The Warrior of Light and Courage

The warrior of light knows the value of persistence and of courage.

Often, during combat, he receives blows that he was not expecting.
And he realises that, during the war, his enemy is bound to win some of the battles.

When this happens, he weeps bitter tears and rests in order to recover his energies a little.
But he immediately resumes his battle for his dreams.

The longer he remains away, the more likely he is to feel weak, fearful and intimidated.
When a horseman falls off his horse, if he does not remount immediately, he will never have the courage to do so again.

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  1. Miriam says:

    That’s true we are capable to stand up and going on, however, there are people who can’t do it, then your words become so useful to help them. I sometimes feel bad but I put my eyes on JesusChrist and He is so mercy to give His hands to make me up. Many thanks for this space

  2. Irina Black says:

    Use it or lose it.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Wonderful. Again is written for my case…I have to fight with my fears.

    1. aditya says:

      and write those books !


  4. Betsy says:

    Like metal that is made stronger with fire, so is the Warrior of Light made stronger with his defeats. He rests but learns of his enemies, their strengths and their weakness. He suits up to battle ounce more.

  5. THELMA says:

    There is a Greek proverb : The iron when it is burning sticks = Το σίδερο στήν βράση κολλά!!
    So it is important to continue our battle when our .. heart is burning with pathos, enthusiam and desire!

  6. aditya says:

    yes annie,

    the more we keep away, the less likely restart of journey. journey and going astray, wandering have a diffrence, journey has a purpouse, a roadmap however inadequate but it is there whereas wandering is without purpose, it is not even without purpose it is more like always looking for a purpose, changing, variable ! tell me if i decide to live my life without any purpouse then will it be a wandering or a journey ;-)

    “when a horseman falls, if he does not remount immediately, he will never have to courage to do so again” i am no horseman but at times desire to remount starts evaporating after a fall too many. sometimes it a matter of just one more remount, just one more attempt, however fruitless it may appear, however frightening / disherening was the last attempt. everyone will have to complete the journey, but time is no problem one can take as many lives as one pleases. with time comes duality, with duality comes pain and pleasure, mostly pain, remember that saying attributed to Solomon ‘consider no man happy till he is dead’. Nothing against pain, though, growth happens thru pain, birth and rebirth too happens through pain. pleasure is a lulluby which induces one to sleep. as in life, periods of growth alternate with periods of rest. everyone will have to grow and be that which one came here to be, be that which one always is, whether one knows it or not.


  7. butterflymuur says:

    So true what you write about going down the abyss, I felt myself going down there for 20 years and then climbed up again and am still climbing, at times I slip down a bit, but I have never lost hope I will find my way out and battle to hold it together at times, today being one of those times. But tomorrow is a new day for starting to climb again.

    thanks for writing that, it helped me to bring myself back to reality
    love muur

  8. aditya says:

    Hi annie & paul !

    as annie says and it appears i am yet to fully make it my blood and bones, love is the only force which keeps us going, love for ourselves and for all. thanks for pointing out annie, till it becomes ones bone and marrow, one needs to keep on reminding oneself, such is our human mind. there are a few quotes from laotse which helps one ‘know’ love better, “Duty without love cretaes criticism, power without love creates violence, faith without love creates fanaticism,……” there are more

    paul as u have said, much frustration awaits a wol, initially when we begin the journey failures are bound to come our way, we neither no the way, nor its ways and to top it our civilisation this 24*7 stuff is making us restlessm we want results now if not yesterday. “torn between responsibility and realization” sums up the state of most os the people i know who are trying something other than routine. This inability to rest must be tackled very ‘head on’ by forcing oneself to rest for some time, forget all about being a wol, just be, maybe sleeping like that priest in one of paulo’s stories who after getting capturred by Gestapo, spent his time sleeping. We must take a break ( periodically ) and restart. paul i just wish that u regain your vision and maybe derive your satsifaction from teh small acts that u do towards realisation of thet vision. and wish the same for me and all wols too. if our satisfaction starts comming from acts done and not necessarily results acheived, maybe we will walk the path more content.