Lou Salomé

Lou Salome, P. Ree and Frederic Nietzche

Lou Salomé‘s mother took her to Rome, Italy when she was 21. At a literary salon in the city, Salomé became acquainted with Paul Rée, an author and compulsive gambler with whom she proposed living in an academic commune. After two months, the two became partners. On 13 May 1882, Rée’s friend Friedrich Nietzsche joined the duo. The three travelled with Salomé’s mother through Italy and considered where they would set up their “Winterplan” commune. Arriving in Leipzig, Germany in October, Salomé and Rée separated from Nietzsche after a falling-out between Nietzsche and Salomé, in which Salomé believed that Nietzsche was desperately in love with her.

She was singularly clever and attractive. One after another they all fell in love with her like Nietzsche the moment he saw her and according to legend said: “What star have we both come from to meet here?”

Nietzsche’s mother was tradition-minded and disliked Lou, but Nietzsche thought that his sister would side with him against their mother. He failed to understand that his sister was a schemer. As a born spinster she did not appreciate the way Lou held center stage.

She wrote more than a dozen novels, a study of Ibsen’s woman characters and a famous book on her friend Friedrich Nietzsche, “Friedrich Nietzsche in seinen Werke”, 1894, one of the most informative books of the 19th century on Nietzsche’s work .

She also edited a memory-book on her lifelong close friend and onetime lover, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, after his death in 1926. Among her works is also a book she wrote during her last years based on memories of her life as a free woman.

In her memoirs, which were first published in their original German in 1951, she goes into depth about matters of her faith and her relationships.

“Whoever reaches into a rosebush may seize a handful of flowers; but no matter how many one holds, it’s only a small portion of the whole. Nevertheless, a handful is enough to experience the nature of the flowers. Only if we refuse to reach into the bush, because we can’t possibly seize all the flowers at once, or if we spread out our handful of roses as if it were the whole of the bush itself — only then does it bloom apart from us, unknown to us, and we are left alone.”

Salomé is said to have remarked in her last days, “I have really done nothing but work all my life, work … why?” And in her last hours, as if talking to herself, she is reported to have said, “If I let my thoughts roam I find no one. The best, after all, is death.”


Lou Andreas-Salomé, nascida Louise von Salomé, (Sí£o Petesburgo, 12 de fevereiro de 1861 “” Gotinga, 5 de fevereiro de 1937) foi uma intelectual alemí£, nascida na Rússia.

Lou Andreas-Salomé foi uma bela mulher que escandalizou a sociedade e quebrou regras morais. Teve vários amantes. Conheceu Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Rée, entre outros grandes homens. Mulher sensí­vel, tinha mito de sedutora.

A produí§í£o literária de Lou esteve sempre muito ligada aos seus envolvimentos amorosos e da relaí§í£o com Rainer Maria Rilke, aos 36 anos, resultaram obras fundamentais da escritora como “A humanidade da mulher” e “Reflexíµes sobre o problema do amor”.

Ouse, ouse… ouse tudo!!

Ní£o tenha necessidade de nada!
Ní£o tente adequar sua vida a modelos,
nem queira vocíª mesmo ser um modelo para ninguém.
Acredite: a vida lhe dará poucos presentes.
Se vocíª quer uma vida, aprenda… a roubá-la!
Ouse, ouse tudo! Seja na vida o que vocíª é, aconteí§a o que acontecer.
Ní£o defenda nenhum princí­pio, mas algo de bem mais maravilhoso:
algo que está em nós e que queima como o fogo da vida!!


  1. Eva Mann says:

    An intriguing woman indeed!! – We are an international theatre companny currently creating a play about her – a theatrical encounter between the visionary misfits Nietzsche and Lou, two radical and lonely minds.

    The production merges private letters, historic documents, poetry and devised theatre to tell the compelling tale of their ill-starred relationship: A struggle between genius and madness, philosophy and reality, society and individual fulfillment – man and woman…

    Nietzsche is 37, ailing, almost blind & about to prophecy the superman.
    Lou is 21, independent, fiercly intelligent & about to become his undoing.
    ‘You go to women? Don’t forget the whip!’
    Incipit Tragoedia…

    We’re performing this summer in London and Edinburgh and would love to share the results of several months’ researching and rehearsing with you!

    With best regards,

    Eva Mann

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  3. a gap a pedir says:

    “Erotik a la cart!”

  4. adry says:


  5. Elizabeth says:

    A remarkable woman, Lou.

    But as many women of her (and not only) time, she’s better known for her relationships with famous men whom she inspired, guided and mentored (and loved), rather than for her own work. Be as it may, her affair and friendship with Rilke is responsible for some of his greatest poems (and letters to die for).

  6. La Vida es Bella says:

    Una vez conocí­ a una persona muy especial, ella era muy diferente a todo lo real, era como estar al lado de un personaje sacado de un cuando de magia, sin embargo ella no pertenecí­a a esta historia, ella no encajaba con ningún personaje de la tierra, sin embargo, habí­a alguien, otra persona muy especial que se habí­a escapado del cuento de magia para venir a buscar a su otra mitad, solo que el no sabia como buscarla, pasaba mucho tiempo y no la encontraba, de pronto conoció a una mujer que aunque no era la indicada sentí­a que con ella estaba cómodo ademas ya el tiempo pasaba y tenia que decidir si quedarse solo, continuar en la búsqueda de alguien que nunca aparecí­a o si se quedaba con esta mujer que lo hacia sentir de una manera diferente. Pasaron los años y ella no sabia que hacia aquí­ solo buscaba como salir conocio a muchas personas y muchos hombres que la hicieron sentir feliz, sin embargo a ella le hacia falta algo, su vida no estaba totalmente completa pero a diferencia de el, ella no sabia que era ese algo.

    Luego llego lo que yo llamarí­a un verdadera noche mágica, una noche en donde dos almas de conocen, una noche donde las almas se juntan de verdad fue un evento maravilloso, el sabia que la habí­a encontrado y ella sabia que ya no le hacia falta mas nada para ser feliz, solo basto con un mirada profunda, una mirada del alma para saber que estaban frente a su mitad, frente a su complemento uno del otro, no pronunciaron palabra alguna pues ya la magia habí­a actuado por si sola y decir algo hubiera sido perturbador para aquel momento tan dulce, aquel momento que ambos habí­an estado esperando, la noche transcurrió llena de sorpresas era como recostarse de las nubes mientras acaricias a las estrellas pero al terminar paso algo horrible, estos dos personajes de un cuento mágico tuvieron que volver a la realidad y nunca pudieron volver a su verdadero libro, a su verdadera historia.

    No todo es perfecto cuando se esta en la búsqueda de aquello que mas anhelas y a veces podemos perder la dirección como le paso a el sin embargo la vida continua, esta qui, seguimos respirando y hay que sonreirle a la vida si no fue en esta vida, pues sera en otra, hay que mirar adelante y nunca olvidar que la vida es bella…

    1. MPilar says:

      La Vida es Bella ¡Qué bonito cuento, gracias por compartir su alma!

      ¿Y no pueden volver a tener otra noche mágica de nuevo?

      Lo siento mucho, yo también hace tiempo que entré en un laberinto y por más que me empeño no sé porqué no veo la salida, ¿Será mi despiste, será que no es el momento, será que me faltan algunas claves?

      En el camino hallé un tesoro muy valioso y no sé que tengo que hacer con él, pero lo más importante es que tengo a Dios en mí­ y me guí­a desde entonces.

      Mucha Suerte en su camino…

      También mi saludo y mi recuerdo para Jerry…

  7. Mathilde says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, i have to confess did not read anything of lou salomé before. love the rosebush..
    Beautiful quote of the week..

  8. Talita says:

    Wild rose,
    Grow the way you want to.
    Wild rose,
    I only want to see you that way.

    You should live twice
    And in my rhine
    Ages and ages
    Sun of the glory will shine.

    Shocking Blue – Wild Rose