30 sec reading: change and renewal

When winter arrives, the trees must sigh in sadness as they see their leaves falling.

They say: ‘We will never be like we were before.’
Of course.

Or still, what is the meaning of renewing oneself? The next leaves will have their own nature, they pertain to a new summer that approaches and which will never be like the one that passed.
Living means changing – and the seasons repeat these lessons to us every year.

Changing means going through a period of depression: we still don’t know the new and we have to forget everything we used to know.

But if we are a little patient, spring ends up arriving and we forget the winter of our hopelessness.

Change and renewal are the laws of life.
It is best to get used to them and not suffer about things that only exist to bring us joy.

taken from “Manuscript found in Accra”


  1. perdi la virginidad, perdi el amor de mis padres, perdi el amor de mis familiares, encontre el amor perdido, no perfecto aun mas humano si sepuede decir, el amor de pareja , el de los hijos , la predida demi hija , el nacimiento de mi nieto, la bomba entre mayuscula de la perdida de la vida , de los sueños la perdida de mi oveja de mi rebaño , los cambios forsosos de mi vida en este año sin saber como ni por que ,ahora comprendo lo del cambio del calendario MAYA, Y SI ESTOS SON LAS RENOVACIONES QUE VAN A SUCEDER, QUE VENGAN QUE LES ESTOY ESPERANDO CON LOS BRAZOS ABIERTOS , BESOS Y ABRASOS A TODOS

  2. Sun says:

    The hollow of my heart is deep,
    I see not the spring said to come.
    It is with this thought I retreat,
    The depth of hurt & despair is sum.

    It is with sadness I release the day,
    I miss your enquiry as to my day spent.
    It is you I love I long to hear you say,
    Our souls a match in heaven sent.

    Yet, it is hope I pray for,
    Each night I believe so with heart.
    That in time we will share more,
    That never we should part.

    My thoughts with you are with strength,
    & in time we will be together with length.

  3. Florence says:

    Exactly ! I love the last sentence :)

  4. Child of Earth says:

    by Kahlil Gibran

    You often say, “I would give, but only to the deserving.”
    The trees in your orchard say not so, nor the flocks in your pasture.
    They give that they may live, for to withhold is to perish.
    Surely he who is worthy to receive his days and his nights, is worthy of all else from you.
    And he who has deserved to drink from the ocean of life deserves to fill his cup from your little stream.
    And what desert greater shall there be, than that which lies in the courage and the confidence, nay the charity, of receiving?
    And who are you that men should rend their bosom and unveil their pride, that you may see their wealth naked and their pride unabashed?
    See first that you yourself deserve to be a giver, and and instrument of giving.
    For in truth it is life that gives unto life “” while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness.

  5. Kay says:

    Exquisite and so true

  6. Pilar says:

    Agradezco su sabio consejo hacia el cambio: dirigir la mirada interior hacia todo aquello que alegra nuestra vida, nuestros corazones….
    Gracias Sr. Paulo por su publicación

  7. Atreyu says:

    Me estoy leyendo el nuevo libro, no puedo despegar mi atención de él y eso que lo estoy leyendo principalmente en el tren. No se que decir, profundo y hermoso, y como me pasa con todos, me habla.

    El cambio… el cambio es mi vida.

    Parece que vuelve la normalidad, estoy yendo a estudiar de nuevo a la universidad por mi cuenta. El primer dí­a fue como volver a casa, todo sigue allí­, soy yo de nuevo. Fui a visitar el árbol donde me sentaba cuando iba a primero, vio todo mi proceso, a el le conté mi alegrí­a, mis sueños, el Amor que me hizo volar para luego caer, el diluvió… el nacimiento de un niño. Toda mi vida prácticamente hasta que decidí­ ponerme a trabajar más de continuo, porque me agobiaba no rendir lo suficiente y estar sin trabajar, después me levanté una mañana con un cielo rojo como el infierno, y como decí­an en el señor de los anillos, “hasta el amanecer, todo será del color de la sangre”, y así­ fue durante más de diez años y prácticamente hasta hoy. No se como he aguantado, pero el hecho es que estoy aquí­, intentando recomponer mi vida, recordar que una vez estuve en la universidad y pretendí­a tener una carrera, que terminé como pude, para ejercerla y vivir cerca de la naturaleza. Durante años no recordé aquello, no sabí­a quien era, solo luchaba, perdí­a, ganaba, pero eso no importaba, importaba seguir un dí­a más, porque tení­a que llegar como fuese. Hoy soy yo, mañana me comportaré como cualquiera, como cualquiera que valga la pena claro, y todo se habrá acabado.

    Gracias por haberme ayudado. Siempre le estaré agradecido.

    Un saludo.

  8. tanya says:

    its been a week that i have read “the Alchemist”. I had never read your book before. It has inspired me a lot. But, i still find myself struck. If you could just spare some time for me, i would like to explain you my situation. I would be privileged if you decide to help me out and give me some advise.
    Please sir, if possible, mail me.

  9. asmaa landscape says:

    Paulo you are always fascinating us by your wisdom in life and your marvellous writings… thanks Allah for having this great writer.

  10. Vika says:

    Very true. We have to try all sorts of wines- good and bad- in order to find the one we love. So going trough different phases is part of the journey. There is no need to fight it.. Just go with it..

  11. Begoña says:

    Según explicó Jesús, y reitera el Evangelio, no se puede poner vino nuevo en odres viejos, porque con la fermentación, estos se reventarí­an, “hay que poner vino nuevo en odres nuevos”
    Según el dicho popular: El hombre es el único animal capaz de tropezar dos veces con la misma piedra”. Otro proverbio dice: No hay dos sin tres”, y yo añadirí­a…y sin cuatro…Y es que, a veces, la vida nos lo pone tan difí­cil…que no encontramos la salida, y nos quedamos como petrificados, sin solución de continuidad.
    No sé si será un obligatorio aprendizaje, y según quién, puede durar más o menos tiempo. Pienso que de lo malo, cuando el daño ya está hecho, lo peor es no darse cuenta del sentido de tanto sufrimiento, aunque se llegue a entender la causa, lo importante es llegar a comprender el por qué, y la vida se hace muy corta y, si esto no se consigue, se trata, al parecer, Paulo, dicho en lenguaje coloquial: de “Pasar página”?… “PERDONAR”.

    1. Begoña says:

      Parece mentira, no han pasado ni 24 horas y ya tengo respuestas, he comenzado la lectura de “El Manuscrito”, y como no podí­a ser de otra manera ya tengo respuestas: ¡¡Qué fiel relato!! , hasta un punto inimaginable.
      Me atraí­a mucho la sinopsis, pero pensaba en el libro más como una obra de contenido histórico.
      Me encantó lo de las cicatrices; A la postre, por lo menos nos queda algo de lo que presumir.
      Aunque, pueda parecer un tópico, y ha aparecido más de una vez en “nuestros comentarios”, las acontecimientos se han ido engranando de tal manera!! solos, hasta llegar a este “momento especial”, donde parece que, por primera vez todo encaja, y obtenemos la confirmación de las preguntas y más…
      Por ello, creo que este será mi libro de cabecera durante mucho tiempo.
      Muchas gracias, Paulo; FOREVER AND EVER.


      lo que presumir.

  12. Marie says:

    You say winter, I think Tundra
    You say tree, I think the sound from inside the earth
    You say leaf, I think with butterfly wings
    You say renewal, I think the sea
    You say change, I see an unfinished painting
    You say patience, I answer : I have much to learn
    You say the joy of life, I hear the harmony of the world

    Thank you for these 30 seconds travel ;)

  13. LoveM says:

    No need for reforms
    Just becoming more aware
    That itself transforms

    Changes do not last
    The best correction is to
    Drop your objection

    First find this stillness…
    And peace inside yourself then…
    See what needs fixing…

    Letting go my grasp
    Dropping down through this beauty
    Falling into love

    Love is the magic
    That transmutes this mundane life
    Into Mystery

    In a split second
    By just changing my own mood
    I can change the world

    You’ve changed your mind
    Even changed your body
    So…what are you…then

    Find the unchanging
    That which watches the changeful
    This is your true self

    One’s going through This
    Paradigm shift to the Heart
    So… see you all there…

    One’s Blessing LoveM

  14. Jessica G says:

    “Changing means going through a period of depression: we still don’t know the new and we have to forget everything we used to know.”

    Im right in that spot right now ….. I feel stuck again in life …. I need change really bad …. so I pray that I get it soon ;-) I dont have much patient unfortunally.

    Love and light Jessica

  15. Bhaskar Saikia says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho,

    It’s because of you that I have started writing again. Your writings have inspired me to follow my dreams. Thank you for that.

    But I have to tell you an important thing about my book that I have just finished writing. It’s a book that ends in 7 days like your trilogy of ‘the fifth mountain’, ‘Veronica Decides to die’ & ‘By the river….’ . And when I reviewed my writing, I can see that my writing reflects your style of writing. I am worried, if it means I am copying you. It would be my pleasure if I have the honor of your kind perusal. I want to e-mail you my short book of about 60 odd pages.

    Kindly reply sir. And if you would like to go through my book, may I have your e-mail ID?

    Bhaskar Saikia

  16. Mireilly says:

    Sometimes its a lesson hard to understand that changes takes time and we are every day changing with each decision we made.

  17. Soni says:

    How is it that you are able to put forth what i go through?

  18. emma milton says:

    Quite simply, life *IS* change… without it time would stop & all would end.

  19. Adriana says:

    This is wise and since I don’t want to get afflicted by things that should only bring joy I have get used to change and renewal and ask God for hope and faith even in the darkest hour.
    Thank you, dear Paulo.

  20. Child of Earth says:

    Being a little patient is not enough. In my view, ignoring or misunderstanding reality is the root of suffering, not the change. Have you ever truly contemplate a tree? Or a leaf that falls?

  21. karina says:

    Nao se pode temer a mudanca. É dificil , mas necessária sempre…
    É um novo passo para a evolucao…

  22. Morag says:

    Accepting all seasons of life makes it easier, resistance is futile.

  23. Marie-Christine says:

    The text is so well detailed, I like it how the tree is introduced as a living person and spoke as such. It is something we tend to not notice. The tree has a soul.
    In s ad ness there is an addition and at the same time, for me it is an opportunity to go inside ourselves for a w inter y challenge, a bit of hibernation.
    I see it as a lesson in hope.
    Love the movement and the color of the leaves
    With thanks and gratitude

  24. Passent says:

    thank you . this is really good and came in time ! we don`t know the new and maybe it will be good and somehow perfect . the problem is : it is really hard to forget everything we used to know .

  25. joelle says:

    La vie commence par un petit bourgeon bien situé au creux d’une branche . Il pousse parfois n’importe comment , apporte une feuille, parfois un bouton de fleurs . C’est ainsi que l’arbre se développe en mille branches , les feuilles s’épanouissent et l’arbre est touffu et bien vert au printemps. Il lui faut de l’eau et du soleil pour donner des fleurs et des fruits en été et en automne. Mais le vent vient faire trembler les branches, les feuilles frémissent et les fleurs parfois se ternissent car le souffle les assèchent . Ainsi va la vie de l’arbre de saison en saison mais celle de l’homme est la míªme mais parfois nous ne savons pas oí¹ posez nos racines car nous pouvons voyager . La jeunesse passe et nous découvrons petit í  petit les petites choses qui nous apportent un peu de joie. La recherche du bonheur nous amène í  prendre d’autres chemins par n’importe quel temps quitte í  nous retrouver tout mouillé en plein champ, í  l’ombre d’un arbre ou assis le dos contre son tronc. Il nous apporte sa fraicheur en été et nous pouvons y déposer une grande nappe dessous pour y faire un pique-nique mais l’automne lui donne de multiples couleurs du rouge, jaune et or, avant qu’elles ne tombent . Ainsi les enfants les ramassent pour les mettre au milieu d’un beau livre , les adultes les mettent en tas pour en faire du compost ou elles s’étalent sous l’arbre pour fabriquer de l’humus pour faire revivre l’arbre au printemps. C’est ainsi que la vie de celui-ci se déroule mais nous vivons moins longtemps et nous donnons moins de fleurs et de fruits mais notre descendance enrichit la famille. Merci Paulo.

  26. Jishnu says:

    The winter made me shed all the leaves I had on,
    Wretched in the nerve breaking cold, dreamed of a cozy summer..
    Looked around for a shoulder to lay my frost bitten head..
    Alas! I’m all alone here.. my love is always inreturned

  27. Audrey says:

    what a coincidence!
    Since a couple hours ago i read this blog, but not this post. But after talking with my mom about the necessity, that i change my behavior und the way i talk and perform in front of others. I started read this post. I cried. How the earth/ God let show me, that i should change. THIS IS THE SIGN.
    I remember the film “Sleepless in Seatle” old movie from Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and Santiago from the Alchemist, that they found the SIGN. I guess, IT IS THE TIME.

    Before writing this, i realize that i’m happy with i’m right now, my family, my job, my friend. Therefore i don’t need to change anything. But that’s what i thought. But then i read the comments, i think i really should change my mind.

    Hope God help me! Thanks to Paulo and everyone, especially the ones who wrote down their comments before me. You don’t have any idea, how you has supported me.

    God has his way to show his children something, beyond my/ our imagination.

    It’s the time. Finger crossed. Wish me luck.


    With love,

  28. tabi-smile says:

    Thanks a lot.So much beautiful.I never had seen this nature in this way.Wonderful.But hope that lose all leavs in our life for a while dont make us dry forever.Renewal in the spring makes trees seem more beautiful than before.I wish every spring we renew ourselves.In Iranian culture first day of spring is new year and all people clean their houses and buy new clothes and at the moment of starting new year they pray and say to God: change our soul to the best condition ,then they go to visit the elder person of their famil and that old person give them money or gifts. The name of Iranian new year is nowruz means new day.

  29. Valentin says:

    You still keep have pure thoughts ! This is for my heart . Thank You Master

  30. Shine says:

    The words indeed are very encouraging. We need to see the winters for spring to arrive. Thanks for the encouragement. Love Avantika

  31. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Change, to go to the best, to a new spring, would not we agree ? Yes, but at first we must cross the winter …
    What will happen during this winter, snow and ice, wind and snow. If I was this tress, I would say:
    “I want to keep my sheets, they kept me warm! Want to keep my leaves, the next will be less beautiful, less colorful, less vibrant. I fed them by tapping into my roots, and they pulled my sap to the light, to make my boughs growing up and capture the light of life. We breathed together, the sweetness of the morning air. Allow me my leaves, my lungs, without them I could only sleep, overcome by fatigue .. I do not want asleep in the winter night. ”
    The present is one of our treasures, which we do not want to lose.
    The past is a memory, vague and sometimes bitter.
    The future is only a dream, or perhaps a nightmare.
    There is only the present that is palpable, and we need security.
    Learning to separate what we loved, to lose a bit of his past, to gain freedom, it is not given to everyone. I have not yet learned to accept, but I’ve lived many spring and a lot of fall, but from these past seasons, I still have many leaves, carefully lying between the leaves of a book, as living memory of lost year.
    You’re right, Paulo, just need to wait, and the light of spring will bloom in our window. Just a little patience.
    Thank you for this beautiful fall.

    Changer, pour aller vers le meilleur, vers un nouveau printemps, qui ne serait pas d’accord? Oui mais d’abord il faudra traverser l’hiver …
    De quoi sera fait cet hiver, de neige et de glace, de vent et de neige. Si j’étais cet arbre je dirais:
    “Je veux garder mes feuilles, elles me tenaient chaud ! Je veux garder mes feuilles, les prochaines seront moins belles, moins colorées, moins éclatantes. Je les nourrissais en puisant dans mes racines, et elles tiraient ma sève vers la lumière, pour faire grandir mes branches et capter l’énergie de la vie. Et nous respirions ensemble, la douceur de l’air du matin. Laissez moi mes feuilles, mes poumons, sans elles je ne pourrais que dormir, écrasé de fatigue …Je ne veux pas m’endormir dans la nuit de l’hiver .”
    Le présent est un de nos trésors, que nous ne voulons pas le perdre.
    Le passé n’est plus qu’un souvenir, flou et parfois amer.
    Le futur est seulement un ríªve, ou peut-íªtre un cauchemar.
    Il n’y a que le présent qui soit palpable, et nous avons besoin de sécurité.
    Apprendre í  se séparer de ce que l’on aimait, í  perdre un peu de son passé pour gagner de la liberté, ce n’est pas donné í  tout le monde. Je n’ai pas encore appris í  accepter, pourtant j’ai déjí  vécu beaucoup de printemps et autant d’automnes, mais de ces saisons passées, j’ai conservé beaucoup de feuilles, précieusement couchées entre les feuillets d’un livre, comme souvenir vivant d’une année écoulée.
    Vous avez raison, Paulo, il suffit d’attendre, et la lumière du printemps, refleurira í  notre feníªtre. Il suffit d’un peu de patience.
    Merci pour ce bel automne.
    Love. Chris

    1. Josée says:

      C’est beau ce que tu écris Marie-Christine. Et vrai aussi. Moi aussi j’ai tendance í  garder des feuilles du passé. Mais j’essaie de les laisser aller pour en avoir des plus belles qui vaudront plus la peine d’íªtre conservées. Peut-íªtre. Et peut-íªtre aussi qu’il y en aura toujours aussi des plus belles, alors on n’en gardera jamais. Car on va juste d’embellir de plus en plus í  la longue.

      Tu as écrit un beau texte. J’ai aimé le lire. Bonne journée!

    2. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Merci Josée et bonne journée également .

  32. Denisse Molina says:

    Que palabra tan complicada, simple y sencillamente ASUSTA esa palabra.
    No solo implica Cambios, sino transformaciones, porque, si hoy no somos los que ayer fuimos, entonces, despues de un cambio nuestras transformaciones seran diferentes y mas amplias. Desde la adopcion de una nueva mascota, mudanza, nuevo lugar de estudio, inciar una relacion, romper una relacion, casarse, divorciarse, la muerte de un familiar o amigo, todas esas cosas, desde el cambio mas pequeño hasta el mas grande provoca transformaciones en nuestras vidas, la mayoria nos indica un nuevo sendero o un nuevo camino y aunque el cambio se vea positivo es imposible no pasar por una etapa de depresion.
    Hace un mes me mude por obligacion de la casa donde vivi 11 años y tuve que dejar a mis tres perros porque actualmente ya no tengo espacio, fue extremadamente doloroso, pero a pesar del dolor que senti la vida me esta presentando cosas maravillosas que no podia imaginarme.

    Ahora pienso que a veces estamos tan comodos y tranquilos con nuestras vidas que nos olvidamos de dar gracias a Dios por un dia mas de vida, es como si de pronto nos encontraramos en una campana de cristal por la cual vemos todo pero no sentimos nada, una especie de coma, pero de pronto pasa que las cosas cambian y la campana se rompe, entonces despertamos, asustados y aturdidos sin saber lo que sucede, renegamos, nos frustramos y odiamos, pero solo entonces nos damos cuenta de que estamos vivos y “nos enteramos” de que Dios nos ama y que no nos dejara caer.

    Cambios radicales, transformaciones sorprendentes y renovaciones sorprendentes que creiamos imposibles. A veces podemos quedarnos como ese arbol al que todos vimos alguna vez, desnudo y olvidado, pero siempre debemos tener la certeza que se renovara y con una nueva primavera volvera a ser el mismo arbol bello y vigoroso pero con mas sabiduria a cerca de las estaciones.

  33. Since the main theme in my writing/and in life,if it sounds better/is staying young,i would say nature itself can force us to think about the strength it bears itself,amazing opportunities,which,if we are not afraid of,could turn into something majestic,.
    And weather is really changing,we witness it these days,showing another opportunity to us…to realize how the next season might be more beautiful.
    if we not suffer about things that only exist to bring us joy,we could reach some unexpected ,dreamed and most desired things,like a magic.

    Thank you for bringing joy in our lives with so beautiful stories.

  34. Isabel Pereira says:

    True but…the past has taught us something we can’t be forgotten or even “dismissed” life is too short to do that….

  35. Thank you for such an encouraging post.

  36. Marie-Christine says:

    In W inter we go inter (inside)
    change and renewal
    there is a cha that becomes and ange (l)
    and the new wall in renewal becomes a new law
    the law of nature is well done is not it :) trans form ation (action)
    Have a w onde rful day
    Thank you for sharing
    Love you

  37. Alexa says:

    Wonderful..thank you. Good story for the Fall(autumn) but also for us, I was thinking sad things like that “ we were never like we were”…he he/ but now I feel much better after I read the story, ideas.
    Have a nice day

  38. Anagha says:

    Its very true. We cannot get a simple second which was passed. We must live in present moment , neither in past nor in future.

  39. Liz says:

    You are my best author. Yesterday I told my friend that me and Paulo Coelho think alike. It was amusing because this is someone I may never meet physically (well, I get to meet you in your books) yet I feel an amazing connection to you. I almost think that your one core philosophy is Let Love Rule; it may not be true but I realize and believe that in the face of Love all barriers are broken, and that is what you strive to show us each and every day in your writing. I bless the Power of the Universe; God, for you Paulo Coelho. And I am always blessed to read your wise words.

    I saw Beauty
    In her radiance, I glowed,
    In her face, my hope overflowed,
    Beauty undefined, beauty unequalled-
    Is what I saw
    Joy, love, laughter, peace everlasting-
    Is what I felt
    O Glorious Beauty,
    In your magnificence,
    I beg to live;

  40. LoveM says:

    Shadow of longing
    Is this because its morning
    Or winter dawning

    I know that bare tree
    Without leave its’ winter sticks
    In my memory

    Winter morning sun
    Highlights every edge and crack
    Throws the shadows back

    Slanting in the sky
    Watch winters sunny sparkle
    Glancing in the eye

    Winter winding up
    Blows away summer and fall
    Leaves me all sprung up

    Under winter’s sky
    Stark naked plane trees stick up
    Reaching for summer

    Winter nudity
    I see as startled starlings
    Leave a naked tree

    A poet in the park
    Patient winter wandering
    Will he make a mark

    This winter I know
    There is a hole in the sky
    I keep getting wet

    Silent doves gather
    Winter sun’s bitter last rays
    In bare tree top tips

    I love winter sun
    It beams through the window…casts
    A path to my heart

    Blessings LoveM<3

  41. Lana says:

    interestingly, this is exactly what I’m going through now – changes – yet, don’t believe in renewal…

  42. Adrian says:

    Beautiful thank you so much for sharing the beautiful enlightened spirits which guide you thank you for following your dream which in turn has guided and healed so many by reading your works !

  43. daze says:

    I remember from The Alchemist where Santiago talks about how he loves being a shepherd because he gets to meet new people but doesn’t have to see them everyday. He says how people tend to expect the people around them to change. This is true, so then, why does Santiago think of change as something negative.

  44. Samuel~elViento~barreto says:

    Thank u. The timing was perfect, mirroring exactly what I’m experiencing.

    1. nicole says:

      Same here…

  45. cristina cabral says:

    Acho que estou aprendendo a lií§í£o.

  46. A beautiful lesson from looking at the laws of nature. Instead of trying to resist change, if we are flexible and embrace it, the change will make us grow into that someone we keep hidden inside. Even more so when see the influence it has on others. We plant a seed in others to transform with our gained wisdom. ” A tree does eat of its own fruit.” When the fruit falls off the tree, cows will come along and eat it. The seed is then released from the cow ( natural fertilizer) and a brand new fruit tree is born!

  47. Trevor Jones says:

    So true that change and renewal are the laws of life. It took me sometime to realize my personal shedding of old leaves were a natural process of life. No one told me. Indeed they told me that the shedding was a defect. An illness. During the pain and confusion I penned the following which I wish to share if possible with those that are also travelling the journey of the ‘personal autumn’ or what I now call awakening. Please be assured, as Paulo states, change and renewal are the laws of life.

    This awakening has started.
    The lid came off Pandora’s Box some time ago.
    But earthly pursuits and daily labour limited the opening.
    These bonds are now broken.
    This road from the unconscious seems like such a natural event;
    A quest only for the new student of consciousness
    That will require dedicated learning,
    Learning of who we have been together.
    I must read
    I must observe and listen to what you profess to be
    To what I profess to be from within
    From without
    So that I may see
    See the seed of who we are to become
    So that I may choose
    Choose who or what I will be in relation to that.
    This awakening is a curious thing
    That appears out of nowhere
    When it does appear
    There is no return to unconsciousness,
    Only an ever changing journey of discovery
    On the path of ever new awakenings
    But it is warm
    Like a long lost friend emerging from the deep
    That I can resist no longer
    That leads me on a path of discovery and adventure
    Like a child again I step forward into the arms of the unseen
    Without fear or trepidation
    Again embracing the mystical,
    The natural
    Into a place of great warmth
    Of great LOVE!
    This awakening has started


    1. Susana says:

      Thank you Paulo once again for words that begin to help me understand my dilemmas – right now, I’m trying to embrace change and it’s so good to read these comments relating to your post.

      The thing is, by living in the present moment there is no real need to forget about anything done in the past… it is there, somewhere, a part of what we are at this moment. Being part of a new experience,a chance meeting with someone, a different way of life, different country and so on, is, as far as I can understand, only truly validated when we bring all of what we are, were and have been, to that current moment. We are not leaves, as such, nor do we need to negate any part of ourselves. We are all of the years that we are. Seasons change and we grow, older, wiser, cynical, less cynical, funnier, more grumpy etc. but it is never final. A blank canvas appears as if by magic.
      Have a lovely weekend to you all. xx