

  16. Gosh, so much to always think about and consider in life! I’m returning home today after a five month trip that began with walking to Santiago/Finisterre from St.Jean de Pied de Port, which then took me to Italy, Switzerland and back to Spain. During this trip I launched a blog and have started to think about writing. However, I feel I’m at a crossroads again as I’ve got some big decisions to make. I know this is just life but decisions for some people are hard to make. But reading your blog and others thoughts and comments such as Little Rich Girl’s certainly helps. I may be having some difficultly making a life decision at this turning point and yes I’m scared but what I do know is once I’ve made that decision everything will fall into place.
    Thanks again Paulo, Nina and everyone!
    Love, Steve

  17. I Am Here says:

    Again, Mr. Coelho is reading my journals without him being in my hometown, NYC.
    Even though at times I SWEAR it was the wrong decision, no regrets at all I have. I just pray more today than yesterday for me to read, shoot even the smell! the signs better… at the same time, I wonder… but nothing in Life is a mistake when you trust and belief in Him, so maybe me getting my heart broken was a sign that I followed correctly?!
    Thank you Mr Coelho… te adoro con todo mi corazon! Besos!!!

  18. Mackena says:

    E para os que acham que a aventura é perigosa, que vivam a rotina, ela mata bem antes da hora. Gosto do Manuscrito, e gosto + ainda d saber que líª nossos comentários, que faz questí£o d mostrar um ví­nculo com seus leitores – seguidores.

  19. Annie says:

    5 years
    yet seems it’s been forever
    and yet it feels always new
    a daily treasure

    this blog a pleasure,
    such a wonderful endeavor
    whatever the weather
    in the heart, rain or shine
    a rainbow of posts to drink like wine

    words and verses
    poems and tales
    never cease to amaze
    inspire and motivate
    an honor to participate

    how you brighten the world
    and how lucky we are all
    grateful for all that you do
    beautifying my world

    Love and Gratitude

    1. The girl says:

      Thank you Annie ;) So lovely…

    2. Annie says:

      that’s because you are lovely :)

      Love and Gratitude

    3. LoveM says:

      ;Double ;Ditto…
      Your poem made me realise how fortunate…lucky…blessed we are…
      Thank you Annie… For me you’re the heartbeat of this commentary…

      May the blessing of your birth and your being…
      Be felt in every heartbeat and in every breath…
      Have a lovely day…
      Enjoy in every way…

    4. Annie says:

      Birthday or Unbirthday
      blessing you are
      a Loving Gift to Life
      Life’s Loving Gift to Us
      always feel Happy to see you
      but mostly Happiness
      is happy to see you

      Love and GraDitude

  20. Arto Hutto says:

    Hi Paulo & all others,

    Let me first start with saying thank you Paulo, for your guidance.

    This blog is an important inspiration for me. I do not know where my own work will end but my path is there open and waiting.

    I wrote in this blog for the first time a few years ago. In November last year, think it was the 25th, I asked why there is no Swedish translation or active site up and I asked you, Paulo if it was ok for me to start it… and it was!

    Since that I have been doing this rewarding work at: &

    I work and have a family but do this whenever I can. Spreading the Good Fight and Light is worth doing as much as possible.

    As a thank you for my work and initiative, I was invited by Paulo to a tremendous party in Bassano Del Grappa with a lot of beautiful souls/people. At the party I got the opportunity to say a prayer to St Jospeh in Swedish. The prayer I read was found in my local catholic church in my hometown and the name of the church is also St Jospeh.
    At the party in Italy I met another great influence for me, Rudolf Schencker and Scorpions have been there for me over 30 years so that was also a great pleasure. December 8, Scorpions will have their last consert in Sweden ever and me and my son are invited to that event by Rudolf… so reach for the moon and you will end up with the stars ;)

    The same month I started to work with the translations/facebook page, the calender in my citchen had a glorious photo of Rio de Janeiro. I found this out when I was turning page to december a few weeks late.
    Talk about signs… I have found them, when I look for them, and I try to listen & follow them.

    Every minute, hour, day, every week & every month, I’m rewarded for this work and I also see that my small part reaches others to get their life enlightened.

    Today your facebook page has the same amount of followers as my country Sweden has inhibitants, so now I’m praying & hoping for the Nobel prize to come your way!

    Thank you Paulo!

    Best regards,

    Arto oLaVie Hutto

    PS. The domain is now registered and pointed to the Swedish facebook page but I was thinking of the ownership, how do I transfer it to you?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      keep it, I trus you

    2. Arto Hutto says:

      Thank you, Paulo!

      My heart gets warm of the trust. The domain and the task of spreading your word here in this cold north is safe with me and the other WoL´s up here…


  21. Kealan says:

    I’m commenting: enough said.

  22. Adana says:

    e em Portugal quando sera publicado???

  23. Jane Stewart (Dances With Crayons) says:

    Hello and a very happy anniversary! It’s such a joy to share in the precious occasion. There are many synchronicities also.
    Last night wanted to say thankyou for sharing this lovely message and wish Nina all the very best today, and throughout life. But a gentle voice said ‘wait’.

    Today on my outing in the next lane was a platinum vehicle. John said ‘look at the license plate!’ It read F A T I M A H. Lately when seeing the word ‘you’, think of ewe, and Santiago.

    I love this Blog for lots of reasons:
    Needing a quiet place, to read with an open heart. The energy is beautiful beyond words, because it is love. There were many things in life that I did not know how to cope with. But through the stories, began to see options or possibilities; ways of overcoming.
    Many times my right leg tingles when here, and that feels great (I have nerve damage) to feel the leg is alive. It’s happening now.
    And friends come here to share also, some of them I have had the pleasure of meeting in person… All because of reading The Alchemist, followed by a dream.

    Every day I am thankful that you wrote the book Paulo, although it’s not ‘just a book’ to me (love that it’s not just a book for many many people, in special ways), it touches the soul. Only love can do that.
    Like Nina shared so beautifully, the words guide me too and provide strength. Like a butterfly, a hug, or a mother’s love. Music and sometimes paintings do that also. Thankyou Paula for sharing this quote, wow!

    And also it’s exciting to read about Paulo’s new books and see the covers. Many smiley faces when readers send photos. How much that is appreciated on a daily basis. It seems a little thing, but for me, a very big thing. So thankyou dear Paulo, Paula and Friends.
    I don’t have any suggestions about improving the Blog.

    Welcome to the new readers!

    Love and warm embrace to All,
    From a grateful heart,

  24. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Thank’s to your first webpage, now I have my name here…(barcelona_20_euros_en_un_cafe) for that I agree with the sentences: “Our idols and heroes are actually within reach”. I wanna add: thank’s to Internet! (Maybe the Idols don’t speak,… but they write!! :-D).

    Thank’s to this blog and the (old) WOL Community spaces (and other online communities, like Facebook or Twitter) I met some others Warriors of the Light on-line (Yes, I know… everyone is a WOL!!! 15 years later,I don’t doubt it, I know it ;-P) and I met some WOLs in the “real life” too.
    Sometimes I don’t know what I can write as a comment for your posts, because I think that all that I can say/write is “Wow… ” and I need some time to think about the post and have an opinion…
    Sometimes I feel that you write exactly the post that I need to read this day…
    Sometimes it’s just a post to read and enjoy, or to read and remember.

    Thank you for this blog :-)

    A lot of hugs from Barcelona,


  25. Treesa says:

    I am moved to write, after reading this!

    I came here today, after reading “The Alchemist”, I don’t know how it escaped me for all this time, but it came about at the right time. It is truly beautiful and something that I really needed at this time.

    I was so struck by the story and the similarities to my experiences but more so to something I found in a small museum in England a while back. There is a tiny museum dedicated to a man who found the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt in the same museum there is a dedication to a local man who followed his dream of finding treasure on London Bridge. The story went along the lines of having travelled there he waited and a man came along and asked him what he was doing, when he replied he had a dream he would find treasure there the man told him if everyone listen to their dreams he would find gold buried underneath a tree in a certain location, which was local to the man and he went back and found the gold to build a church with. As we left the museum the alarms went off, as I left with that story imprinted on my mind, I felt like that was the treasure for me.

    I have never thought of treasure as something physical before just as moments in time and finding Paulo Coelho is certainly one of those times.

  26. smile-tabi says:

    Again hello to the best writer whom i loved his books.
    When i read alchemist for third time i found out new achievements, it reminded my prophet Mohammad and all phylossophies in my culture ,i found how much people r like to each other even with an extensive differentiations between their cultures.
    When i read Aleph i found out that why in my life i cant like some people and love other people withought any reason and i tell to myself, such a goodness for Helaal!!!!

  27. Pilar de a Orillas del Rio Piedra says:

    ufff, que decir.. cuantos recuerdos.. experiencias, cuanto he aprendido de Paulo Coelho.. que emoción cuando abrí­a el correo electrónico y en bandeja habí­a , el correo especial con ese nombre tan respetado y amado de mi gran escritor Paulo Coelho.. Avilés.. El Alquimista… club fans español , de Pilar y Luna… cuantos escrito sobre el guerrero de la luz.. pero sobre todo, ese abrazo y beso por primera vez , en Aviles.. que decirte.. solo una palabra: GRACIAS PAULO!! por muchos años más , chinchin! PS: hasta una entrevista , que me hicieron delante tuya jaaaaaaaa , beijos <3
    Pilar de Málaga

  28. Yan says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Here is my story and that has something to do with you and this blog.

    A boy I loved called my love for him the “cancer” for our friendship, that hurts me a lot. I always believed in ,what you called, “Aleph”, I feel we are somehow connected, from a long time ago, even before this life is born, but maybe I am the only one who is feeling it. And since I already have the life I wished to pursue, all I wanted to do is to be a good big sister and friend for him. But somehow I failed, and our relationship ended up with the first sentence of this paragraph.

    Finally I decided to let this love free, for I believe, there will be no real friendship nor love if two people can’t trust each other anymore. And I don’t want to have such a bond with someone.

    Now it comes to your blog. He introduced the Alchemist to me before, said you are his favorite writer, and I liked that one, too. So, as I decided to heal my “cancer”(it brings me pain and anger, even hatred), I started to read another one of your books, and one more, two more…. and finally also your blog.

    And each time I feel pain, I read your words, do the translation, and later do one and two and three chinese blogs for you. I try to give you all the love that is choked in my heart as a present, because I don’t wnat this love to become something bad, as he called “cancer”. And I am so happy working for you.

    And now I am thinking, maybe this is the true reason why God let him come into my life, to lead me to someone special. Not only you, but also other two great teachers in life for me.



  29. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Alors que j’avais lu chacun de vos livres, depuis l’Alchimiste, je n’aurais jamais cru possible de pouvoir ainsi “dialoguer” avec vous.
    Je n’ai pas été élevée avec Internet, et si je passais mes journées entourée d’informatique diverse, ce n’était que pour le travail. J’ai découvert ce blog par hasard, il y a environ 18 mois, en cherchant, s’il existait encore un livre que je n’avais pas lu.. un jour oí¹ j’étais en manque…
    de vos mots…
    Je l’ai lu et relu, bien que l’anglais fut encore difficile pour moi, bien avant d’oser écrire une de mes phrases í  cí´té de tout le bouillonnement d’idées qu’il contenait.
    Et puis, “Aleph” est arrivé, et je n’ai plus pu me retenir de vous dire mon émotion , ma passion pour cette tranche de vie, de … toutes ces vies…
    Oui, je vous aurais volontiers suivi dans tous les trains du monde.
    Et j’ai été immensément étonnée en découvrant que parfois vous répondiez …
    Ce monde d’internet était très loin de moi, je venais de découvrir les réseaux sociaux et la génération 2.0 était une autre galaxie pour moi.
    Et puis, en lisant , les multitudes d’avis provenant de tous les pays du monde, qui se posaient sur votre page, j’ai découvert un monde d’humanité .
    Comment dire ce que cette communanuté représente pour moi:
    – Une famille d’íªtre humains partageant leurs expériences, leurs joies et leurs souffrances, autour de vos idées, toujours étonnantes, et si diverses;
    – Un trésor quotidien, oí¹ chacun apporte un peu de son énergie pour en distribuer aux autres, í  travers des mots et des idées;
    – Un peu d’humour, beaucoup de poésie, un peu de philosophie, beaucoup d’émotions, et finalement un puits sans fond, un réservoir d’Amour oí¹ puiser sans compter, pour se recharger émtionnellement.
    Je ne vois pas comment vous donner des conseils, comment améliorer ce qui se construit chaque jour, nourrit de la vie humaine, comme un arbre qui étend ses branches vers le ciel et qui grandit vers la lumière.
    Continuez , je vous en prie, í  réunir autour de votre esprit, tous ces élans d’échanges humains.
    Nous ne pouvons que vous remercier de nous sortir de notre banal quotidien, en nous faisant regarder le soleil derrière votre ombre. Merci d’exister et de nous le faire partager. Merci pour tout ce que vous m’avez apporté.
    Avec tout mon amour . M. Chris

    While I read each of your books from the Alchemist, I never thought possible be alble to “talk” to you.
    I have not been raised with the Internet, and if I spend my days surrounded by diverse computer, it was only for work. I discovered this blog by accident about 18 months ago, looking if there was another book I had not read .. one day when I was missing …
    of your words …
    I read and reread, although English was still hard for me, even before venturing write one of my sentences next to all the ferment of ideas it contained.
    And then, “Aleph” has arrived, and I have not been able to stop myself from telling you my feelings, my passion for this slice of life, … all these lives …
    Yes, I would willingly to follow you in all trains of the world.
    And I was immensely surprised to discover that sometimes you answer…
    The internet world was very far from me, I just discovered social networks and generation 2.0 was another galaxy for me.
    And then reading the multitude of opinions from all over the world, which rested on your page, I discovered a world of humanity.
    How to say what this community means to me :
    – A family of human beings sharing their experiences, their joys and sufferings around ideas, always amazing, and so different;
    – A treasure daily, where everyone brings a bit of his energy to distribute to others through words and ideas;
    – A little humor, a lot of poetry, a little philosophy, a lot of emotions, and finally a bottomless pit, a reservoir from which to draw love without counting, to recharge emotionally.
    I do not see how you give advice on how to improve what is being built every day, eaten by human life, like a tree that spreads its branches towards the sky and grows to the light.
    Continue, I beg you, to unite your mind around all these impulses of human interaction.
    We can only thank you for us out of our mundane daily, making us watch the sun behind your shadow. Thank you to exist and sharing with us. Thank you for everything you’ve given to me.
    With all my love. Chris

  30. cristina cabral says:


  31. toñi says:

    Recuerdo que el primer mensaje que recibí­ de Paulo decí­a algo así­: “si te lo propones puedes llegar muy lejos, tan lejos como te indique tu corazón…”.
    Supongo que mi humilde opinión para cómo mejorar el blog es poca cosa, no sé qué consejo puedo darte, supongo que el mismo que me distes tú a mi hace años, escucha a tu corazón y él te llevará tan lejos como deseas.
    Yo también estoy pasando un momento extraño en mi vida en este momento.
    Igualmente pienso que este blog es muy completo y muy estupendo, tanto el blog como todas las personas que entran y participan en el blog.
    Un abrazo,

  32. Jameka says:

    When I need a word I type in your name. When I need uplifting I read a line. When I need a hug I write a sentence. In this blog an embrace is given. Thank you for welcoming me.

  33. heart says:

    Internet gave me a husband, a house, a job, two dogs & this exciting diverse community of Paulo Coelho readers. Thanks to your blog, I’ve met stories, artists, topics and sides of myself and of you all, otherwise I wouldn’t have. I will compare my time in the blog, with the 5 years at the university, in the amount of new lessons learned. How can we ever thank you Paulo for enriching our lives this much? We LOVE you xx

  34. Shine says:

    Our idols and heroes are actually within reach.

    Come to India…………. :)

  35. smile-tabi says:

    Dear paulo
    this blogue is a wonderful one ,coz the peopke of every point of the world can write their decisions and ideas with different languages and different religions and cultures which is very beautiful happening in humanbeing life.Thank u so much.but i have a request ,please let us know that u raed u r comments and ur opinions.thank u so much.

    1. smile-tabi says:

      uif u read our comments and tel us ur opinion to us if u can thank u so much

  36. tabi-smile says:

    there is 1 month that i have known this blog and i love it but i dont know if mr.paulo read all our comments or not??

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      yes, but I try not to interfere

    2. smile-tabi says:

      Hello Dear Mr Coelhoo
      How much i was happy when saw ur answer.Wow so much wonderful for me. Thanks a lot.Best wishes 4 u.

  37. Angela says:

    Wow..Ms Little Rich Girl…I am now reading your blogs and it cuts deep.. You are a blooming writer I would look out for. Thanks for sharing the thoughts! We are all liken to Kindred Spirits ^_^

    1. Angela says:

      Btw, I’m so proud to be Pinoy Ms Nina! ^_^

    2. Thank you SOOOO much, Angela! :)

      And, once again, THANK YOU, Mr. Coelho. Your voice has paved the way for many of us to find ours. May you forever be blessed with the spirit of abundance and light, and may your path lead us to find ours.

      With deepest respect,

  38. Atreyu says:

    Hoy me siento distinto, con una gran energí­a. Empezaré a hacer todo lo que dejé para otro momento.

    He llegado, no me suele pasar pero al despertarme me ha venido una frase de la cosa, de los 4 fantásticos, la frase es… “a llegado la hora de las tortas”, simbólicamente hablando claro, o no, quién sabe, lo cierto es que tengo ganas de comerme el mundo y ahora puedo.

    Un saludo.

  39. dalia says:

    ” God is love ,generosity and forgiveness.. if we believe in this we will never allow our weakness to paralyze us ”
    your words always make me live very spiritual moments , whenever i read anything u wrote everything becomes green around me with little butterflies flying everywhere as if i completely separated from the world around me . u give me hope :) thank u

  40. Alexa says:

    Good Day. So, I remember myself how it started. I was studying Letters at faculty, and one mate who was good in learning, took your books from library…I asked her if was a good reading. After a while, I took myself the book ( The Alchemist, or The Devil and Mrs. Prymm…) and I was very pleased. A wonderful discovery. So, in the last year I had to write a thesis for graduation, and I choose compared literature, a Romanian author ( M. Eliade) and Paulo Coelho… I read more books, and tried to search infor on net ( I had no computer yet..)…Because of that I searched information on PC of father…I found your blog, and saw posts. But only after more time I understood I can reply. I tried to write to you ( author). Father said a lot of bad things, laughing on me.
    But after some time some of your team replied, and you sent me a signed picture. Thanks. Was great.
    After more time you answer directly questions I asked, and also you published a short text I wrote.
    And the best of all…..I was guest in Melk!!!AHHHHH…
    So, was amazing, and I got lots of friends here with same interests.
    I wish you all the best ever

  41. Dear Paulo,
    I’m an 18 year old Venezuelan girl writing to you from Miami. You have changed my life. When I read The Alchemist I was able to relate to Santiago to the point that I cried because I had been going through the same thing. My first tattoo is “maktub”… I plan on reading all of your books in the next few months. Thank you for making beautiful works of art. One day we will meet, and I’ll thank you for what you have done for me.

    1. Niña Terol-Zialcita says:

      Hi Andry!

      Soy Niña from the Philippines (who also has the great fortune of having written this post above) :) My husband and I were so inspired by “Maktub” that he had it engraved in both my engagement and wedding rings! Mr. Paulo Coelho had TRULY changed my life!

  42. Natasha Novínsky says:

    Sei que as vezes minhas palavras parecem confusas, mas sei que de alguma maneira vocíª consegue entender…Eu ní£o as disse por acaso, elas tem um segredo, um doce e inesquecí­vel segredo… Este é meu ultimo post por aqui, e quero deixar registrado que… Tá grá agram ort para sempre, meu querido Druida.
    Beijos carmim…
    PS: O amor é a alma gíªmea da alma…

  43. Daniel says:


    I found much, much insight on these blogs.

    I found a doppleganger from the antipodes – we have the same name and think and poetize with strangely similar styles…

    As fí r reaching the white rabbit, Mr Coelho (took me years to realize in portuguese, Coelho actually means rabbit), well…

    …I came to feel like a sperm trying to enter the ovum!

    So for the time being I let go of that. If the universe must conspire to have us intersect, both ways, then it will happen.

    From Paris, with love ;o)

    Thank you for writing the Alchemist. Obrigadinho!

    Daniel :o)