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Os dois meninos

black-outline-two-boysUma velha história árabe conta que dois meninos – um rico e um pobre – voltavam do mercado. O rico trazia biscoitos untados com mel, e o pobre trazia um pedaí§o de pí£o velho.

– Deixo vocíª comer meu biscoito, se bancar o cí£o para mim – disse o rico.

O menino pobre aceitou e, de quatro na calí§ada, comeí§ou a comer as guloseimas do menino rico.

O sábio Fath, que assistia a cena, comentou:

– Se este menino pobre tivesse um pouco de dignidade, ia terminar descobrindo uma maneira de ganhar dinheiro. Mas ele prefere tornar-se o cí£o do menino rico, para comer seu biscoito.

“Amanhí£, quando for grande, fará o mesmo por um cargo público, e será capaz de trair seu paí­s por uma bolsa de ouro.”

When you are going through difficult times

fotoOur dream, the desire that is in our soul, did not come out of nowhere.
Someone placed it there.
And that Someone, who is pure love and wants only our happiness, did so only because he also gave us the tools to realise our dreams and our desires.

When you are going through difficult times, remember: you may have lost some major battles, but you survived and you’re still here.
That is a victory. Show your happiness and celebrate your ability to go forward.

Pour your love generously out onto the fields and pastures, down the streets of the big city and across the dunes of the desert.

Show that you care about the poor, for they are an opportunity for you to display the virtue of charity.
And care, too, about the rich, who distrust everything and everyone, keep their granaries crammed with grain and their coffers full, but, despite all that, cannot drive away loneliness.

Never miss an opportunity to show your love, especially to those close to you, because we are always at our most cautious with them, for fear of being hurt.

Love – because you will be the first to benefit. The world around you will reward you, even if, at first, you say to yourself: ‘They don’t understand my love.’

Love does not need to be understood. It needs only to be shown.