Whom do we love?

Ever since we are children, we are asked: do you love daddy? Do you love auntie? Do you love your teacher?
Nobody asks: do you love yourself?

And we end up spending a good deal of our life and energy trying to please others. But what about ourselves? Anthony Mello has a fine story on this subject.

Mother and son are in a restaurant. After taking the mother’s order, the waitress turns to the boy:
“And what will you be wanting?”
“A hotdog.”
“Nothing of the sort,” says the mother. “He wants a steak and a salad.”

Ignoring the comment, the waitress asks the boy:
“Do you want that with mustard or ketchup?”
“Both,” answers the boy.
And then he turns to the mother in surprise:



  1. daman says:

    i think i realised it quite early in my life and dats helped me……….to become what i m today

  2. Mefri says:

    I love myself; applying instinctive self-protection if someone tries to take control of my God-given right to be -in the same breath; granting others parity

  3. This is interesting topic. How can we love each others before we can love ourselfves first.
    If You do not know Yourself or listen to Your heart, how an earth You would love somebody else.
    Listening our own heart and resolving our problems leaves us more cleaner and helps us in our relationships.
    Who would want to be somebodys carbage .
    To have a power to give is needing some solitudiness and lonely moments and courage to say No.

    With love : Anna

  4. Mathilde says:

    thats beautiful.

  5. yash pandey says:

    nice one. Feelings!!!!!!!!

  6. Marif says:

    Lovely!! =D

  7. Jawe Querimit says:

    nice story..
    i learned something..