Give us the courage

Music: Veneziela Naydenova (2011)
for Soprano and baritone soli, Mixed choir (SATB) and small orchestra with organ

Text: ” We pray for Japan” by Paulo Coelho

Lord, protect our planet, because we live here, and here we dwell with our daily tragedies.
May our daily reconstruction be the result of the very best that we carry within us.
Give us the courage to be able to reconstruct what was destroyed to be able to recover what was lost to be able to accept what was gone forever.
May you give us courage to look ahead, may we never look back nor allow our soul to be discouraged.
Lord, give us enthusiasm, because Enthusiasm reaffirms to us that everything is possible, as long as we are totally committed to what we are doing.
Lord, may the Earth continue to transform seeds into wheat, may we continue to transmute wheat into bread. Do not leave us in solitude.
Have compassion on us, Lord. For we often think we are dressed when we are naked.
Do not forget, in your mercy, our friends in Japan, who are now teaching us the meaning of Courage, Reconstruction, Solidarity and Enthusiasm.


  1. karen says:

    Thank you. with love, karen

  2. Nancy says:

    Music, prayer and song in one creative piece. This is the type of work we need. We should not try to overpower people. Is one caring person or group better than another.

  3. LoveM says:

    The heart of action…In a feeling universe…Moves with emotion
    Should One rely on…A wonderful illusion…That will soon be gone
    When in SOLitude…We are dressed in its RAIment…Us beings of light
    Light of consciousness…Cannot be taken away… With evening darkness
    A corner of light…Cut out of the deep darkness…Your heart’s creation
    Love already knows…What you need and appreciate… That is what it shows
    I pray you take heart
    It is the only handhold
    In the Enormity…

  4. elenora says:

    che tutto cio’che rappresenta e racchiude amore, possa essere da stimolo nella ricerca del bene comune.

  5. Marie-Christine says:

    Traduction en francais

    ‘Nous prions pour le Japon’ Texte de Paulo Coelho

    Seigneur protege notre planete, parce que nous vivons ici et nous habitons la avec nos tragedies quotidiennes.
    Puisse notre reconstruction journaliere soit le resultat du meilleur de nous meme.
    Donne-nous le courage d’etre capable de reconstruire ce qui fut detruit pour etre capable de recuperer de qui fut perdu pour pouvoir accepter ce qui est parti a jamais.
    Donne-nous le courage de regarder vers l’avant, que nous ne puissions jamais nous retourner ni permettre a notre ame d’etre decouragee.
    Seigneur donne-nous toujours l’enthousiasme parce que l’enthousiasme nous reaffirme que tout est possible tant que nous sommes totalement engages dans ce que nous faisons.
    Seigneur, puisse la Terre continue de transformer les graines en ble, que nous continuons de transmuter le ble en pain, Ne nous laisse pas en solitude.
    Aie pitie de nous, Seigneur. Car souvent nous pensons etre habilles quand nous sommes nus.
    N’oublie pas dans ta misericorde, nos amis au Japon, qui nous enseigne maintenant la signification du Courage, Reconstruction, Solidarite et Enthousiasme.

  6. ARCH says:


  7. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    A wonderful prayer, I love it! Thank you!

    The German Translation

    Wir beten für Japan” von Paulo Coelho

    Herr, schütze unseren Planeten, weil wir hier leben, und hier mit unseren täglichen Tragödien wohnen.
    Möge unser täglicher Neuaufbau das Ergebnis des Besten sein, das wir in uns tragen.
    Gib uns den Mut, fähig zu sein das wieder aufzubauen, was zerstört wurde; fähig zu sein das wieder zu erlangen was verloren wurde; fähig zu sein zu akzeptieren das etwas für immer gegangen ist.
    Mögest du uns den Mut geben nach vorne zu schauen, damit wir weder zurückschauen, noch unserer Seele erlauben, den Mut zu verlieren.
    Herr, gib uns Begeisterung, da uns die Begeisterung darin bestärkt, dass alles möglich ist, solange wir uns dem was wir tun absolut verpflichten.
    Herr, möge die Erde, weiterhin die Samen in Weizen verwandeln, damit wir weiterhin Weizen in Brot verwandeln können. Lass uns nicht in der Einsamkeit zurück.
    Habe Mitleid mit uns, Herr. Denn oft denken wir, dass wir bekleidet sind wenn wir nackt sind.
    Vergiss nicht, in deiner Gnade, unsere Freunde in Japan, die uns nun die Bedeutung von Mut, Wiederaufbau, Solidarität und Begeisterung lehren.


  8. Jojo says:

    Wonderful prayer …
    Love, Jojo.

  9. Annie says:

    Amen! I loved it!

    you gave us one Law to follow, Love.
    With Love the Earth continues to transform seeds into wheat, with Love may we continue to transmute wheat into bread.
    With Love the birds sing their song in the skies, with Love may we sing our songs of love to each and every living being..
    With Love the sun is burning in the sky, with love may we burn our shadows in the light and stay in the light..
    With Love the alchemists transmuted lead into gold, with love may we transform our hearts and shed what is old..
    With Love may we transmute spirit into matter and matter into spirit…
    Please dear Lord protect us from anything that divides us and scatters us, and give us courage to know and share what unites us..
    May that Love that fills our hearts be like the river that empties in the Sea of Your Love, and fills again from this Sea of Love, so that we always stay full of your Love. Please help us never deny this gift to us and anyone, because Love is not a virtue, but a need, far greater than bread and water, far greater than Light and Air..

    Love and Gratitude

  10. c says:

    Dear Jesus and both visible and invisible friends,

    Please teach us how to solve the crisis.
    Please give us the tool to solve the crisis.
    Please protect the people working on the site day and night.
    Please let us not forget your love and your mercy.
    Please let us not say it is too late.

    Lord, Have Mercy for the selfless people who are willing to be your tool.
    Please protect them.

    Almighty God, Jesus, I pray in your name.

  11. THELMA says:

    Beautiful words, your logos, dearest Paulo Coelho!

    ENTHUSIAM = to be with GOD = Eν Θεώ (in Greek)

    ‘Have compassion on us, Lord. For we often think we are dressed when we are naked’.

    Whatever we do or think is … TRANSPARENT and in our egoism we believe we are acting according to His WILL. No man IS without .. sins or mistakes. Our Human nature is DOUBLE because we live in the COSMOS of the ANTITHESIS. ‘May His will be done on Earth as on Heaven’ and our Will, Θέλημα, accept HIS LIGHT and our … EGO surrender.

    On these days I feel a lot of stress, depression, worries, sadness.. It seems that the old me is dying .. This is the minute that I turn inside me. The minute of SILENCE. It is like a fire is burning inside me.It seems that a TRUTH is going to be revealed to us and we need the strength to accept it like :’our friends in JAPAN, who are now teaching us the meaning of Courage, Reconstruction, Solidarity and Enthusiasm.
    Wonderful uplifting music. Thank you.
    Thelma xxx

  12. Alexandra says:

    Amen. Beautiful prayer, for better times and for acceptance. I see hope in the lines of the poem.Some people are spreading rumours about the end of the world, with a weird satisfaction, and call themselves prophets. I think they have a morbid pleasure, and they are almost sad it did not happen. Among them, some thinking they are saint, so they hope they go to Father sooner. I think is not nice hoping the world will end, and considering others sinners. And I know that only God knows if and when and how world would come to an end, no other. So, thank you for the touching prayer, and lets hope and be helpful to those in need. Much love

  13. Saurabh K Goel says:

    At this moment we should forget all our differences and do every-thing that can save this planet.

  14. Leandro says:

    The strength of man is more noble than their weaknesses, “you never win a war fighting alone” and our forces are larger when we unite. Learn how to draw strength from our weaknesses, through the force that moves the world, faith.
    The fire of faith that unites us to the four corners of the world, no matter where we are, Asia, Europe, South America, central and northern regions, Oceania, Africa. When we see someone in distress, suffering and struggling to rebuild, we give our support and our unity.
    Faith is the fire, a flame, that wherever he goes, nothing is dark.
    Strength and honor to all.

  15. Heart says:

    Incredible prayer and music. Courage is the meaning of my name. Also it is something growing in us the entire life. The Lord of the Universe, hear us…Give us the courage to protect our planet..

  16. barbara says:

    Amen. This is such a beautiful prayer.