The future becoming present


From now on – and for some centuries to come – the Universe will help the warriors of the light, and boycott all those who are full of prejudices about people who dare to follow their dreams.

The energy of the Earth needs renovating.

New ideas need space.

The body and the soul need new challenges.

The future becomes present and all the dreams – except those that involve prejudices – will enjoy the chance to manifest themselves.

Whatever is important will remain; whatever is useless will disappear.

For that reason, when lots of people gather to give their opinion on how we should act or behave, we must ignore them, as our life on Earth leaves us no time for explaining everything we do.

And we must also avoid commenting on the behavior of others: in order to have faith in our own path, we have no need to prove that the path of the other is wrong.

Those who act like this have no trust in their own steps.




  1. eleonora says:

    basta con i pregiudizi..

  2. Rishabh Bhasin says:

    This is my favourite story in The Warrior of Light. From now on, and for some centuries, the universe will help the Warriors of Light and hinder the prejudiced.

  3. Yeray says:

    Bajo mi punto de vista el futuro al hacerse presente para mí­ es que nuestros pensamientos de futuro hacen que se manifiesten en el presente.Sucede que cuando tengo una idea o un pensamiento hace que éste suceda tal y como es por eso intento pensar siempre positivo.
    Lo que creo es que existe una gran máquina de pensamientos que hace que éstos lleguen a nosotros y se manifiesten.A veces solo tengo vagas imágenes de lo sucedido pero vulgarmente digo ” me suena” .Me suena que lo habí­a pensado antes y ahora está ocurriendo.Parece tan complejo pero es tan sencillo.No digo que me ocurra a mi sólo pero si todos pensáramos de forma positiva el mundo serí­a diferente.

  4. Laurel says:

    Cosmically speaking, when you look out into the universe, you are looking into the past. Also when you so much as look across the room you are looking into the past – just not as far, obviously. The lesson of time, to me is, only when you look within are you present within the now. Only my hEART KNOWS THE PRESENT TRUTH.

  5. Gargi says:

    In India most people like me don’t have the luxury to follow her dreams..
    The statement “new ideas needs space” is really inspiring..
    and how to be free of prejudices??
    Is it possible by 1st realizing that this or that is a prejudice??
    I’m sure people who condemn others most of the time suffer from some kind of complex– superiority or inferiority complex..
    but in this competitive world there are many people who consider this as the strength of this complaining person instead of his weakness..
    and such a person often tries to rise by crushing others.. and sadly in many ways they succeed to rise..
    i’m sure we should never let someone behave in that way with us but that’s not always possible by remaining silent.. is it?

    1. Chetan says:

      I agree to you dear!

  6. Absolutely true!!! Your words have such truth and wisdom in them, they just jump up from the screen. Thank you for sharing this and … more important … REMINDING us! Blessings to you, Tanja Alexandra Loschmann

  7. Sheela nandini says:

    Yes to that,Claudia-I read too that asthma is a psychosomatic disease!Well the guys who said that should have seen me in ‘action’ when I was going through hell those years.Funny how I can’t seem to make that happen now even if I try.Happy to be breathing normally-but just won’t let go of the pillows(two)to prop my head up.Can’t lie down flat-I start to gag-maybe THAT’S psychological:)

    They say that of dermatology-the allopathic meds for skin ailments neither kill nor cure-LOL

    Love and laughter to go with it:D
    Big hugs,

    1. CG says:

      Well … Sometimes it is better to make a joke on all these things and not weep all the time- just to survive.

      Seems we have the same kind of humor…

      :)) and HUGS,

  8. tomel says:

    In the frothiness of our light-dreams, we will create new ways.

  9. Sheela nandini says:

    Dear Claudia,
    I am sorry to hear about your allergy and blood pressure.My allergy gets triggered by dust,or something I eat(aubergine,for eg.)changes in weather,cold beverages,stress-hahaha…although I am thankful that it’s a lot better now.I just ignore it when the welts come up on my arms at night:) and apply coconut oil these days.Anti-histamines when prescribed leave me feeling groggy and weird the morning after and I have taken them in the past.Funny thing about these meds-they neither kill nor cure;)
    Thank you for your sweet quote:)Chocolate is my best friend,and actually helps me sleep.Seriously.A friend said it keeps her awake like coffee so she avoids that in the evenings.So I might just cheat a bit if the mood sets in.

    Hold on to Divine Love as I will,dearest.All will be well.And please take your meds on time and eat right.

    Love and hugs,

    1. CG says:

      Thank you for your attention, Sweetie.

      I like your “meds-they neither kill nor cure”.
      In this case it’s so true. I fear the reason is something “psychsomatic”.;)

      Everything will be well.
      Love & hugs,

  10. Maria M says:

    Sus escritos muestran la grandeza de Su Corazón. Gracias Paulo Coelho muchas bendiciones.

  11. Paula says:

    This energy switch is amazing and natural, we are challenged to adapt ourselves as fast as we can.

  12. It is truly an honour to be this close to your mind. Many thanks Mr. Coelho.

  13. sarah sheridan says:

    your words echo around the ‘New Earth’ which we know is evolving at high speed in these most interesting and challenging times, go raith maith agat for your constant courage. It ignites all of our beautiful light ~ Sarah

  14. Diana says:

    How beautiful.. Your words are my inspiration of every day. When I read your quotes and your stories, I feel capable of anything. I won’t let anyone to destroy my dreams, you have given me this strength. Thank you Mr. Paulo for your amazing books and for everything that you share to us! Diana, Romania

  15. maryam says:

    you are my prophet…and I strongly believe in angels too…

  16. J says:

    Every word you share has given me strength when I need it the most. Thank you. A million times, thank you.

  17. Abhishek Purwar says:

    You are writings are awesome and learn a lot. Hats off to you!!!

  18. Mel says:

    A bright ray of light to pierce the darkness. Peace at last! Thank you (shokran jazak allah kheeran) – Mel, Egypt

    1. Nancy says:

      Hope this is an update of how things are moving in Egypt. Thanks for shining your light!