Paulo’s everyday life

What kind of person Paulo Coelho is in everyday life?
( Richard, in Twitter)

I’m first and foremost an “Internet addict”. I spend 3 hours every day talking to my readers through social communities: this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

For the past two years, I decided to stop giving interviews – I am tired to repeat the same questions over and over again. Of course this is not a final decision, and I can eventually accept an invitation – but my mailbox is full of requests that my office answers with a single word: “busy”.

I also have small rituals that I need to accomplish (at home or travelling): walking in the morning, reading the news in the internet, talking to my friends and my wife.

Of course, I also live my life in a way that every day will present new challenges and unexpected things. I don’t like to have everything planned beforehand.

This is mainly because:
a] It’s pointless : life is impossible to predict
b] It’s the very salt of life – I don’t want to know what’s going to happen.

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  1. Linda Valles says:

    Today I checked my FB and than I went the Pregnancy Center and gave a class there . I went to exercise after that. But before all this I prayed and enjoyed the birds and fresh morning air. I have coffee every morning, a love affair that is undying as the coffee travels down the throat,I can feel every muscle and taste buds explode.It makes me smile. Yes ,I love my coffee……A few moments in my life!

  2. Nicolette says:

    Yesterday when I was walking my dog, I looked up in the sky and saw two birds, I wasn’t sure if they were eagles, their wing span was larger then a crow, a robin or other birds I’m used to seeing on a daily basis. I watched their grace as they floated, dove and found a thermal, rose and dove again, then I saw them playfully dance with each other in the sky, teasing each other, I wondered if it was some sort of mating call, it was beautiful, the grace, the movement, a ballet between two birds. Yesterday could have been a routine day, but for that brief ballet between those two birds, there was an air of magnificence.
    Some days when I get on the computer, I feel like Alice in Wonderland, opening up the internet is like going down the rabbit hole, you never know what you’re going to discover. If discovery is an addiction, what a fabulous addiction to have.

  3. GRITTY says:

    me alegro Paulo, de que dediques un buen tiempo a las redes sociales, porque así­ tus admiradores y seguidores tenemos mas opciones de poder leer las maravillas que publicas y que yo disfruto y espero mucho cada dí­a, y comparto totalmente los dos puntos en que basas tu vida…”la vida es imposible de predecir” y “no quiero saber qué va a pasar”…..bendiciones para tí­ <3

  4. Jackie noriega says:

    que bueno resulto leer este parrafo para conocerte un poco mas paulo la verdad me esperaba que seas así¬ es soso saber siempre lo que vas a hacer lo que vas a decir es mejor que cada dí¬a se dibuje por si mismo atender las necesidades como vienen y enterarnos siempre de lo que sucede en el mundo es conveniente y necesario yo te agradezco desde ací  inmesamente la ayuda que medas con tus escritos y los libros que me los he leido casi todos estoy esperando que llegue aleph


  5. Didem Aydogan says:

    haa just reading it..we are all…

  6. Vamos que Vamos! Bom Dia Paulo!
    Uma semana de bení§í£os, alegria e entusiasmo!!!!
    Alexandra Dias

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      amem! O mesmo para voce

  7. Daniel says:

    6 words begining… Now awake! No less, no more.