In Search of the Dream

Those who dare having a project in life, foregoing everything to live their Personal Legend, will end up achieving anything. The important thing is to keep the fire in your heart and be strong to overcome hard moments.

Remember, the desires that are in our souls do not come from the nothingness; someone put them there. And this someone, who is pure love and only wishes our happiness, only did it because he gave us, together with these desires, the tools to make them happen.

What’s the price?

“Is the price of living a dream much higher than the price of living without daring to dream?” asked the disciple.

The master took him to a clothes store. There, he asked him to try on a suit in exactly his size. The disciple obeyed, and was very amazed at the quality of the clothes.

Then the master asked him to try on the same suit – but this time a size much bigger than his own. The disciple did as he was asked.

“This one is no use. It’s too big.”

“How much are these suits?” the master asked the shop attendant.

“They both cost the same price. It’s just the size that is different.”

When leaving the store, the master told his disciple, “Living your dream or giving it up also costs the same price, which is usually very high. But the first lets us share the miracle of life, and the second is of no use to us.”

The Search of the Path

“I am willing to leave everything. Please, take me as a disciple.”

“How does a man choose his Path?”

“Through sacrifice. A path that demands sacrifice is a true path.”

The abbot bumped into a bookcase. A very rare vase fell down and the young man threw himself to the floor to pick it up. He fell the wrong way and broke his arm. But he was able to save the vase.

“Which sacrifice is greater, to see the vase breaking down our breaking an arm to save it?”

“I don’t know.”

“So then, do not try to guide your choice through sacrifice. The path is chosen by our capacity of compromising with each step we make while we walk.”


  1. Marie-Christine Cauvy says:

    Through breathing we keep the fire in the heart so that it can be channeled from the Earth to the Sky, from the Wild to the Dream , to the Angels that lead you towards God,
    Your body is similar to a mechanic doing the overhaul onto the car engine ensuring it is in good condition and able to change gears smoothly. In order to do that, you must look after your main engine : the heart. and practice your breathing, .

    With love

  2. Aleks says:

    наверное мы не совсем правильно понимаем что же всетаки такое добро и зло ведь все это условно по нашим земным меркам.важнее равновесие между ними а не они сами зло ограничено как и добро своими правами патологическую форму принимает тогда когда есть его в над мере и тогда видим мир искревленным не реальным или с позиции надмера зла или надмера добра субьективно но романтически;)

  3. deylun says:


    Hace tiempo que no escribo, ultimamente ando ocupada con mis historias, aunque casi todas las semanas me dejo caer por aqui.

    Lo único que os puedo decir a los que me leais es, que por fin estoy empezando a caminar hacia mi propio sueño …, aunque ahora mismo no estoy en la fase mas buena que una pueda desear porque todo sueño cuesta un sacrificio, pero estoy feliz de ello :)

    Aqui os dejo a todo el mundo que quiera entrar, incluido a Paulo Coelho, mi blog donde escribo: ; esta todo en español, no osbtante teneis el traductor para cambiar a la lengua que querais, espero que quien lo lea, me deje algun comentario.

    Un saludo :)

  4. valli says:

    hello paulo, i liked the first part of story. yes, really true, when our heart is already there, then its easier for our body to follow.
    the last story of drunkard… its true.
    when we already knew someone through their defects and plus points, easier to handle and communicate them. they are much more honest.
    my mother tongue is tamil, in my daily life, my mom always says its always easier to trust someone whom shows weakness.

  5. sasa says:

    wow,,I adore your work, personally I am so weak and as I read your work it gives me a motivation to be optimistic!!!Keep it up!!!!

  6. Victoria Violet says:

    “if my heart gets there first, it will be easy to follow it with my body.”
    I think I am going to have it tattooed. Thank you so much! I feel less lonely on my path.

  7. aneurin says:

    thanks for the story ‘risky climb’.reminded me that i have to keep going,firmly beleiving inspite of well meaning advice which seems .all i need to know is that the one who put the desire has given me the tools to accomplish it.God bless you

  8. Monika says:

    Thank you! :-)
    Sitting at the computer and writing is not so easy for me at present. Therefore later more.

  9. Mari Ann says:

    Copenhagen on Friday. Beautiful birthday in Vår Frue Kirke with White Christ. The church was breathtakingly beautiful with Christ standing up there at the altar, holding his hands out to greet you. Pretty angel on her knees holding a shell, as if it was full of water – offering you something to drink. What a day!

    The next step for me “Mari Magi” is to go to Ireland to find my Celtic roots. I don’t have a coin right now, so even though I would like to travel to Dublin – ordering a plane ticket from Norwegian today – it is not possible. (Thanks angel Bjí¸rn for the nice offer.) But I can find information about the Celtic Christian tradition on internet, and I can borrow books at the library. Maybe I can go to Ireland in the spring. I can feel that there is a pilgrimage (or more) ahead of me. Certainly one to Nidaros…
    Some day I might even visit Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. I once got 500 letters from Brazil (1975?). That must have been a sign! :-)

  10. Mari Ann says:

    I’m not worried about a big sized suit. A big sized suit means there are possibilites for growing. One day it will fit. If you buy it the perfect size, the only possibility is to shrink.
    Hills and mountains are made for climbing. I feel like climbing one right now. :-)

  11. These are wonderful stories Paulo! Thank you!
    I especially like the second story, ‘What’s the price?’
    It’s So true… following or not following our dreams are very costly, I think not following them is even more costlier…

    And so clearly and simply stated in the first paragraph, if we have dreams, they came from somewhere and that somewhere also gave us the tools to make them happen.

    Thank you very much Paulo, Kisses to you!!

  12. Hanna says:

    I really needed to read this today. Thank you!

  13. Monika says:

    There is no reality without dreams and there are no dreams without reality. They need each other to be like light and shadow and day and night. If you manage to let them work together dreams will come true.

  14. Cara says:

    Wow, reading this put everything I struggle with into perspective for me. Truly brilliant.

  15. Tru2LifeLuv says:

    Perfect timing to receive this message. I have been asking myself if it is worth it….the loneliness, the creative process–making something of which I am unsure of each step, feeling happy and scared at once….no one to really understand it all….feeling displaced, the odd woman out, everybody else going about their “normal” day, and me at me desk, or sitting in a chair–contemplating, which is work.

    All I know is this, if I could do something else, I would.

  16. aditya damarwulan says:

    dear mr coelho,
    my question to you is that why the dying master passes the secrets to the drunkard, oh, so you want to share to us that a person with many mistakes is the best one, because he will able to fix his mistakes, while virtuous person is a bad example because he will be able to downgrade his virtuous and becoming a bad person, now I understand, thank you… it is better to have many weakness rather than having many qualities but hiding their defects…

  17. Dale Jo Buagas says:

    thank you so much for the inspiration you shared to us. personally, when i feel my own fire dying i read your stories, after that i reflect and find myself ready to face the challenges of achieving my Personal Legend.
    I’m glad to learn that there are also a lot of people striving hard to live their dreams.
    creations like these remind people that each has a unique purpose in life, we just have to understand and take courage in the path we choose to take. and by doing this we help make the world a more beautiful place to live in… :)

  18. candieb says:

    Ah yes it’s so true!I like the last part specially,sounds so like me.Can’t fit.Ever.