There is always something hidden there

There is always something hidden there: the owner of a firm who has still to close the deal he has always dreamed of, the housewife who would like to have more independence or more money, the new graduate who wonders whether he has chosen his career or has had it chosen for him, the dentist who wanted to be a singer, the singer who wanted to be a politician, the politician who wanted to be a writer, and the writer who wanted to be a peasant.

In this street where I am sit writing this post and looking at the people passing by, I bet that everyone is feeling the same thing. That elegant woman who has just walked by spends her days trying to stop time, controlling the bathroom scales, because she thinks love depends on that.
On the other side of the street I see a couple with two children. They live moments of intense happiness when they go out with their kids, but at the same time their subconscious is busy thinking about the job they might not get, the tragedies that might occur, how to get over them, how to protect themselves from the world.

I leaf through magazines filled with famous people: everybody laughing, everybody very happy.
But since this is a segment of society that I am quite familiar with, I know it is not like that: everyone is laughing or enjoying themselves at the moment that photo is taken, but at night, or in the morning, the story is always quite different. “What can I do to keep on appearing in the magazine?”, “how can I disguise not having enough money to afford all this luxury?” or “how can I manage this life of splendor to make it even more luxurious, more expressive than other people’s?”, “the actress whom I am seen with in this photo, laughing and having a great time, she could steal my part tomorrow!”, or “I wonder if my clothes are nicer than hers. Why do we smile so much if we loathe one another?”

There is always something hidden there, but Jorge Luis Borges has the final word:
“I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.


  1. Yangchu Bhutia says:

    Thank you Sir,
    Thank you for helping me. Was having a very tough time dealing with my break up but after reading ” Eleven Minutes”, ” Beside the river Piedra…”, ” like the flowing river”. I could make peace with my self. I know its not much but you need to know that Your thoughts have helped me get back. Thank you again

  2. cristina cabral says:

    É ní£o estar infeliz. A vida é uma luta. Paulo vocíª é um guerreiro, a luta te enche de vida. Acho que vocíª ní£o gosta da palavra, feliz, por que o mundo tem coisas terrí­veis acontecendo o tempo todo, e todos nós percebemos isto direto ou indiretamente. Eu me sinto feliz porque o conheí§o, por vocíª existir.

  3. Joelle says:

    Parfois les visages cachent derrière un certain sourire et un regard plissé beaucoup de timidité et quelquefoisbeaucoup de rage . Mais la source est au fond de nous, personne ne connait la véritable identité de la personne qui est au fond . Il existe des faí§ades qui montrent beaucoup de candeur et un comportement aimable mais ce ne sont que des apparences, nous tombons facilement dans le piège . Dans notre société l’image est trop importante . Mais il ne suffit pas d’avoir beaucoup d’études pour faire un grand footballeur ou un célèbre top-modèle mais cela ne les empíªchent pas d’avoir un coeur . Dieu nous donne une apparence mais ce sont nos parents qui nous faí§onnent parfois il faut beaucoup de chances pour arriver au premier plan. Mais il suffit d’un peu de bon sens pour comprendre que chacun a beaucoup de bon en soi . il faut savoir communiquer et regarder le dos des gens . La vie est différentes et la vision des autres ausssi . Chaque peuple a sa vision de la beauté, míªme chaque ethnie. Dans ce monde contemporain nous sommes pourris par les magazines people qui nous montrent uniquement une beauté superficielle dí»e aux nombreuses retouches et aux lumières, aux tirages bien faits . La célébrité est quelque chose de superficielle parfois elle mène ces acteurs vers une grande déchéance et vers le suicide mais certains saavent donner du temps aux autres ainsi que de l’argent . Mais, il me semble important de ne pas y míªler Dieu car tous les enfants du monde naissent tous différents, vivront d’une autre faí§on, certainement pas comme celle denotre époque basée sur l’image . Pensez au Mahatma Gandhi, soeur Emmanuelle, mère Theresa ,l’abbé Pierre , ils étaient beaux í  l’intérieur et ssont morts éclatant de vérité . chacun a son chemin de croix í  faire pour savoir ce qu’il veut,íªtre riche , célèbre et dans les journaux mais savoir cacher sa sensibilité ailleurs bien tapie dans l’ombre de son esprit et son coeur .Merci Paulo.

  4. Atreyu says:

    Parece que cuando algo se acaba algo empieza.

    Ayer me volví­ a pasar lo por la universidad, fue todo un placer redescubrir al que fui. Como ahora no trabajo, me iré por las mañanas y me pondré al dí­a, me gusta recordar quién fui y lo que soy, mi vida iba bien encauzada, estudiaba y esperaba tener un trabajo relacinado con mi profesión, pero todo saltó por los aires, este tiempo no sabí­a quien era, y he trabajado donde me han dejado, y he visto muchas cosas que cuando estás bien no se muestran, pero tengo ganas de pasar pagina. Me gustaba mi vida, y está ahí­ para retomarla de nuevo.

    Hoy he ido a ver a un amigo, por el camino me he imaginado como era la vida que deseaba, porque ya no me acordaba quien era, quizá algún dí­a termine en una casita en el campo, con mi música, el tai chi, la medicina china, las plantas, todo lo que quiera aprender y hacer, quizá una furgoneta pequeña para viajar y acabar en la montaña o en el mar, plantar lo que quiera, arreglar lo que quiera, y solo compartir mi vida con la persona de la que me enamore, quizá tener una familia, pero solo con la persona que el destino ponga en mi corazón, siempre seré un salvaje. No se a que me dedicaré pero buscaré hacer lo que quiera hacer.

    Un saludo, hací­a años que no recordaba lo que me gustaba ni quien era, ser yo me hace feliz.

    Un saludo.

  5. Wanderlaini A. Rodrigues says:

    Muito obrigada, pelas lindas palavras. Acredito no seu incentivo para aqueles que tanto precisam, (exemplo eu). A vida é muito complexa e ás vezes difí­cil de entender, mas sabemos que Deus olha por nós.

  6. Shine says:

    Beautiful! Love Avantika

  7. Tina says:

    The interview in the swedish channel went great;)) I saw it tonight….

  8. Jane Stewart says:

    Reading the words and suddenly saw The Alchemist, and the words floating in the air forming a smile – ‘look inside’!
    One day Rosa said one word that, in that moment, changed everything. The word was ‘Now’, and it was full of love.
    I love to write or say happy birthday, and it means ‘I love you,’
    Love and a warm hug,

  9. lisa moral says:

    Hay personas que viven para los demas y los aplauden los demas y se llevan todos sus aplausos. Hay personas que viven la realidad, no figuran en las revistas, ni en los libros de historias , pero viven lo cotidiano de la vida..
    Mientras mas ostentosas sean las personas, mas falsedad viven..
    La humildad del corazon permite vivir emociones, sentimientos y pensamientos verdaderos…
    Alguien alguna vez escribio que somos un 50% lo que hacemos y lo que creemos ser …el otro 50% somos lo que soñamos.
    Si existe un desequilibrio en esa proporcion nos convertimos en personas infelices.
    Nada es oculto para Dios y eso es lo que importa, porque los demas te juzgan por lo que ven. Mientras que el te juzga el corazon y la mente…
    Por eso lo verdadero proviene de Dios, y al final es mejor agradar a Dios que a toda la gente..

  10. Slavica says:

    I have been thinking about the same subject,things to bother everyone, wondering how it looks like when you put your pen aside…/of course pen is just a figurative expression/…it seems like a perfection,but as you wrote,everyone has something hidden there…it is thoughts to torture us,and we need to get rid of everything being disturbing;because we grew up,we lost something between which makes a child’s smile so pure and innocent….and it seems so familiar with the beginning of the world and the tree of knowledge,Eva ,Adam and forbidden fruit…everything has its price

  11. Sofia says:

    Thank you for making us THINK. Each and every word of you balm in my soul.

  12. Arto Hutto says:

    This text makes me think of one of my favourite books, The winner stands alone.

    “People are never satisfied. If they have a little, they want more. If they have a lot, they want still more. Once they have more, they wish they could be happy with little, but are incapable of making the slightest effort in that direction.”
    “• Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

    Best regards,



    Congratualtions to a great interview in Swedish TV.

    35 min 40 sec into the program the interview starts. (I think it can be seen over the whole world)

    1. Jessica G says:

      Yes a wonderful interview :-) …. me like :-)

    2. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Thank you so much dear Arto, for this link, to give us such a beautiful moment !! <3 And thank you Paulo for your wisdom, ans light, as always <3

    3. Marie-Christine says:

      I enjoyed the interview with Paulo thank you Arto.
      I also loved the subtitles I could make a link with some of the words.
      I liked that.

  13. ah ahah says:

    can we have a quizz please :)

  14. Satora says:

    “It is to my other self, to Borges, that things happen. I walk about Buenos Aires and I pause, almost mechanically, to contemplate the arch of an entry or the portal of a church; news of Borges comes to me in the mail, and I see his name on a short list of professors or in a biographical dictionary. I am fond of hourglasses, maps, 18th-century typography, the etymology of words, the tang of coffee, and the prose of Stevenson; the other one shares these enthusiasms, but in a rather vain, theatrical way. . . .

    “I cannot tell which one of us is writing this page.”
    (Jorge Luis Borges, “Borges and I”)

  15. LoveM says:

    In the light of this world
    Which casts us all as objects and shadows
    Subject to judgement
    Each appearance is a great concern

    In the light of the Self
    We are all subjects and not shadows
    Without objection or countenance
    Every appearance is a pleasure

    Blessings LoveM

    1. Annie says:

      In the light of this blog
      you make your appearance
      an experience of drinking tea
      with magic verses-biscuits

      wherever you go
      you cannot hide
      the light from within
      gives you a glow outside

      Bless you
      Love and Gratitude

    2. LoveM says:

      Aahh… tea & biscuits…
      Any… time… dear… delightful…
      Annie… made… magic…

      Or in Wonderland
      Lets meet down the rabbit hole
      For a Mad Hat-trick

      We’ll have some tarts
      A very merry unbirthday
      With the Queen of hearts


  16. emma milton says:

    I suspect that if you know someone who has ‘got life easy’, it means that you don’t know them too well… and on the bottom line, if the grass *really is* ‘greener on the other side’, that’s only because it rains more!

    In my experience true happiness comes from genuine gratitude with the exact life you have been blessed with, RIGHT NOW!

    Enjoy it!

  17. LoveM says:

    Four ravens fly pass
    A thin smiling moon… hidden
    In the blue beyond

    Nothing like failure
    To bring the hidden ego
    Into painful view

    To see and be seen
    Reveal Nothing is hidden
    Living in the truth

    The truth is inside
    There is nowhere we can hide
    In truth we abide

    Here…is a good laugh
    Someone said… Truth is hidden
    In reality

    You who are seeking
    I AM hidden in your heart

    It is in your face
    You cannot hide indifference
    Even less mask love

    Uncover your self
    So many coverings and
    There’s nothing to hide…

    Except your own love&Light

  18. Child of Earth says:

    We have attitudes, when we are watching life as it unfolds before our eyes – or within us. I will choose those that are helpful in learning.

  19. Morag says:

    “I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.

    Sometimes what we strive for does not make us happy. I have found it is the simple things of life and and not thinking beyond the moment we are in that brings happiness.

  20. Atreyu says:

    No se porqué pero me está entrando una alegrí­a en el cuerpo que hace mucho, unos 20 años, que no sentí­a.

    Hay cosas que no se compran, he tardado 20 años en encontrarme aquí­, por el camino lo he perdido todo, pero lo bueno, es que me da completamente igual, y no se porqué, pero tengo ganas de pasarlo bien, y los de siempre, siempre están ahí­.

    Un saludo.

  21. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Each one keeps his own secrets, his garden buried under the foam. Especially one does nothing reveal, which is not in conformity with existing agreements.
    The others’ Gaze is often a source of suffering for those who are different, and it is best to go in the mold, so that one do not notice you. “Pour vivre Heureux vivons cachés” said the french proverb.
    This is why so many people put all their energy to keep a look “in the air of time.” To belong to the group …
    We live in the time of image, and magazines have become the Bible of fashion victims: they make and unmake a reputation in a few lines. All this is very simplistic and ultimately uninteresting.
    Our envelope is she the only thing what we have to communicate? Fortunately not.
    We have still the glance and the words, we need just to take the time to see or listen…
    I try to take this time of listening and scanning glances, each day, and finally, it is often in the early of talks, that the most hidden things are revealed. At the moment to say “goodbye”, comes a sentence that reveals some of the hidden suffering .. it suffices to pull gently on the floss so that all the whole skein unwinds.
    A major source of suffering is the envy and jealousy, the grass is always greener on the neighbor meadow, this is what has caused many wars.
    Probably, if we learn to be satisfied with what we have, and especially trying to be what we are, without fear of others’ judgment, we could live in peace and serenity.
    The sweetness of eyes and the caress of some words can often liberate humanity hidden in certain hearts.
    It’s what I try to do ..
    With all my blessings and Love for you.

  22. Annie says:

    “There is always something hidden there, but Jorge Luis Borges has the final word: “I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.”
    Considering this, now I come to ask – I know it’s cheesy – but I cannot not ask :) So is there something hidden there in that final world ? :p

    Anyway, if everything has its hidden meaning , I suppose everything has also something hidden … and sometimes many things hidden…

    However, with many things I don’t like to play hide and seek… but I suppose that is the kind of game the famous people play in the magazines.. In the end, the hide and seek makes no sense without the seeking…and perhaps the famous people in the magazines stress over that..

    Love and Gratitude

    1. LoveM says:

      “All the stars are coming out tonight…
      They are lighting up the sky tonight…
      For you… for you…”
      Annie you will love this…if you not heard an angel sing before…
      I’m not much into the contest or concept but what a voice…
      Ella Henderson sing Rule the World by Take That

    2. Annie says:

      thank you so very much!!
      such a glowing, wonderful very Ruling-the-world- performance/voice/song

      Love and Gratitude

  23. haiku says:

    You CHOOSE whether or not you want to be happy. It is all a choice. If your good days out weigh your bad days…it is YOUR choice how you choose to respond to it.

    There is always something hidden there, but Jorge Luis Borges has the final word: “I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.

    It is evident Jorge Luis Borges’ choice is “I will not be happy”, and yet in his choice “that doesn’t matter / there are many other things in this world.” Its all about what YOU deem relevant, worth your attention, and what matters.

    My mother is sick and I choose to be happy….not because she is sick, but because she isn’t DEAD! Therefore, I have much to be elated over.

  24. mita dey says:

    Respected Mr Cohelo I am learning many thing from your books and you daily writting. when I open this b log read your post an comments from all over world that gives me immense pleasure. In today’s post you wrote that you are watching a couple with their children looking happy but perhaps the parents are thinking about money and how they rose their kids, that reminded me about a family with tow nice cute daughter in Redding In U,K, God bless them .
    Thank you,

  25. Romana says:

    Everybody smiles on pictures, becasue people simply look nicer when they smile :)

    If I think of myself, I found my happiness when I walked the Camino. Of course I worry sometimes about things that I cannot know becasue life is life, but then I think about the Camino or I have a really good sleep, and all is good again.

  26. mohamed saed says:

    ” Contentment is a treasure that will be never be depleted”. When ever one is satisfied with what he has and learns to look at those less fortunate ones , he will have peace of mind or else he will remain restless

  27. joël says:

    That is true people with a colgate smile,you should be surprised after that
    beautifull colgate smile

    1. Forest says:

      Have you tried Gum :)

  28. THELMA says:

    ‘Jorge Luis Borges has the final word:
    “I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.

    I am not happy and it … matter’s actually! There are many other things in this world but do not actually fill the gab in my heart! They cannot ‘mend’ my wounds and they cannot make me forget my … childhood dreams, my expectations, my idealistic ideas about life and love! I do not want to sound ungrateful and evil! It is not the material desires that keep me walking on my Path. It is my hope that the World will start resemble to Paradise, the people will start smiling and the fear for tomorrow will not shadow the happiness of the minute! I wish I could ‘think’ less and enjoy more the present moment, which as you, dearest Paulo Coelho, many times have said: we only have the PRESENT MOMENT! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow …. nobody knows if we will still be alive! But I still dream of … ecstasies and flying…. :)))
    Thelma xxx

  29. Jessica G says:

    “There is always something hidden there, but Jorge Luis Borges has the final word:
    “I will not be happy, but that doesn’t matter, / there are many other things in this world”.

    Is there always something hidden ??? It might be so … but I feel myself I only tell my closest friends the whole story …. if I feel a person is not interested in what I say then I dont tell the whole story.
    But I still beleive we are all of our emotions ….. sad, happy, excited, bored and so on.
    Maybe our world would be a better place if we shared our emotions more often and talked about them ….. we all feel the same some way or the other …. we are all alike as humans …. we are different too in some ways but the simularities are more common I beleieve.

    Love and light Jessica

  30. I remember one night, we were all together at my sister’s house. We had just enjoyed a delicious supper, laughing over stories that my brothers were acting out. The kids were playing, some laughing along with the adults. At some point, my 15 year old niece, comes in and tells her mom, ” My friends are all out at the movies, they just posted a picture on facebook, they look like they are having a blast. Everyone is out having fun, while I am at home”. My sister looks at her and replies, “If they were having that much fun, why did they actually stop to pose for a picture to prove to everyone that they are having fun? Anyone can look like they are happy in a picture”. She decided that in that moment, she was truly happy.

  31. heart says:

    Sometimes I believe we think too much, analyzes too much, instead of going on a shopping round we CAN afford, with money we have honestly made and be HAPPY about some new lovely items. Yesterday, I went shopping. I don’t go too often. Just once in awhile. Somewhere I read; You can have anything you want. It made me smile. I felt joy. I can have anything I want within my limits, my budget & this is perfectly fine.. We only live once, right?

  32. Ruth says:

    I came to this blog while reading The Zahir, and found a blog post dated today which is directly lifted from the book…I kept looking to see some acknowledgement that this was written somewhere else and many years ago, but could not find it. I was disappointed by this as I feel it misleads the reader into thinking this was written now. I do hope that you will now and in future correct this oversight by making appropriate acknowledgements of the source of your posts.
    Best wishes, I’m a big fan and loving the book,

    1. MCh says:

      I think it is part of the secret…it’s up to you to discover ‘what is hidden.’
      something to look forward to.. finding the treasure, part of
      life’s mystery
      enjoy it :)
      with love

  33. Marie-Christine says:

    Querido Paulo , amigos y amigas,
    Hoy he recebido un correo de mi amiga Angelica
    y quiero compartir una parte de lo que ha mandado:
    No se quien le ha escrito pero me ha tocado al corazon


    Pertenezco a la generacion que tenia un solo mandato : debiamos ser y asi lo intentamos , las mejores hijas, las mejoras esposas, las mejores madres, las mejores profesionales, etc y ahora que ya hice todas esas cosas lo mejor que pude, a veces me gusta estar, salir, viajar solo, a mi ritmo.

    A veces necesito mucho a mi familia, y a veces prefiero …no hacer nada…Ya demostre, acabadamente, quien soy coma persona.

    Lo que me queda de vida, intento que sea mio. disfrutandolo con lo que me venga en ganas : viajando, comprando, tomando cafe con alguien, haciendo lo que me plazca , asi sea estar sin hacer nada.

    Me he dado cuenta que por mas que los demas nos amen mucho y seamos importantes para ellos, todos seguiran viviendo cuando no estemos. Por eso, ya es tiempo de NUESTRO tiempo y de dejar de rendir examen en tantos roles con que la vida nos puso a prueba.

    No pienso dar mas examen de nada, eso incluye a mi familia tambien.
    Nosotras ya estudiamos, criamos hijos, trabajamos, cuidamos padres, estuvimos presentes cada vez que alguien nos necesito…. a caso despues nos van a hacer un monumento donde diga : ‘a una luchadura un ser ejemplar y virtuoso?’
    Seguro que no y si de casualidad lo hicieran!!! …estaremos bajo de tierra!!!
    Somos una generacion que rompio estereotipos allanamos el camino a los que vinieron despues.

    Por librar tantas batallas en soledad hemos sufrido tanto cada una de nosotras. Por distintas razones.Por eso ya es hora de que empecemos a relajarnos y a divertirnos mas. No saben lo bien que se siente !!!

    Muchas veces me planteo, que rapido paso la vida, distraida como estaba haciendo mil cosas.
    Tambien me pregunto? Cuento nos queda de vida amigas? No lo sabemos, por suerte nadie lo sabe, solo nuestro divino Hacedor conoce nuestro destino.

    Algo cambiara en quienes nos quieren, cuando nos vayamos? No, la vida seguira igual en nuestra ausencia y hastal tal vez diran ” La vieja estaba un poco loca el ultimo tiempo’ Pero nosotras felices igual… porque yo no escucharemos..

    Mis queridas amigas, cuidense, no se repriman, aprendan a decir NO cuando quieran decir NO . Si es necesario y siempre para bien de nuestra salud mental, aprendan a mandar lejos la gente que no sirve para nada (eso si, con elegancia es mejor) Ya es hora de discernir a quien le hace bien mi amistad, mi carino, mi compania y quien me busca solo para llenar su aburrimiento, descargar su neurosis o hacerle un servicio…

    La vida esta llena de gente egoista que solo satisfale a si misma usando a los demas de distantas maneras y para diferente propositos.

    Huyamos de esos vampiros que nos roban la energia para seguir subsistiendo y juntemonos, cada vez que podamos, con aquellos que nos hacen reir.

    Practiquemos nuestra merecida libertad, ya sea quedandonos en la cama todo un dia, viendo por tc lo que nos ocurra , leyendo poesia, biografias interesantes o simples revistas de chimes.

    Que placer caminar sin apuro ni rumbo fijo, y deternos en cualquier lugar que nos llame la atencion.
    Por favor , visitemos mas seguido a las amigas positivas, vayamos a lugares nuevos , escuchemos mas musica, animemonos a pintar, a hacer manualidades yoga, meditacion, canto, salsa, idiomas, jardineria… lo que mas nos guste!
    Todo es valido para hacernos sentir bien.,


    Con amor

    1. mita dey says:

      Hi M.Ch you are right, Our divine creator knows our destiny .There are many ways to keep us engage ,,,,, from your comment it is clear that you are very dutiful and devoted to your parts as daughter wife and mother, that moved me very much. I like your comments and have a great respect upon your knowledge , Thank you.

    2. lisa moral says:

      que hermoso lo que escribio!!! voy a tenerlo en cuenta ;)

    3. Marie-Christine says:

      Thank you Mita Dey
      I did not write it, I wish I had, It’s a beautiful.text.
      A Peruvian friend send it to me and it went straight to my heart,
      Most of what I know I have learned it here, thanks Paulo.
      with love
      Lisa Moral – gracias yo tambien voy a tenerlo en cuenta.,:)
      con amor

  34. huma arshad says:

    Dear PC,
    I belief that all of us are like different computers who are connected and controlled with the main server which is working up there; and through that server sorrows and happiness are distributed with some mathematical ratios and we all have just one thing in our hands and that is the power to show our reactions and to think against or in favour of the happenings of our lives but we cannot stop those events/incidents to occur in our life. So that is why everybody is thinking more or less the same but with different agendas and different fears in our minds. Huma

    1. emma milton says:

      …or perhaps we are like projectors; each projecting our ‘personal universe’ from the depths of our spiritual ‘imagination’ – creating our own events for our own purposes (deliberately hidden from our conciousness so that we can indulge fully without boredom) .

      Anyway, I like to think I am in control of my life; ‘disasters’ & all!

      Just ‘food for thwart’

  35. Alexa says:

    Yes, society is made up by different kind of people, not always the one looking happy is living a better life. All depends on our expectations, flexibility, sense of humor ( maybe intelligence)… because if we feel good with what we have we are happy! Even if was not our dream at the beginning, maybe the shift was for our best. I think happiness might be a calm one last longer, and sort of a peak, when something big happens, a huge dream comes true, or unexpected luck…it may not last, but is much more intense a feeling. I remember a time when I graduated college…all in the school yard. The school principal started the talk, and asked the best student of the series (valedictorian) to come in front and get the diploma. I had a shivering, like guessing it will be my name…and it was!!! I walked slowly towards the professors table, all students clapping hands, the history teacher jumping from joy and shouting “bravo”, mom with bit tears in her eyes…amazing moments…all day after I walked as if on clouds, very strong emotions.
    There were other such moments, not mentioning here, because I might repeat myself. Thanks GOD and the people involved
    Best regards and best wishes my dears

  36. LoveM says:

    We the living dead
    Do not experience life
    Only in the head

    This judge in my head
    Will never be satisfied
    Until I am dead

    A state of panic
    Appears when mind believes its
    Own fabrication

    Believe it or not
    Quick way to unhappiness
    Believing a thought

    Don’t look for reasons
    To make yourself unhappy
    Mind… the joy breaker

    Watch I-mind come up
    This many headed monster
    Causes all the crap

    Now it’s so funny
    When I-Mind monster comes up
    I laugh my head off

    Just you watch and wait
    See all this stuff that comes up
    Don’t participate

    In stillness we see
    This here appears to appear
    In silence we hear

    First find this stillness…
    And peace inside yourself then…
    See what needs fixing…

    Blessings LoveM

  37. arun says:

    The best time to learn and know things when you are relaxed and comfortable among friends and like-minded people. A hard working nature is proof of your interest in the surroundings and fulfilling of dreams. The people who have not faced such situation or still thirsty for such experience will not understand the taste of fruit you are having in such circumstances. A life which is not imposed is best life whether it may be full of hardships and struggles and make you sleep half-stomach on a rock. That is why people who have comfortable beds are deprived of sleep and on the other side I see a man sleeping over the stand of 36 inch while keeping his legs on the other stand of less than 9 inches. A life which is self-chosen is better than a life of king ordered to be lived.

  38. Jeanette Younger says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho:

    I am a student at California State University Long Beach pursuing a bachelors degree in Business. I was recently introduced to your work, The Alchemist, by one of my current professors who is a huge fan of your work. The course is Organizational Behavior and we had a lengthy lecture in our class about the 4 factors you cite in your novel that keep an individual from realizing their goals. He felt your examples were profound and applied them to our studies of the business world and further applied the concepts you present to companies as well. It provoked a great discussion in the classroom, although I have not personally read your work, I plan to during our winter break.

    The reason for my message today is that along with our class discussion about your work, our professor added two additional factors he also believes contributes to hindering individuals (and companies) from achieving their goals. The two factors he would add to yours are Temptation and Satisficing. He challenged us to reach out to you and ask what your thoughts about the additional two factors are. He’d really love to talk to you about your thoughts of his application as well (if that is at all a possibility).

    If you can find the time out of your busy schedule to let me know your thoughts about these two additions and whether you would agree with his assessment, it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response!

    Thank you in advance,

  39. Lana says:

    still – people want to be happy no matter what, and spend whole life looking for something that would make them happy…

  40. Pilar says:

    Yo quiero ser feliz. Y esto sí­ me importa aunque en la vida haya más cosas.