Without so much as blinking

During the civil war in Korea, a certain general and his troops were advancing implacably, taking province after province, destroying everything in their path. The people in one city, hearing that the general was approaching and knowing his cruel reputation, fled to a nearby mountain.

The troops found the houses empty. After much searching, though, they found one Zen monk who had stayed behind. The general ordered that he be brought before him, but the monk refused to go.

Furious, the general went to him instead.

‘You obviously don’t know who I am!’ he bawled. ‘I am capable of stabbing you in the chest with my sword without so much as blinking.’

The Zen master turned and replied calmly:

‘You obviously don’t know who I am either. I am capable of letting myself be stabbed in the chest by a sword without so much as blinking.’

On hearing this, the general bowed low and left.

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  1. Margaret says:

    “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it,
    but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”

    1. Deepa says:

      Margaret’s quote was apt..i want to recall a similar thought that comes from Krishna’s mind in the Bhagavad Gita. He tells Arjuna the body is unimportant..it is the soul that really matters..which means death no longer matters..Arjuna has a momentary realisation just before he begins fighting against his cousins.

  2. Kinza says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho,

    i dont know whether you will be the one reading this or your blog-manager-person, but i really do hope either way my message gets passed on to you.
    i’m seventeen years old and an aspiring writer. so far i have read (of your books) The Alchemist and Like The Flowing River. what i love about your books is that your theme is “life” and that is the central theme in what i write too.
    hence, you really do inspire me.
    where i live, i cannot find anybody to talk to about my writing and stuff. i would really love if i could have you to guide me and to talk to about all that.
    you probably get a lot of such requests, and of course you would be very busy but it would mean a lot to me if you did get back to me through e-mail.
    i would have a teacher.

    thank you!

  3. Zara says:

    Nice! Just like this message I got few days ago : “Courage is nothing else but fear that preys. Courage is being scared and going forward anyway. So it’s okay to be afraid. But you know what to do. Be committed to what is right.” Thanks for the post. =)

  4. Jackie noriega says:

    los monjes son personas co experiencia estudiosas de la vida de la naturaleza de la fuerza que todos poseemos el se mantuvo muy seguro de si mismo y solo mostro su valor el momento preciso por tal motivo el militar opto por dejarlo tranquilo y seguir su camino aprendamos que en la vida solo debemos mostrar lo sque somos o lo que sabemos si es necesario sino mantenerse en un bajo perfil tranquilos sino somos molestados serí  lo mejor para nuestra supervivencia, y la tranquilidad de toda nuestra familia. Con paciencia llegaremos al cielo

  5. Erandi says:

    El video # 2 es el mejor!!!!!!
    Debe ser el ganador me encantaaa!!!
    Transmiite demasiadas cosas!!!!! lo amo!!

  6. Eirini says:

    I admire the monks courage.But I still believe life is too precious a gift to be squandered just for bravery’s sake,when there is no noble cause involved in sacrificing it.

    1. Tara says:

      I don’t agree. A life spent without a bravery and a cause is not a life lived. The monk would not have taken this risk but for his faith. A purpose was served when the notoriously cruel general bowed in the face of true bravery.

      Any coward can kill someone. Bravery exist when someone is willing to put himself at risk to serve a greater purpose.

  7. LoveM says:

    The one basic choice
    To be unhappy or not
    By just not minding

    This is my secret
    I do not mind what happens
    No need to keep it

    1. Annie says:

      thank you for not minding to keep your secret either :o))
      but I think it is because you mind (to be happy) that you don’t mind ;o)

      Love and Gratitude

    2. LoveM says:

      Thanks Annie
      That made me smile :D
      Funny how it is so simple & tricky all at the same time…
      Bless you

      If you could capture
      This feeling of joy you give
      It will make you smile

      Where is the source of joy
      What gives rise to happiness
      The place of peace and tenderness
      It is your very self… right before you mind

    3. LoveM says:

      Watch I-mind come up
      This many headed monster
      Causes all the crap

      When I-mind is dead
      All obstacles disappear
      So divine Life flows

      Downside of belief
      How can that mind ever be
      Open to the truth

      Whatever the form
      Of my mind body prison
      Joy’s the undoing

      Enjoy LoveM

    4. Annie says:

      I love it when you say to watch it coming up :o). indeed it may “cause crap”, but only when it comes up can this surface be scratched, little by little, this “many headed monster” will lose its heads one by one, and only then all the marvelous glory of the I-heart will be revealed.. when divine Life flows…it’s all Joy’s doing :D

      I – <3

      Love and Gratitude

    5. LoveM I- says:

      Here’s a thought for you
      The true function of your mind
      Do you mind your heart

      Mind your tender heart
      In a world of make believe
      It is torn apart

      Be true to feeling
      The heart of your life’s purpose
      Mind it’s unfolding

      The least little thing
      When you are present and still
      Will happiness bring

      Finding Happiness
      It is a stillness inside
      After seeking stops

      Bless you MyDearOne
      HeArt atOne LoveM

    6. Annie says:

      Finding Happiness…..
      for me it’s those precious moments when I feel a joy coming from inside, that least little thing you say, and which is so divinely-called HeArt, moving me to tears…when all i want is say “Thank you thank you thank you” to the Universe, to God/Goddess, the Angels, and whichever star, bird, plant, animal, can hear.

      so happiness …i mind and I don’t mind…:
      I mind that my HeArt keeps on giving me these moments of joy, AND
      I do not NOT mind that my HeArt keeps on giving me these moments of joy :D

      Thank you for these beautiful (he-)art poems…
      Love and Gratitude

    7. LoveM says:

      Dear Annie
      Thanks… know the beauty is your sensitive receptive heart
      Resounding the joy <3 <3 <3
      Bless you LoveM

  8. Shreya Damani says:


  9. Liina.L says:

    Fearless = fear less.

  10. siska says:


  11. Annie says:

    Not afraid of dying = not afraid of living…

    in the question “fight or flight” he answered “fight” . That is what Life asks of us.. to Fight and not flee…
    Escaping the problem/the general/any general is only a temporary solution and not even a solution..
    eventually, one will realize that if he wants to live fully, he will have to look in the eye the opponent/the problem/the general/ any problem arising for that matter, and give it the what Life asks of you, not to escape but give worth to your life, by ‘fighting’ for it..

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Jojo says:

      Love your comment Annie
      Love, Jojo.

  12. Junk car CFA says:

    ‘You obviously don’t know who I am either. I am capable of letting myself be stabbed in the chest by a sword without so much as blinking.’ A very powerful statement that comes with confidence in one self (Good). The Zen Master does not need to fight evil (violence) with evil. For when you are confident in good (God) no evil shall triumph because evil feeds on fear.

  13. Adriana says:

    The general was threatening the monk trying to scare him. And was able to realize the monk was as courageous as him so he spared his life. Really interesting.
    I’ve seen this bullying attitude in my students when they play and in their mothers when they want to bother you. If they notice you are weak they put you down, but if you are able to stand for yourself they understand there is a limit they cannot trespass and end up respecting you.

  14. Big Zen says:

    I think the monk is courageous! Though not because he stayed behind or because of his statement but because he had the courage to train his mind in a world where many succumb to fear and hate.

  15. heart says:

    Courage. Ha!

  16. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    A beautiful story. But only one story, a fairy tale. It works only under the prerequisite that generals follow a code of honor. I doubt it. Of course there are those soldiers and warriors. But this is more the exception, I would not bet on the survival of the monk forever. Fearlessness is important, but it does not secure the victory. But a sign was set, which should not be underestimated. The general never had a chance to win, regardless of whether the monk lives or dies.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  17. Jojo says:

    I without knowing a major part of my life went on destroying everything on my path, inside me, killing my dreams, killing my opinions, killing my voice, my thoughts, and having at the end the behavior of self destructing patterns. Until I was told by this voice to reconsider before parting another way of walking, a desire to fulfill my inner heatr, going to create now from what was important for me, etc … That is when I started to experience and understand my power, which was to choose. I have the power to create destruction or create life from what I truly believe I am. Discovering who I am and letting free who I am is the basis of how I utilize the power that was given to me and my actions, decisions possess this power. Now, I believe that if each individual come to a state of awareness of who they truly are, we will see an evolution, in ourself, in our surrounding, individually and collectively. What I see on a collective basis is a reflection of what is happening in individual. Now, if I take that story and take it to speak about war, fights, about a general that kills “innocent people”, yes, I feel sorry and angry, etc … but then, it just tells me to pursue my own path and achieve my goal, of becoming more and more who I am, which is Love, for myself, the other, the universe in thoughts and in actions and elevate an energy in my surroundings, help the evolution in my surroundings. If each individual focus and walk and practice from the power of creation that create with awareness each day, each moment, in their own life and exist with that power in their relations, we then participate in the plan of awakening and transformation … and from individuals it will become collective. Transforming on a collective level is first transforming on an individual level.

    So, we have a choice: Creating with the power of the general or creating with the power of the monk (which is believing, being aware, being love, being which implies no fear (which is a great destroyer), living to the truth, not nourishing the old but nourishing the new, stand for the creation, participate and act for the evolution of the human species … which is going on and on from the beginning of life.

    Love, Jojo.

    1. LoveM says:

      Thanks Jojo I love your post that is Real-I-sation )'(
      One:Day Our whole world will know it & be Whole again…
      Bless You… all of you ;)

      Love is the magic
      That transmutes this mundane life
      Into Mystery

      By loving myself
      This small part of everything
      Can love life itself

      Love it how it is
      Where and whatever it is
      This is your being

      This real-i-sation
      Do I like my reflection
      Love my creation

      You are the lover
      There is no one else but you
      Who can give love life

      Let the light of love
      Reflect from every object
      Nothing to object

    2. Annie says:

      Choice is a very interestingly powerful world, thank you for your comment, dear Jojo!

      you CANNOT turn it around , a mirror does not turn it arround, try it ;o)

      CHOICE, try turning it upside down ;o)it’s always the same!

      Love and Gratitude

    3. LoveM says:

      The happiest choice
      To be free from suffering
      Choose it as it is

      So what is free will
      That is our opportunity
      To choose nothing ill

      Let go your control
      Drop into Reality
      Hopeless happiness

      LoveM ;)

    4. Nancy says:

      Your post is filled with gems. The line which I understood one day as well is “Transforming on a collective level is first transforming on an individual level.” You have shared much.
      Warmth and Strength.

  18. Marie-Christine says:

    Sans cligner des yeux

    Pendant la guerre Civile de Coree, un certain general et ses troupes avancaient impeccablement, prenant provinces apres provinces, detruisant tout sur son chemin.

    Les personnes dans une ville, sachant que le general s’approchait et connaissant sa cruelle reputation se sont refugies vers une montagne proche.

    Les troupes trouverent les maisons vides.

    Apres beaucoup de recherche, ils ont trouve un moine Zen qui etait reste derriere. Le general donne l’ordre qu’on l’amene devant lui mais le moine refuse d’y aller.
    Furieux, le general est alle vers lui.

    “Il est clair que tu ne sais pas qui je suis ” s’ecria -t’il. Je suis capable de te poignarder dans la poitrine avec mon epee sans cligner des yeux.

    Le maitre Zen se retourna et repondit calmement.

    “Il y va de soi que vous ne savez pas qui je suis non plus.
    Je suis capable de me laisser poignarder la poitrine par une epee, sans cligner des yeux.

    En entendant cela, le general s’inclina et pris conge.

  19. LoveM says:

    It happens before
    You can even have a blink
    Thats realisation

    A sword in the chest
    Wonderful incisive gift
    Clarifies your mind

    Fear’s opportunity
    A terrific chance to see
    The mind’s fallacy

    Bless you

    1. karen says:

      yes, not fearless, but fear as an opportunity – and whatever may come brings a gift. thank you, LoveM. blessings, karen

    2. LoveM says:

      Thanks Karen your posts are a gift…
      With gratitude & appreciation

      What ever happens
      In love I trust this will be
      A blessing for you

  20. Didem Aydogan says:

    Good morning Mr Coelho lovers…

    By Osho

    One can get bliss only if one deserves it, if one is worthy. and the way to deserve it is to disappear, not to be. To be is a hindrance.

    The ego is the root of all misery. When the ego is not, from every nook and corner of existence bliss starts reaching you as if it were just waiting for the ego to disappear. Ego is a closed state of consciousness: all window, doors, are closed. You are living almost insulated, encapsulated; ego surrounds you like a capsule. Ego is like the egg: there is not even a small window to allow anything to enter. Ego is very much afraid; out of fear it closes itself, it shrinks into itself. That is how we create misery. Bliss is to be in the flow with existence, to be totally with it.

    Ego is like frozen ice and egolessness is melted ice. Then you become part of the ocean. Then you don’t have any private goal, you have no destination. Then each moment is so blissful, so incredibly ecstatic, that the mind cannot comprehend it, cannot conceive it. Mind is part of the ego. It knows how to close, it does not know how to open up.

    To be a sannyasin means that now your whole effort will be to open up to existence “” to the flowers and to the bees and to the stars; how to open to this beautiful music that fills the whole of existence; how to open to this beautiful music that fills the whole of existence; how to open up to this celebration that goes on and on “” flowers dancing in the wind and trees enjoying the wind and the stars, always in a state of bliss. Except for man everything is in harmony. Man falls out harmony because he has consciousness.

    Consciousness can do two things: it can create ego, it can create egolessness. If it creates ego you live in hell, if it creates egolessness you are in paradise. The whole world is in paradise without knowing it. When man enter paradise he will be entering with full knowing. That is the grandeur, the beauty of man “” and that is the danger also, because out of thousands of people only once in a while does a person enter; others simply go on falling into the trap of the ego. Be egoless and all the grace of God is yours. Bliss is by the grace of god.

    I have fears.I am learning to push them away from me…I am learning and I will enjoy to be Egoless soon :)

  21. Annie says:

    WOW!! WHAT a statement! : ‘You obviously don’t know who I am either. I am capable of letting myself be stabbed in the chest by a sword without so much as blinking.’

    for me this means, that he can see even the slightest movement of the opponent, not only guess his movement, but actually see! he is prepared for anything..
    he lives every single second of each moment, he is commited to Life,that’s why he didn’t fled, but stayed having accepted the challenge.. He was calm and mighty at the same time, fear didn’t convince him to leave or break in front of the opponent and in the end , he won!…

    Such a wonderful inspiring motivating story!!

    blink blink :o)

    love and gratitude

  22. Este monje Zen se sabí­a eterno y que nada acontence por casualidad que todos los pelos de la cabeza están contados…

    1. Adriana says:

      Tienes mucha razón, querida Rosa. Es bueno recordar eso para los momentos de desesperación. Gracias :)

    2. Empié says:

      Un dí­a, cuando es el momento, las cosas simplemente suceden…

      Un saludo, intentaré ser yo, porque yo se lo que yo quiero, y no dejaré que nada me influya, mi vida es mí­a y no la tiraré por la borda por la influencia del entorno, se lo que quiero.

  23. Daniel says:

    The Zen Master, and Gandhi, both knew about divine justice. Gandhi was the grand master of peaceful protest. The South African military were forced to negotiate with him because he refused to retaliate violently. Nor did he back down.

  24. El monje es más valiente,pero el militar respeta su valor, por eso perdona su vida; la mejor arma la “no violencia”.

  25. Appu says:

    No fear when a person is true and when a person is not true.
    I am trying to understand. Please guide.

  26. THELMA says:

    Fear not!! Be calm!
    In a … blinking exists …. ETERNITY and DIVINE .. interference! ‘Que sera, sera!!’
    Thelma xxx

  27. Brave Soul says:

    Lets all pray that fear will never find us. Living in fear is no living at all better to be dead. It is base of freedom. The moment we are conquered by fear we are already living dead. The bullies depend on your fear to win. So it is all in you hand. Use your courage to defeat evil on his battle field. If you die you will be a hero, if you live than you are totally free. It is a win-win situation.


    1. PoohBearM says:

      Wouldn’t be courageous
      If there were no blinch inside
      My dear brave Piglet

    2. Brave Soul says:

      I am not sure what you want to say:-) Have the courage to be more clear. However, thank you for being interested in my Comments my dear PPPPP-ooh bear;-) But I am no Piglet. You might be fiction but I am real and live in the real world.

      I hope you have sport spirit.


    3. Annie says:

      Piglet, is probably Pooh’s best friend, (Winnie the Pooh), and showed braveness despite his being small. it’s a wonderful thing what PoohBearM wrote in fact!
      it says that one is courageous when there is something that scares him but acts courageously, if there was not for that thing, he wouldn’t be brave, because there would be nothing to scare him and to be courageous-brave about :o)

      Cheers to you, Brave Soul!

      Love and Gratitude

    4. LoveM says:

      Oh Bless you Annie
      You are a jar of honey
      We are lucky bears :)

    5. BraveM says:

      Dear Brave Soul
      I’m am sorry that you did not derive any joy or insight from my comment.
      To be courageous means acting despite the fear if there is no fear it is not courageous that is reality.
      These lovable fiction characters just reflect aspects of humanity…
      to become whole requires that we embrace every concievable human trait… even the Piglet in ourselves.
      If there is no peace within where am i going to find it out there.
      Everything’s present
      In Totality so…own
      All that you perceive
      It takes the greatest courage to look within.

      People call me Mark Paver but it is all fiction
      Bless you Brave Soul

  28. mitch redman says:

    My favourite phrase from ghandi, “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind”

    1. barbara says:

      That is a wonderful phrase!!!!
      Thank you!

    2. mitch redman says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Barbara,Ghandi taught us that non violence is a powerful weapon x

  29. Nancy says:

    I think wars are started by men who think they are the Zen monk, but if a person is holding a weapon in his hand and has hate in his mind and heart than he is the general in the story not the Zen monk.

  30. Didem Aydogan says:

    must thing on it amazing

  31. Yilmaz says:

    There is so much wisdom in such seemingly simple stories.

    Besides the dirty argument whether it is acceptable to become a general and fight ruthlessly (also note: this is civil war), I have to admit that I also see a certain degree of greatness in the general. Not for his fighting methods, but for being capable of acknowledging the fact of his adversary being at eye level with him. Consequently, the general did not let his ego win and had the monk executed. Herein lies greatness.

  32. barbara says:

    Obviously fear makes us surrender, and abandon what we love, but if we stand up and confront it we win. That is what I understand as a moral of this story.

    Thank you Mr.Coelho
    You leave me speechless with your stories:)
    With love,

    1. Yilmaz says:

      Great interpretation :)

    2. barbara says:

      Thank you. The story had me thinking for a while.

  33. Kathleen says:


    That is beyond cool. A bully is only a coward in the end.

    Its so true that the only way fear has power is if you allow it to. This story reminds of the stance Ghandi took. He didn't become evil to overcome evil, he became brave.

    1. mitch redman says:

      I agree with you Kathleen,and we can also help those that are being bullied by allowing them to borrow our strength to overcome the bully.This works with animals too.Years ago my cat was a little under the weather and another cat would enter our garden rendering my cat too frightened to go outside.So when i saw this cat in our garden,i would open the door and walk by the side of my cat down the path,soon my cat gained the confidence to reclaim our garden and banish the bully cat away.

  34. Jin-Hong says:

    Hi Paulo, you are to say the least- amazing. As in your site. You too I am sure.

    Your story got me thinking about peace. See for world peace to be, one needs to be peaceful first. I believe in the “rubbing-off” effect, where peace in one person can morph to the next person, and the next, and so on. And in my case, I think peace comes when I realize I don’t have to justify myself… I don’t have to fear what others think or do or feel if I don’t give them something to find.

    Anyway, I think the general loves the monk very much. No one does an outburst like that if they haven’t reached a certain level of comfort with one another… in my point of view.

  35. aditya says:

    Kathleen & freinds !

    the general was ‘reputed’ to be a ‘destroyer’ how much was myth we know not ! at times of war rarely one ever hears of the greatness of enemy generals. assuming that he was a ‘destroyer’ how would have zesus met him, how would have buddha met him ?

    one who sins against others is taking a tremedous burden on his/her soul ( the soul burns and one can feel it ), why they do it, our pschys are complex and so are our ‘complexes’

    Before anyone says that maybe Zesus could gorgive, he was ‘son of god’ and this and that, but i am a mere mortal, I seek revenge & retribution – then such a person should at least be honest and stop praying to the son of god; the prayer is in our actions, how we meet freinds how we treat our enemies, …..

    without malice to one and all, i write as I talk to myself, for me there are no ‘others’ so take no offense even if my words appear harsh sometimes !


    1. Gabriela says:

      Dont worry Aditya, I totally get what you are saying and I am sure many do the same.

  36. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    What made the monk and the general great, was their lack of fear. But i feel that, somewhere inside the general, he had some sort of fear of death. Although i do not agree with the ways of the general, he i can see he had some sort of greatness for merely bowing down to the monk. He saw that the monk had no fear, completely no fear, and he was willing to accept death as it came, and i think in that moment, the general realised the monk was far greater than him, he truely had strength, and he bowed out of respect and humilation, for he was supposedly said to be the most fearless. This story does remind me of Jainism and the ways of Gandhi.. I don’t believe that violence is the way, and living off other peoples fears to make yourself greater, is not true greatness for me. Love, is the way. It can conquer anything. And there is great strength in non- violence, only once you learn to accept death or anything else for that matter, and not fear it, at all, can you say, you’re truely great. You don’t need to kill or fight to make you fearless. Mwah!

    Thank you for being.

  37. abhinandan says:

    sir,i am from INDIA.
    besides sharing the same robust growth of economy ,our motherlands also share a few common passions…like football ,though according to my knowledge we rank somewhere above 110 in the FIFA ranking.but its the love for the game that matters.
    like millions others around the world i am a huge fan of your work.
    my personal favorite is THE ZAHIR.
    i am a little embarrassed to call myself a poet in front of someone of your supreme stature,but i do write.
    and i am highly inspired by the various works of KHALIL GIBRAN.
    i am also an amateur artist,right now my medium is skin [i am a tattoo artist,though i am planning to delve deeper into the so-called mainstream arena] and want to create something on the lines of a fusion between the various forms of art like poetry,paintings,sculpture,music.
    i dont know if or not i would have the immense strength to realize my dream but what i want to say is that your books give me HOPE.
    so THANK YOU sir.

    1. Yilmaz says:

      Dear abhinandan,

      I wish you luck and strength on your way.

      The final fulfillment of your dreams only lies within you. God will help you once you make up your mind and commit anyway ;)

      I love Khalil Gibran, too. This is from his friend Mikhail Naimy: “Unveil yourself and things will be unveiled”.

      Best wishes,

    2. karen says:

      Good luck with your art, abhinandan…
      I like your words, “its the love for the game that matters.”
      good thoughts, karen

  38. Leaf says:

    The man became ‘great’ – he bowed in humility.
    Yes, because he had been humiliated in his own eyes and that of his soldiers – not the only road to humbleness, but one just the same and he saw the greatness of the monk’s humble acceptance and lack of fear.

    What if he walked away, tears in his eyes, totally seeing everything he believed in change before his very eyes. Confusion, despair, at seeing all he had done in the past…in the name of loyalty, ‘patriotism’, and love.

    He may have looked around and saw the world as it was when he’d been a child, when some invaders had done the same to his town and friends and he’d been afraid for the rest of his life.

    What if he bent weeping on the floor praying for forgiveness and understanding….and it was granted him, with grace…and he followed back to the Monk and became his disciple.

    In a world where, yes, the warped societies of man, have us bowing to another…either in respect and love…or fear and or humiliation…no two roads are the same, neither is the view from the road.

    Thank you, sir
    love to all

  39. Kathleen says:

    Hi Aditya – No, I don’t see greatness in a man who destroys everything in his path. You can come into high power through intimidation, that’s not greatness in my eyes. I’ll grant him that maybe he respected bravery in the end.

  40. LUIS says:

    Hola Paulo : Escribia para saludarte y comentarte que el blog esta en ingles y para poderlo leer tengo que recurrir a un traductor , solo la parte de la bruja de portobello tiene version en español,ojala se pueda hacer version en castellano de todo el blog,gracias de antemano , !!muchas felicidades y un fuerte abrazo!!

  41. nona says:

    i now feel so strongly about the history of all titles that divide us from one another. How is it that human beings born equally into a natural universe, came to diminish themselves and cede power to others?

  42. Breath taking…wow! hahahahahahah….
    tera mera rishta purana …our relationship is timeless…

  43. aditya says:

    U see the bully, he was a bully by reputation; but don’t you see the greatness of the man, probably what helped him become a general. The general who bowed was no less than the monk, chap could have easily stabbed that fellow as one would expect someone who is reputed to be bully; but no the man bowed to greatness and in the process demostrated that he too was great !

    Was Gandhi also of the caliber who could see bullets thrust into him without so much as blinking, well almost !!

    1. Varah Katims says:

      yea. The general z great too.

  44. Kathleen says:

    What was it that Jesus said.. “to conquer death you only have to die”.

  45. Kathleen says:


    That is beyond cool. A bully is only a coward in the end.

    Its so true that the only way fear has power is if you allow it to. This story reminds of the stance Ghandi took. He didn’t become evil to overcome evil, he became brave.

  46. Kathleen says: