Ignored by God

EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Senhor, eu não sei onde estou indo
EN ESPANOL AQUI: No tengo idea de adónde voy

Many people tell me: “I often feel that I am ignored by God.Why is it so hard to establish a dialogue with the Divine?”

On one hand we know that it is important to seek God.
On the other hand, life distances us from Him/Her – because we feel ignored by the Divine, or else because we are busy with our daily life.
This makes us feel very guilty: either we feel that we are renouncing life too much because of God, or else we feel that we are renouncing God too much because of life.
This apparent double law is a fantasy: God is in life, and life is in God.
If we manage to penetrate the sacred harmony of our daily existence, we shall always be on the right road, because our daily tasks are also our divine tasks.

When you feel this, just recite in the silence of your heart a beautiful prayer by Thomas Merton:

My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going,
I do not see the road ahead of me.
I cannot know for certain where it will end.

Nor do I really know myself,
and the fact that I think I am following your will
does not mean that I am actually doing so.

But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you.
And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing.

I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire.
And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road,
though I may know nothing about it.

I will not fear, for you are ever with me,
and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.


  1. Isabelle says:

    Hi Rachel, I am not saying that prayers or anything to do with God won’t work. Obviously it seems to work for many people. However, I wish people would understand that their body is designed to heal itself. We just need to treat it right, that means avoiding harmful toxins and toxic emotions. Ok well, avoiding these is difficult for many because they refuse to educate themselves in order to truly believe it. We are not sinners, we don’t need to forgive anyone but ourselves and ultimately, a lot of the pain we carry is the result of our parents turmoils. Why blame people for their trauma is beyong my understanding. This is pure epigenetics and has a scientific basis. God is the most widespread placebo but it rarely have long lasting effects unless the people see to their health in other ways. Letting go is key, That’s all.

    1. Gus Nicholson says:

      Evil’s greatest triumph is the assurance that God doesn’t exist.

    2. Isabelle Payette says:

      Gus, there is no need to speak of Evil or God. I personally prefer just to say that all there is could also be called Love and Fear. There is no need for symbols or ideas that are full of judgment. Those concepts are just feeding the ‘beast’ that it is trying to fight… hence more conflict generated. Righteous people will never get anywhere I want to go. You create your own hell or heaven right here on Earth so why not try to understand where your fears come from and deal with them as if they were your teachers not your enemies. All that is required is that you do the best you can with what you know – not think or feel. Where is common sense nowadays I wonder? Why can’t people stop to listen to what everyone else or a book is saying and be who you were meant to be.

    3. Gus Nicholson says:

      Isabelle, Much of what you say is true. Whether I call it good and evil, or you call it love and fear matters, apparently, in the words we use. Your observation that people today seem to have lost their sense of discernment speaks to learning what discernment is in the first place. Today’s social culture, at least in the United States seems to have gone out of its way to provide answers that pre-empt and, indeed, don’t require an individual to make the effort to discern whether something is beneficial or toxic, offers love or fear. In the Judeo – Christian faith system, discernment is considered the greatest of spiritual gifts. Through the ages, various systems have tried to teach it without acknowledging its origin in the holy with mixed results. This is often due to attempting to secularize and rationalize a spiritual gift. How can we expect to learn it if we do not acknowledge something greater than ourselves as its source? To not acknowledge that is to reduce the gift and return it to something mundane, no?

    4. Isabelle says:

      There is nothing mundane about the fact that one can reach for their full potential on their own if one wishes to do so. There are many ways to do this one of which is to subscribe to religious beliefs. That is not my my preferred path. I have learned that humans have the potential to raise above their earthly desires, which often cause conflicts, through awareness of the dynamics of their energy centers (also called chakras). These interact with each other and give clues as to which areas to address in order to find harmony. This system is very well known in Eastern cultures but somehow has difficulty to find its way in Western cultures. The idea is to find/establish balance and to use these energies to promote peace and harmony within and without. The idea of an external source is not necessary to achieve this state, the key is inside of us! Nothing mundane about it, on the contrary, it is quite a relief to know this.

    5. Sounds good , how many are ready to listen to their inner selves to do what is right. We are constantly eating for whatever reason and it’s so easy to make mistakes all day long. How do we stay on track?????

    6. I liked your answer Isabelle, but the part ” but it rarely have long lasting effects unless the people see to their health…” – I would love for you to elaborate so I could understand what you mean ? Truly letting go is true , but to what? tHANKS- Rachel

    7. Isabelle Payette says:

      Hello Rachel! Seems to me that people often turn to God when they can no longer bear the pain they suffer and that is the first hint of what is wrong with it. All the answers to any kind of suffering are locked up by a repressive mechanism in our dna (generated by hurtful emotions), which is the why the key is to “let go” to allow the activation of the dna segments inolved . Are you aware that pain, shame, guilt, sorrow and hopelessness are the result of a specific chemical reaction in your body ( where certain genes are prevented to be transcribed and others are over or under active) ? This can be observe through dna analysis or profiling. To insist that people behave a certain way will just promote more of those negative emotions every time they become weak or are not ready to fight or understand their pain. One that takes care of their mind, body spirit and soul without judging will necessarily have a better chance to live at their full dna potential. It is a pure state that allows the body to process conflicting energies and can only be possible through a deep understanding of what elements are at play. This is why we always hear the benefits of meditation, yoga, nutrition, detoxification, exercise, nature, sharing and loving unconditionally, laughter, etc… i can’t give you a full course on epigenetics or trauma here but hopefully you will have a glimpse of where I am coming from. Do you know about chakra work?

  2. Isabelle Payette says:

    God is one of the best placebo effect known to man… Unfortunately, you have to believe in it, which I don’t. However, I do believe in our own body to heal itself from anything if we respect it with good nutrition and treat it right. Toxins and toxic emotions are really what hurt us the most, so why don’t we see to it instead of blindly accepting what everyone else or a book is saying. Your DNA has coded you for a full potential, find the way to achieve it and you will have your salvation right here on Earth.

    1. We were made from earth and to earth we shall return as God blew into us we received His spirit. It’s a life time struggle to let the spirit rise above the desires of the body. The spirit is the most important part as it opens for us the original plan, that being; looking to be connected to Him for all our sustenance from love to sex ,food and feeling fulfilled. Which brings us in touch with our inner selves to know Him thru our eternal war with the evil side that is constantly look to bring us down every moment we are not on guard. The life is given to acknowledge the difference between good and bad , right and wrong, light and darkness. etc.. God is with us after we have made the choice for good and ask His help to stay in the right place !!!!!

    2. Working in alternative medicine for many years, I came across with a lot of cancer patients. After trying everything up our sleeves to help these people in desperate need of help, I only then received and understood that their personal connection to God was extremely important for their return to health. Returning to health needs for us to be in touch with our inner selves, our soul is part of the same make up. Not ignoring your total being. The question is what is most important to you.? Listening to your inner voice(your soul) brings you to inner peace and therefore , your health receives the benefit too.

    3. Rachel Wagowsky says:

      Hi Isabelle, The dna, or pna or shmi-na, or whatever, are lovely ways from ignoring the truth. Where did you come from and how long are you going to be in this body (I’ m talking to everyone) and how sick are we going to be and what are we going to be,……..are you getting the point??? ,We don’t even know what is going to be in the next couple of minutes !! Did Japan even thing for a moment that her entire Island would be moved 2 meters out into the sea? God doesn’t tell you to eat fish or meat or how to brush your teeth. All He is saying that He is here and coming down to judge His people, all man kind! Whether you except it , is your choice , but don’t say later you weren’t told and that you were not ready. All of mankind is feeling that the changes in the world from the polar icecaps melting to all the term oil that is happening is all related cuz we all came from One and are still connected to One, cuz we are His and no other.The idea is not to forget Him , thank Him and BE READY TO HEAR HIM DIRECTLY. I know it’s hard to hear this but never the less, remember, put it into your brain somewhere cuz your going to need it…. Thankyou God for helping me feel better, Luv Rachel – Israel

    4. Isabelle Payette says:

      Poor Rachel, you are a good example of those who refuse to see the real truth. Education about sciences might have help you understand a few things. God does not exist, it is the belief in him/her that is real, even though it is based on absolutely nothing a person in their right mind would believe. You are delusional if you don’t think dna has nothing to do with the way people conduct themsleves. All natural phenomenas have a scientific explanation or a least a potential one. Electromagnetic is a bit tricky since it cannot be always observed directly and the universe is so vast and unpredictable. I am very content and at peace to know what I know to be the truth. No need for the big guy to judge me… I am perfectly capable to do it myself. I am not a sinner or in need of salvation.

  3. Rachel Wagowsky says:

    Adam and Eve were the first ones, and we all came after.We are all from the same Father, our Creator of all of us. I’ d like to share a pain full story but the end is only good.A few weeks ago I went thru an operation, total hip surgery and didn’t know what I was getting into. After a week and half the pains got so bad, there was no relief, I tried everything.Four days of intolerable pain. A friend I have who receives directly Gods messages call me and tells me she received from God that He went down on me to teach me something. Not until I made my commitment before God and I knew in my heart what he wants from me, I’ve known it for awhile. He gave me “NO” CHOICE BUT TO MOVE TOWARDS HIM.As soon as I surrendered everything to Him even the fear of death, I lifted my prayer to Him and then I felt my sore hip very strongly and feel asleep.When I got up the pain was gone and the swelling in my knee too. I was relieved and happiness came into my heart. I’m a changed person since the incident , I look to be connected to Him only and no other. I put Him First and ask that He should guide me thru these troubled times. I do alot of praying for lately…. Love , Rachel from Israel.

    1. Gus Nicholson says:

      “Put ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be given unto you freely.” I, too, recently underwent a painful but necessary operation to improve my health. It was the first time I woke up in the Critical Care Unit after an operation, which I was told would occur beforehand. It was very confining as I lay slightly on my left side because of the pain and tubes in my body on the right side. Well into the night and through the early morning, I kept praying the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” It was the main thing that got me through that ordeal. Bless you…

  4. Rachel Wagowsky says:

    I too am reaching out to mankind. As being a Jewess I feel a proud responsibility to let my bretheren in the whole world know what I feel. That God is here to judge our hearts every one and to see who is for Him these days, BECAUSE He is coming to judge the world. I truly hope all those that have
    writing in – feel Him and ask forgiveness for our stupidity as a whole as we were inconsiderate of Him FOR MANY MANY YEARS. God please forgive us of our intolerance of each other and for having removed ourselves from You and your ways of truth and justice and of living the life without your spirit. As we feel the spirit less and less each day it is obvious that in the end a true thirst for you will evolve. Again please forgive us for our stupidity and ignorance . After all we are only your creation and no more. Rachel – Israel

    1. Isabelle says:

      Rachel, if there was a God, he/she would NOT be here to judge. To say that people must behave a certain way is not salvation, it is taking power away from them and ignoring that mistakes have a purpose. Of course, the real purpose is to learn from them. The path to self-enlightenment is within reach for all only if we are willing to let go of old fears and to instead create new intentions through self-awareness and genuine compassion. Any action done in the spirit of a need for approval, fear, powerlessness, guilt, shame or boredom even will lead to more of it. Blaming is certainly not a solution… People must learn to forgive themselves and be willing to examine their weaknesses in order to become empowered… AND they must also stop listening to what everyone else is saying, including you and me. Because ultimately, they can create their own inner truth and wisdom.

  5. pao says:

    I don’t feel ignored… what I worries is that, I talk to him alot and thank him and and say sorry alot. I can’t help to think that somehow, Im being annoying to him and Im disturbing him so much >_<

    1. How is it that God , the creator of all mankind hears all of us. It depends if we go directly to Him, the Divine or we decide to go thru another former human being that has been here before. Going to God and no other is a very humbling experience , in essence it’s only you and Him. ” And they say, How does God know? and is there knowledge in the most High? Psalms

    2. To Isabella, I just read what you wrote me on October 18, after 5 pm. and I enjoyed your writings . I believe you communicated to me a very honest and heartful opinion. I appreciate it, only I feel things so strongly that I worry that mankind are not understanding the little messages that are being given to us from Heaven and worry for others that they too should be filled with knowledge. Part of my writings may seem severe or condescending or disrespectful or just plain hard, when my intentions are coming from a place of concern. ( Please God help me get this point across.) If one has a contrite heart and reaches out to others from this good place ,I believe that we will be able to communicate to each other on a true level that comes from Love and not prejudgemental feelings. I remain yours , a friend and not a foe. Rachel thankyou.

  6. Nomveliso says:

    Thank u for this post ..just what I needed to articulate the turmoil I had inside. Enkosi = thank u!

  7. Oscar says:

    So wrong ‘to lean’.

  8. Dan the Lamb says:


  9. Madan A says:

    Dear Sir ,
    There is a question and i need you to answer it for me,
    There lived a girl named Falak till 15-mar-2012. She was two years old when she left this world. Half a million people prayed for her to live.
    But she died of a heart attack.
    though so much of positive energy towards her was channeled. God didn’t save her.
    Why was god deaf and blind to so many people who prayed for a selfless cause.

    1. harmvdbok says:

      you can’t question the divine plan God made for her..

      maybe she was needed elsewhere

    2. raminder singh says:

      what we want is not important its important how that baby was suffering pain each day
      docter did their vest to save her life but ultimately what happened was good for her as she was in very crical condition & she was operated somany times which may affect her furture life,
      we only think from one point , what we thinhk we get it no matter if it is good or bad
      almighty knows what is good or bad for us & he keeps on helping us but we opurself being materialistic fails to understand
      rather querstioning why she is no more think it other way , that how will she survive in future with so many operation

  10. Namhla says:

    Dear Mrs Paulo

    The moment you start saying God has ignored you, you are lying but you should check if where is your standing with God, maybe you are the one you are busy doing your own things instead of spending time with God renewing that connection between you and God, God says he will never live us nor forsake us and God is not a liar he would never promise you something and not fulfill it.

    1. Rachel Wagowsky says:

      Namhala -Shalom. You wrote that God never leaves us and that is not true. We have left Him in the past and relied on everything except Him. I suppose we were afraid to lose our independence Huh? To be able to do other things without Him. As a result we lost contact, He left us to ourselves for 2000 years in order to feel what is like without Him, to miss Him. We are starting to really miss Him. I am feeling it from day to day more and more and in a real sense. I know and believe that things are going to change and again He will be in our lives without a doubt. That’s why I started reaching out and writing into this Blog because I feel you are real people reaching out for the right answers. God is truly reconnecting with us now. The question is if we are able to feel Him and want Him back.,truly. It’s His world. All He wants is our apology!!! Are we man enough to ask? That means All of us. I accept you as my brothers and ask God on your behalf to succeed in truly wanting Him more that anything else in your lives. Good Luck to you all, I love you all Rochel , your sister….

  11. Мафтуна says:

    Здраствуйте Пауло!Меня очень задевают ваши книги.Иногда читав книги других авторов появляется вопрос”И что”?.Но читая именно ваши книги у меня пробуждается интерес узнать что что ждет дальше?!Вы затрагиваете душу человека,вы пишете о том что кажется людям что кроме них ни кто это не чувствует.Спасибо вам!P.S Maftuna

  12. Mike says:

    Oh wow, great prayer. God is good.

  13. safi says:

    beautiful prayer indeed!

  14. margherita says:

    Bellissimo e consolatorio pensiero.
    Quando mi sento sola, in difficoltà, dolorante, io dico: Mio Dio, Tu che sei nell’Universo, che sei tutto l’Universo e molto, molto di più, Tu non mi puoi aver abbandonata.
    Allora immagino Dio come un gost divino, un petalo di nuvola, un ologramma che si intrufola in ogni cosa, che pervade tutto.
    Apro le mie braccia e la mia anima, aspettando il suo immenso abbraccio consolatorio e lo invoco e gli parlo così:- Ora, mio Dio, io chiuderò gli occhi e immaginerò che tu passi attraverso a questo mio corpo mortale e a questa mia mente, che Tu ti fonda con la mia anima, cosìcchè Tu sia in me ed io in TE. E non penso ad altro che al morbido, caldo, leggerissimo abbraccio di una Madre e di un Padre Celesti.
    Se questo mio è un sogno, allora, vale la pena di provare a sognarlo.
    Se invece accade qualcosa che sconfina nell’immenso, allora Dio, ancora una volta, non mi ha lasciata sola.
    Ma ho la netta impressione che qualcosa di speciale avvenga perchè improvvisamente mi sento bene, la calma e la serenità mi invadono. Le mie paure scompaiono, i miei dolori si attenuano e mi sento in Dio, Madre e Padre.
    Dio non è lontano. Basta aprire gli occhi dell’anima e dell’ amore e ogni essere umano può vederlo, sentirlo, toccarlo.
    “Dio è veramente nella nostra vita e la nostra vita è veramente in Dio”.
    Grazie per la condivisione.

  15. Marion Angersbach says:

    <3 <3 <3

  16. Chukwunedu says:

    Classic Paulo Coelho as always, searching the human mind, asking those questions most people are afraid to ask and proffering your own solutions and opinions. Really food for thought! May God continue to bless you as you share from your wealth of wisdom.

  17. Luiz Eugenio says:

    Lindas palavras, mas infelismente não consigo acreditar em Deus…….Respeito muito as suas palavras, leio, busco mas não ….. A minha vontade é que realmente exista um Deus……Pois sinto um vazio enorme, por culpa desta descrença……
    Mas adoro seu trabalho Paulo Coelho…..estou lendo Aleph…..

  18. sunita trivedi says:

    love to read it everyday inspiring

  19. Sue says:

    amazing!!! feel much more better now. thank you!

  20. Yan says:

    Sometimes I am in pain because of some old memories, my heart will be filled momentarily with anger, hatred and deep sorrow. At these moments, I try to think about Agape, how much I love this world, how much I wish that all those I loved would be happy and sound, and I try to do something nice, like translate a new story you wrote, then I will feel better again.

    love Yan

    Chinese Version:











    1. Sue says:

      thank you so much for your translation. i feel the same way like you sometime,but i usually got strength from my beloved family and the good people around me,like dear Paulo. just hope you happy and sound too,he/her will be with us!

  21. Tiger Lily says:

    THANK YOU for putting the daily prayer of my heart and mind into actual words.

  22. Gayane says:

    God everytime with me and He will never leave me alone. I believe.

  23. Mani says:

    This was an amazing and affirming blog post, Paulo.

    Just last year, I decided to recommit myself to God after a very difficult period in my life that involved a lot of rethinking and readjusting. It’s funny how–though I never strayed away from Him–things blurred my clear view of Him there next to me.

    This prayer,was something that I came across during this cathartic realization of discovering how to truly live in the Spirit. A believer my entire life, it’s interesting how something as simple and beautiful as this could be overlooked or, even, overanalyzed. With this, there has been much more peace in the things that I do.

  24. Lissette says:

    amazing story,
    amazing prayer..!!

    i been seeking god, i been so busy for him at the same time. I feel that im all alone in this unfair world. every morning i talk to him to please to guide me in the right road. Not to forget me please….

    good to know this prayer.

  25. yousuf says:

    so nice! really a help from God !

  26. Cynthia says:

    Brings tears to my eyes as I am reading
    many thanks Paulo

    1. Cynthia says:

      As a reply to myself which is very funny really.
      I just re read the poem and this line
      “though I may know nothing about it”
      Is very reassuring that sometimes in the infinite wisdom of our souls, and our distraction of everyday living we are not aware that we are on the right path. We just have to know and trust it it by our faith even though we may not have the words to express it.

      “And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road,
      though I may know nothing about it. “

  27. Gus Nicholson says:

    God alone judges us by our intentions.

    1. Isabelle says:

      The trouble is Gus, people don’t even know or are aware of their intentions. That is a problem and that is most likely why they can’t correct their troublesome areas. Most of us are so entrenched in fear that we are often blinded by it. Luckily, I have learned to stop and listen to my heart and that is really all that is required. The only judge is our higher self, which I also call my conscience. When people start to try to understand their fears and worries, only then, will they be able to see clearly and act on the basis of love. Mistakes are not to be judged, but to be learned from in my opinion.

    2. Gus Nicholson says:

      The higher self is also where you can begin to access the higher gifts, such as discernment. And it is true that most folks don’t get that far because they’re too choked up by the weeds in the world growing up around them.

    3. Raminder Singh says:

      you are very true Isabelle, we never listen to our inner voice because most of time we are more concerned about what others are doing rather then what we are actually
      once we learn a very simply principle of being honest to ourself , to our own deeds then nothing will bother us & we will see Gods presence every where

    4. Gus Nicholson says:

      This is called ‘mindfulness.’ To be mindful of everything you do, how you do it, right down to your breathing during prayer, chewing your food, what you look at and what you perceive… A story is told of Alan Ginsburg the American poet, who was on a spiritual retreat in upstate New York. The group was in a barn meditating. When they emerged, Ginsburg said, the sunlight struck in so intensely, he could see everything – everything. To rid ourselves, not only of fear, but from distraction and noise are great accomplishments that help the scales fall away from our eyes, and our hearts.

    5. Isabelle says:

      Hi Raminder! Well, I don’t call it God. I call it my conscience. I don’t need a book or anyone to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong. I make mistakes from time to time, like anyone else, and I willfully learn from them. I recognize a mistake by the feeling of a strong emotion that keeps me unsettled. Simple but effective. However, one must be willing to be honest with themselves and to examine the intentions behind their actions or words. It has become clear to me that “intentions” are the frequencies we send into the world as they become the source we emit and the ripple effects are far reaching. Fear generates fear and love generates love. Now do you see how war, all form of abuse and repression can get a whole civilization in trouble and be carry on generation after generation? This illustrates the ripple effect through the never ending power struggle.

  28. Евгений says:


  29. Manali Latkar says:

    this is really very peaceful.
    thank you so much

  30. Jorge Adrian says:

    Last words are like a treasure for me -”I will not fear, for you are ever with me,
    and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.”- I’m so glad that Thomas Merson shared to us his pray.

    Have a good day.

  31. Jude says:

    You’re great. Pr f me.

  32. Manya says:

    lovely one..
    i was not at peace with myself for a few days despite doing everything right..and i could not even find the peace.
    your prayer helped me soothe my anxiety…

    muchas gracias!

  33. Umah Devi says:

    Thank you, I wil remember this.

  34. tony says:


  35. titus says:

    Thank you very much Paulo…….i too pray with Teresa of Avila” Everything passes away. God alone suffice”