How I Overcame Bipolar II

by Michael Ellsberg

Age twenty-nine: I was standing by the fourth-story window of my rented flat in Buenos Aires, as I’d been doing for hours on end in recent days and months, staring sullenly at the ocean of sidewalk below, a seeming resting place of final peace with just a slight shift in weight. . .

Buenos Aires sounds to most people like a romantic vacation destination, but to me, it was a place of retreat, a sign on my failure, a last step, at the end of the earth, on the way to the end of my line.

I had taken a wrong turn somewhere in life, and after a long, winding road, I had finally hit a dead end, four stories up in an apartment overlooking the cracked sidewalks of the San Telmo neighborhood of one of the most storied cities in the world, and I was contemplating my final move.

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  1. Andy says:

    This is a really interesting read and a very positive. I was diagnosed with Bipoalr at the age of 17 and really had a torrid time at School because there was confusion between me just been a moody teen and Bipolar.
    Thankfully mental health is taken more seriously these days and the NHS do a fantastic job. (in the UK)

    There is a stigma still attached to mental health issues. its a real shame that in this day and age that this is an issue

    I try to promote the positive side to mental illness as much as possble. The is life after diagnosis

    Keep up the good work!!!

    For people researching bipolar I write a Blog that is full of my personal experiences and information. I hope you find it useful. Mental Health has positive side that is often overlooked. (for the blog)

  2. So inspiring comments I found here dear friends… How can I not treasure you for being such a wonderful friends?
    I am glad PAulo posted this Blog, as I am going myslef right now through a difficult time. And I want to write dowan all my thoughts and feelings in a book, I’ve already started and I think thi can be also a great therapy… expecially if you know that what you write now will help another human being like you to overcome her or his distress and fight with the ugly illness.

    Love you you all, my friends!
    Love to PAulo, the most and a big embrace, Gabriela xx

  3. Adriana says:

    I read the article and I found it quite enlightening. It is really interesting how he overcame his disorder.It was the diet, and he felt that despite the ” authorized opinion” of the doctor. It is good he was able to question this opinion. ¿ How many of us do not do so?
    He shortly describes the war between traditional and alternative medicine. That war exists and sometimes as our dear Ken Crane describes in one of the comments we are the victims of traditional approach to healing.
    I’ve experienced this myself with homeopathy and found out just as the patient of bipolar II that traditional medicine made me feel worse from gastritis, so I deciced to resort to homeopathy and it has really made a difference.

    1. Ken Crane says:

      My wife Yumi is suffereing from medecine treatment of allergy & atopy.
      She’s been treated steroid since she was small, and it is very hard for her to live without it.

      If anyone here knows how get out of this cycle,
      please kindly inform me.
      She did try many kinds of folk remedies but so far nothing has worked.

    2. barbara says:

      My well wishes go to you and your wife. I am sure you researched all there is on the net. However I am putting this link here for you just in case it might be helpful to you and your wife

    3. Adriana says:

      I don’t know if you have ever tried homeopathy. Here in Costa Rica there are many doctors who treat this way.
      When my son was little he was sick all the time and traditional medicine didn’t seem to work so out of despair I decided to try it, and it worked, the only thing is you have to insist over a large period of time. Let’s say a year or more.
      The doctor who treated my son was given a lot of steroids since she was a child to fight asthma and allergies and she hated them. Then I don’t know for which reason she begun to study homeopathy and treated herself to get over asthma. By then she was a pharmacist and had a drugstore in which she had invested a lot of money,and just when the drugstore was beginning to be profitable she understood that what she was experiencing with homeopathy was no longer compatible with the world of traditional medicine so she closed the drugstore and devoted herself completely to cure with homeopathy.
      I had terrible migraines because of food poisoning and she cured me. It really works with chronic illneses like allergies, so may be your wife should give it a try.
      Love and blessings

  4. LoveM says:

    Thank you all for sharing this beautiful heart rending journey back into the heart of your being… back to your true self
    Bless you you One&All


    Without blinking… don’t look away… keep watching…

    Look.. Where is the Sufferer… Where is the Enjoyer…

    Embrace what is true
    This being was good for you
    In sadness you grew

    Embrace hopelessness
    It will bring you to the truth
    You want nothing less

    Let all that happens
    Embrace you with joy like the
    I in happiness

    What ever happens
    In love I trust this will be
    A blessing for you

    When you embrace all
    And you accept everything
    You become heaven

    I know who you are
    You’re the Enjoyer… the One
    Who I love so much

    1. Annie says:

      Reading the experiences of all I see greatness..
      It’s these stories that you want to say but you feel like you re gonna break into tears so your voice will break.. but in the end you muster the courage and say what you needed to say..

      Looking through my window
      I can see all these suns
      I can hear your hearts beating
      beating like joyful drums

      I can hear your souls songsinging
      songs as old as time
      Never give up never give in,
      You wols are one of a kind

      Love to all of you
      I m moved to tears by all of you…

      Love and Gratitude

    2. LoveM says:

      Thanks Annie :o)
      So lovely and the resonance so divine…
      In the Yogic tradition the Heart Chakra is called Anahata which in Sanskrit(ancient language) – means unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten.
      Blessed are they that move/dance to that drum
      With Gratitude&Grace HeArt atOne

    3. CG says:

      Dear Annie,
      this is so much what I felt reading all the comments and thinking about my own ups and downs. Thank you.


    4. Annie says:

      thank you dear Claudia and LoveM! <3

  5. barbara says:

    I enjoy reading all of you comments here. Thank you. So many ispiring stories.

    As I myself work in medical field I know that medication is greatly abused and over prescribed (at least here in America, some doctors do it for money and compensation from insurance, some are pressured).

    It is important to find a good doctor. I’ve been working with my psychologist for over two years now, hence I even gave her Paulo’s book. She works closely with my psychiatrist who is the one who prescribes my medicine and believe me I’ve tried different ones to no effect until the one I take now. I have developed a hypertension which is believed to come from anxiety alone, so I also take medicine for that, would I stop taking it? No, because I know high blood pressure causes a lot of damage on veins, weakens the heart and is among number one causes of deaths – just because people ignore it, and because relativly there are no symptoms. Same with psyche medication, I am not gonna stop taking it until I am well enough. Every medication can have side effects, that is why doctors need to monitor their patients!

    We as society shy away from mental illness or disorders, it is considered a taboo, it’s illness just as any other one. If you have a problem that needs to be adressed you must take the first and most crucial step – ASK FOR HELP!

    Thank you,

    1. barbara says:

      Hello everyone (hope this works, I’m new at this)

    2. looking in the mirror says:

      like a flowing river ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    3. THELMA says:

      Hi beautiful Barbara!!
      Thelma xxx

    4. barbara says:

      and you beautiful Thelma:)
      With love,

  6. carmen says:

    Pinte, escriba, o haga lo que haga, siempre te tengo en cuenta.
    Eres un Ejemplo a seguir.
    Que Dios te Bendiga Siempre, Amigo.

  7. Liz H says:

    I don’t know how you do it but once again you made sense of something that felt very wrong in my life.
    My boyfriend broke up with me recently and although I am heartbroken his recent behaviour is starting to make sense to me.
    I can understand his pain more after reading the article and I now can see that it isn’t my fault that things were the way they were.
    I sent the link to him and I hope he will start self help and stop self medicating.
    Love, peace and understanding!

  8. karen says:

    with much appreciation for sharing to Michael and Paulo.

    I journeyed with a loved one and was so saddened by the easy use of psychotropic drugs and the horrific side-effects, side-effects that were answered by doctors with more drugs and higher dosages, etc. while symtoms worsened, new ones arose and my loved one, too, was ready to take that last jump.

    I know that there are prescriptions that do help people, but I found myself in a world where doctors weren’t willing to listen when I told them that this person they were working with never exhibited what they were seeing before he was prescribed the drugs. It took a long time, but finally, there was one, that refused to refill prescriptions and once the drugs were gone, I watched the person I knew come back and begin the journey of healing. Not every person suffering from mental health issues needs drugs – and to some they do much harm.

    again, with much appreciation and blessings, karen

  9. Ken Crane says:

    Friends, I have a similar experience.

    It’s a different medicine but this stupid doctor kept on giving me this medicine wihout any counseling.
    I became addicted to it, and I wasn’t able to draw any drawings without this medicine!
    ( I think many artists fell in the same kind of trap in a similar way)

    One day, I drank a liquor with this medicine and I was carried to the hospital.
    I think I was almost about to die.

    Now, I don’t take any medicine at all.
    This kind of medicine will do no good at all if the cause of depression is related with some kind of trauma.

    Probably, that is why I became very interested in spirituality.
    (at first I was reading many psychology books, but this did not help me that much)

    And now I am much better.
    I survived, and was able to know the people here.

    1. Annie says:

      dear Ken..Your drawings come from the he-art, and they are unique, amazing and special because you are..
      The heart does not need medication other but Love

      Thank you for sharing yourself with us and being here :o) I wouldn’t have the chance to say that if you hadn’t survived..

      Love and Gratitude

    2. Ken Crane says:

      Thank you Annie!!

  10. Jackie noriega says:

    los bipolar II son casos especiales y extraños sin una razí²n definida yo palpe un ejemplo de una hija de una amiga sus primeros sí¬ntomas posiblemente comenzaron en la niñez pero su madre no le hizo mucho caso pues no creyí² era grave era sistemí tica no le gustaba ensuciar sus manos ni ropa retraida un poco alejada fue a los l8 años que ella tuvo su primera crisis y ahora vive con una medicina que le inyectan cada mes y tambien las consultas con el psiquiatra. cuando no usa su medicina puede perderse de la realidad y ser exactamente lo que no es cuando estí  controlada yo aspiro mi amiga tenga mucha suerte y todos ayuden para darle un buen clima de amor a su hija en su casa para ya no pasar por diferentes dificultades gracias por la informacion y que Dios bendiga a cada uno de estas personas y sus familias

  11. Eric says:

    This was a fascinating article. This guy was really bonkers! One thing that amazes me is the amount of medical professionals who so casually disregard how a diet affects mental health. another is how medicated society is – especially American society. I once worked in a hospital and during an employee meeting a doctor asked how many people over 40 weren’t on medication. Mine was one of three hands that went up in the crowd of over 200. He then preceded, to my astonishment, to ask us three how we did it!

  12. Thankyou Paulo and Michael,

    “Please, do not give up. You can do this.”

    Love to All,

  13. cats says:

    the thing about depression is that it is like being stuck in mud..or rather sinking sand..
    so that the more you try to struggle and get out of the situation, the more you are sucked in and down..

    at that point.. what can one do?

    1. Annie says:

      I understand dear cat, but the thing is when you are stuck in mud you are becoming part of the mud.. or when sinking in sand, you become part of this quicksand.. you lose your self.. I believe finding something to hold on to, is very crucial, a handhold, where your heart is, a dream maybe, something one would give his life for it, something that inspires him and makes him wanna live this life and get out of bed.. tha dream is (part of) your identity.. become one with that.. That I would say..

      “I am an ephemeral being, frail and weak; full of mud and dreams”.- Kazantzakis
      we may be made of mud but we are also made of dreams.. stick to the dreams <3

      Love and Gratitude

    2. Sarah says:

      Let go and let God. xxx

    3. Daniel says:

      Don’t struggle against it. Let it flow through and over you and ride out the storm. By struggling you become part of it, as you describe. By observing and feeling it, you allow it to pass without getting absorbed by it. The idea of letting it wash over you is far more terrifying than the reality of it in my experience.

    4. katie says:

      just don’t fight.
      instead invite.
      looking for the beauty
      of the moment
      the soul of life reveals itself.
      sadness is just an energy.
      february 2011 :o)

  14. katie says:

    I like your description how you found out what food can do to you.
    But I was disappointed to read that after 1 year, you did just that again: taking “food” that actually is not food & invited your friends to a party.

    I wonder sometimes whether we start to forget what actually real food is. today, most of us go to shops to get there food, not from their garden or fields. processed food is cheaper & often also easier to eat, not much preparation needed.

    but do we still take food to us when we eat those items? sometimes I think we eat actually plastic: high calories & no nutrients in there & if there are some …. then they are artificially added.

    there is not just two types of manic depression, 1 and 2. this word just summarizes a variety of symptoms. It is certain that there is not one cause for bipolar, as there is, e.g., one cause for measles. two people diagnosed with bipolar can & probably they do have different causes.

    symptoms in an individuals as well as between individuals can vary, also even over time within one individual. for example, if there are multiple cases of bipolar in one family, these people can show a wide spectrum of different symptoms.

    I like very much Michael’s emphasis & also Marie-Christine’s comment that both show that we need to check our life & environment. & also see how we can improve them to provide a more friendly life for our mind & soul. just taking pills alone …. does not help, but in some cases they may be necessary for stabilization.

  15. H says:

    Thank you for sharing this important knowledge with us. People think mental illness is for life and I disagree, so it’s good to see a success story to provide a role model. I also thank you for showing us how much a person with mental illness achieves in overcoming their day to day struggles. I don’t see many people being sympathetic to the mentally ill, I see a lot of fear of them instead. People with mental illness are generally poor since they have difficulty working. Poverty can cause stress. People think the mentally ill are a different species. They are not they are the same as the rest of us. After all, when a person has a cold or flu, we don’t think of them as different to us and we don’t judge them or condemn them to the label of ‘infected with flu’ for ever. I applaud you Paulo for sharing this insightful article with your readers. You are definitely someone to look up to. Thank you. Love. x

  16. Daniel says:

    Thankyou Paulo, for this article. By sharing this, and by Michael sharing his story in this way, you have changed a life in what may be a subtle way, but also quite profound.

    I have bipolar, and this just struck me to the core because the only time I have felt well and balanced was when I instinctively gave up alcohol, stopped drinking coffee and ate no refined sugar for a year after my marriage broke down. I was also exercising and meditating obsessively.

    A year later I gave up that lifestyle and moved back to the city, and everything was great for 6 months and then slowly I started slipping back into darkness, all around the time of Paulo’s party in Melk, and from there is was a 12 month journey through hell. I always attributed the wellbeing to the exercise and the meditation, but never thought too closely about the diet. Now I will revise my health plan. I’m on medication, lithium, and an anti-depressant, but recently discovered that if I stop mediating every day, they are not enough, I start to slide after just a week. Oh, I also have type 1 diabetes, from the age of 8, so fluctuating glucose levels are something I’m very familiar with. And the money and relationship issues, the wild business prospects, the hyper-sexualised contexts. You have no idea how these drive my life.


    1. Lyl says:

      But despite of all,you’re doing so great.You’re a great father,a great friend and a great poet.Blessings Daniel.Keep up <3

    2. Daniel says:

      Thanks Lyl! :)

    3. Annie says:

      Dear Daniel, I know it’s been hard.. this ’12 month journey through hell’ is like when the butterfly has to beat up her wings against the cocoon or else she will not be able to fly.. your poems are your wings.. keep beating them against the cocoon and then you ‘ll realize you ll fly…..

      Love and Gratitude

    4. Adriana says:

      Beautiful comment, Annie.

    5. Daniel says:

      :)) Thanks Annie. Sometimes the road is hard. Sometimes plain sailing. ça plane pour moi! But flying, yes. I’ve tasted that, and want it back! :)

    6. Adriana says:

      This knowledge has become truth that will set you free. It is up to you from now.

    7. Daniel says:

      Very true Adriana. To not act would be a choice to stand still, and it’s not in my nature to want to stand still for too long! :)

  17. Marie-Christine says:

    I can see you went through quite a program Michael, and you achieved it in 7 years.

    During that period you have experienced a lot of ups and downs.

    I am pleased you are informing the Public about depression and its devastating consequences it can have.

    I also have had a similar experience. I am not sure whether it is a Bipolar II as you are describing however at its peak it felt like what you described with the euphoria taking over and then the tears following for me.
    I said I am not sure whether it is bipolar because I have never seen anyone – I knew one thing for sure I did not want to take medications – Having had the experience from a member of my family before and realising how much stress that person was under.It came as a big shock to see me falling into the same pattern.

    I was in a strange way very fortunate to have witnessed this – although a very distressing experience believe me – I then knew that the only way I could make it through for me was to leave.

    It was a big decision that I embarked upon.

    I was living abroad, and came back to the place I was born and found myself confronted with new ways of living and all sort of other things I don’t want to bore you with.

    I had one anchor – It was Paulo’s Blog. and I sat there on a daily basis – “addicted” was the word, however I knew I had to stay because it was the only place I had that I felt safe at the time –

    Previous to my departure, I had also found a site in the city I now lived, Montpellier, where women with a breast cancer history could go. That was a savior as well.

    Arriving there – I still don’t know how I made it – it took me several weeks to have the courage to go and contact the Association Etincelle – I finally did it and the welcome I received was overwhelming.

    I was able to go on a regular basis and do a lot of activities that ranged from : Yoga, Laughing classes, Sophrology, Reiki, Body massage, Gymnastics, Writing Workshop, Painting, Singing, Beauty Treatment, I also did Aqua Gymn on a few occasions and Conseil en Images.

    I also went to swimming classes and miming classes independently from the Association and did Etiotherapy.

    I also saw a very good psychologist for a while – just for a talk – This is available at Etincelle as well.

    As well, I had the support from all the Womens who also underwent breast cancer, this allowed me to go out on to dancing classes – I am not at the level of Ginger Roger yet, but I am progressing however slowly, very slowly – :) going out to the movies, conferences, attending music concerts , etc. I also went traveling having a look at a few countries that I had never seen and hopefully will travel more.

    I have been living here for two years now.
    ..After a year of quite an intensive programme, I knew I was getting better, however, it was not as rosy as could be. I had to do something else. Because I was on the site on a daily basis ,I was aware of the “Camino” I had no idea I could do such thing.

    I was walking daily everywhere most of the time. It was an activity I enjoyed, together with taking photographs. However, it was only short distance walk (1h 20 mns).
    The fact that I had never done any sports in my life never ceased to amaze me that I could embark onto such a program, bear in mind I am 64, Michael going onto 65.:)

    So, off I went the same day I had left a year ago exactly.I did not know how the trip was going to be…It was the Big Adventure. I left on my own and met people on the way, A lot of the times I was walking on my own and it gave me the opportunity to reflect. I walked the last 10 days with the same people which is a record for me because I am very independent… although I did “deviated” on an occasion or two and found my own accommodation.

    Anyway, I made it to Santiago It was a Jubilee Year and I was fortunate to have been invited by Cristina, Paulo’s wife to the Painting Exhibition. The day prior to the Exhibition, I was with some friends having a drink when suddenly Paulo and Cristina arrived…. it was the “surprise of the century” for me and they kindly asked us the following day to come to dinner with them. I could not have thought of a better way to end up a Camino. Thank you so much Cristina and Paulo. I love you

    Coming back, I was still feeling very restless again, after having walked more than 700 kms it was hard to get back to the rythme of the city again, and I started asking myself what it was all about. Marie-The with whom I had been on a cruise before, had booked a cruise and I went along with her.

    …and here I am learning on a daily basis how to become a better person.

    Like you, I also had grand ideas to save the world when I was at my peak :) I truly believed it as well, hey, I have a good sense of humor, so it helped with the recovery…

    On the site, I did learn (amongst many other things) however, to read Portuguese I believe nearly fluently. I also improved my Spanish and I am able to read most of the Italian, from time to time read in the Occitan language and a few other words here and there from other languages I can decipher.

    I am very proud of that achievement.

    Translating was extremely good for me, not only because I was doing the translation per se, it helped me tremendously with understanding the message Paulo was sending. The interesting thing about was also the way I was going around with the translation , it was from Portuguese to Spanish and English and also French so I can now claim it was an International Affair. :)

    It also showed me the potential there is in each one of us and this you cannot beat it.

    One of the interesting thing also is that most of my story has been recorded onto the blog. I truly believe, from my experience, that depression can be cured through other programs before it gets to the point of implementing medications. I truly believe I am proof of this…and all it takes is a human heart that is able to see into your heart.

    Thank you everybody for putting up with me and for helping me with my quest.
    Love to you all

    Special I love you for Paulo my best teacher ever.

    to you also Sufi :)


    1. katie says:

      cool, M-C <3

    2. THELMA says:

      Thank you Marie-Christine for your story and thank you for being with us, a friend, all this time. It was also a pleasure meeting you at Melk, thanks to Christina and Paulo Coelho!
      I also thank everyone in this Blog for the energy and love spread! Remember we are ONE!!!
      It is wonderful to come ‘here’ everyday, knowing that similar thinking people are around! We all have read the … Pilgrimage, the Alchemist, Veronica decides to die, Eleven minutes, the Witch of Portobello, the Winner stands alone, the fifth mountain etc. and now awaiting for the ALEPH! We all love Paulo Coelho!
      ‘Sometimes friends far away are nearer to the people near us’, because the Psyche does not have any boundaries regarding TIME and SPACE! We meet at the .. LIGHT, where all the Dark clouds of the material World do not affect us! Our meeting place is .. over the CLOUDS.
      Thelma xxx

    3. Dear Marie-Christine,
      I love you too!!

    4. Marie-Christine says:

      Michael took a road. I took another one. We came out with the same answer : your health is a blessing and you have to learn to love yourself and the rest comes along.
      He did it through the drugs, I did it without. Same as Paulo. ….and learned along the way.
      I know had I not had all the help from all I would not have been able to go forward.
      No one can do it for you… but yourself.

      Thank you Jane, Katie and Thelma.
      I love you all.

    5. Annie says:

      You are soooooo great!!
      thank you for sharing all this <3

      Love and Gratitude

    6. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Thank you Marie-Christine. I am really touched. With all my love and respect, i wish you the very best for your life. May all your good wiches come true.

      I wish you a wonderful weekend

    7. Ken Crane says:

      I am very happy that you are here Marie-Christine

    8. karen says:

      Dearest Marie-Christine, thank you for sharing your story with your beautiful kind and open heart. My heart is filled with loving blessings for you :-). karen

    9. Marie-Christine says:

      Efharisto Poli Annie.
      Danke Heimo.
      Thank you Ken and Karen.
      With Love :)

    10. elaine says:

      Thank you Marie-Christine. You are a beloved member of our family and we all send you loving hugs and kisses. Your story is so inspiring. Thank you also Daniel, our sweet brother and especially Michael for helping us, see and help ourselves and those we love, with his heartfelt article. Bi-polar affects so many in our lives.

      We are one, as “Mama” Thelma states below. I just want you all to know how much I love each and every one… especially you Paulo and your lovely Christina.

      ((((LOVE))) and ***warm***blue light surround you,


    11. Marie-Christine says:

      Thank you Elaine I Love you too.
      Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    12. Adriana says:


      I loved to get to know your story. I don’t like medications either and really proud to know you did it without them.
      All of us have a story, and the blog has become really important to us. Usually it is our anchor and our north. I have become a better person, and learned a lot from anonymous people since I visit this blog. It gives me a sense of safety, encouragement, a source of inspiration and enthusiasm. I was feeling like an outcast when I had to wait for three months to have my Internet connection back.
      May God bless Paulo and all of you for being here and a huge hug for you, Marie-Christine.

    13. Marie-Christine says:

      Hugs to you 2 Adriana.

  18. Annie says:

    “… I remember hearing Strel tell a reporter something to the effect of: “I’m either going to be the first man to swim the Amazon, or the first man to die trying.”

    This statement pierced through my haze of depression and struck me. Here was a man who wanted something so badly he was willing to die for it. He had a goal, and he would willingly give his life to achieve it…..”

    I loved the article.. how one thrives against all seeming odds… like the kites who fly against the wind..
    Yes! don’t give up! don’t give in!! You can do it!
    “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” – who else… Paulo Coelho
    whether that dream is to give up that bad habit, or to live a life without a disorder, or to find that soulmate or have a house in the beach, or make a lot of money, or drive that Ferrari, or travel the world, or be a better person every day, or write the greatest story ever told , Or the greatest song ever been sung, or …..(put your dream in the blank space), whatever it is, don’t give in, don’t give up, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Love and Gratitude

  19. Thank you very much for this post PAULO… Michael words really striked me deep! When I needed them…. I wonder how do you know what to post on here… it may be your angel talking to my angel.. ot to all angels of all our friends from your blog? I am so soo so impressed! And happy to see that Michael tells/shares about his fight with his illness without fear… this may encourage many of us to do so… I am now writing a book about my own problems and worries… maybe too much feeling down? No sugar, I use honney instead, I stopped drinking coffea a year ago now… and I do not smoke or drink alchool! I wish all of our friends will do like me!

    Here I am…. writing you and feeling better & realising that Still… we need EACHOTHER, we NEED LOVE … and SUPPORT!
    So, here I am, to LOVE and WISH YOU, & YOU ALL, ALL MY LOVE! :)

  20. Naomi Colb says:

    I firmly believe that our nutritional intake determines our wellbeing….along with our thoughts.

  21. Marie-Christine says:

    Most governments around the world seem to look closely at their health soaring costs these days.I am confident that this simple measure of teaching children from a young age to learn to breathe would be a good preventative health measure and a huge saving cost into their health budgets.
    With love.

  22. Marie-Christine says:

    Learning to breathe properly should be part of the curriculum in all schools for better performances in all fields of life.
    I feel it is only a small requirement that can change our outlook on life.
    Thank you.

    1. Lyl says:

      I don’t think breathing has anything to do with it.

    2. H says:

      I think breathing properly can have many benefits. It can alter stress levels, keep you centred, make you feel confident, protect you from fear and anxiety, help you to sing and promote healthy organs. In the same way that nutrition helps the body, breathing is also nourishing in it’s own complimentary way. You still need the other things though too.

    3. katie says:

      yes, it is one way to initiate a hypomanic stage. it works for me :o)

    4. Marie-Christine says:

      As an asthmatic myself, learning the correct methods through the physiotherapy work has shown an important improvement in my health.
      Yoga has been most beneficial for me as well to keep me centred. I have a very good teacher as well.Thank you Anne.

  23. Life is always about compromise. Histories like this give me hope.

  24. Marie-Christine says:

    En regardant le mot bi-polar je vois ceci
    bi-polar (polaire)
    il fait froid
    L’hiver en particulier
    semble plus difficile

    avec le mot spiritualite
    l’esprit est le souffle
    dans le mot spiritu alite il y a le mot alite
    ton esprit est alite
    si tu ne peux pas bien respirer
    c’est, pour moi, une question de sante – apprendre a bien respirer –

    ca fait du sens pour moi j’espere que pour vous aussi

    Looking at the word bi-polar I see this
    it is cold
    in winter in particular, it seems more difficult

    with the word Spirituality
    the Spirit is the breath
    In the word “spiritu alite” in French , there is the word “alite” (confined to bed)
    Your spirit is “alite”
    if you cannot breathe properly.
    It is for me a matter pertaining to health – learning to breathe properly –

    Makes sense to me.
    With love

  25. barbara says:

    Thank you for the article, very inspiring, I remember putting this as my FB status one time:

    YOU DON’T LOOK SICK! No I don’t. It’s a daily struggle feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside. There are invisible illnesses (FMD, RSD Anxiety, Bi-Polar, P.T.S.D., LUPUS, Fibromyalgia, CROHNS, Diabetes, Arthritis, Chronic Back Pain, Epilepsy, MS, Depression, RA, Migraines). Understanding, knowledge and compassion go a LONG WAY.

    Thank you,
    With love

  26. Lyl says:

    Good for you man.Great story.Pills are not the answer.Unfortunately,people take pills for everything,even for a small headache.I avoid pills,it’s rare I take some.Reading this,I see my mom,short nights,coffee,cigarettes..Too late for her though,because she doesn’t want to hear about it,but she’s still around,and she slowed down a bit,even though her mood’s been stable for few years,I know it can change,she’s unpredictable.I think you don’t overcome it,you live with it and Love helps a lot.All the best for you.

  27. Mike Hopkins says:

    Hello Paulo:

    Perhaps a good way out of depression is to change one’s focus and get out of ones own head for a moment and do something nice for others. Perhaps this is an invitation to a love fest started in Scandinavia. Step outside yourself for just a moment and share the love and it just might improve one’s disposition.

    Kindest regards to you & your readers,

    1. Sarah says:

      Clinical depression is NOT about feeling a bit blue. Clinical depression is about not being able to do ANYTHING – to feel emotions, to eat properly, to sleep properly, to regulate your own body temperature etc etc. It is the people who sacrifice themselves for others who end up getting it. I did not even have the energy to smile anymore, let alone get out of bed and “get out of [my] own head for a moment”. You have clearly never suffered from depression. Just be grateful. I hope that you never will but please try to educate yourself before making comments like this – about the worst possible thing you can say to someone who needs to CONVALESCE to get better and to start taking a bit of care of themself for a while.

  28. Princess says:

    Paulo, I’ve been looking for stories on overcoming Anxiety (without the use of drugs of course). And if it’s possible, and you happen to come across any interesting stories on people who have done so, can you please post it on your blog?

    I would appreciate it.

    1. kealan says:

      You should try hypnotherapy. It is a good course of treatment to take rather than the drug rout. Mind over Mind! Just make sure you find a therapist who is part of an association, qualified & insured.

    2. Princess says:

      Considering the extent of my brokeness, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it. But at my university they offer free counseling sessions. I’ll see what I can do…

    3. barbara says:

      Meditation, of course there are many choices, starting with yoga, listening to music, Deepak Chopra has a great meditation cd. Anxiety starts when we overthink, so more feelings – less thinking, tuning in to good memories, be it childhood memories be it the best moments of your life. Of course one has to find what is best for him/her.

      Of course you are not alone, my anxiety can go up to panic attacks when I literally think I am dying, so I do take medications, but eventually I do want to be free of them.
      Good luck to you,

    4. barbara says:

      Next thing on my list: cutting out the sugar and coffee which I consume without limits.

      Thank you again,

    5. Princess says:

      I’m rooting for you to accomplish this task! That’ll really help minimize the racing heart! :)

    6. H says:

      try those meditation youtube clips by Dr Nepal. They work but are only suitable for people without mental illnesses. If you just have anxiety then it’s perfect for you. You need to wear headphones for it. If anxiety is part of a bigger problem then I recommend normal meditation, quitting caffine and nicotine and stop watching the news on tv and going for short walks with a friend once a week.

    7. Princess says:

      I think that’s what gets me about this anxiety…it’s almost not anxiety. In fact, I puzzled the doctors I’ve been too as there is no thought associated with it and it doesn’t cripple me or stop me from living. I’ve faced virtually every fear that I know I have.. Social rejection, failure, being seen as crazy, sleeping alone in my room in the dark for fear of seeing malevolence…

      The anxiousness wraps around my rib cage and when I meditate, there isn’t a particular thought there. My heart never races, I don’t feel afraid, but the top of my rib cage just feels like something wrapped around it though I know I’m breathing just fine and getting air….:/ The doctors I’ve been too said it sounds like anxiety but because it doesn’t stop me from doing anything (aside from what I just explained, I feel joyous.) they don’t know what else to call it or what else to do…

    8. katie says:

      take one anxiety at a time & face it directly in little step. but make then your environment safe when doing it.

      meditation is always for me the approach to get grounded, it is the basis for doing these little steps.

  29. THELMA says:

    Very well written; interesting story! We all know the story about ‘sugar/coffee/alcohol, but what is more .. tempting in the morning than a cup of coffee??

    I had hypothyroidism and after checking that it was not due to a topical problem with its function and as I did not want to start taking pills for the rest of my life, I went to a physiotherapist. He gave me ‘vitamins’ and after I was much better he told me to go to a Homeopathy doctor! Can you believe that KELP pills have helped me a lot?

    There is a saying : WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!! But imagine what we breath, eat and drink everyday and the pollution. I wonder how we are still alive…!!! THE PLANET IS DYING.. But we will die first..
    Thelma xxx

    1. viviana says:

      Hay!! Es verdad Thelma, es tan rico!!! Creo que en su justa medida…no es tan grave, mi hermana también tiene hipotiroidismo, acá en argentina, le llaman la enfermedad de la belleza, se te reseca la piel, se te cae el cabello, y te produce cambios de estados de animo,y hormonales pero si se trata a tiempo podes convivir perfectamente con la enfermedad de echo mi hermana toma la pastilla todo los dí­as y parece que ni la tuviera a la enfermedad, …es verdad somos lo que comemos….en mi paí­s existe el dulce de leche, es riquí­simo!! Pero si te excedes te lleva sin escala a la diabetes, por eso hay que ser muy cuidadosos con la alimentación. Thelma! Que tengas un dí­a lindo.

    2. THELMA says:

      There is!! Is true Thelma, is so rich!!! I believe that in its just measure…is not so serious, my sister has also hypothyroidism, here in Argentina, they call the illness of the beauty, itself you lean the skin, falls itself you the hair, and produces you changes of states of I encourage, and hormonal but if treats to time you live together perfectly with the illness of I throw my sister takes the tablet every day and seems that neither had it To the illness, …is true we are what we eat…. in my country the candy of milk exists, is delicious!! But if you exceed you carries non-stop to the diabetes, therefore one must be very careful with the diet. Thelma! That have a pretty day.

      Dear Viviana, this is the ‘translation I got from the Internet!! Thank you so much for caring and for writing such encouraging and nice things. At the beginning I felt very weak, my hair was falling and was sleeping even during the day, like the .. Sleeping beauty!! I friend doctor had noticed and sent me immediately for the check-up and ultra-sound. I was lucky it was just the beginning. Maybe due to the radiation from Chernobyl that is not very far from Cyprus.
      As I see you live in Argentina. When I was studying in Vienna I had a friend a pianist, named ANERY ASTE from your country, who was also a student. Since then, 1965 I lost her! If you could find her I would be very happy to communicate with her! She was a friend of Martha Argerich too. Have a wonderful weekend.
      Thelma xxx

  30. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Thank you for this article. The topic interests me. I read an article this days about the number of depression in Western society is increasing incredibly. What is rarely talked about are the causes. There must be reasons for it. These are very serious diseases which should not be taken lightly. I personally know some who suffer from severe depression and also see how their environment and their friends suffer. An acquaintance of mine was recently even in psychiatry. Doctors have also diagnosed with manic depression. I hope he soon feels better. Also, I once thought in my life to commit suicide. However, out of desperation. I am glad that I managed to overcome this despair. I’m going to read these articles with great interest. Once again thank you for that.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

    1. barbara says:

      I’m so glad you here Heimo, take care of yourself.

      With love,

    2. Annie says:

      I agree with barbara, i m HAPPY you did not carry out that thought of suicide .. that quick exit is never actually a solution…

      Love and Gratitude

    3. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Thank you both dear Barbara and Annie. Do not worry I’m fine. It’s been a long time ago. So it seems to me at least. And it is not a solution, life is worth living. No matter what problems you have. Nothing is impossible. But it was a very important and formative experience of my life. It belongs to me and I’m glad I was able to experience it. As crazy as it sounds. Without this experience I would not be here.

      I wish you a wonderful night

    4. Ken Crane says:

      I am very glad that you are here with us.

    5. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Thank you Ken! This is a very nice compliment. I will keep in my heart. And not even the heaven gets it back. It means a lot for me.

      I wish you a wonderful night

  31. Kidoris says:

    that´s interesting, thanks for sharing. not many people are aware that refined sugar like caffeine and alcohol is an addictive substance and no foodstuff.

  32. Kealan says:

    Really long, yet interesting article. Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing!
    Hay someone give me editing work I’m good at it!