20 SEC READING: Praying for everyone

A farm labourer with a sick wife, asked a Buddhist monk to say a series of prayers. The priest began to pray, asking God to cure all those who were ill.

‘Just a moment,’ said the farm labourer. ‘I asked you to pray for my wife and there you are praying for everyone who’s ill.’

‘I’m praying for her too.’

‘Yes, but you’re praying for everyone. You might end up helping my neighbour, who’s also ill, and I don’t even like him.’

‘You understand nothing about healing,’ said the monk, moving off. ‘By praying for everyone, I am adding my prayers to those of the millions of people who are also praying for their sick.

‘Added together, those voices reach God and benefit everyone. Separately, they lose their strength and go nowhere.’


  1. Linda Valles says:

    This morning I prayed for three of my friends who are very very successful and independent that god give peace and patience!

  2. Richelle says:

    asking to cure those all who were ill, Just a moment,’ said the farm labourer. ‘I asked you to pray for my wife and there you are praying for everyone who’s ill.’

    ‘I’m praying for her too.’

    ‘Yes, but you’re praying for everyone. You might end up helping my neighbour, who’s also ill, and I don’t even like him.’ ahahhaha I can relate this it’s so funny because I don’t want to be good to someone I don’t like. I know it’s not good but I did not end up of like his situation. ahahhaha

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  4. teddyted says:

    What a great joy I feel after giving help for someone!That realy securise me and add power to me to fight my problems.S.O.S you give to others would make you strong and protect your health from bad attacks.
    you can try to be generous,you will find all I say true.
    The smallest thing you can give is a good talk.Then do not be avaricious to tell persons polite talks and says!Allah ,the merciful will thank you for your goodness..

  5. Farah says:

    In Islamic Teachings, we are taught to always pray for others and the mankind at large…

  6. MB says:

    Pray…..believing, thanks for sharing. I will accept a prayer so that I can be a help to others….MB

  7. Isabel Da Silva says:

    Jesus said: (if two or more gether in My name I will be among them) …

  8. jackienoriega says:

    solo la generosidad y la buena voluntad podrí n ayudarnos en dí¬a difí¬ciles o de enfermedad rezemos ayudemos sin ver a quièn que nuestro DIOS es de todos y las oraciones en grupo llegan con mas rapidez a nuestro señor

  9. margarita arleny gonzalez says:

    Hermosos sus mensajes.
    Señor danos sabiduria para comprender que en cad auno de nosotros habitas tú Señor.

  10. Camellia says:

    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    And the rain fall soft upon your fields
    And until we meet again may God hold you in the Palm of His Hand.

    An Old Irish Verse

    probably it is known by all, but its my favorite prayer and i believe it gives the sweetest of blessings while reciting or meditating on it: Gentleness.

    1. M says:


    2. Delos says:

      hello, can i share this one..thanks

    3. gwen says:

      i as an irish woman love that and everytime i hear or read it i go how nice

  11. angkana says:

    dear Paulo
    thanks a lot for such a wonderful story. if everyone in this world begins to think like this then the world will become a much better place to live.
    thanks for everything.

  12. Annie says:

    Two men were cast away in an island
    They arranged that they cut the island in half, so that each one had one side..

    And they both prayed to God each day in the morning when they woke up..
    One week passed , the man on the left side (A) each day caught too many a fish and ate plenty of fruit and was happy..
    on the other side of the island, the man (B) did not catch a single fish, not were there any trees with fruit..

    One day the man on the side B was so weak he could not go fishing ..
    And angel appeared in A’s dream that night and asked him “Why do you not share your fish and fruit when there’s so plenty for you. You were cast away here together.” . A said “But we both pray in the morning to you and I assumed that it’s Your will that he does not catch a fish or have any fruit to it”

    Then the angel said” What you never knew is that when he prays, he prays for you, that YOU catch fish and have plenty and have many fruit to spend the day so you stay alive”

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Joe says:

      Your story is much better than Paulo’s.

    2. teddyted says:

      Very good.thank you very much!
      To tell the truth,we have to aid and pray for everyone.becuse what we have is not ONLY ours ;a part of it is obviousely for the others.

  13. Helge Erik Wilfried Wolf says:

    Thank You Paulo!
    Regarts from my world. That means my familiy, and all what happens in HIS, ouer
    world. I love You and know, that you will be sucsessfull. My teachers are wonderfull. Let me give You some names: Jesus, Laotze, Aristoteles, Sokrates, Senica, Hesse, Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Dalai Lama, Tolle, Sai Baba ……….
    in Love, Helge

  14. LoveM says:

    Everything we see
    Is a prayer.. we all thought
    That God did not hear

    The only healing
    Is to let go of this thought
    That something is wrong

    In that empty space
    When all thought of I has died
    Find Gods love and grace

  15. Yan says:

    What a wonderful story. If we all try to help others a little bit, at the end, there will be more people who will help us. :D

    Thanks for sharing!



  16. Cátia Critina says:

    Diario de um Mago: “O Amor que Devora”. Para muitos fica dificil de entender a comunhí£o na oraí§í£o porque ainda ní£o sentiram ígape. Só assim poderemos nos unir em oraí§í£o para ajuda na cura de nossos irmí£os de alma e rogar ao universo paz para todos.

  17. Come on everybody... says:

    “World peace please!”


  18. Pandora says:

    Sometimes I think that the person praying for everyone else, needs the help the most … I know some very close friends, who are always praying for everyone else, lighting candles, meditating on healing and their own lives are rubbish … that is not to say their prayers go unheard, but that they find it impossible to ask for help themselves.

    1. Nancy says:

      I guess you know what to do. I would give prayer for your friends to receive and accept the fruits of their labour that is so deserving. Pray that joy, respect, understanding is given to those who bring much light to others.
      We must give back to them.

    2. Pandora says:

      Thanks Nancy, as this story illustrates, it is not necessary to know someone personally for a prayer to be fulfilled or heard.