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Climbing up a track in the Pyrenees in search of somewhere to practice archery, I came upon a small French army camp, where I met a colonel who asks me if I am the writer. And then, getting over his almost visible shyness, he tells me that he too has written a book and begins to explain me the curious genesis of his work.

He and his wife made donations for a leper child who originally lived in India but was later transferred to France. One fine day, curious to meet the little girl, they went to the convent where the nuns took care of the child. One of the nuns asked if he would help in the spiritual education of the group of children who lived there. Jean Paul Sétau (the officer’s name) said that he had no experience teaching the catechism but that he would give it some thought and ask God what he should do.

That night, after saying his prayers, he heard the answer: “instead of offering answers, try to find out what the children want to ask.”

From then on Sétau had the idea of visiting several schools, asking children for the questions to be put in writing, so that the more timid among the pupils would lose their fear of exposing themselves.

Here are some of them:

Where do we go after we die?

Why are we afraid of strangers?

Are there extra-terrestrial beings?

Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?

Why are we born, if in the end we die?

Who invented war and happiness?

Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?

Why are there poor and sick people?

Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?

Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?

Why do we love some people and hate others?

Who gave names to the colors?

If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?

I hope that some teachers or parents who read feel stimulated to do the same thing. In that way, instead of trying to impose our adult understanding of the universe, we will end up remembering some of our questions as children – and which were never really answered.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    A une lecon de philosophie un enfant a demande :
    “A quoi ca sert la mort?”

  2. Candela says:

    ¿Dónde vamos después de la muerte? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    A Otra Vida donde hacemos una Revisión de nuestros aprendizajes… y luego comenzar el nuevo viaje de aprendizaje..

    ¿Por qué tenemos miedo de los extranjeros?
    Porque en las películas siempre nos muestran que son malos jejejejejeje…

    ¿Existen marcianos y extraterrestres? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    Bueeeeeno Seria Bueno Leerles “Mi Preparación para Ganimedes” O “Yo Visite Ganimedes” por Yosip Ibrahim. Y decir como podemos estar solos? que gran desperdicio de Espacio…

    ¿Por qué suceden accidentes incluso a la gente que cree en Dios? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    Porque Dios No nos garantiza la Felicidad nos Guía si sabemos escuchar, así como un ticket de lotería no nos asegura Ganar… Dios Nos Ayuda si estamos mal así como estamos Bien… No es el causante de nuestro mal, pero lo es del que estemos bien…

    ¿Qué significa Dios? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    (En Esta Si Me Clave…) Dios Es realmente lo mas grande que nos ha podido Suceder, Dios Significa Lo que es y lo que No es, Lo que esta y lo que Fue… Dios es todo lo que podemos Ver y Lo que No… Dios eres Tú y soy Yo… Simplemente es todo a la Vez…

    ¿Por qué nacemos, si morimos al final? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    Porque hemos venido a aprender… la tierra es simplemente una incubadora de Amor…

    ¿Quién inventó la guerra y la felicidad?
    La Guerra alguien que estaba aburrido con tanta Paz…
    La Felicidad alguien que estaba Cansado de Tanta Guerra…

    ¿El Señor también escucha a los que no creen en el mismo Dios (católico)?
    Sip… Porque a la final lo distinto es la Religión Dios es Siempre uno solo…

    ¿Por qué existen pobres y enfermos? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    (Esta También Me Clavo…) No Siempre Todo es Bueno… y No Siempre tenemos todo lo que queremos…

    ¿Por qué Dios creó mosquitos y moscas? (ME LA PREGUNTO SOPHIA)
    Para que los sapos se Pudieran Alimentar jeje

    ¿Por qué el ángel de la guarda no está cerca cuando estamos tristes?
    Siempre esta… Solo que a veces no lo sabemos escuchar…

    ¿Por qué amamos a ciertas personas y detestamos a otras?
    Porque Dios quiere que aprendamos a Ver, a Realmente VER lo Bueno en las personas… si las Quisiéramos a todas no nos fijaríamos en realmente en lo que las Hace mas agradables a nosotros…

    ¿Si Dios está en el cielo, y mi madre también porque murió, cómo es que Él puede estar vivo?
    En Realidad nunca morimos solo Vivimos en otra Vida… (Que importante seria poder entenderlo y saber explicarlo a los niños)

  3. Oana - Diana says:

    Hi ,
    Well you said that these are the questions that children wrote them down and by putting them on a paper was avoided the timidity. I am 28 years old and not too far away from today I was wondering the same questions. I was having the feeling that I lost my path, I have lost my purpose , didn’t know where to go and what to do ….and the joy was missing from my life even if I was having everything that I was needed.
    I was thinking that God does not talk to people our days as He was doing 2000 years ago. But…..God does talk to so advanced person of our days , only that He speaks to us by what we call coincidence facts. I will try to answer to these questions from my experience and beliefs.

    Q: Where do we go after we die?
    A: We go to God and show our last human experience as a spiritual entities that we are. After that I think that it’s decided what shall be the next steps in our spiritual evolution.
    Q: Why are we afraid of strangers?
    A: I think we are not afraid of all strangers. If we are unconsciously afraid of strangers, especially children, it is because we feel negative vibration in a precisely stranger, otherwise the fear it’s just a product of our beliefs learnt from out parents/tutors.
    Q: Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
    A: I think they are.
    Q: Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?
    A: Because these kind of people that will continue to live their life with dignity and suffering from accidents effect are God’s messengers. They are the proof that the God’s gift, the life , worth to be lived no matter what. Each time when God takes something from human, gives something in return. We should learn how to live the life from God’s messengers.
    Q: Why are we born, if in the end we die?
    A: This was my main question  I think that only walking through this human life we can grow spiritually. The body is material. All our life we feed ourselves with material, everything that is coming from Earth, either we eat only plants or meat, must be returned since we borrow all these and even our body. When our time is done, when we took our mission to the end … we must return to Earth what is from Earth
    Q: Who invented war and happiness?
    A: War- people. Happiness .. well we were born with happiness, the thing is that most of us, while we grow up , forget this feeling. We end up in saying we had moments of happiness … not we were happy.
    Q: Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?
    A: I believe that God listen the prayers of all religions. The only difference is the way each culture/ individual understands God.
    Q: Why are there poor and sick people?
    A: Poor people exist for the same reason that rich people exists, which is : we have to learn to love the people beside us. We have to learn to share out goods and help. I exclude form my answer poor people because they don’t like to work and are lazy. Poor and sick people are for us who are rich and healthy, and they are the chance for us to grow spiritually.
    Q: Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?
    A: They exist for equilibrium. If they wouldn’t exist, other animals that feeds with mosquitoes and flies would die and so on ..and in the end …we would die too because of hunger.
    Q: Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?
    A: I think he is. He is hugging us …that is why maybe in our black thoughts we do not physically hurt ourselves .. or even worst. Probably he is waiting for us to remember him and God.
    Q: Why do we love some people and hate others?
    A: We love people because they make us feel good, in peace, they are positive energetically. Why we hate them … well would be better not to hate them, but if we do … I think because we are just afraid of what they can do to us.
    Q: Who gave names to the colors?
    A: The same who gave names to other things around us…but I am sure he was a very artistic person 
    Q: If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?
    A: Well … the mother is alive too…it’s just like God she cannot be seeable .

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    There is a film in France that is going to be screened in November called “Ce n’est qu’un debut”. “It’s only a beginning.”
    It is about teaching children between 3 and 4 years old about “love,freedom, authority,difference, intelligence” several times during the months children are contributing to make a better world for themselves.
    The methods used are varied the most developped one which is being used in the world is the one by Matthew Lipman (50 countries are using it) “France has started other ways which are starting to bear their fruit, The one by Michel Tozzi, an emeritus professor in science education at the University of Montpellier 3 (didactique of the philosophy)and the AGSAS in different perspectives.”
    “Philolab organises every year through Unesco international meetings on the new philosophical practices in the cadre of the World Philosophy day the 3rd Thursday of the month of November.In conjunction with these research activities , it organises training.”
    It sounds very promessing.
    “Vous pensez que les adultes sont plus intelligents que les enfants?”
    “Ben non parce qu’ils disent “tu sais rien, tu sais rien, tu sais rien.On sait des choses quand meme!>”
    “Do you think adults are more intelligents than children?”
    “Nom because they say “you don’t know anything, you don’t know anything, you don’t know anything. We do know things all the same.”

    “Lorsque j’ai demande aus enfants ce que pouvait bien vouloir dire “faire de la philosophie” l’un d’entre eux a repondu “”Ca rend intelligent.”

    When I asked the children what was the meaning of “philosophizing” one of them answered :”It makes you intelligent.”

    I think we are on the right track…:)

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Il y a un film en francais qui va etre porte a l’ecran en Novembre qui s’appelle “Ce n’est qu’un debut.”

      “L’idee est d’enseigner aux enfants entre trois et quatre ans, plusieurs fois par mois , de discuter sur des themes tels que “l’amour,la liberte, l’autorite, la difference et l’intelligence.” Avec cette contribution, les enfants contribuent a un monde meilleur pour eux-memes.

      Les methodes utilisees sont differentes, la plus developpee etant celle qui est utilisee dans plus de 50 pays dans le monde de Matthew Lipman. La France a commence d’autres methodes qui commencent a porter leurs fruits. En particulier, celle de “Michel Tozzi, un professeur emerite en sciences de l’education a l’universite Montpellier 3 (didactique de la philosophie), les benefices concernent aussi bien le domaine langagier, social, ethique, psychologique, reflexif que didactique.Egalement celle d’Oscar Brenifier ou l’AGSAS, chacune dans des perspectives differentes.”

      “Philolab organise chaque annee a l’UNESCO des rencontres internationales sur les Nouvelles Pratiques Philosophiques dans le cadre de la journee mondiale de la philosophie le 3eme jeudi du mois de Novembre, Elle organise egalement des formations.”

      Tout cela s’annonce bien.

      Quelques reflections des enfants :
      “Vous pensez que les adultes sont plus intelligents que les enfants?”
      “Ben non parce que ils disent:”tu sais rien, tu sais rien, tu sais rien” On sait des choses, quand meme!”

      -Pascaline Dogliani -”Lorsque j’ai demande aux enfants ce que que pouvait bien vouloir dire “faire de la philosophie” l’un d’entre eux a repondu “Ca rend intelligent.”

      Je crois que nous sommes sur la bonne voie.!

  5. 1. ¿Por qué tenemos miedo de los extraños?
    - Por que le tememos a lo desconocido

    2. ¿Existen seres extraterrestres?
    - No se puede saber hasta ahora no se a probado que alguna persona halla conocido alguno

    3. ¿Por qué ocurren los accidentes, incluso a las personas que creen en Dios?
    - Porque todo tiene su propósito de ser puede para nosotros ser desconocido pero no niega que lo tenga

    4. ¿Por qué hemos nacido, si al final morimos?
    - Nacimos para valorar la vida antes de su fin otra persona te diría que la vida es una prueba antes de entrar al reino de los cielos

    5. ¿Quién inventó la guerra y la felicidad?
    - Las personas mismas

    6. ¿El Señor también escuchar a los que no creen en el mismo (católica) de Dios?
    - Personalmente el señor nos escucha a todos por igual

    7. ¿Por qué hay personas pobres y enfermos?
    - Puede que sea la manifestación de Dios de comunicarse a ti o probar tu corazón

    8. ¿Por qué creó Dios los mosquitos y las moscas?
    - La cadena alimenticia puede que conteste eso

    9. ¿Por qué no es el ángel de la guarda cerca de cuando estamos tristes?
    - Quien dice que no lo esta?

    10. ¿Por qué algunas personas el amor y el odio a otros?
    - Por sus acciones

    11. ¿Qué dio nombre a los colores?
    - Dios

    12. Si Dios está en el cielo y mi madre está allí también, porque ella murió, ¿cómo puede estar vivo?
    - Tal vez sea vida lo que hay después de la muerte … quien dice que lo que hemos vivido es la vida en si? cuando aun no hemos conocido el mas allá?

  6. Raqqel Fh says:

    Why are we afraid of strangers?
    because we are carried away by the erroneous ideas of others. judge without knowing!

    Are there aliens?
    Sure. we are not the only living beings in the universe.

    Why accidents happen, even people who believe in God?
    Destiny is written, FOR ALL. “Si es tu turno, aunque te pongas y si no lo es, aunqe te quites”

    Why we are born, if in the end we die?
    Is The Law of Life. Nothing lasts forever

    Who invented the war and happiness?
    the man

    “The Lord also listen to those who do not believe in it (Catholic) of God?
    Every one who believes in God His Own, so God listen to everyone!

    Why is not the guardian angel close when we are sad?
    Why is not the guardian angel close when we are sad?
    Everyone has an angel, but each person chooses their actions, to be happy or sad depends on me. If I am wrong will be for my own actions.

    Why do some people love and hate others?
    for their actions

    If God is in heaven and my mother is there too, because she died, how can he be alive? God is alive in the mind, you mother may be alive if you want it


    All this reminds me one poem of Georgian poet Murman Lebanidze
    I will try to translate in English, i am not sure how , but i’ll try anyway (sorry, if not very good translation)

    რა? რატომ? რისთვის? როდემდის?
    სით? რა გზით? _ კითხვებს რა დალევს!
    მოეშვი სიღრმეს არსისას,
    ეგრეთ წოდებულ ანალიზს!
    მაგის ახსნა და ამხსნელი
    ორთავე სასაცილოა,
    იქნება არც საჭიროა,
    რომც გვჭირდებოდეს _ არ არის!

    მურმან ლებანიძე

    What? Why? For what? When? Where? How?
    Questions have no end.
    Forget about the debt of an idea,
    So called- analyze
    Analyze and analyzer
    Both are funny,
    Who needs them
    And even if you need one,
    there is non.


  8. Jacky kim says:

    That’s the same questions what Budha had before the awakeness.

  9. Anca says:

    Where do we go after we die?
    - if we can still go than we’re not dead.

    Why are we afraid of strangers?
    (besides africa aid or offre aide)
    - because we like to take comfort in the idea of meeting/seeing/having a friend. Maybe we’re fooling ourselves, if we’d consider strangers friends we’d have even more of that idea/feeling.

    Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
    - you mean those who think ‘extra’ about our Earth? Yes, I have seen/met lots of them.

    Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?
    - because people, in the greatness of their hearts, also believe in other people.

    Why are we born, if in the end we die?
    - why do we drop a thought, if in the end we know we’re gonna pick it up and solve it? and why sometimes it seems part of the process that very way? Does that thought grow by itself, only to die when it takes another form (word, action, conclusion…)
    - because of the miraculous capacity of enjoying happiness even when we know it ends.

    Who invented war and happiness?
    - how did the first question start? (a choice a,b/a,b,c…?)
    - wondering whether when a person started to believe it can take something away from another, or when it started to believe something can be taken away.
    - perhaps they just happened. people immitated, and commonality became standard for ‘good’,'bad’ or how it ‘should be’.

    Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?
    - oh my, if they’re more Gods, I would be curious does the Lord listen to those others gods, or do they connect between themselves?

    Why are there poor and sick people?
    - why aren’t we asking ourselves why are there healthy and successful people? Is it vocabulary overuse? it is collective subconscious carrying meaning?
    - maybe bc it’s easier to believe that’s the way it is, or ‘I can do only so much’, than to allow a deeper thought:”because we’re avoiding believing a real solution can exist”.

    Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?
    - mas quitos (more quitters) and effin lies? Is that why those are seemingly annoying?
    - why do we have the tendency to blame on God things that we might not like?

    Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?
    - actually, it is. it’s simply respecting your sadness.

    Why do we love some people and hate others?
    - I’ll quote from you Paulo:”haters are just admirers who haven’t learned how to love you yet”
    - reflection of our inner needs. if we love all the same, then… then… we will be loved the same as others.
    - hate was simply an invention out of love for love. Out of the need to explain/justify the idea of non-love.

    Who gave names to the colors?
    -fruits/animals. environment.

    If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?
    - die = day
    - dios=god
    - so the word die in greek origin means becoming god-like?
    Perhaps we haven’t thought yet that God can die, or that we can ever-live.

    1. namratha says:

      wow….u were amazing…i liked it….

    2. jejet says:

      wow your writing is so natural.really amazing. you are such a clever homo sapiens.bravo to that.

    3. Artea says:

      Nice thoughts Anca ;)

  10. habla con ella says:

    Where do we go after we die?
    it is hard to say being disappeared or soul is a 21 gr energy which leave the body and traveling around cosmos that s why i hope and want to believe to go heaven by being useful and helpful in this life

    Why are we afraid of strangers?
    strangers are mysterious so we can t know what s the idea behind attitudes.if the stranger is apparent,he won tbe stranger.

    Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
    why not?

    Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?
    according to muslims sometimes u punished in this world otherwise u ll be punished after ur death..it s God’s choice,who knows which one is better..

    Why are we born, if in the end we die?
    if u believe there s a life after death,u have a chance to live with ur choices in this life .it gives u to choose being good or bad. after death u can regret what u did but u can not take objection.

    Who invented war and happiness?
    the first human who has conceit ambition and envy invented war and who knows apportion,how to take part of all and how to appraciate invented happiness.

    Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?
    i hope so..
    Why are there poor and sick people?
    being poor and being sick sometimes are seen as punishments but of course seeing poor and sick people must show how to become ur life better with what u have.but if u r poor or sick it must be ur way of living better life without what u haven t ..

    Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?
    if God did not create them frogs woud famish,if frogs died,snakes would fumish,if snakes died predators would famish,predators,mammals,vegetation……,water,oxygen,minerals..the reason is clear: there must be many reasons..

    Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?
    no idea..

    Why do we love some people and hate others?
    love and hate are not adverse.why do we love some people and not care a pin others?if someone enters ur circle u can love ,clash ur border u hate but if u don t have nay relation u don t care a pin..

    Who gave names to the colors?

    If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?
    He wasn t born so how could he die?

  11. Esabse says:

    I think that The person who makes that kind of questions is an insecure person….

    Do you feel insecure?

  12. Dmitry says:

    >Where do we go after we die?
    To the grave… Or the crematorium.. Or any other such place.

    >Why are we afraid of strangers?
    We afraid to be misunderstood, because we love ourselves too much. Eventually, it’s just a form of egoism.

    >Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
    There are no such things. It’s just a fear of death.

    >Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?
    Because they like others =) They do not differ from the rest.

    >Why are we born, if in the end we die?
    It’s biology.

    >Who invented war and happiness?
    Hapiness is a set of chemical reactions.
    War is a result of three human needs:
    - food
    - sex
    - self-realization and pride.

    >Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?
    If he would be existed… I think, he should listen… As far as I remember, he is all-seeing and all-knowing…

    >Why are there poor and sick people?
    Law of the jungle. They just died in ancient times. Now they live due to medicine and social programs.

    >Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?
    Frogs have to eat someone =)

    >Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?
    Why he should be? We create our guardian angels ourselves. However, we create our lifes on the whole.

    >Why do we love some people and hate others?
    Because we all have our private concept of good and evil. Often, people hate each other just because they seem better.

    >Who gave names to the colors?
    As far as i know, they come from nature. For example, most bright kinds of flowers gave some names to the colors.

    >If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?
    That’s a bad question. This is a question of egoism. Good quistion come from other feelings and thoughts.

  13. iovama says:

    al pedir…

    …pedí paciencia y llegaron situaciones que hicieron llegar mi paciencia al límite… pedí saber perdonar y se presentaron cosas que requirieron de un gran esfuerzo para ser perdonadas… pedí amar a mi prójimo y mi projimo se volvio tan nefasto que fue dificil amar, perdonar y tener paciencia…

    … pedi y recibí pero no como lo esperaba…

    …nada en esta vida es fácil y en el pedir obtenemos, pero obtenemos una oportunidad para lograr lo que queremos… siempre con un esfuerzo de nuestra parte…

    en fin, asi es la vida… y hay que vivir…

  14. pearly_bintang says:

    Hi, if you ask me, can I answer the quenstions, I’ll say yes I can .. Actually, I never ask kind of those questions .. But I got the answers of those questions from my holy book(Qur’an), my teacher, my friends, my parents,myself and my life .. They told me about that even I don’t ask the question.. But sometimes, I do think the resume of what have happened and what people think and what Qur’an said.. So I can get the answer by myself .. Yeah, u can tell me that I am a passive person.. Coz I like to listen and do something than talk ..I like to talk but just that I need to say..
    So, sometimes, u only need to make a conclusion of what happened and give attentions to ur surrounding, remember what others said, and the important thing is remember what your holly book said (and for me it is Qur’an).. So you’ll find the answers of the questions .. Human created complete with their brain,,that’s why human special than others,,so why don’t we use our speciality which is our brain,, to think, to look for the answer of ourlives… All Hollybook made for people who like to think.. :)

  15. Shuvankar Mukherjee says:

    Lets try the impossible, answering these innocent questions. Please bear in mind that I am a reasonable atheist, yet deeply moved by the questions seeking the reasons of our existence:
    Q: Where do we go after we die?
    A: Nowhere! Death takes away our ability to move. What happens to us? well, we are remembered by those, whose lives we were able to touch or move in our life.

    Q: Why are we afraid of strangers?
    A: We mistake acknowledgement with automatic affection, Since we are unable to talk to strangers like we do with friends! As we miss the sense of “automatic affection”, a sense of false fear fills that space.

    Q: Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
    A: May be, Haven’t seen any though, not even a photo and yes, Trust me I am not of them :)

    Q: Why do accidents happen even to people who believe in God?
    A: Accidents happens because we have not yet mastered certainty in all walks of life; God (if exists) must be having awful lot of other things to do than ensure certainty to believers.
    Q: Why are we born, if in the end we die?
    A: Death is perhaps the only reason to we are born. With new life comes the possibility of new changes, when death goes the stale and old. Death is the only certainty in our lives. Every life-form that is living, is actually racing towards death. Doctors say, I am doing more so, faster I mean!

    Q: Who invented war and happiness?
    A: They were never invented, both come naturally to us. The scale of war is however controlled by “Big brothers” among us.

    Q:Does the Lord also listen to those who do not believe in the same (Catholic) God?
    A: No Idea, None Whatsoever

    Q:Why are there poor and sick people?
    A: There are poor, because we don’t have the heart to share;
    There are sick, because they need care from no so sick to get well and help the fresh sick in turn.

    Q: Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?
    A: Again No Idea, None Whatsoever.

    Q: Why isn’t the guardian angel close by when we are sad?
    A: Because He want us to have the courage to happiness on our own.

    Q: Why do we love some people and hate others?
    A: We love some people because we like them, We have some people because we disliked them far too many times or someone told us to dislike them.

    Q: Who gave names to the colors?
    A: My Art Teacher, I always painted the grass blue and the sky green. Sorry!

    Q: If God is in heaven and my mother is up there too because she died, how can He be alive?
    A: Because when my mother is by anyone’s side, I am sure she won’t let anyone die! Not even God.

    If you don’t like any the answers, you all have my full permission to laugh at it.

    Till the next comment (Doctors, health and life permitting) Good bye and take care

    1. Shuvankar Mukherjee says:

      My grammar is deteriorating with health, it seems!

      I wish to stand corrected :
      Q: Are there extra-terrestrial beings?
      A: May be, Haven’t seen any though, not even a photo and yes, Trust me I am not one of them :)
      Q: Why are we born, if in the end we die?
      A: Death is perhaps the only reason to the question “why we are born?” …

      Have I messed up anywhere else? :D

  16. Monika says:

    Many of these questions are solved, if you say there is no God. Maybe that is the reason many people become atheists when they are grown up. – They don’t want to bear longer unanswerable questions.

  17. Sareh Ameri-Mills says:

    1. we go back to the universe. back to the created. back to what we first come from.

    2. we are scared of strangers because we are scared of unknown. we are scared of things we don’t know, the same way we are scared of darkness, because we can’t see, we imagine things. stranger is like a dark room, where we don’t know what is in it. when we get to know the stranger, he/she is no longer stranger, but a room light by a candle. we learn to trust the stranger and he/she become familiar.

    3. I believe there are.

    4. because maybe God wants to put there through a test to see their belief?

    5. Good question! I always ask myself this question. At one time I believe the reason we are created because God wanted to create something to see the magnificent and beauty of Himself. And he created human beings with ability to understand and decide for themselves and to search and desire to know the unknown. to find God in every thing and to admire and to desire Him. Sometimes when I am angry or upset I think to myself, God was bored so created humans to have a show a theatre on earth. My answer to this question is I truly don’t know!

    6. war and happiness invented by human mind and action. why war to show power. and what is truly happiness? I think to the rest of our life we seek happiness because we will never satisfy with what we have and we never grateful for what we have, so the invention of happiness came to force people to go on and live in this life…

    7. cute question! of course he does! to him it doesn’t matter what religion you follow.

    8. poor, because sometimes you are not taking advantage of your opportunities. you don’t try to get rich in reading and gaining knowledge. why sick? is it karma maybe! or is it God testing again human? or to be grateful when you are not sick. to understand the gift of health!

    9. not pass on diseases and malaria?!

    10. I suppose they are always close by but we feel them when we are sad and lonely!?

    11. The answer id EGO!

    12. I don’t know!

    13. funny! but the answer is we are dead and when we die we are living!

  18. Tanya Mamot'ko says:

    1 – we are regenerating so many times, but every time in other form;
    2 – we are afraid of strangers, because we starting to believe in them;
    3 – of course!!!;
    4 – the accidens happen with all people, when the accident happen people starting to believe in God…;
    5 – yes, it’s the enf of the die and start of new life;
    6 – war and happiness invented the people;
    7 – he listens everyone;
    8 – becouse they can’t believe in happiness;
    9 – to nerves us =))
    10 – because sometimes we need the silence;
    11 – because of us and our ambitions;
    12 – our mind

  19. arun george says:

    If each adult were to recollect their unanswered-childhood questions and stare at the child who put forward a similar question then what? The circle is complete but, you have no reason for rolling around. Should we never seek answers to such questions? Enlighten me

  20. Petra says:

    Questions are sometimes the answers. I am kind of struggling to get inspiration for children-books-illustrations and actually I was asking myself a lot of questions yesterday and couldn’t find any answers. But I realized that pages with questions with an illustration are simply perfect…even for kids. I was and still am a curious child with all these questions about life. And I know that I’m probably not going to answer them, but questioning is a good thing….I can use them!

  21. marie-christine says:

    Ce matin Luna est venue me voir et je lui ai pose quelques unes des questions mentionnees sur le texte :

    1. Ou allons-nous une fois mort?
    “Au cimetiere.”

    2. Qui a invente la guerre et la joie?
    ” La guerre – c’est bete – La joie – c’est mieux -

    3. Pourquoi y-a-til des gens pauvres et malades?
    Les pauvres – “sont assis et mettent un chapeau pourqu’on leur laisse de l’argent. Ils le font parce qu’ils veulent des sous parce qu’il n’en ont pas.”
    les malades – “parce qu’ils ont mange quelque chose de perime ou une potion magique.” :)

    4. Pourquoi les accidents arrivent meme aux gens qui croient en Dieu?
    “Parfois on s’attache pas, on n’avance pas et les gens derriere nous cognent.”

    5. Pourquoi avons-nous peur des etrangers?
    “Non, je n’ai pas peur.”

    6. “Est-ce que les Extra-Terrestres existent?
    “Oui, ils sont differents de nous.”

    7.Pourquoi Dieu a-t-il cree des moustiques et des mouches?
    “Parce que les moustiques nous piquent et nous donnent des boutons.”

    8.Pourquoi est-ce qu’on nait si a la fin on meurt?
    “C’est bete ca – On n’est pas la, on est la et on est encore plus la.”

    9.”Je chante quand je prends une douche. La douche ca me reveille.”

    10.”"Quand on danse on est content et on bouge. Quand on entend la musique, on est encore plus content.”

    With love to all.

    1. marie-christine says:

      Dear Paulo,
      I have been reading what Luna said and thought I translated it for the enjoyment of all.
      I think it is brilliant.
      It’s a Happy Day.
      We often forget and brush aside the contribution a child makes to our world and how valuable it is.
      From my point of view, I believe education is one of our priority if we want to make a difference in this world and the importance of respecting the right of the child.
      May we all keep the child within us alive.
      With love

      This morning Luna came to see me and I asked her some of the questions mentioned on this text.

      1. Where do we go when we die?
      -the cemetery

      2. Who invented war and happiness?
      -war – how stupid! – happiness – it’s better.

      3. Why are there poor and sick people?
      - the poor ones – are sitting and wear a hat so that we put some money in – They do it because they want some money because they don’t have any.
      - the sick ones – because they ate something out of date or a magic potion -

      4.Why accident happen even with people who believe in God?
      -Sometimes we don’t fasten our seat-belts and the people behind us hit us.

      5.Why are we frighten of foreigners?
      -No, I am not frighten

      6.Do Extra-Terrestrials exist?
      -Yes, they are different from us.

      7.Why God created mosquitoes and flies?
      -Because mosquitoes bite and give us pimples.

      8.Why are we born if at the end we die?
      -That’s really silly ,we are not there- we are here – and -we are no longer there.

      9.I sing when I take a shower. The shower, it wakes me up!

      10.When we dance, we are happy and we move. When we listen to music, we are even more happy.

      Luna – philosopher , dancer, singer and friend (6 years old):)

    2. marie-christine says:

      I have been thinking about what Luna said with regard to war and happiness and all her answers.

      “War – how stupid – Happiness – it’s better -”

      If a six years old has already worked out all the answers. Why are we putting them onto the wrong path deliberately for our own selfish ways?
      Children are so wise. How often have we underestimated them?
      Seems we are not learning too well.
      Which fault is it? You can fill in the blanks..Now that it appears we have more tools in our hands.
      Are governments learning anything?
      Are they following the right tracks? Or their own Agenda – where control is the rule -?
      Are we consulting teachers?
      A teacher is our best consultant? You can go and look into the magic ball and you know that you will always find what you need.
      They deserve a medal. Instead, they are undermined, unappreciated, overworked and underpaid. They are teaching the future YOU and I.
      What is wrong with the world? Stop watching TV maybe believing what they are saying and start believing a lot more about yourself.They could even teach this at school, heavens above! Imagine what a change that would make. Something to ponder about.

      I did what my Yoga teacher said. I am taking more and more notice of what she is saying. It is all about repetitions, as Paulo says. How true!
      Well, I use a spoon to clean my tongue – a toothbrush is not recommended – like that you can appreciate the food you are eating more.It probably stop bacteria entering your body as well.
      See the amount of money that could be saved onto medications for example. They quite often leave an unpalatable taste on your tongue.
      It is a very simple thing when you think about it.
      It can make a big difference though.

      Outside, the sun is shining and I am going out.. tasting what life has to offer me for the day.
      Enjoy your day! Have fun and keep on smiling.:)
      Love and gratitude
      Sincerely to you,
      Thank you teacher. You are the best!That school of life blog does wonder!

  22. ISABEL says:

    i was so amazed with what you have wrote on some quotation that connects my link…..one of my daughter read one of your book….and smetimes she use those phrase to write on profile wall….i am from the philipines but working in kuwait for 16 years now……..you are such a brillant writer…..DIOS TE VENDIGA……..

  23. ceecee says:

    When I was young, I used to wonder why I existed and didn’t know what would it be like if I didn’t. Later in life, I realised that we all existed for a reason and purpose. Like what St.Paul said: For to me to love is Christ and to die is gain.

  24. Olta Ana says:

    You may strive to be like your children, but seek not to make them like you. The prophet(Gibran)

    One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard.
    After we spend a very long time in this world and this reality, children?s world loses it importance and meaning.
    Ca c’est domage! ;P A pity! We can learn so much from that world, lots of things we need in our life that we had forgotten, because they keep in their heart and mind the memories of a perfect world.
    Trying to answer their answers would mean helping ourselves too.
    The more I grow up, the more I realize that pertaining to the reality I used to see the grown up means pertaining to a fake reality where we need to build some walls to feel secure. But I can choose. I can choose to have the heart of a child… ;)


  25. huma arshad says:

    My questions to God even as an adult are

    Why God made women suffer so much?
    Why magic effects on innocent people who even don’t know who is doing it against them?
    Why your wishes come true usually when the time has passed
    Why good people have less life than bad people?
    Why we can’t break the ring of our destiny?

    Why my mother is dying?

    Huma Arshad

    1. Sybille says:

      Dear Huma,

      God is not the author of suffering.
      He is not the source of hatred and vengeance.
      He is love.
      He is pure.
      He is close to you in your suffering.
      His name is JESUS.
      If you call on His name, He will touch you in the deepest part of your soul.
      You have always been on His mind.
      He knows you inward and outward.
      Please answer His call!


    2. Ali says:

      Because he gave men power to hide their sufferings
      Because innocent ppl learn to face it n defeat it
      Because he sees if you are grateful or not
      Because life is a test n good students often pass it in short time
      Because thats what binds us to all the beautiful things in lyfe
      No one is goin to make it alive from this world eventually
      My mother died wen i was 3..prophet MUHAMMAD saww’s mother died wen he saww was little..
      May ALLAH give u infinite courage n will to fight it out..may ALLAH cure ur mother..amin

  26. You are a good writer,the questions were so hard to me.I want to answer them too but it is difficult.

  27. aksh says:

    Kids ask so many questions – spur of the moment, then they may forget all about it as something else catches there fancy. as adults it’s very important to know, what questions to ask, what to be concrned with and what to let go. as understanding develops, questions start dropping away.


    1. Soralc says:

      Para Paulo
      Hola mi querido hermano…
      It is 3 in the morning , went out in meditation and then came back to write this…
      My name is Carlos, first of all i want to thank you for being there so,we, who come behind you, could find the way in what I know is A great commend from Father/Mother Almighty Universe, I can tell you That I know you Very good, and Me as You have many similarities…
      I’ve read 3 books written by you, and I Clearly can distinguish your evolution as An understanding of light, As I read the Alchemist it felt very different than The pilgrimage, and as I read The manual of the Guerrero, had a Different perception as well, of what you had become… Clearest-Self into Universe… with Universe…
      I do know as well what it feels to be incarcerated in mental institutions, for I was as well in One for 3 years and a half taking ezquizophrenic medication, due to the violent conduct displayed towards police officers( I Beat 2 of them, stole the squad car, and then I got shot 4 times, but still here alive and kicking bro…) as I thought I was and Angel and was fighting demons at the time it happened, it is clear that my mind was playing tricks on me at that time, but for some reason I was awakening and it had to happen that way, because in a way I was tested of courage and had time to think about the many visions and messages I was Having From Our eternal Brothers-sisters Companions: The Angels… I got out of it about 2 years and a half ago, and I’m back in Mexico as well after deportation…
      The purpose of this letter My dear brother, is to ask you for a trade, I’ve been awarded with several talents during on earth, and I can make pretty decent art, so what I’m asking for is: I need a computer with the package of pro tools for music recording… for I have lost the touch in making money and I rather trade than to Use magic and perseverance on the making of it… I have Zero money to buy that gear…
      To tell you the Truth I even came up with a trading site, where I was supposed to trade art for mp3, cell phones, or whatever gadget people could have laying around, to give it away to kids or friends and people who surround me thought I was/am crazy For they still think that my future is uncertain… but it did not work at the time, for It took me to another Universal Link…
      After that I went working as an English teacher to college, but dude, is clear that I do not belong to society in their working ways and form of life… to get the job I had to be a little out of myself at the time…
      I’m like a little child in thought when it comes to understanding of creation and I try to experiment many kinds of magic into enlightment and communication with the stars, I even went hitch hiking selling little things I make, sometimes begging for food or money, or working little works to get food as well… Meditating,
      The purpose of it is, to train mind as a buddist way, to gain faith, enlightment and inspiration of soul to make the sword even stronger and accurate… So as you can see, the taste for the philosopher stone has been lost… Many people do not understand… As I Can see Clearly that Father-Mother have assigned me a work where maybe fame of money are not required..(Well, that’s What I understand now, but maybe in the future I will have to do it, We’ll just see as time an wisdom tells…)
      I’ve been writing some stuff, one is called- the child and the voice of God a message for mankind- which I post once in your blog, but did not make it, hahaha, bro I hope I did not offend you my dear brother, I just go with the flow as father-mother taught me…
      And now I want to record music To let it out as well…
      So as I Said before, I offer you even several pieces of art, for a computer able to handle pro tools package, and the pro tools package as well…
      You can check:
      Facebook profile…
      So Please check and let me know if you would do A trade, as the ancient times of living… I will make something spectacular for you dear brother if you agree…
      Much love and Respect from the Universe …
      Stay in touch hermano-hermana…
      Thank you very much For your effort and your work, eternally grateful…
      The Universe…

  28. karmoles says:

    My unanswered question:
    If the belly button is the scar that we get from the umbilical cord –> Had Adam and Eve belly button?

    1. Pandora says:

      Yes, they were both born from their Mother ♥

  29. kealan says:

    I guess this article shows a general lack of understanding within most families and educational settings in society of some of the most important questions in life. At times we live in a world where many things become cloaked and unrecognisable to people who are too busy worrying about work and money than to try and help others to understand themselves.

  30. Jojo says:

    Here is the answer I was looking for as a child, the first thing that was there for me that I can remember and that I remember again with intensity: “What is the reason for me being here. It’s like I know there is one but seems to have forgotten it.” I remember feeling the importance of discovering the truth about my being here. I was about 4 years old. And I remember talking to something greater and telling him that I knew that the gift of life was a blessing not to neglect. The strange part though is how I battled to stay alive and still am doing all I can to discover the beauty of living, develop the art of living. The answer I believe is that I came here for me to discover who I truly am, my first mountain to climb, and which brought me to the second, the one I am on at the moment.

    Love, Jojo.

  31. aksh says:

    ya ! kepping the questions alive !!

    so that when we ‘see’ the answers, we recognise them, without getting lost in teh caligraphy.


  32. guaraam says:

    life realy wants to open herself in any cost,lets search out it, and realize the quetions. the oprression of the mind still dnt let me understand the questions to put forward, but they r the real one to ask son what r they,

  33. melika says:

    dear paelo coelho:
    i am from iran.i can say there are some of the question unimportant.JUST LIVE

    1. George says:


      Sometimes you have to think deeper ! .. life is NOTHING When you just live it .. at least for Me !