Fighting injustice

By Paulo Coelho

T.H. Huxley says:

“The consequences of our actions are scarecrows for the cowards and beams of light for the wise. The world is a chessboard. The pieces are the gestures of daily life, the rules are the so-called laws of nature.”

Although he concentrates on what he is doing, the warrior of the light does not look on injustice with indifference. He knows that everything is one thing alone, that each individual action affects all the men on the planet, and if he sees someone being a victim of cowardly attacks, he uses his sword to put things in order.

But although he fights against oppression, at no moment does he try to judge the oppressor. Each one will answer for his acts before God, and that is why, once his task is accomplished, the warrior makes no further comment. A warrior of the light is in the world to help his brothers, not to condemn his neighbors.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I like this way of thinking.Dont waste power and time with useless things.Heal,not kill.

  2. Binu says:

    Who is this Warrior of light ??

  3. SENAD says:


  4. Adina says:

    Every one of us has been designed to be good. Everyone of us needs at least a chanse to be a better person. Remember the one next tu Christ on the cross, that asked for forgiveness before being dead. He went in Heaven because of that.

    So why shouldn’t we give the same chanse to everyone that makes mistakes, that makes me suffer. I made suffer others perhaps, without with knowing it. I think it is correct to see always the foold part of the glass, in order to be able to build something good on that base. I totally refuse to believe that there ever existed in out human history a 100% malefic person. Every one has potential, everyone can be excused if does mistakes.

    But there is no excuse when you know you do wrong things to the others for you becoming more rich, more powerfull, more “loved” by other simmilar people. And that’s when the sword must take action. Sword of the mouth, sword of your love, sword og your brain, sword of your own acts and results…

    As Mr.Coelho said, the future is now and it will survive only what is true, not fake, constructive, human, decent, correct. Human kind got mature in the last centuries and it is normal to become better then before, from century to century. But yes, I think also that now it is a far more advanced level of developmeent for human values, ideas, visions, comparatively with the previous centuries. I would like an antropologist to share with us this subject.

    And when your brother, colleague, friend, person next to you in the bus is in need and you are there and can do something easy and simple for you, but precious for him, DO it, right away. Because you will see other peoples’ eyes regreting they didn’t do it before you… I like that look of regret sooooo much…That’s when I see the little saint light behind their eyes. Who can be an example for others, just BE and do your job. Even the poorest person on Earth can do something good for the one next to him, that perhaps is richer then him and has a bed soul: he can pray from distance for the guy.

    Have you ever lighted a candle in the church for the person that puts you in the street with no salary, no food, no hope? And have you say with love: God, forgive him, he is actually a good person, help him as you helped me beome better? And then wait few weeks, months, years, and then meet again that person that almost killed you and that now, inexplicably save you from your havy situation and becoming your BEST friend? Try it…Function. have patience and faith. God does what He has to do: correct thinks for you to feel better and to have a much better life then before.

    Have a nice evening.

  5. THELMA says:

    Each one of us creates our Universe with his thoughts, actions and sentiments. Whatever takes place has a response in the different planes of our existence.
    Our actions are the results of our inner self. Words are the results of our minds, our… mouths and our fantasies.
    In the Cosmos exist the Laws. One of them is the law of Karma. Whatever we ..plant we will reap.
    May we will all …act from love and with love. Then there will be a Paradise on Earth.

  6. Alexandra says:

    I like this way of thinking.Dont waste power and time with useless things.Heal,not kill.

  7. sido says:

    difficile de ne pas réagir face í  l’injustice et l’indifférence

    difficile de ne pas montrer sa révolte par autre chose que le calme , la , et l’amour …. mais c’est un devoir de le faire cependant

    mais faire entendre sa voix et protester : í§ela est parfois nécessaire ( exemple : la colère du Christ dans le temple … you see what i mine ! ! )

    Difficult not react to the injustice and indifference difficult not show its revolt by something that calm , the , and the love …. but it is a duty to do however but make its voice heard and to protest : í§ela is sometimes necessary ( example : the wrath of Christ in the temple … you see what i mine! ! )

    parfois le poing sur la table et dire “í§a suffit maintenant !” ( le Dalaí¯ Lama fait cela en ce moment …etc )

    Sometimes the fist on the table and say enough is enough now!” ( the Dalai Lama done that in this moment –etc )