Quotes on love

“Inspirational quotes of love by Paulo Coelho … Healing music from Tom Kenyon .. Pictures all my own .. except the first one of Paulo Coelho …..”

Just found it in my Google Alerts. Thank you Weirena, and congratulations for your beautiful photos!


  1. Thankyou Paulo and artists,
    I may not see you with my eyes, and those are the moments that the heart opens up. And can see your soul, with the heart’s eyes. And there, you dance.
    Like a butterfly!

    Warm loving embraces from a tender heart,

  2. minaxi says:

    sir i believe in my soul because so many time it shows me to be alive but i am not strong willed person actually i want to live my life . from my birth i got very lifeless atmosphere,

    1. nithin says:

      take life as it comes…smile and face everythng….

  3. Dear Paulo, why didn’t you mention the most important one

    “Love Preservers, its the people who change” :-)

  4. hibiscus says:

    I don’t believe in anarchy. Yet I have 3 soulmates, and I would love to spend time with all of them. At least for talking. Is that impossible, do you think?

  5. hibiscus says:

    Hello Paulo,

    I’m your true friend forever. Thank you for everything you have done for me. We will remain friends always. I hope we will meet someday soon. I’ll go to Egypt very soon if I’m needed somehow. My vacation vanished, but that is not the greatest problem in the world.
    I also value everythink your friends have done for me. I’m not quite sure where I end up, but right now I’m very concerned about people with serious health problems. I have a gift, and I’m obliged to do something with that.

    We’ll stay in touch, right?


  6. Beautifuls photos and beautifuls cuotes.
    Thank you

  7. Indeed, very touching, music, video and especially, the quotes! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Adriana says:

    Gorgous pictures and wonderful love quotes, thank you, Wierena.♥

  9. nadine says:

    there was a moment of recognition when i first read about signs in your works.Almost all my life, i found them in books.. randomly opening even quantum physics book in a library could give me an answer to my present at that time.
    That is why, your writings have that feel of an inspiration and voice that is from beyond the visible.
    DO so look forward to the blog posts; and fwd them to my friends.
    Blessings of Love, Light and Power….
    May your light continue to shine and lead us millions to where we all of us are headed.
    Many thanks…

  10. M Reine says:

    Thank you warina.
    To day I feel I am on a journey to Egypt with the cat. I enjoyed the photos very much. It gave me something to think about.
    The music reminded me a bit of the one from Kenny.:)

  11. katie says:


    “We can also allow our soulemate to pass us by, without accepting him or her, or even noticing.
    … and because of our selfishness, we will be condemned to the worst torture humankind ever invented for itself: loneliness.”

    I don’t know… passing by, or not accepting him/her whether this is always fully done because of selfishness? there can be so many reasons …

    getting “condemned” … just this word has such a dark history. in addition, being alone, living alone does not always equals “condemned to loneliness”. There is a difference between loneliness & solitude….

  12. nicole says:

    very nice ;)♥
    ..and touching

  13. Ah… such an abrupt ending. Beautiful though I Loved it!

    1. I just came across this… Beautiful also!

  14. sara says:

    Beautiful..Thank you for sharing paulo,
    Sara from Lebanon

  15. Heart says:

    A student looked really sad today when I told him I won’t be back for class till after New Year, and expressed it; ‘what are we not going to see you more for so long’. He must have some kind of teacher-student love connection, and it warmed my heart. I told him, I will miss him too, and the rest of the group giggled with embarrassment :)