In search of the lost path

We go out into the world in search of our dreams and ideals, although we often know we put away in inaccessible places, all that which is within our reach. When we discover our mistake, we start to think we’ve lost too much time looking far and wide for something which was nearby; and this is why we allow ourselves to be overcome by a sense of guilt, for past mistakes, for the useless search, for the grief caused.

But that’s not really true: although the treasure is buried in your home, you’ll only find it when you distance yourself. If Peter hadn’t experienced the pain of negation, he would never have been chosen as head of the Church. If the prodigal son hadn’t abandoned everything, he would never have been joyously received by his father.

There are certain things in our lives that carry a seal which says: “you will only understand my value when you lose me – and recover me.” It is no use hoping to shorten this path.


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  1. Dipankar says:

    I want to make an amedment on my previous question:
    It is not just for Paul Coelho but for anybody who can be of any help for lost path. I stated Paul’s name as it is his blog and I am not very familiar with blogging and net chat.

  2. Dipankar says:

    I have a question for Paul Coelho:
    I know there is an existence beyond this body which transcends every form of existence but I fell from getting into it as soon as I felt of my loved ones in this world and drifting since then and to my astonishment I have left the ones for which I came back; I have a feeling that I want to taste the good things of this life before I move further in my quest for LOVE; but strangely this LOVE manifests in all things I do. My question is have I fallen prey to the THIRST of this world? Am I moving through the right path? Do you belong to the same or higher plane of spiritual experience to guide me? Have you experienced God’s presence or that or the Eternal I which encompassess everything? If you can please guide me.

  3. Tina says:

    Love you Wanbliska and I love your words in the story. I know how it feels when God takes almost everything away from you…Thanks for writing…

  4. Marie-Christine says:


  5. marie-christine says:

    I agree with that.

  6. Tiziano says:

    Alessandro, I think too that sometimes you can bend the rails of life but you cannot break them. But I also realize that you can bend them to a degree you’ll never thought you could before, if only you believe you have the force… The matter to me is more about hope than what you will accomplish in the end

    So please keep hope in your heart and enjoy every breath you take, it doesn’t matter how bitter, it is still another breath. I hope this will work for you and will be of any relief

  7. Alessandro says:

    Hi. I am a quite old admirer of Coelho, his books and philosphy, but I also refuse to accept that we are all here to fulfill our personal legend, that everything is within our possibilities, that happiness is living the moment, that blaming our family or friends is the easy way to put aside our responsibilities and to hide ourself in the role of the “Other”, refusing to be happy in this life and avoiding to face the fears brought by the failure of Love not returned.
    All this is very partially true.
    We are men born in places we have never chosen, living in families we have never decided to be with, affected by illness we have never desired, hit by disgraces we have never foreseen, struck by misforune we have never expected. It is impossible to forget the past and live the present. We can try to focus on the present, but the past will always be part of our history. There is the man who was paralytic and won the olympic race, but there also is the man whose life fell apart and cannot do anything to change it. Happiness multiplies if divided, and so does unhappiness. The balance between destiny and self decision, or what is as close as possible to this balance, is the key to the Truth, but I understand that this statement is as open as the sky and it is not the answer. Perhaps because every answer is questionable, and then what is left is only Faith. To believe in God is what should help us all to live and to go on, but I refuse to accept that we have all the same possibilities to be happy in this life. I prefer to believe we are here to accomplish a destiny we might like it or not. And let His will be done. Not mine.

  8. Господи, сколько ещё не сделано. а сколько еще предстоит не сделать?

  9. me says:

    ……….!All this is pure theory though, and i learned recently that theory really differs from what really happens in true life..I used to criticise people for something i found myself doing…Because of the thing i did, i lost myself and i have surprised me in the most hideous way..So, ,maybe the things i strongly believe (or believed) in, are just an illusion..Maybe i believe in certain things cause reality never came to proove them wrong..I proved myself wrong and betrayed my values and my true essence..So maybe the path i believed i had to follow is just an illusion too..Maybe others are right..
    Maybe i dont believe in anything anymore.

  10. wanbliska says:

    Thank you Paul from Austria. I like mystery, but it happens indeed I stop my heart from beating for certain things… Now I could say I’m not always reasonable at the right place. :)
    But ok: “the trap is open” :)I like it.

    With gratitude

  11. wanbliska says:

    Dear Lorna,

    I wish the Universe will send you an answer quickly.
    As for me, I am also trapped, but I try to do a bit everyday. Still not knowing if I’m either mad or too lucid about the society.

    Wishing well.

  12. wanbliska says:

    I really liked what you wrote Santosh Kalwar. Thank you.

    As Meera, I think we’re experiencing God’s will. Since, with a little difference, maybe idealist, that, as PaulFa wrote, not all of people could feel the whole. And among those latter, they don’t live it in each seconds. Though, love, faith, prayers, attention, tenderness, are common nouns that put people more inclined to receive the messages sent by God, the Whole, the Almighty; whatever one could call it.
    And I don’t think people that never communicate with the Universe could experience Its Beauty, Its magic and Its secret, nor to take delivery.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking Free will is something peculiar. In absolute, in our society, we could have free will. Though, they are many countries in the world, where it is unfortunately not the case presently.
    Yet this free will is hidden behind a lie, against its wishes. Because the society is not built the best to experiment the inner will. So each day, we enter a “Start-End”, most of the time, without a toe in the whole. Without a star in the head, and no fire into heart. It is a life essentially turned to essentially material Humans creation.
    As for the Whole, I’m an observer. And I think I have free will, but not always. At the less, I have free will to decide what I do in my life. Though I can be a non-decider.
    For encounters and other things that come my way, probably guided from my wish in answers. I could never decide about the way the results of the will come. Who decide for this? I tell to myself it’s God. The whole, maybe neutral, that needed to experiment the duality. I remember The devil and Miss Prym, may deal with that on the beginning.

    I know I shall not try to explain God, but I’m feeling like doing tonight. I think It is ok for I am interested in. My ideas are not rooted concerning, but growing.

    My son called me Jean-Claude Vandamme this evening. I was telling to him, we should think before thinking. I meant before the unconscious thought. :)

    I hope everyone is ok, here, in our room.


    PS: Paulo, I was thinking that… I forgot lol. Good night.

  13. Well, nothing to be discussed here as life is the teacher and one has to explore there life just like an open book.

    When we open it there are words and these words will not change our mindset but these words will some how shows us that we are doing or experiencing what others have done and what we will face in near future.

    Learning never stop neither does living. It is the constant process of development. I do not know if God exits or not but I know I exist. I am here to do what I can do, I do not know what to show or what to tell but I know what I can give.

    Some times the greatest journey could be the distance between the two people. When the journey ends there, then there remains a memory of that particular journey. The image will be rolling like a movies.

    These images will be captured when you are experiencing the place, event, people or any happenings. Once these images are captured in our mind. Later when we reach “home”, we finally evaluate if that journey was really fruitful.

    Was it really valuable, was it worth. Then later those images which were nicer, we keep with us. It is stored and whenever we want to talk or say something about it. We just speak based on our stored images in our memory.

    Start-End-Home-Start-End-Home ….

    This cycle continues in our life, weather it is the journey or weather it is the life.

  14. THELMA says:

    In the Bible there are many stories showing God’s omnipresence and even interfering in people’s lives. Jesus has spoken with parables teaching us the Path, which is forgiveness and LOVE.
    In all religions the main teaching is love.
    Humanity has gradually lost the way in the material labyrinth and how we may find our lost spirituality? I think, through suffering or celestial intervention or LOVE.

  15. lorna says:

    Many of my friends and those who know me always believe that I am brave and a risk taker.They did not know that I am capable of being scared,anxious,controlled by guilt and almost losing hope.I want to travel with my family and explore cultures,places and meet a lot of people all over the world,then write(my first love),and run my own school and teach and help people in any ways i can.But the way society made me live now hinders these things i want to do with my life and maybe fulfill my personal Legend. I am trap and do not know how to get out.Even afraid to start with my journey.Anybody there can help me find a way?

  16. K says:

    Hello Paulo and all Soul Friends,

    Reading this older of the Paulo’s posts is timely indeed. There is always redemption even in the middle of chaos. We have to look for it in our hearts. It is indeed a courageous act to look within – – after we have searched far.

    Love and blessings, K

  17. Kathy Ponce says:

    I need to make a real change and I need real strength to help me. Thank you for writing this. It’s a breadcrumb.

  18. Meera says:

    hello sir ….i make use of this space to 1st thank God
    for all dat he has given me den
    i always wanted to jus hug u nd tel u wat difference r wat gud frnd u hav been in my lyf by ur books really every book of urs i hav read so far bears a significance to my lyf
    5th mountain
    zahir …..i hav lived all the 3 books to a great extent

    now coming to “IN SEARCH OF THE LOST PATH”:
    i think the very existance of life is we are still searching the path that we lost are we want to create a new one

    anyways believe it or not i feel gods presence in many ways since i was 5 years nd my experiences are not as you say in your book but these i know its genuine
    as i feel him many a time so do i missed for short spans but as u say
    “He knows how far to go in testing a soul – and never goes beyond this point.”
    and again we are back and embrace each other ……
    i think whatever u may feel ….his presence or absence
    its not you who chose its he who chooses you …..
    he is the god of those who believe and those who dont
    and whatever you may think its he who moves throught it but just uses your flesh and bone for it thats all
    the thing is it quite difficult to experience him in everything of the world but thats the plain truth …
    He is the journey ,he is the destination , he is the driver ,he is the passenger , u are just a car that travels in the road wheather you like it or not …

  19. Tania says:

    Yes sometimes we need to learn our lessons then -shut the back door and open the front – Its all about timing ,rebuilding and shaping our lives -I have this verse next to my stove – Before the flour the mill,
    Before the mill the grain ,
    the sun,the earth,the rain.
    The beauty of Gods will .
    Blessings Tania

  20. Noppie says:

    I do not disagree.

  21. wanbliska says:

    Thank you Tina. I’m grateful for your words. I wish you love and stength dear.
    Reading you.

  22. Nanci says:

    “There are certain things in our lives that carry a seal which says: “you will only understand my value when you lose me – and recover me.” It is no use hoping to shorten this path.”

    I agree with this statement. There are times when I’ve achieved something only to end up feeling puzzled and wondering if this is really what I was working toward, is this the end result that I’d envisioned, and why am I not more pleased about the outcome. Sometimes in that process of “loss and recovery” I find that the recovery of what I’d lost is there to offer me an opportunity to take a deeper look and to decide if what was lost would not be better lost again.

  23. Tina says:

    Love you Wanbliska and I love your words in the story. I know how it feels when God takes almost everything away from you…Thanks for writing…

  24. cigarra says:

    Thank you very…very much Paulo to the temple of my heart!

  25. wanbliska says:

    At about three o’ clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? which means My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?
    – Matthew 27:46

    א לַמְנַצֵּחַ, עַל-אַיֶּלֶת הַשַּׁחַר; מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד.1 For the Leader; upon Aijeleth ha-Shahar. A Psalm of David.
    ב אֵלִי אֵלִי, לָמָה עֲזַבְתָּנִי; רָחוֹק מִישׁוּעָתִי, דִּבְרֵי שַׁאֲגָתִי. 2 My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me, and art far from my help at the words of my cry?
    ×’ אֱלֹהַי–אֶקְרָא יוֹמָם, וְלֹא תַעֲנֶה; וְלַיְלָה, וְלֹא-דֻמִיָּה לִי. 3 O my God, I call by day, but Thou answerest not; and at night, and there is no surcease for me.
    Psalms Chapter 22

    Even we could think God has forsaken us, we never really forget him. As the simple fact we go on talking to him, He’s always here… This is a non-sense, I’ve practised, without never understanding the point.
    Yes, God is always here, whatever. He gives us lessons after lessons for us to grow. And that’s true, that He never puts us through another one, until we have understand them. He never forsakes, as He uses many way for us to liken them. Until we open our eyes. During that time, all seems to be locked.
    I accept God put me in a desert for years. I won many things noone could see, but me and Him. And most of all, even if He, step by step put a lot of friends away, as my entire family, in a way I couldn’t name but absurd, He never let me really alone. I discovered some days ago, He simply answered to a prayer I’ve made. It hurt me, but now, I could see all the few persons I know are believers.

    To my heart, there are no more valuable things, but to serve the Lord. He’s my best friend. I don’t think we could go on the Lordy path, without a bit suffering. Because indeed, it needs to lose all, or nearly. Building grazes, and gives blisters, in the same time we could take pleasure from it.

    I’m grateful He went on shaking me, while I was blind. I tell to myself, He must love me a lot to come and come to remind me about what I have to do, that I don’t really know. :) But I think now I go through many blocks I had. Thanks to the prayers, but also thanks to our place here, that succeeds in open my double-locked doors. I’m very obliged.

    God have never forsaken me. I did. Sometimes, I forgot He was here, there and everywhere. And sometimes, I was in anger towards Him. But now those days are over. I’m walking with Him. And even if, I’m lopsided a little again, I’m learning how to walk better day by day. As Jesus told me once I needed that crutch left, for a good reason he explained

    Thank you Almighty. Thank you Paulo & thank you my dear fiends, You are. I love You.

  26. Alexandra says:

    Sometimes I do that,I feel that I have lost too much time on things not worthy,and of course time never returns.But you are right,only thatb way we might grow ,trying again and again.Experience is a treasure in itself.And maybe on our “voyage’ we have learnt something we can use in future.Daring is almost always a good strategy.

  27. Heart says:

    In my experience God often takes us where we don’t want to go, or where we wouldn’t have dreamed of going. Our narrow minded opinions of how to walk the path has to be broadened. When I was very young, I was convinced I would dedicate my life to the care of street children in Brazil, and just as convinced my path was to become a nun. My decision came in that order. So, I figured I needed some education first, as it didn’t occur to me just to save up enough money and go. Second, I tried three times to enter convents. Three times I was rejected. So, when I couldn’t go to serve the children through an organization, the Church, I guess I just concluded, to do it on my own would be too dangerous, and in a way I lost the path.

    I don’t believe it was so much what I did or did not, I just believe God’s plan for me was different than what I thought it to be myself. Over the years, I’ve noticed God has needed me just where I was, for different purposes than the street children case. On the other hand, all these years,also has strengthened me and prepared me, for eventually actually to do something for what was my original perception of my personal legend.

    My attitude has changed though. From actively pursuing my path and pushing to find out where to go, I pretty much just tell God; Headhunt me. You take the initiative, and I’ll answer; Here I am.