The Warrior Of Light And Resistence

Paulo Coelho

The warrior knows that the most important words in all languages are the small words.
Yes. Love. God.
They are words that are easy enough to say and which fill vast empty spaces.
There is, however, one word – another small word – that many people have great difficulty in saying: no.
Someone who never says no, thinks of himself as generous, understanding, polite, because ‘no’ is thought of as being nasty, selfish, unspiritual.
The warrior does not fall into this trap. There are times when, in saying ‘yes’ to others, he is actually saying ‘no’ to himself.
That is why he never says ‘yes’ with his lips if, in his heart, he is saying ‘no’.

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  1. arline says:

    Saying “yes” when my heart feel is “no” during several years, specifically at work, make me get in a depression that I’m still working with.
    Also I’m working to listen to my heart and avoid what I learned during long years by my family (I never heard anyone of them say “no” even when in myself I understand that the logic will be a “no”) and will continue in this daily battle until I will be the winner and not only learn what to say, but also hear my heart before anything else.
    Thanks Paulo! Sincerely,


  2. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Love Joy Life
    Heart Soul Mind
    Earth Sun Moon
    Wind Sea Sky
    Breath Blood time
    Brain Thought Wit ….
    I say YES to all these short words and many others, all that means being alive, to love, to admire, to feel, to breathe, to dream, to apreciate, to enjoy.
    Say NO: to close the door, to kill the hope, to be closed in our fortress and hidden behind the rancor; to refuse to try, to shut ourself up in our own night, and be alone with our ridiculous convictions.
    I have many trouble with the No, perhaps for fear of rejection, perhaps by deep shyness, perhaps by education, a woman has to accept and shut up ..
    Maybe because I know I have to be there and help, always, what it costs me.
    Sometimes when you say no, the negative consequences are such that need a lifetime to erase them.
    I’m afraid, It is not in this life that I will learn to say No …
    Love. (the short word I prefer, of course)

  3. dalia says:

    i totally agree , sometimes i feel like ” why sometimes i must act in a different way just to satisfy some people ” then i felt that in both ways i’m the only loser … but at least in one of them i will feel “that’s really me” :)

  4. lisa moral says:

    Las palabras son armas poderosas, las mas oportunas, las mejor expresadas son las mejores aliadas para vencer y convencer, a uno mismo y a los demas.
    Es cierto que las palabras mas importantes son cortas, y uno para expresarlas debe pensarlas..porque de la abundancia del corazon habla la boca.
    Esto me hace recordar con a un compañero con quien tenia malos entendidos…
    Estaba en la clase de Microbiologia, esperando a que llegue la profesora. Entonces se acerca ese compañero y me dice
    – Te invito a salir…..
    La verdad me puse feliz y le dije Si
    El me miro, se enojo y solo me respondio… Por lo menos me tenes que preguntar a donde te quiero invitar a salir?
    Yo permaneci en silencio, el salio afuera y tomo agua…yo no lo acompañe. Permaneci en mi lugar , porque en verdad si el queria solucionar algun problema me iba a llamar o me iba a escribir, y lo trataria sin el resto de las personas…
    En ese momento solo me salio la palabra verdadero, pero mi intuicion femenina me dice que el entendio que le dije que no queria salir ni siquiera a tomar agua con el…
    No es el hecho de que me invite a tomar agua el que no me molestase, sino que yo le enviaba mails y jamas me respondia, y encima le hacia saber a sus amigos, que me criticaban…Porque la falta de comunicacion verbal y le envio mails???
    Por tal motivo cuando reflexione, y dije la proxima no le digo que Si porque piensa que le dijo que no, y no le digo que NO para que no se enoje…
    Sera libre de pensar, pero jamas vuelvo a decir un SI que sera despreciado, la proxima invitacion publica solo sera una evasion

  5. Atreyu says:

    Me ha encantado el libro, vuelvo al principio, creo que voy a estar leyéndolo durante un tiempo.

    Gracias de nuevo.

    Ya se que no tiene mucho que ver, o quizá sí­, pero voy a poner la letra de una canción de un grupo que se llamaba Triana, al canción se llama Sr. Troncoso.

    “Eh, amigo ¿como estás esta mañana?
    ¿recuerdas algo de lo que te ocurrió ayer?
    Ya se que no te importa, si llueve por la noche,
    caminas todo el dí­a y vas en busca de tu ser.

    En tus labios brilla una sonrisa,
    que penetra en lo más hondo de mi ser.
    Ya se que no te importa,
    tu tienes que seguir,
    tu debes conseguir,
    que nada te ate aquí­.

    En tu mente ya lo pone,
    todo tal como ha de ser,
    Sigue luchando y podrás lograr,
    al fin tu ser… al fin tu ser…”

    Un saludo.

  6. Atreyu says:

    Poco a poco vuelvo a ser yo, me falta hacer lo que quiera cuando quiera, creo que la voluntad es lo último en recuperarse, pero la firmeza crece. Mando yo en mi vida, y lo que quiero lo hago y lo que no, no.

    Hací­a tiempo que no estaba así­, así­ era antes de todo esto. Seguiré yendo a la universidad, en breve actuaré en vez de esperar a que las cosas sucedan.

    íšltimamente estoy realizando un ejercicio de tai chi, una postura estática, llevo poco tiempo pero noto sus efectos, creo que acelera el proceso de sanación.

    Un saludo.

  7. There is pact in my heart,and as long as i feel that there might be something untold to be turned into something rightful,my doubts can wait for the time it gets cleared,to support my hope and belief…

  8. Isabelle says:

    I don’t agree with this statement. Words are just that “words”. It’s what you do that matters. I don’t care for the G-word and the “yes” and the ‘Love” words either. They are misused (i.e for the wrong purpose) and quite frankly have become meaningless in my book. I set boundaries by trying to stay aware of how my intent is formed, usually avoiding to act out of fear. A true warrior knows that things just are, no need to judge. When you act out of love, you never even think about the word, you just do it naturally.

    1. doris says:

      i agree, isabelle. yes, it is natural, but this nature is covered, by the ways most of us have learned to think and use language. learning to stay aware of how one´s own intent is formed is therefore great work. sincerity. it is the inner work that transforms the world for the good of all. in my view, nothing is more important than that.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      ‘Lorsque nous acceptons l’inevitable rencontre avec d’autres sources, nous comprenons finalement que cela nous rend plus forts, nous contournons les obstacles ou nous remplissons les depressions plus rapidement et plus facilement.’ Paulo Coelho Chronique – Comprendre le fleuve
      avec amour

  9. arun says:

    The life of warrior always knitted around positive things of life that what makes him warrior. A warrior knows that life without these emotions is nothing but a pile of dust carrying without the purpose. A life lives without purpose is riding a blind horse. The magic of positive emotions can be felt in every aspect of life as it generates love, happiness and kindness among people. ‘No’ in life plays another vital role in knowing the meaning of life. People who wear mask feel awkward in speaking so as they do not want to be exposed in life. A warrior never wears mask but simultaneously take good care of people around him. He knows the ‘no’ only hurts when people do not say but show it in their acts. A ‘yes’ is a trap when you are not affirmative in your acts and it happens many times when life plays different notes in life. A life is without ‘no’ is like a door mat and creates more problems in life. People with positive notions for ‘no’ have better aspects and clear personalities and loved more rather people who say yes to everything… They are reflections of their own thoughts and crystal clear picture of their learning…. Salute them, respect them and keep them in your life when all yes people will leave you they would still be comfortable in your company…

  10. Beautiful said, Paulo!

  11. L.F. says:

    “The warrior does not fall into this trap. There are times when, in saying ‘yes’ to others, he is actually saying ‘no’ to himself.”

    I fell into this trap twice…once in 2001 and again in 2002! The first time I said yes , I realized a short time afterwards (6 months) I made a mistake with my choice. The second time I said yes, I could hear/sense my heart screaming NO, yet I didn’t listen. In looking back on both of those instances, the lessons I learned have been more than valuable on my journey moving forward. Each lesson left somewhat of a scar that I am not ashamed of bearing. Those scars continue to remind me and save me from repeating or going down that other path which led to nowhere!

  12. This post has a deep message for me. You see as kid I was taught not to say certain things because otherwise it meant you were weak. And to comply with others to be polite and stay in peace. Well, I learned that this is not at all the case. Only when I embraced my venerability did I feel stronger, I was free. Complying with others with you are saying No to yourself can actually be sabotaging even to those around you.

  13. Alba says:

    Querido Paulo, es muy interesante lo que escribes, es verdad me veo en esta situación de muchas veces decir si con los labios pero no con el corazon.. :( es algo en lo que tengo que reflexionar..en este momento de mi vida me encuentro perdida como si no perteneciera a este mundo aveces…leo tus frases pero me cuesta aplicarlas..justamente estoy volviendo a leer Veronika decide morir una vez más..y me identifico mucho con que con paciencia podré entender esta vida y dejarme llevar sin miedos..gracias por compartir tus experiencias con nosotros a través de tus libros..

  14. Morag says:

    I so agree I am 51 and only now can say no

    1. Paola Giannetti says:

      Me, too.

  15. Jessica G says:

    Good reminder ….. I have learn to say no to others …. when I was younger I was saying yes to often to things I didnt want to do ….. which is kind of crazy when I look back. So when I now say no to another Im saying yes to myself <3 Love and light Jessica

  16. YES TO " NO ".......... says:

    Dear paulo,
    I say yes to life ….
    i say yes to love….. yes to love all …..wether living or nonliving …..
    i say yes to friendship ……
    i say yes to peace…..
    i say yes to forgive…… forgive ownself and forgiving all ….
    i say yes to “no”……yes to a big “no” to stay on a platform which does not quench my thirst for positivity / joy rather suffocates me being surrounded by blackmailers/politicians/cunning media personale / mafia / all in desguise as FRIEND / WELL WISHER / SOCIAL WORKERS / gurumata/ ….
    उत्सव सी शराब न कोई , न मौन सी भंग …….

    दो घूट लगाई जिसने

    उसके तो जीत हार सब एक रंग

    फिर कौन सा सफ़र , रह गया किस का संग ….

    गिर गयी मै मेरी तेरी की जंग

    गया जहाँ भी , फिरा नाचता हो के मलंग

    उत्सव सी शराब न कोई , न मौन सी भंग …….

  17. THELMA says:

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Buddha

    Thelma xxx

  18. Betsy says:

    When the Warrior of Light says yes to something, but no to himself, he already knows in his heart that the Devine is there to help him with his struggles and lighten his load.
    He knows great things can be accomplished through him because he is a vessel of Light.

  19. Cristina says:

    In graphology we have a sign that identifies (according to the general contest of the writing), the attitude of the person toward feelings. It is the direction or writing.
    To simplify what I mean, when it’s directed to the right, generally means someone who runs after his Love object (I meand every kind of love, even, hobbies etc.), when it’s turned to the left, on the contrary, means someone who try not to show what he/she likes for many reasons (they are generally showed by the contest).
    When writing is upright, sholud be considered balaced person,but my Theacher Nazzareno Palaferri, a wis monk and one of the father of italian graphology, used to say:”Watch how the writing moves! if it’s totally upright, with all the letters parallel, menas someone who stick to the law without fellings or critical sense, so can be a person full of pride and unable to use his/her mind.
    On the contrary, the real, balanced person is someone whose letters have little waves on the right and left, suche as an armonic wave, cause the balanced person is someone who knows and choose when to say yes, and when to say no”.
    This happened to me, in Italy, 15 years ago.
    Really the Thruth stands in all the world and in all times, and it is understood only by those who search it.

  20. Paulien says:

    Saying “no” when I really mean “no” is something I’ve only started to learn a year ago, or so… It’s an important deal of honesty I think, to stay true to yourself. Yes and No might seem such simple and small things, but they can make all the difference… People say Yes all the time while they think No and it often makes them unhappy.. Not sure if I have a point, hehe..

  21. Mirela Baron says:

    I would LIKE TO SAY “NO” to HIM!!!BUT how should HE SEE THIS if YOU DON´T sended IT TO HIM???and you see he don`t want to GIVE UP ,thinking THAT MY SILANCE MEANS maybe “PERHAPS”-which IS SURLY NOT!!!

    so HAVING SAID ONE TIME “NOoooooooooooo!!!”,hope to don´t beeing ASKED..,never AGAIN!!!


  22. I say Yes to all, deep inside. But I understood that giving, saying yes all the time, following my convictions was not at all good many times. For me, learning to know myself, meaning my weaknesses and forces, my emotional mind in relations was a start. For by saying yes I contribute to the other’s soul prison, since I do not put the person in front of its responsibility, of this own forces and weaknesses. Love some times is to say no, to be sensible but to let the other one find, to believe in its own potential. I am one soul with its specific mission and its specific environment and its specific forces and also personal challenges to grow and get near the Will of God. I communicate my reflexions, experiences, my resources, but I do not do for the other, for he has to experiment and integrate. And I still love the other deeply, listen to him, support him, but I love him so that love tells me to let go, pray and trust that he will go one step further.

  23. No is a word hard to form in the mouth, as since childhood, any negation to the parent is scorned as parents want children to obey them. Learning to say no is thus very important. Thank you Paulo!
    I say No! ;)
    but Yes to Love!

  24. Dear Paulo…..Thank you for this….I really needed to be reminded of it. I find I often say yes when i should be saying no and then I become cross with myself for not having more courage. I can only persevere……with love Angela

  25. Savita Vega says:

    A good reminder – sometimes we can actually do a great injustice by being too polite. This is definitely a fault of my own that I must work on.

  26. Alexandra says:

    Thank you dear Paulo. I needed these words today . Lately things written here seem exactly for my state, advice of the day.

  27. Irina Black says:

    When the word was pronounced,when idea was declared,you become this word,this idea.

  28. Mari Ann says:

    Too bad I missed the Copehagen opportunity though. I would have liked to go there in December. Climate, you know….

  29. Mari Ann says:

    Got the message!

  30. sido says:

    A small word for a great strength: LOVE.

    I remember a trial: a man has just been sentenced for the murder of a young man, and the parents of young man killed approach the man who has withdrawn the life to their son;
    And they said to him these words poignant and filled of Faith: “We forgive you ”

    Live with the forgiveness in his heart , and give the forgiveness is a major step toward the true love and toward the life of all peoples in peace and harmony. An example of processing

    I am also reminded the message received on the path of St Jacques of Compostelle: “that your path of life is always a path of love, wherever you are”

    Before receiving this message, I was on this path to forgive those who have done me suffer, and to accept to forgive ( i have not asked for me , but for them: I would therefore ask for them and all those who must be helped )

    If we want a world in its image , it must therefore be lived in his image. If love is given , you will receive the love , and you share the love , and you semerez love that you will harvest if you water of the water that is replete .

    I remember also that in my distress immense, I found the energy of able to give and think of the other , even those who have done me suffer, and also those who suffer ( the homeless i was going to, the poorest etc ) and it is at this time that I have received the most
    (And not before: a word that details on the following web site )

    Since I think this sentence “listening your heart , the heart of the soul of the world , and love ”

    By love and by His love , i hope and I believe . simple words: love , peace , wisdom

  31. THELMA says:

    Traveling in Greece or Cyprus? On October 28th, expect to encounter parades and other celebrations commemorating Ochi Day, also called “Oxi Day”, the anniversary of General Ioannis Metaxas’ flat denial to the Italians’ request for free passage to invade Greece.

    In October, 1940, Italy, backed by Hitler, wanted to occupy Greece; Metaxas simply responded “Ochi!” – “No!” in Greek. It was a “No!” that brought Greece into the war on the Allied side; for a time, Greece was Britain’s only ally against Hitler.

    Greece not only did not give Mussolini’s forces free passage, they seized the offensive and drove them back through most of Albania.

    Had Metaxas not said “No!”, World War II might well have lasted considerably longer. One theory suggests that had Greece agreed to surrender without resistance, Hitler would have been able to invade Russia in spring, rather than making his disastrous attempt to take it in winter. Western nations, always happy to credit ancient Greece with the development of democracy, may owe modern Greece an equal but usually unrecognized debt for helping to preserve democracy against its enemies.

    Some historians credit the Greeks’ fierce resistance to the later German paratrooper landings on the island of Crete with convincing Hitler that such attacks cost too many German lives. The from-the-air invasion of Crete was the last attempt by the Nazis to use this technique, and the extra resources required to subdue Greece drained and distracted the Third Reich from its efforts on other fronts.

    People have to say NO, with all their might in order to preserve their freedom against any kind of dictatorship. We are all born equal, with the same rights. The HUMAN RIGHTS CONVENTION is not a convention on papers but in our hearts too.
    The Warriors of the Light are warriors of HUMAN RIGHTS and Love.

  32. THELMA says:

    Dearest Annie, the history lesson was copy/paste from the Google, so that we will remember our glorious past, not only from the new magnificent museum of Acropolis! When we will come to Athens we will visit Parthenon and Acropolis again, together!

    The funny thing with OXI = NO,is when I was a child I used to say No to whatever I was asked and my father was telling me that he was going to order for me a … golden brooch with OXI .. ;] A stubborn child!