Choosing the way we will depart

As you probably know, we are all going to die one day.

As we become aware of that, we should surrender to life with much more joy, making things we always postpone, respecting the precious minutes that are passing by and will never come back, disclosing and discovering horizons that can be interesting or disappointing, but deserve at least a little bit of our effort.

It’s normal that we try to avoid death.

It isn’t only normal, it’s the healthiest attitude we can adopt. It is an aberration however to deny it, as the awareness of it lends us much more courage.

If I were to die today, what would I like to do that I haven’t done yet? This is my thought every morning. I learned, along the Saint James Path, that the Angel of Death is my best counsellor.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo says to his disciple: ‘All of us want to live and that is absolutely natural. However, we should learn from childhood on to choose our best way to die.

‘If we don’t do that, we end up spending our days like a dog, only in search of harbour, food and expressing a blind loyalty to his owner in return. That isn’t enough to make our lives have a meaning.’

It is no use in trying to create a world apparently safe and I can find nothing better to explain that than a little story by John O’Hara:

A man goes to the market to buy fruits, when he sees his own Death walking among the people.

Desperate, he runs back and asks his employer to exempt him that day, as he had seen his Death from close.

His boss lets him go to his village, but starts thinking that all that might have been a lie. He goes to the market and really sees his employee’s Death, sitting in a bank.

He complains: ‘But what are you doing here? My servant was surprised to see you and because of that I had to dismiss him from work!”
‘I was surprised to see him here as well,’ Death answers.

‘I have a date with him at five o’clock, at his village, and as it seems, he will escape me!’


  1. Pamela Kucklick Arencibia says:

    He who knows does not die like he who does not know. (Ifa of the Yoruba people)

  2. AMEER ALI says:

    Wish not for death any of you; neither the doer of good works, for peradventure he may increase them by an increase of life; nor the offender, for perhaps he may obtain the forgiveness of God by repentance. Wish not, nor supplicate for death before its time cometh; for verily when ye die, hope is out and the ambition for reward: and verily, the increase of a Mumins’ (Muslim’s) life increaseth his good works.

    Remember often the destroyer and cutter off of delights, which is death.

    Not one of you must wish for death from any wordly affliction; but if there certainly is anyone wishing for death, he must say, “O Lord, keep me alive so long as life may be good for me, and wish me to die when it is better for me so to do.”

    The Faithful do not die; perhaps they become translated from this perishable world to the world of eternal existences.

    Death is a blessing to a Muslim. Remember and speak well of your dead, and refrain from speaking ill of them.

    There are two things disliked by the sons of Adam, one of them death; whereas it is better for Muslims than sinning; the second is scarcity of money; whereas its account will be small in futurity.

    The grave is the first stage of the journey into eternity.

    Death is a bridge that uniteth friend with friend.

    Sleep is the brother of death.

    Muhammad said, three days before his death, “Not one of you must die but with resignation to the will of God, and with hope for his beneficence and pardon.”

    1. Cesar Farfan says:

      Yes, that my be right. But he, as humans, can’t choose when will it be the momento to die. It just comes. I respect very much the Muslims, as I consider many of their traditions as pure wisdom, but I’m totally against the fundamentalism, which says that a human can kill in name of God. NOBODY can kill in the name of God, at least not conciously. If a man says that he will kill because God needs that, then that man is really confused. Anyway, death is a blessing, because it makes us think everyday about the path of our lives and is the point where our physical body dies and we come back to life :) Regards!

  3. Marie says:

    For a long time I thought I was going to die young. So I was a bulimic life. I did not ask myself if what I was experiencing was right or wrong. I have taken everything. Then when my daughter was born, I became an anguished death. I imagined the worst situations ! Life went on and I thought that since I was still alive it would be nice to enjoy ! Now I don’t worry. This deadline is part of my life. I don’t know how or when death will come for me, but if life is full of surprises then death must be too! As I’m an eternal optimist, I will say that a good chance will make things well and if there’s not good chance, I would die as it’s written in my destiny! So why focus on the inevitable ? Each day is mine with the opportunity to experience something special. It’s I who decides !

  4. Flechis says:

    For me, death is not scary. What is scary is live. It’s plenty of difficulties, sadness and unjustice.

  5. ioana says:

    … what is bizar and illogical, is that the only sure thing in lige is that we are going to die. there is no other definitely sure thing! despite this, we are all living our lives as we are immortals. we make plans to 100 years and over, we gather things that we might need sometimes later. and, more frightening, we do not accept the idea that we are going to die! although it’s demonstrated, that it’s the only definitely tru thing!

  6. arun says:

    “Death would not be called bad, O people, if one knew how to truly die.” – GURU NANAK

    Whenever we think about this ultimate truth, we feel scare of losing our friends, dearer and loved ones. It creates a fear in our mind. It is undecided and comes as surprise rather shock to us. I remember seeing people mourning for some one who departed for unknown destination. The fear arises due to this as this onwards journey is unknown to us. We do not know where our beloved go when they die. The fear of their sufferings give us pain created to them in this journey. If we would have known that there is no suffering nor pain then we could be relaxed but our creator has not disclosed this card to us. As we live in uncertainty and confusion in this world where more sufferings and pain occur to us so we take that this could be another place of so. The human being believes in worries, agony and increasing pain to himself so we suffer more than our share. I feel it is a new beginning. We all love ourselves and love to see dress up and getting ready for world everyday so that every one loves us. We changes our clothes and wear something new/ washed dress having no wrinkles so we may look fresh and joyful. The bright sprinkle eyes speak lot about love. The smile over our lips is magnetic and laugh is tension free. Death brings everything to us. It is the time to fall in love again with oneself. It gives us an opportunity to start a fresh to live again this precious life. The death allows us to take our lessons learnt prior to it with us so we may take ourselves to new height of knowledge with experiences of learning. The knowledge, self realisation helps to free us from pain and bitterness. The death gets us a new body- young, fresh, new love, meeting our new buddies, lot of pampering, chance to play the dancing tunes again. New opportunities helps us to design our soul with new learning’s. Everything bad erases from memories and everything good makes us a new man with new meaning. We should always remember when we surrender to unknown it always does not mean a bad thing. It may be another phase of destiny with journey from darkness to light. It is a sinless beginning with lot of new gateways…. BEST OF LUCK !!!!

  7. Atreyu says:

    Ayer consulté el I ching, me salio “lo receptivo” en dos tiradas distintas, en la segunda la última linea mutaba dando paso a, “el Retorno”.

    A veces me angustio, pienso que no hago lo suficiente, pienso que no me obligo, otras veces pienso que no hay que forzar las cosas, cuando estás preparado, las cosas ocurren, o las haces porque es lo que te pide la vida en ese momento.

    La verdad que estoy en medio de la nada, y esta situación me angustia a veces; sin trabajo, sin apoyos, estoy parado esperando que alguna puerta se abra porque poco más puedo hacer, entretanto trabajo en lo que puedo, y noto que cambio, la firmeza aumenta y la forma de interceder en el entorno también. Aunque no he llegado, sin duda noto que avanzo, si mañana les pasase algo a mis padres, no se que serí­a de mi porque ando con el dinero justo para ir tirando y parece que no hay muchas expectativas de encontrar trabajo, pero aun así­ tengo fe, a veces dudo, pero se que en mi vida existe la magia, y aunque parezca cosa de locos, tengo fe, confí­o y creo que mañana todo será diferente.

    Un saludo.

  8. Lana says:

    I am not afraid of death. I do not want to live a long life, but rather useful and meaningful. So, I would like to die before 60, on my way to work. I know it sounds “mental”, but this is how I would prefer to die. Nothing should be fought for – neither life nor health. Everything should be natural.
    The beginning and the end.

  9. jen says:

    The employer thinks of calling his worker back, but it is already late. Destiny will be fulfilled as it had been written, especially because the man was afraid of Death and decided to run away.

  10. CELI PONTALDI says:

    se vc soubesse que fosse morrer dentro de um míªs, qual o teu sonho…..
    Se eu soubesse que teria um míªs de vida, viveria esse míªs por 10 anos.
    Viva intensamente vc tem condií§íµes, tem muitos que tem sonhos e ní£o podem realizar por falta de condií§íµes, falo por mim. bjos

  11. Saarim Ali says:

    Matter neither created nor destroyed, Death is all about the end of will and wish.

    It is nothing but a word, which is going finish our existence.

    Body is not necessary to love, If Aristotle had poison, then why he is still alive as thought?

  12. Cat says:

    Accepting you are going to die becomes easier the more years we live..but it’s tragic so many so young die when their lives could be saved…please consider becoming an organ/tissue donor so others may live thanks to your ‘gift of life’ once you are gone x

  13. Carol Chester says:

    I am an optimist so I like to believe I will be as passionate in the afterlife as I am in this earthly one….a shape shifter who just gets better with time! ;) Thank you Paulo. This was a choice share!

  14. E. Sandino says:

    the Angel of Death is my best counsellor…. I don`t know…
    The Angel of Death is not ….

  15. Begoña says:

    -“No morimos porque, en realidad, nunca nacimos” .
    ( ¿ Ya estábamos ?… Qué fascinante !! )
    -Shanti Nilaya-, son palabras sánscritas que significan ” el hogar definitivo de paz”; allí­ es donde vamos al final de nuestro viaje terrenal cuando regresamos a Dios. ( Del capitulo 31, “Mi conciencia cósmica” del libro de Elisabeth kübler Ross, ” La rueda de la vida”.

    1. Atreyu says:

      Es bonito pensar que todo es un camino, no hay diferencia entre esta vida y la vida en otro sitio, es un transito más de un precioso viaje, y quiero no fallarme para estar en paz cuando tenga que dar el salto.

      Un saludo.

  16. Genevieve Ross says:

    The day my husband died (heart attack, age 46) he was the happiest man on earth, I knew. His caring and compassion, his love of life and living it to the fullest–every moment of every day–served well, all who had had the pleasure to know him. Losing him to death was devastating, but knowing that he was truly alive until the moment (he had no say in when it would be) he died, has brought me great peace in my journey through grief.

  17. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I went to see a Korean movie yesterday ‘In another country’. I had never seen any Korean movies before.
    It was presented at the Cannes Festival this year and the movie director is Hong Sang soo.
    I enjoyed it a lot.

    For me, it was a passage of life seen through the eyes of the young woman who was writing the script.

    I saw it as an interpretation of time, a very short moment of life and the repetition occurring until you find another version.
    I compared it a bit with doing the Camino, how I noticed the time slowing down when you are walking and you are taking the time to view things in a different way. Whilst when you are driving it goes at a faster pace.

    Hong Sang soo has made several other films One of his title is most interesting ;’La femme est l’avenir de l’homme’ The woman is man’s future
    That is so true
    I wonder, Paulo , have they thought about that?
    with love

    1. kanchansingh says:

      agree with u Marie-Christine. its a masterpiece as u can feel at a given time the same as the protagonists…. its a mark of the master.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      thank you Kanchansingh :)

  18. Marie-Christine says:

    ‘Celui qui prend soin des invisibles retient les fleurs de faner.’ Bobin Boubat
    The one that takes care of the invisibles keeps the flowers to fade.
    I include the soul, such a precious flower to be nurtured
    Your SOUL. Take good care of it.
    With love

  19. Grazina says:

    Kada is gyvenimo gauni tik skausma ir nebegali daugiau to skausmo atlaikyti, tuomet yra tik vienas kelias – time to say goodbye…

  20. Samay says:

    I lost my dad recently. He got heart attack while MRI and he was under anesthesia. He got CPR a bit late, in that time, his brain got damaged, for 5 days he was in coma and then he departed.

    He always says us that – he will die of heart attack only, b’cos my heart is very weak. Dad lost life the same way, he said.

    Death attacked at him on weakest point, first kills his strongest point – his Brain. His death was so calm, that he didn’t feel a bit of pain while dying.

  21. ALy says:

    True!!! One can’t cheat the design of death made by the Supreme. But i am thinking if all things are written above in heavens like life, death, marriage and meals etc then what are we doing of ourselves? If its that supreme power in Who hands are we puppets so whats the meaning of Life???!!! Why are souls wondering here?? I always think of such things but have never find a proper answer. i think Supreme Power of Almighty wants us to find out the Truth hidden within a trial period! May He Bless Us All!! And Bestow His Blessings to Die In A Way Which Makes Our Souls Fly Towards Him!! And Reach The Destiny But Not Wander In Heavens….. Amin

  22. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Death gives value to our lives.
    We live without thinking about this… we have plenty of time .. we have whole life ahead of us.
    Maybe we lose each day in futilities for not having the time to think about all this time that we lose precisely. When danger comes, keep our head in the sand not to see, like the ostrich.
    Old age and death are listed in our genes, and I would like to stop this inexorable headlong flight. I get a little to slow down, but I know that I would lose in the end.
    Thank you Paulo, make us reflect on what we will lose in the end ..
    Lose our body and our senses and all the fun they provide.
    Losing eyes to admire, legs to walk, hands to stroke, tongue to taste, ears to hear .. all this, the old age gradually accustoms us to do, unfortunately .. perhaps, to be sure that we have fewer regrets when the time comes to leave this body, which has brought us and is used …
    But I will not lose my soul, one who loves, one who dreams, one who hopes, one that flies to yours in the darkness of the night. Not that I refuse.
    I know she will fly the day comes, I know .. I have often seen the empty body that is going out . But to go where ? It remains a mystery.
    I am not very looking forward to have the answer to this mystery.
    In the meantime, I try to fill my life with love and kindness for not missing a beat. And every day, I could at least share a moment of sweetness with one of you shared a little harmony, then this day is among the “sunny days”.
    I wish you many more “sunny days”, full of sharing and harmony, even if they’re “rainy days” which us to enjoy the sun..
    Our days us are counted but that each second to be filled with love and life. This is what I wish each of us.
    With my Love. Chris

  23. Paris Leopold McGrath says:

    I remember reading about a woman who was actively involved in palliative care and she wrote that she had learnt the best lessons of her life from the ones who were so near death. They regretted having not loved enough and not lived enough. I was moved by her account and I pasted that article on my bulletin board, just to remind myself that I must live daily, every second.
    The bulletin board has been updated and that article has been removed now.
    I keep forgetting having to live daily.
    It takes a lot of effort to rise above the humdrum of life and remember to listen to the song completely, understanding the lyrics and savouring it, drinking it slowly, tapping your foot and singing along gaily so that one finds the elusive agape :)

  24. Daze says:

    It is true, we are all going to die one day. The problem many people have is the misconception of knowing WHEN our time will be. Our consciousness on death does not allow us to live without worry, without fear of the future, of the unknown. I think it is safe to say that most people hope to live a long life and die at an old age. Because of this, people begin to plan their lives according to what others have done. People follow other’s footsteps because THEY had a good life, or what seemed to be a happy life. We build this idea of what happiness looks like, as if there was a recipe or a manual to get there.
    What we should be doing instead is living the moment, doing what we love every second of the day because we really don’t know when our time will come. When we follow our hearts and by pursuing our dreams is the only way we will truly be happy because we are doing what we came here to do, we are following what we believe is our mission in life. This will not only gives meaning to our life, but allow us to LIVE every minute, rather than settling and dying while still alive.

  25. Wylie says:

    As a war veteran, I had to live under the gaze of death for months on end. At first it was overwhelming, but death was so present, that I grew accustomed to it. Then, I began to stare at death just as steady as it stared at me. Then we became friends. Death taught me so much about myself, I forgot my fear of it. I learned that death was just a door to something beyond. Of course, I wasn’t about to walk through it before my time, and I CERTAINLY wasn’t going to be pushed through it! But I no longer fear death and I am FASCINATED about what comes after! Thank you for the post!

  26. Telluselle says:

    I like to see Death as a filter and a checklist to focus on what is truly important; saying all that needs tombe said before it’s too late and break open my heart when it closes up. Aloha!

  27. Begoña says:

    Existe, hoy en dí­a, una Tribu India en América, con un enfoque muy especial de la vida y la muerte porque lloran cuando se producen los nacimientos y, en cambio, se alegran y lo festejan cuando muere alguno de sus integrantes.
    Supongo que será una Tribu del Amazonas, no sé, lo leí­ en una revista y, aunque a simple vista pueda parecer algo ilógico, tiene su punto de coherencia, solo hay que experimentar de cerca una maternidad para comprenderlo.

    1. Atreyu says:

      La verdad es que con el precio al que están lo pañales y los potios, no me extraña que lloren, y lo de alegrarse cuando algunos mueren… tampoco me extraña.

      Un saludo. :)

  28. Irina Black says:

    …И горят,горят в корзинах свечи,
    Словно голубь залетел в ковчег.
    На театре и на праздном вече
    Умирает человек.
    Ибо нет спасенья от любви и страха:
    Тяжелее платины Сатурново кольцо!
    Чёрным бархатом завешенная плаха
    И прекрасное лицо.(О.Мандельштам)

  29. Tina says:

    Padre Pio said – Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him.

  30. Paola says:

    Things happen the way they are supposed to.

    Since I’ve read ‘Le pèlerin de Compostelle’ I wanna walk the Saint James Path !
    It’ll be done in June 2014 after my exams if everything goes well. :D

    1. laura says:

      Non è la strada che fa la via…eppure la via spesso si trova camminando.

      In bocca al lupo :D

  31. Olta Canka says:

    I wake up every day with a feeling of anxiety that grows each day. I see the fast countdown of my days and no matter how many more I might have in front of me, I imagine myself being at the last moments of my life sooner than I can think or feel. It is terrifying, but in the other hand I am glad I feel that, because this feeling will never allow me live badly. Since so many years have past by so fast it wouldn’t be difficult for the rest of them to run away just like the ones that are gone.
    The meeting with death can change your life every time you meet with it. Each time you are going to meet with a new image of life…
    I have seen it in the cold bodies of my loved ones and it makes you think a lot. What are we in this life? Nothing! Just a sum of dust… And what can we do while we still breathe? Amazing things!
    Death is not about suffering, but about acknowledging and making us aware that we need to wake up.

    Maybe I’d compare it to the bittersweet taste of a strong coffee that smells great and wakes you up. :D


  32. Jameka says:

    “If longevity is not promised, and the mother gives life that provides, and art is life; which propels another’s vessel. Is it not time for you to live art and give to your mother?”


  33. Shine says:

    beautiful words full of true wisdom! Love Avantika

  34. Jessica G says:

    How strange …. I was thinking of death myself today ….. my mother was ill just recently …. a stroke in the spleen.
    I was afraid of loosing her …. but she survived and she is much better now thank God.
    Im not that afraid of dying myself (just a little) but Im more afraid of loosing the people close to me ….. and I dont want to be alone in the world.
    But when death is around the corner we really learn how to live in the moment. I try to do funny things every day … today I met a wonderful friend for lunch for example ;-)

    Love and light Jessica

  35. Alexa says:

    Dear Paulo and friends
    today ( coincidence) I found hat poem, in Romanian- is a great piece, fit for the topi. But for you if in English:
    MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2005

    Pablo Neruda – Die Slowly
    He who becomes the slave of habit,
    who follows the same routes every day,
    who never changes pace,
    who does not risk and change the color of his clothes,
    who does not speak and does not experience,
    dies slowly.

    He or she who shuns passion,
    who prefers black on white,
    dotting ones “it’s” rather than a bundle of emotions, the kind that make your eyes glimmer,
    that turn a yawn into a smile,
    that make the heart pound in the face of mistakes and feelings,
    dies slowly.

    He or she who does not turn things topsy-turvy,
    who is unhappy at work,
    who does not risk certainty for uncertainty,
    to thus follow a dream,
    those who do not forego sound advice at least once in their lives,
    die slowly.

    He who does not travel, who does not read,
    who does not listen to music,
    who does not find grace in himself,
    she who does not find grace in herself,
    dies slowly.

    He who slowly destroys his own self-esteem,
    who does not allow himself to be helped,
    who spends days on end complaining about his own bad luck, about the rain that never stops,
    dies slowly.

    He or she who abandon a project before starting it, who fail to ask questions on subjects he doesn’t know, he or she who don’t reply when they are asked something they do know,
    die slowly.

    Let’s try and avoid death in small doses,
    reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.

    Only a burning patience will lead
    to the attainment of a splendid happiness.
    Pablo Neruda

    1. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Thanks for sharing this marvel <3

  36. Although we all know that we will die, we also feel that it so far away. That we can put things off for tomorrow. So, we keep putting it off, until one day we wake with regret.

  37. Marie-Christine says:

    There is an art in depart
    with love

  38. phani says:

    Had read some relevant story in our epic “RAMAYANA” where the prime minister (sumanta) will travel from one kingdom (mithila) to the other (Ayodhya) on a horse which can travel at the speed of thought – but his death is to happen at the entrance gate of the kingdom Ayodhya – Good one to remember

    Anyway think there is an unseen thread which has kept all the civilizations/ societies/ religions/ people together.

  39. laura says:

    La consapevolezza della morte non è forse solo l’inizio di un cammino di vita e luce?

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      ..Un ricordo che sono solo di passagio…
      Molte Grazie Laura

  40. Atreyu says:

    Para mi la vida es la lucha por la vida que quiero tener. A veces no avanzo, otras sufro, otras me preocupo por el mañana, pero todo forma parte de la lucha por la vida que deseo, la verdadera vida.

    Ya he adoptado esa forma de estar en el mundo, que siempre fue la que tuve, y no la cambiarí­a por una vida a medias, no me refiero a trabajar en lo que te dejen, ni no tener lo que quieres, hay cosas que no puedes elegir y que son parte del camino, hay otras que sí­, creo que nunca compartirí­a mi vida con alguien que no eligiese, aunque solo cuando lo mandase el corazón, si no lo siento de verdad, no lo hago. Serí­a incapaz de llevar una vida de mentira.

    Que cada cual haga lo que quiera, supongo que distintos caminos llevan a distintos sitios, aunque dicen que todos los caminos llevan a Roma, pero creo que esto se refiere asolo sirve para los que quieren llegar a Roma.

    Un saludo.

  41. Kiba says:

    You yourself have written there is nothing such as destiny and fate in alchemist Paulo, but since this is about death then wouldn’t it be better to live a life beyond death, this would also give the dog a meaning to his life that is his loyalty, never can we truly judge ourselves to soon to seek the easy way out,

  42. Arto Hutto says:

    Some quotes on death:

    “The only things to be dead serious about is laughter and death. Keep laughter as close as you can and death as far away as possible.”

    I was born naked and poor, and I will die poor, but in between I will live a rich life.

    “I have not lived until the day I die.”

    “The day you stop dreaming, you start dying”

    “You can capture a bird but not take away its ability to fly. You can cut its wings but not take away the birds dreams of the sky. You can kill the bird and its dreams but never destroy others memories of the birds dreams, beauty and willingness to die”

    “Ego is afraid of death as it does not want to miss or lose anything. The heart has no fear of it, as it has already experienced everything it needs and know that we live on in the hearts of others. ”

    “If you rush life, death will come running too.”

    Every thought is thought, every word is written, every truth is told, so I do not claim anything.


    1. tabi-smile says:


    2. Arto Hutto says:

      Thank you, tabi-smile

      with love,

    3. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      “The day you stop dreaming, you start dying”
      Keep our dreams alive until our last breath and also after …

  43. LoveM says:

    What cannot be lost
    After all has come to pass
    What then still remains

    See what’s happening
    Your presence never passes
    None of this is you

    All this comes and goes
    Everything that’s happening
    Yet you still remain

    Let it all happen
    Don’t identify with it
    Like this… you are free

    How to stay awake
    And celebrate your whole life
    Play a death rattle

    Come to my party
    AWake this celebration
    Of moments passing

    Birthday reminder
    The warrior’s dance of death
    With a joyful heart

    God knows where I live
    So when he sends death my way
    My life I will give

    Sipping at the still
    One silent breath at a time
    Till my death rattle

    Creeping to the edge…
    Feel the draught of dreadful death
    Screaming avoidance…

    I’m happy to say
    Good to see you in passing
    Death is on the way

    1. Annie says:

      I wonder who is waiting for whom
      Is Death waiting for me
      or I waiting for him?

      Thankful I was saved
      at the last millisecond
      of the second
      life can easily end
      in a matter of seconds

      in the middle of the road..

      “Don’t be fooled” he says
      “One day I will embrace you
      till that last adieu
      choose your time love-wise
      life without love
      has no life”

      Love and Gratitude

    2. LoveM says:

      To hear your heart beat
      Is so lovely and touching
      Close as we can get

      Love as sure as death
      Without question or condition
      So much like the breath

      Sing & fly dear Heart
      Your love..dove love..dove love..dove
      Beautifies this world..
      With love & gratitude.. levity & light

  44. Alexa says:

    yes…we only guess. Is that way, the other way, nobody knows for sure.
    Now that my Dad died a month ago, I wonder at times what is he doing…is he free spirit wandering on beautiful places? I like to believe that.
    About the comparison with dog, I am sad, because dogs are noble beings, not to present as bad examples.
    The last story is ok…usually happens that way, still we might take good care as well as we can…
    Dad had very high blood pressure, strong head aches, still drank coffee, and did not go to doctor. He believed the gauge for measuring blood pressure was not good ( he had 250…) Truth is he lived since 2 years in village, so he had to come in town for a doctor. Same, the ambulance arrived there after he had the stroke in an hour!!! too long a time. Poor Dad…Rest in peace.
    wishing you all the best, take good care of health, but also of your spiritual life.

  45. tabi-labkhand says:

    Hello Dear Paulo
    yes u r right
    our destiny ,OUR DEATH TIME, nothing to do, except ,accept !
    but there is only one solution way to fight with death, we do the best ,we do kind with others ,avoid malice,avoid unkindness, jealousy and forgive everybody mistakes about us and teach the people our knowns and knowledges, then after our death we will stay alive if we have done the best.
    I have a story, once In my life, my grandma was sick and on that time i was busy and had two babies and wanted to study more to participate in medical exams , and every week my aunts wanted me to go to my grandma ‘s house to inject her some multivitamine drugs, but i was exhusted of doing that, once i told them: im a doctor not a nurse u can call a nurse to come and do it for grandma,then they didnt ask me ever,after 2 years my grand ma died,and always i feel very very sadness when i remember my that reaction. Then after that experiment i try to not reject a request of people whom want me to help them even i am very busy or tired,becuase i think ,if one day they die i will be very very remorseful and sad of not helping.

  46. Cesar says:

    Tomar conciencia de la muerte es una gran manera de recordar que estamos vivos. Muchas gracias por la historia, Paulo y antecesores :)

  47. Brave Soul says:

    This is a fiction story. In real life we are blind folded we don’t know where is death. We just make a choice with heart without knowing. It is unfair but true. We never know where we should reside.

    For me death is freedom. The body is the prison of the soul.

    On the other hand, blind folded is death even if you are alive.

  48. Miguel Alberto Majim says:


  49. Kealan says:

    Life is the great adventure, death is the great unknown.

  50. I like this story…. but still, it is hard to understand death, especially when it brings so much sufferance, Am I right?