Rumi” Whispers of the Beloved “

I cannot sleep in your prescence.
In your absence, tears prevent me.
You watch me My Beloved
On each sleepless night and
Only You see the difference

Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.

If you can’t smell the fragrance
Don’t come into the garden of Love.
If you’re unwilling to undress
Don’t enter into the stream of Truth.
Stay where you are.
Don’t come our way.

All year round the lover is mad,
Unkempt, lovesick and in disgrace.
Without love there is nothing but grief.
In love… what else matters?

Love is our Mother and
The way of our Prophet.
Yet it is in our nature
To fight with Love.
We can’t see you, mother,
Hidden behind dark veils
Woven by ourselves.

Do you want to enter paradise?
To walk the path of Truth
You need the grace of God.
We all face death in the end.
But on the way, be careful
Never to hurt a human heart!

Do you know what the music is saying?
“Come follow me and you will find the way.
Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth.
When you ask, the answer will be given.”

The Master who’s full of sweetness
Is so drunk with love, he’s oblivious.
“Will you give me
some of your sweetness?”
“I have none,” he says,
unaware of his richness.

You know what love is?
It is all kindness, generosity.
Disharmony prevails when
You confuse lust with love, while
The distance between the two
Is endless.

This Love is a King
But his banner is hidden.
The Koran speaks the Truth
But its miracle is concealed.
Love has pierced with its arrow
The heart of every lover.
Blood flows but the wound is invisible.


  1. raadheesh says:

    Excellent !

    Great Rumi is a self realized person. That i know now….. Same like our Great Krishna …… A Right Yogi he is.

  2. MysticSaint says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful inspiration and words of Rumi.


  3. […] Thanks to Priya Sher for the introduction to Rumi and to Paulo Coelho for posting the poem on his blog. […]

  4. Ilva Asote says:

    The day God created King Solomon, the wisest of all man, and the Queen (of) Sheba, He had one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss…

    1] The foot in a fairy tale (One thousand and one nights…): the King Solomon had 700 wives, 300 concubines and one dove…

    2] The foot in the abyss: the Queen Sheba was the queen of Egypt and Ethiopia, historically known as Abyssinia – the place of Abyss (reading from right-to-left ‘Abyss’ or ‘Ssyba’ is ‘Shyba’ or another variant of ‘Sheba’).


    Rabbi Akiva about the Song of Songs: “The whole world is not worth the day on which the Song of Songs was given to Israel for all the writings are holy but the Song of Songs is the holiest of the holy”.

    The words of Solomon 2:14 “O my dove, you are in the clefts of the rock in the secret places of the stairs…”


    WHAT is her target?
    1] The wisest of all man? 2] Peace (= the meaning of the name Solomon; peace dove)? 3] or something else???


    True skill.

    God made the world in Wisdom.

  5. Mery says:

    This poem dried my tears today. Thanks.

  6. gedah gantini says:

    ah how i love this poem

  7. Tarek says:

    The Lord to his devotee: Love me, love me alone. Love yourself in me, in me alone. Attach yourself to me, No one is more inward than I. Others love you for their own sakes, I love you for yourself. And you, you flee from me. Dearly beloved! … if you approach me, It is because I have approached you. I am nearer to you than yourself, Than your soul, than your breath. Who among creatures Would treat you as I do? I am jealous of you over you, I want you to belong to no other, Not even to yourself. Be mine, be for me as you are in me, Though you are not even aware of it.

    Ibn al-‘Arabi (1165 – 1240)

  8. Luiza says:

    wow what a sense of feeling have u observed and felt at that moment is very peculiar and outstanding…..

  9. Rahul says:

    Love has no boundary.
    Love does not come by knocking. It just happens.

    I’ve just now confessed my love to the one I love. I can feel when love prevails, nothing else matters.

    Thank you dear Paulo for sharing this eternal truth declared by Rumi.

  10. erfan says:

    Rise from the east! “Shams-e-tabrizi”
    as you are the origin of the origin of the origin of shining…


    thanks alot dear Paulo…

  11. Alisa says:

    A great Sufi poet maulana Rumi was indeed!!

  12. Daniela Kunz says:

    Beautiful poem! Yes indeed, this sounds true to me and I am cherishing the love of my life! Working on it each moment – together – with God’s guidance. Thank you for sharing this gem with us! xoxox God bless you!

  13. Roxana says:

    Thank you for this beautiful Persian poem. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  14. Mathilde says:

    we are all connected in Love.
    I love this poem

  15. Antonella says:

    Of all the stars I admired, drenched
    in various rivers and mists
    I chose only the one I love
    Since then I sleep with the night
    Of all the waves, one wave and another wave
    green sea, green chill, branching of green
    I chose only one wave,
    the invisible wave of your body
    All the waterdrops, all the roots,
    all the threads of light gathered to me here;
    they came to me sooner or later.
    I wanted you, all to myself
    From all the graces my homeland offered
    I chose only your savage heart
    (Pablo Neruda)

  16. Amna says:

    Rumi is not talking about human love. He talks about love of God and what it means to those who believe and surrender to His love.
    And Quran is love. It’s everything. Because it comes from God.

    1. Daniel says:

      The mature ones are a sea.
      A lover is needed to take the plunge,
      a diver to bring up a pearl.

      When you have brought
      the pearl to the surface,
      a jeweler is needed to know its worth.

      Stay on the road til you arrive.
      Be speechless. Don’t become a salesman.
      Find an ‘Ali to follow.

      Muhammed knew truth in himself.
      Truth is present everywhere.
      You only need eyes to see it.

      Ask your daily sustenance from Truth,
      the nly Apportioner. Find someone
      who is master of his ego.

      The lovers asked me to sing.
      Someone without greed is needed
      to complete what is started.

      Sufi, who are you kidding?
      And anyone but Truth
      satisfy a human need?

      Truth’s place is in the heart,
      There’s a verse in the Quaran – In the soul
      love has a tower higher than the throne of Creation.

      — Yunus Emre

  17. فاطمة اسماعيل says:


  18. leily says:

    thank you…
    as a persian woman and at the begining of spring the time that we celebrate our new year,I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this poem!
    muito obrigado …

    1. Mark Scalpello says:

      I beleive that what you have written is all inspired from feelings deep within that only a person, if lucky enough, to have experienced true love can really know about. Thank you Paolo for experiencing it with us.


  19. Feeling full of Joy and tingling all over for days now.
    Rich colors, lights. Doves and their little coos. All is singing sweetly. I feel it.
    Dear Paulo, thank you for sharing this poem of Rumi. Love!!

    Whispers of Love to All, Jane : )

  20. Ale says:

    This description is just a little sign of the feelings that can exist to another person. When you are fall in love you just feel that you can’t live without the other one. Your heart cryies and joys when you are with him or her. This kind of inconditional love is amazing ’cause you give everything but sometimes you receive nothing

  21. Raheleh says:

    Dear Paolo, would you please write the Persian name of this poet? I am Persian and would like to read the Persian one as well. thanks

    1. No Matter says:

      Raheleh jan Rumi is ‘Molaanaa’!

  22. Khariny Maria says:

    Desarmonia quando prevalece
    Vocíª confundir luxúria com amor, enquanto
    A distí¢ncia entre os dois
    É infinita.
    “perfeito” …

    1. Sanaz says:

      That is really amazing Paulo read poem of, Persian poet, Rumi. Dear Paulo, no doubt you have heart of, us, Iranian.

  23. Bijan says:

    Rumi was an Iranian Passionate Sufi Poet. In Sufi’s world , Love is in everything and is everything something like Gnosticism in west ! We use his poems here and there but we just don’t give enough attention to what he truly says ! anyways we just know that there’s no mystery in Q’oran and it’s not the Truth ! It’s just a copy of Torah and Gospels ! We don’t need anyone tells us what Love is now , for Love has come to earth in flesh and blood, Jesus The Christ! By the way, I’m a fan, Paulo !

  24. Pat says:

    Hope; Faith & Believe
    …….but the greatest is LOVE

    Thank you; Paulo

    Pat Mavundla;
    South Africa

  25. Satora says:

    A Gift of Love:
    The Mirror
    Look at Your Eyes
    Looking for Love
    Some Kiss
    The Freshness
    My Beloved
    The Hunt


  26. L’ Amore a la Musica sono le pií¹ autentiche identití  dell’ Anima di ciascuno di noi. Sono la domanda ed insieme anche la risposta. Sono la via, il percorso e la meta.Sono il pií¹ antico e prezioso Elisir di lunga vita.Sono l’ annullamento della Morte in quanto continuití  infinití  della Vita stessa.Dentro l’ Amore e la Musica non ci si puí² smarrire ma ci si puí² solo ritrovare. Ciao Rosetta

    1. You cannot lose, only find. Authentic identity of the soul.
      Eternity…beautiful words. Thank you, Love Jane : )

  27. Asil says:

    Simply Rumi is indicating the true meaning of the ultimate and the endless type of love; The Lord’s love. So healing words :)

  28. Ivonne Bautista says:

    You know what love is?
    It is all kindness, generosity.
    Disharmony prevails when
    You confuse lust with love, while
    The distance between the two
    Is endless.

    No se a que se refiere al decir que la lujuria se confunde con el amor… que la pasion y el amor no van juntas?

  29. Sankar says:

    Poem is awesome ………
    I was n love before …….
    I lost my love …. :(
    words reminds me f my past loVe ..

    ??? True loVe ???