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As you probably know, internet is an important tool, but nobody is sure about anything.
That includes emails.
Therefore, Suphi and I are changing the way to post comments on this blog. From next week on, you must have a Facebook account to do it (I guess many of you have)
You log in with your Facebook account, and then you can write whatever you feel like writing.
By changing the way comments are posted, you don’t need to put your email here anymore every time you want to express your opinion. Your email will remain secret (to all of us, except Facebook, of course).
Addendum: of course you will be able to read any post – and you only need to be logged in on Facebook when posting a comment


  1. Heart says:

    Since it’s still open to post. A very timely story of trying to get a heart to stop;

    Too funny.. Love you all.. I’ll keep staying in the basement!

  2. Paulo Coelho says:

    I read you. If it doesn’t work we go back to the original system of posting comments
    Please understand that I did that because I want to protect your privacy
    Many people don’t leave comments because they need to put an email

  3. Arto Hutto says:

    Dear Paulo,

    This works great for me so I embrace this idea.

    Best regards,


  4. Babette says:

    Thank you. I look forward to the release date in the United States of Manuscript Found in Accra. I hope you had a positive response to my impromptu English translation of your “Love and Its Contradictions.” I felt inspired by your intense creativity.
    Be well.

  5. Nadia says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I have to admit that I feel very disappointed about this decision and I cannot really understand the reasons behind it.

    Up until now, your blog was an open platform for everyone to read and comment feely and now you allow another commercial entity, with a very dubious and controversial track record, to act as a mediator and intervene in the relationship between what your write and people who would like to communicate with you directly. I am sure there are many other smart technical solutions to ensure security and privacy without forcing the commentators of your blog to support facebook. You probably know that facebook is bound by the Patriot Act and here is alsor one of their latest wrong doings:

    You have been always a role model when it comes to openness and accessibility and I hope your blog will always remain so. Please, do reconsider this decision!

    With love.

    P.S. I do have a facebook account myself for the time being but I do not know for how long, since I cannot ignore all the information, in addition to the infringements of privacy I experience from them on a regular basis.

  6. Atreyu says:

    Jode, he estado hipnotizado todo este tiempo, la vida es bella y el mundo amplio, espero seguir cambiando, nunca habí­a tenido problemas para nada, nunca he dependido de nada, en breve seré de nuevo libre.

    Veo como era la vida, eso significa que puedo sentir como antes, dentro de poco seré uno más, aunque tamizado por todo lo que he vivido.

    Un saludo, despierto poco a poco, en cuanto sea yo, todo estará al alcance de la mano. Este miércoles, tocamos en la escuela, tengo la impresión de que se fijan en mi, quizá tengo un poco de genio loco porque no es en el único ámbito en el que me pasa, o no?. Quizá no pase nada, o quizá pase todo de repente, y todo es todo.

    Un saludo.

  7. LoveM says:

    Thanks to Everiebody and Anniebody
    For all your comments and friendly posts
    This has been a wonderful fellowship….

    Could you ever say
    Goodbye to love and beauty
    That is what you are

    Bless you 1@<3

    1. Annie says:

      It will break my heart
      to see you go
      to hear you say

      so I took a mark-er,
      and I,happily realized,
      you were already tattooed
      in the heart

      no need to every say

      Thank you for every verse we exchanged..

      Love and Gratitude

  8. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Una pregunta, ¿entonces saldrá nuestro nombre en facebook o saldrá el “nik” que usamos aquí­? (podrí­a esperar a la semana que viene para saberlo, pero ya que estamos aqui…)

    One question, Then we have to use our Fb name ( person name and surname) or we can use the “nik” that we use here? (I can wait for the next week but…)

    Besos/ Hugs


  9. arline says:

    My apologies, but I disagree to log using FB account even I have an account with them, one that is barely used. (I don’t trust so much in how our profiles become public without been noticed) That’s why I always keep my guard on with anything related to FB.
    I really prefer to use my email which is a secured one, and from whom (the SP) I never had issues about.
    Well that is my humble and simple opinion.
    Yours truly,

  10. Tehsin Abid says:

    Thats sad :( … I am not a fan of facebook n dont have an ID there … It means I will not able to post anymore comments … :-s


    Tehsin Abid
    A fan from Pakistan

  11. Eric says:

    Mr. Coehlo,

    I rather enjoy posting comments from time to time. But I do not have nor will I ever have a Facebook account. I’m very private – it’s with reluctance I use my real name and give my email out even to you. Facebook is gratuitously self aggrandizing to me. “How public-like a frog” in the words of Emily Dickenson.


  12. Seema says:

    I do not have a facebook account, nor I intend to. I know I write lesser comments, but still I would want to write as and when I feel motivated and to connect. Now, I won’t be able to. Can you please re-consider to keep the same old way of posting comments? Thanks.

  13. Heart says:

    Guess it’s time to say bye from me as I do not have fb account. I talk nonsense anyway.. hahaha

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    It might take me a bit longer to connect. I don’t understand that Facebook thing I have a block everytime i come across a password. It just can’t pass.
    and I cannot afford to have someone looking at my pc at the moment.
    Anyhow, I go on the blog for information, for pleasure , for the dynamics and the interaction.
    I can monitor my peak flow :) and the descending one :(. It is then that I am aware I need a commercial break. and I can have a breath.
    To have fun is also important. I try to alternate with my way of thinking.
    Then, I adopt some science fiction characters simply because that is the way my intuition works at the time. So all these combined can help me in finding myself again,
    I also can have a serious encounter with my soul or a giggling one, find a quotation, something I really enjoy thinking about.
    At other times, I am not too keen in putting my name. I just want to change it, not because I want to conceal it , not anymore. It is just that I feel the need to write – don’t ask me why…. I don’t know.
    When I read the comments in various languages, the image that is being projected for me is that it is not the question of a particular nationality – we all think more or less on the same lines.
    I have learned that the control of the breath is the most important in life to be in charge of your own ‘boat’.
    I really like the content that is being distributed and the huge volume of material that is available for each one of us to go and dig and search for what we are looking for at that precise moment.
    I am also aware of the generosity of sharing the content.
    Paulo , you are the best teacher I have ever learned.
    Thank you for everything
    I am glad Suphi is working in the team. I was wondering whether he was still part of it or not. Hey, I can get nosey sometimes too.

    Regarding the Facebook connection, I was having a look, a few days ago at the
    ‘Hoodie’ that Mark Zuckelberg has been wearing.
    I find it an interesting piece of work,
    I love the geometrical patterms displayed with the circle representation – O ‘eye in focus and all the converging signs leading to it for and open and connecting world using the platforms and following the stream leading to the graph in (3) with giving and exchanging for business.
    Quite a vision!

    With love and gratitude for all that I have learned from you.


  15. Susana says:

    Yes, it does feel like the end of an era…yet, as one door closes another opens…but personally, I know FB does not inspire me in the same way as seeing
    the free flow of comments here in the blog, where one does not have to be reminded constantly that you are indeed on the biggest social network in the world. I shall look forward to reading your blog., and channel my would-be comments into another creative outlet. I still, value your work immensely .

    ciao and thanks for this space xx

  16. Joël says:

    It is a pity,this is the last comment,over and out.
    But i will read still your blog

  17. Tod says:

    Good decision for some and bad for others. Is it not possible to use both options alternatively? Just wondering:)

  18. haiku says:


  19. Jane Stewart says:

    Thankyou Paulo and Suphi, Read a lovely poem shared by a friend last night, very soulful, and part of the message was about trusting your inner voice, the heart. And today a little quote by A.A. Milne:
    ‘Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind’
    ‘Yes, Piglet?’
    ‘Oh nothing, I just wanted to be sure.’

    Love to all, warm hugs,
    Looking forward to trying out the new way of signing in.

  20. Benny says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I disagree coz i dont have a FB account and I am sure there are still plenty of people out there like me too especially those unconventional ones.

    FB login is necessary but should be an option. Furthermore FB is a corporation listed on Wall St. there are many social networking out there which is as popular, why FB?

  21. ebra says:

    Hi paulo,
    It really feels good when a reader find a proper channel of communication with the author. Thanks for that.
    In this sense i really would like you reconsider the choice of the publisher of your book in arabic version, as it seems the level of translation of your book (O vencedor esta so) is less than the meanings it carries. I believe translation can either raise an author popularity or fail him especially when it has literatue touch.
    Hope you the best, and this is the second book of urs im reading now.

  22. Azul says:

    After reading “ALEPH” , I was dreaming about you for 3 nights in a row. You magically entered in my dreams and i lost my confortable position of just being a lector to become a charater more in your stories.. What did you mean when you did that? What is the message that you need to give me? Cual es el mensaje que necesito darte? Senti miedo y perdi un poco mi calma….

    I do not have a facebook account neither…no te vallas ..Que sigue luego?


  23. vinay says:

    To me this switchover does not seem palatable.
    I would request you to reconsider this change as it sure is going to lose hordes of loyal readers and constrict the circle of influence that you have so painstakingly woven.
    In view of my concerns for privacy, though that is so brittle once I am on the internet, I still am in favor of having freedom to choose the way I like to respond and interact, rather than by being constrained by choices.

  24. Alpesh says:


    I take this opportunity to comment on this blog. Because after this I don’t think I will be able to.

  25. mamito jr says:

    Respectfully and with humility, I wish you would reconsider this new plan. I do not have a facebook account because I am concerned about privacy. I post here occasionally and feel the warmth of connecting with other readers. This decision will prevent me from posting. I get so much out of this blog and I am grateful for all of you.

  26. Soliloquy says:

    Awww…now I feel like I’m being pressured to get something I really don’t want in order to indulge in something I do want.

    1. nns says:

      That is really not what I expected from you….
      I respect my privacy and I’m sad that one Have to do this to comment…

  27. Esther says:

    me parece muy buena idea, gracias.

  28. Annie says:

    Then I guess I will savor this moment and comment as the last one in this form…


    love and gratitude

    1. LoveM says:

      Forever touching
      The mystery of you and me
      That is poetry

      If what I have said
      Only impressed your mind…I
      Fail to touch your heart

      You are so distant
      The only way to reach you
      Is to touch your heart

      Home’s where the heart is
      Staying in touch with your heart
      You’re always at home

      Go on…have a hug
      It brings your hearts together
      So deeply touching

      Here is some haiku
      Coming from a loving heart
      Hope it touches you

      My heart’s final note
      Find me at the meeting point
      Where all is touching

      With heartfelt happiness
      LoveM :)<3

  29. kanwal says:

    i m doing research on ur novel my topic is Optimisim in Paulo Coelho’s novels.this is my first post on ur blog. i love ur work.thanku so much fr writing such wonderful books. i wud love to stay in touch wid u… m very glad to visit ur blog n to see that u reply to the comments..i wud b happy if u reply me also wid ur loved gesture :) :)

  30. doris says:

    i am also sorry to hear this. i have enjoyed to provoke at times. but i also do not have fb anymore and will not have fb.

    on the other hand a part of me has wished to stop writing comments here since some time.

    best wishes to you paulo, your family and friends

  31. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Je crois que je ne comprends rien í  toutes ces choses, et j’espère simplement que j’arriverai encore í  vous lire, au moins, í  partir de la semaine prochaine, ou alors je vais m’étioler comme une fleur sans eau. Quant í  pouvoir encore vous répondre, ceci a moins d’importance, ce sont vos mots qui me sont indispensables. Passez un heureux dimanche.
    With love. Chris

  32. Satora says:

    Sorry to hear that only FB accounts will be able to post. I do not have FB and will not get FB. So I guess this is my last post. It was a wonderful ride…take care and be well dear Paulo.

    With Loving Kindness
    from Crete – Greece


    1. Annie says:

      last comment-ride of the day to send you a big kiss <3

  33. !!!??? says:

    Cher Paulo,
    Cela fait des semaines que mon compte Facebook est bloque avec ce commentaire :
    “Invitations a entrer en contact bloquees pendant 7 jours
    Vous avez envoye plusieurs invitations a des personnes que vous ne connaissez pas personnellement. Par consequent, vous ne pouvez pas envoyer d’autres invitations pendant les sept jours prochain.
    Vous pouvez eviter un nouveau blocage en envoyant des invitations uniquement aux personnes que vous connaissez.’
    Puis, un peu plus bas :
    ‘Je comprends que l’envoi d’invitations a des personnes que je ne connais pas est interdit sur Facebook.’
    Il faut tiquer dessus pour dire qu’on est d’accord. Mais je ne suis pas d’accord.

    Je ne comprends pas ce langage et je me demande la raison pour laquelle on doit envoyer uniquement des invitations aux personnes que vous connaissez.
    Je pensais que c’etait un endroit pour partager avec des gens .Me suis je trompee?
    Combien de personnes peut on avoir?
    Est-ce que Mark Zuckelberg est au courant de cela?
    Je ne peux pas le contacter, mon compte est bloque.
    Alors, je me dis si je devenais ami avec Mark est ce que cela changerait les choses? Si oui, alors je mettrais mon nom et de toute maniere, mon mail peut etre verifie.

    ‘L’existence n’a de sens que si nous nous sentons lies a autrui.
    La source de la vie ne vient pas des choses ou des etres mais de ce qui fait lien entre eux.
    Rapprocher les hommes tel est le sens de la mission humaine,
    Nos actes doivent tendre vers l’humanite, rejoindre l’Universel, sinon ils sont vains, car il n’est rien a esperer de soi mais de la seule merveilleuse collaboration de l’un a travers l’autre.’ Antoine de St Exupery

    Je suis certaine que c’est la vision de Facebook
    Sincerement a vous
    mcclouise odette

  34. MONICA says:

    Paulo please tell me when do you came back to Barcelona? Love

  35. no comments says:

    Let’s face it!
    Book with only faces who wants to join it is not such an open book.

  36. tabi-smile says:

    Some benfits are in fb and some other in this blog.Then u shud choose the most benefits between them .If i shuld put my messages just in fb then i cant share all my thoughts and feelings there.But it is ur choice if u prefer to change i will accept.

  37. Pandora says:

    Brilliant idea …!

  38. Interesting idea Paulo, I have to think about it! That means you do FaceBook a favour! They should give yo a big hug and thanks!

  39. tabi-smile says:

    Hello.I have fb account and see ur files and put my accounts there but fb is more general. sometimes I prefer to not show my real name and here i can write another name but in fb all my friends can see my comments although i want this.some times here i can write what ever i want 4 example all my feelings abt all the things such as love,religiuos and….but in fb i cant.SOmetimes i put messages on ur wrotes on fb(tabassom-ershadifar)but it is my choice .

    1. tabi-smile says:

      pardon me i had mistake.i put my comments on ur writings on fb.

    2. Lama says:

      With all respect, I would have the same issue. Facebook (FB) is a very public place, used for sharing (mostly) superficial information. People do not share their innermost thoughts and feelings, and certainly not what is truly going on in their lives. Whereas here on your blog, sometimes deep and touching things are said which I would like to post on, anonymously, and also keep separate from my FB community. While this is my prejudice and preference, I certainly respect that you might have other reasons for this move. But I would certainly imagine you may have other reasons for doing so (it does seem like the number of hits may not decrease at all but the number of comments may). This is certainly going to stop me posting comments, though not from reading your blog.

  40. Morag says:

    I understand your concerns about privacy but facebook is not private. I found when chatting to a friend we were getting adverts based on our chat. It was funny as they were popping up on the side. We were not unduly concerned as our chat was boring and we were secretly pleased that any nosey parker would be bored senseless.

    You will still get the visits but not so many comments, lol less feedback

    1. Tabi -Labkhand says:

      exactly,i am agree with u.

  41. arun says:

    keep going.. if you are doing it you must be having valid reasons to go for it….

  42. Adriana says:

    I know FB is very popular, and I understand your concern about our privacy. However, don’t you think this decision of yours will cause visits to the blog to get smaller? I’m used to it, and I will access your blog anyways, but I’m concerned about all the poeple who don’t have FB and will miss the chance to get inspired by your words.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      It may get less comments, yes. But the visits will remain the same (an average of 40.000/50.000 a day)

    2. Adriana says:

      Sorry for jumping into conclusions. Now that I reread your post I see we only have to access FB if we want to comment. That’s another story. Anyone can read your blog without the need to access FB, isn’t it?