We are the revolution

EN ESPANOL: La nueva revolución
EM PORTUGUES: Nós somos a revoluí§í£o


My literature is totally committed with a new political attitude – human beings in search of their own identity.

We are the revolution taking place. We are responsible for the world in every sense – political, social, moral.
We are responsible for the planet. We are responsible for the unemployed.
We are responsible for the tyrants currently in power.
We are responsible for the torturers, the opressors.

Of course, we can blame the banks, the disaster that irresponsible people created in the financial system, the political repression, the inability of the Govts. to hear what people has to say.

But this will not help the world to become a better place. We need to act, and we need to act now.

And we don’t need permission to act.

We are much more powerful than we think we are. Let’s use this power, use the strength that everyone has when he/she is following his/her real Bliss, Personal Legend, you name it.
We are the dreamers, but we are also the revolution.
Dreams are not negotiable. Dreamers can’t be tamed.

I outlined my declaration of principles in the links below. Do the same. And implement everything you think should be implemented.

Click below for
ENGLISH: Declaration of principles
ESPANOL: Declaracion de principios
PORTUGUES: Declaraí§í£o de princí­pios


  1. Alinagwe mwaselela says:

    Thank u paul.

  2. rema says:

    as always, enlighten by your ideas. Gracias.

  3. ivan says:

    es como lo he soñado, más no he podido aplicarlo, es un muy buena fuente de inspiración leer estas palabras.

  4. suha says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Thank you for this wonderful thought :)
    I think revolutions will change the world for the better or the worse ..it does not matter.. what is important that we are trying to be different .

    “We need to act, and we need to act now.And we don’t need permission to act”I agree with you completely <3
    biiiiiiiig liiike :)

  5. Edzilyn Sindon says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Thank you for this wonderful thought from you. I keep on reading your blogs cause’ it helps me to understand my life, our life. Because of you, I see things in a brighter way. Thank you again and may God Bless you always.



  6. Paulo,

    You have changed my life.

    Thank You.

  7. IMAGE by John Lennon , in the past his other ever green songs helped me to believe, to live, to hope, to dream , to be free, like to day your wonderful books and your words help me to go on living , dreaming, , being hopeful and free. ” You may say, I am dreamer, but I’m not the only one”.

  8. I am very happy to read your words in your Blog, , thank you very much, I am not alone! To-day in the morning,, I just argued my doughter into this subject,
    I said her that we must decide, act and live following our coscience, our soul and our dreams, there it is nothing,, or none and no political power, no economic power, no fashion power , no power that can deprive us to act following our coscience , we must live and act and to decide freely. We are really the revolution, if every day like children we look at the sky, and we dream and hope, we smile, we cry, we are free and happy, because we can decide to live following our soul, our heart, and we’ll be real alive forever at last, we do’nt need to have any possession, we have our free wonderful life! ” You can say, I am a dreamer, but I am’nt the only one! “-by John Lennon.

  9. Ivo Antov says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Thanks for sharing this. People from many places are feeling the same.

  10. sonia lopez says:

    yo soy una de las personas ke tal vez no sepan expresarse pero en mi humilde opinion creo k cada ser humano ya llevamos consigo una revolucion con la cual tenemos k luchar cada dia llevandola a cabo con amor y tolerancia para asi poder evolucionar utilizando los dones k DIOS nos ha regalado y regalar al mundo todo lo bueno de nosotros mismos creo yo ke esa es una revolucion de AMOR desempolvada de la politica y el apatico gobierno . le doy infinitas gracias al SEí‘OR por depositar en la tierra semillas como usted ke nos guian y nos enseñan el camino del AMOR a travez del poder de la comunicacion DIOS lo guarde y bendiga siempre

  11. Estimado Paulo:

    Creo en concordancia con usted que estos son momentos decisivos en la historia de la humanidad, la velocidad en los procesos de comunicación nos ha llevado a que a pesar de vivir en las antí­podas miles de personas estemos vibrando en la misma frecuencia, creo que hemos despertado y estamos muy cerca de lograr la masa crí­tica para dar el salto a una nueva era, esa era en la cual por fin vamos a reconocer a Dios en cada uno de nuestros hermanos y en nosotros mismos, con todo lo que ello implica.
    Un fraternal abrazo

  12. han says:

    I think there has never been a more important time in recent history where creating has been more essential. I therefore dedicate my life to creating beauty and sharing joy and fun. This for me is the revolution. Not the political fighting. The way to end fighting and to regain personal power is to stop being a victim of the system and to simply use what I have around me to make everything I touch more joyful and filled with beauty and love. If you are annoyed with poverty, find something used, redecorated it, infuse it with new love and create something wonderful with it and then give it to a friend as a gift. The economy cannot touch or affect gift culture. Consumerism is broken… but gifts are all around. We must look with fresh eyes and realise this truth if we want to be rich.

  13. Son says:

    Hi , Paulo
    I agree with your opinion.
    but I feel a litte depressed about revolution.
    because many people (including me) don’t know the way about revolution
    and some people don’t have a power to revolution.. because they are pressed from reality.
    but I agree with you completely :)
    I really impressed about Aleph (its really good!!)
    always i’ll be your fan :D Have a nice day.!!

  14. Laleh says:

    Beautiful piece of reading ! the idea reminds me of a song from Chris De Burgh which I like a lot ! “Quiet Revolution” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__AV-_BP4xk

  15. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Complicated questions cry out for simple answers. I’ve actually already given my opinion. There is no WE. WE is an excuse. A lame excuse, a silly excuse. I am the revolution. Either I change my attitude, every man for himself alone, or no one. You can not change people, that everyone must make himself. WE means for most of the people just one thing. The other.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  16. Prinie says:

    Anonymous made it on CNN today…

  17. Thank you for sharing light, and being an inspiration to us all. :-)

  18. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Walking and relearning to breathe like a child are a good way to change your patterns of beliefs and to help you towards recovery.
    Breathing and walking help us to find ourselves following the Laws of Nature.
    I look at the word Sport and I am able to make words that make sense to me and I also hope make sense to you.
    S P O R T – T R O P S
    Le sport c’est la paix. Une porte qui s’ouvre on a rope that you hop. It is a hope for therapy and you can also have a cup of Tea at the end of it.

    Can you help me please to get my word across
    With thanks and gratitude

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      The Art of breathing – a healthy way of educating our children and our grandchildren – the future of our planet –
      A breath of fresh air is a big step towards a sparkling planet. Please don’t take their breath away.
      Have a good day.
      With love and a smile :)

    2. Marie-Christine Cauvy says:

      Some interesting statistics – for me at least –
      I did experienced some breathing problems most of my life.
      I started implementing some walking yoga gymnastics, singing. voice vocalising .gospel singing. and last time I got my report
      my breathing capacity went from 59% to 79%.(80% is normal)I don’t use my asthma medication any longer although I was advised to take it up again should the wheezing symptoms re- appear.
      This means to me that learning to breathe the proper way is truly important. It works for me It is one of my biggest achievement, It changed my outlook on life.,
      Thanks to Paulo, for all his teaching that I implemented, It made so much sense to me.Anne my Yoga teacher, and all the volunteers at Etincelle Montpellier and Betty,
      I love you all.

  19. Marie christine says:

    ‘Nous devons traverser la solitude l’isolement et le silence pour trouver ce lieu enchante ou danser notre danse maladroite et chanter notre chanson melancolique. Mais dans cette danse et dans cette chanson les plus anciens rites de notre conscience s’accomplissent dans la realisation de notre humanite.’Pablo Neruda

    We have to go through solitude, isolation and silence to find this enchanting place where we can dance our awkward dance and sing our melancholy song, But in this dance and in that song the oldest rituals of our conscience are done in the fulfilment of our humanity.

    1. han says:

      Just beautiful! And true.

  20. Dear Paulo,
    Every morning I remember to be thankful for discovering your first book. A day at a time, a canvas on which to paint a celebration of life in the day.
    Although we hadn’t met, felt like I had found a friend, and did. Like others here, I am learning so much.
    As well with Christina’s work, just to sit with a painting for a few minutes, calms me somehow. It’s magical and very precious.

    Thankyou for offering us this opportunity Paulo. Many times I just come to read quietly and find that later, a story, a picture or comment comes to mind and always, with perfect timing. It’s a joy to share with others too.
    * Just today, discovered through an organization, that hospitals need art supplies, books and birthday cards for children up to age 18.

    All feels like music. My heart is dancing, it says it’s easier to leap when one is already dancing.

    With much caring, respect and Love,
    Jane xo

  21. ♥
    E v o l u t i o n ツ ♥

    1. ♥ Thankyou, Made my day! With Love, nothing is impossible. Big smiles : )

    2. ♥
      G O D
      L ♥ V E
      & with L ♥ V E
      A L L
      P O S S I B L E ツ ♥

  22. Patricia says:

    The servant does not know at what time the master is going to come. So he stays awake, alert, poised, still, lest he’d miss the masters arrival .

    Let us united keep our lamps burning for We are the revolution. Thank you Paulo, you were chosen to bring us back and doing an amazing attempt. May God bless us all.

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  24. Keith says:

    Watching police pepper-spray protesters in Seattle is shocking. It is easy to see why security thugs in Syria and Egypt and Bahrain think it ok to attack peaceful protesters when they see the example from US.

  25. Keith says:

    A God-given moment to rediscover Christian holiness: not in rich temples, but justice. — Giles Fraser http://gu.com/p/33eh3/tw

  26. maria jose lopez diez says:

    Creo que vienen momentos de revoluciones y revelaciones
    Mi facebook maria jose lopez diez

  27. Nicolette says:

    What a revolution to think that we could work towards giving all of humanity five things, clean water, nutritious food, an education, medical attention and shelter. If we could strive to make that happen, to devote our attentions towards that, then those who have two homes, who can afford to go to Harvard or Cambridge, who use clean water to fill their swimming pools, can do so, we now live in a 80/20 world where 80% of the population uses 20% of the resources and vise versa, let’s strive to reach a 60/40 world, that’ll take a revolution!

  28. Marie-Christine says:

    The school of life

    It is there to push you forward and beyond
    It digs down to the core of the matter – your soul –
    it does not need any words – it goes beyond that
    It is cosy
    It is like a promise that makes a child happy
    It is re-assuring and comforting
    It teaches you discipline tasks and to believe in yourself.
    It turns your obsessions into strengths
    It is humane.
    It is international
    It breaks all barriers – religious, ages, races and genders –
    It is a different kind of war
    It is the battle against the truth
    It is tough
    It is full of wisdom
    It is plain common sense
    It teaches you appreciation of the smallest task
    It is simple and very fulfilling
    It is the essence of being
    It is You in the making
    It is a gift that is appreciated
    It is a soul-searching delight
    It is a commitment.

    It deserves our attention,

    Dear Paulo,
    The best things in life are free, We can only have a free world when we allow the other point of view to be heard with love respect and compassion,.
    We need to have the right information,
    Writers are messengers – some are better than others – They are the conscience of our planet – a part of our children’s future –
    I wrote that poem in November 2008 and for me it represents the ‘Revolution’ you are mentioning in that text,
    Thank you so much for your dedication to your work and for teaching me so much, I really appreciated a lot.

    With all my love

    En francais

    L’ecole de la vie

    Elle est la pour te faire avancer et au-dela
    Elle est enfouie au plus profond de soi – ton ame –
    Les mots ne sont pas toujours necessaires – elle va au -dessus de ca –
    Elle est comme une ‘promesse’ qui rend les enfants joyeux
    Elle nous rassure et nous console
    Elle nous enseigne le travail de la discipline et de croire en nous
    Elle change nos obsessions en force
    Elle est remplie d’humanite
    Elle est internationale
    Elle rompt toutes les barrieres – religions, age, race –
    Elle est la pour partager et communiquer
    C’est une guerre avec difference
    C’est la bataille contre la verite
    Elle est robuste
    Elle est remplie de sagesse
    Elle appelle les choses par leur nom – le bon sens –
    Elle nous enseigne l’appreciation dans les plus petites besognes
    Elle est simple et profondement satisfaisante
    C’est l’essence meme de notre existence
    C’est ‘Toi” en cours de developpement
    C’est un cadeau qui est apprecie
    C’est l’ecole de la vie
    C’est un examen de conscience delicieux
    C’est un engagement

    Cher Paulo,
    Les meilleures choses dans la vie sont gratuites. Nous ne pouvons avoir un monde libre que lorsque nous permettons l’autre point de vue a etre entendu avec amour, respect et compassion
    Nous avons besoin d’avoir la bonne information
    C’est notre droit de rechercher la verite et de decider pour nous memes Les ecrivains sont des messagers – certains sont meilleurs que d’autres – ils sont la conscience de notre planete – une part de l’avenir de nos enfants.,
    J’ai ecrit ce poeme en Novembre 2008 et pour moi il represente la ‘Revolution’ que tu mentionnes dans ce texte
    Merci pour cette dedication a ton travail et pour m’avoir enseigne tant de choses, J’ai beaucoup apprecie crois moi

    Avec tout mon amour,

  29. Yasir says:

    Revolution is an endangered perception,and a few have idea of it,but a fewer sacrifice for it’s sake.Everywhere is inti-revolutionism.

  30. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    In March 2009 on one of your ‘Warrior of the Light (193 )
    I wrote a comment that still speaks to me .

    What you are saying here reminds me a bit of a Soccer Team.
    For example say England vs France. We know the rivalry between the two dates back from Methuselah- since the wars really – They don’t see eye to eye.
    Enters the Referee. Let’s say he is from Brazil. He sees things in a different way – with the 3rd eye – Suddenly, things turn around and with a bit of help they get along fine. The balance is now re-established …thanks to the Brazilian Referee

    I just want to thank you for showing me the REAL MAD RID …in more ways than one :)
    With love and gratitude.