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World Book Night US – 2013

TheAlchemist PartDeux



Tomorrow morning east coast time in the US, WORLD BOOK NIGHT will announce THE ALCHEMIST as a part of this years celebration. The actual WORLD BOOK NIGHT takes place on April 23rd.

Approximately 25,000 copies of the books (English and Spanish) will be given out all over the country. Some of the outlets where folks will be handing out the books include:
Parents, teachers, parking attendants, security guards, junior colleges, libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, Native American reservations, food pantries, Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery meetings, fire departments, coffee shops, diners, movie theaters, grocery stress, laundromats, yoga studios, busses, and more.

Thank you.
Mark Tauber

(my publisher in Harper Collins USA)

For more information on the World Book Night 2013, please CLICK HERE

Live the life you always wanted to live

avatar (2)Even if you were to study your own life in detail and relive each moment that you suffered, sweated and smiled beneath the sun, you would still never know exactly when you had been useful to someone else.

A life is never useless. Each soul that came down to Earth is here for a reason.

The people who really help others are not trying to be useful, but are simply leading a useful life.
They rarely give advice, but serve as an example.
Do one thing: live the life you always wanted to live.

Avoid criticising others and concentrate on fulfilling your dreams.
This may not seem very important to you, but God, who sees all, knows that the example you give is helping Him to improve the world. And each day, He will bestow more blessings upon it.

And when the Unwanted Visitor arrives, you will hear it say:
‘It is fair to ask: “Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”
‘But now, in this final second of your life on Earth, I am going to tell you what I saw: I found the house clean, the table laid, the fields ploughed, the flowers smiling. I found each thing in its proper place, precisely as it should be. You understood that small things are responsible for great changes.

‘And for that reason, I will carry you up to Paradise.’