Choosing with confidence

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light always manages to balance Rigor and Mercy. To attain his dream he needs to have a strong will – as well as an immense capacity of self-surrender.

Although he has an objective, the road to reach it is not always the one he imagines, so he has to use discipline and compassion. God never abandons his children – but the designs of Providence are unfathomable.

So, for the warrior of the light nothing is abstract. Everything is concrete and everything concerns him.

Some of his companions spend their lives criticizing the lack of options or commenting on the decisions of others. The warrior, however, turns his thoughts into action.

Sometimes he makes mistakes, and pays the price of his error. Other times he strays from the path and wastes a lot of time getting back to the original destination.

But a warrior does not become distracted, because he knows what he is looking for.


taken from my book “The Warrior of the Light: a Manual”

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I like the part of turning his thoughts into action,or that for him there is no abstract notion.

  2. wendylei says:

    Its lovely to spot those wise words again among the darkness surrounding me,seems gaining the understanding of myself is the very first step,and then your words encourage me again,I will print it out anyway to read it when I felt upset,now I am reading some Catholic books given by an elder of the church,I am walking a lonesome way~~~need your support very much~~for I trust you very much~~

  3. Adina says:

    Good evening,

    The worrior is the man/woman of the present. He/she IS PRESENT now and very realistic. The “Worrior of the light” is not just a nice concept. It is a way of existence, of living. The worrior doesn’t lye himself with mistical and high empty phylosophical ideas,but he PRACTICE daily both a normal life and a spiritual one.

    He does mistakes and he learns from them, he falls, but he stand up back. I mean this is the war he fights. He doesn’t let himself defeated, even though he’s down. Hope is one of his guns. Love and faith are there too. And he doesn’t need too many lessons from life to understand universe misteries, because he has wide open eyes and heart and always seeks God’s signs.

    He goes further. He never stops, but to take a break, talk to God and review everything he made by now, good or bad.

    Now is the end of 2008. It is the moment for everyone of us to take a break, talk to ourselves and write down all we did and we received this year. On a half page positive things, on the other half, negative ones. Than ballance them. And ask God and angels for advice for choosing the next steps to take in 2009.

    He IS here. PRESENT in everything. And DOES things. He is REAL. In everyone of us.

  4. Illia says:

    It’s the most difficult question for me: “What I’m looking for?”. LOVE? KNOWLEDGE? WISDOM? I can’t find out nothing more concrete.
    I’m not used to fighting with the world for anything as well as to becoming angry and irritated. It happens when people attach importance to anything. Anyway I believe I will find my way to reach my dream, but firstly I have to find out what my dream is…

    With best regards, Illia.

  5. A via lactea é também a via de inspiraí§í£o dos poetas, sabe ela representa o ciclo humano o nascimento e morte das estrelas o eterno circulo de vida aprendizado e luz.
    A via lactea representa também o amor, aquele amor de pobres sonhadores poetas pensativos que debruí§am todos dias í  noite na janela de tantos quartos mau iluminados de nosso planeta pensando em um amada existente sonhada ou idealizada, que representa-se em vestes com a luz das estrelas que de longe olham e consolam os romanticos e nostalgicos poetas das janelas.
    A Vi Lactea é o eterno e o efemero, o novo e o antigo, o misterio e o alivio, a vida em sua nuancia mais limpida e bela.
    Ela em parte é um pouquinho de todos nós.
    e nós somos um pouquinho dela.

    grato de antemí£o.

    Henry Zephyrus

  6. T.K. says:

    Wow. I’m prompted to ask myself the question ‘what am I looking for?’
    Amazingly, I have to laugh at myself because I thought I knew.
    The journey continues…

  7. Heidi says:

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! I have re-posted this on my own blog so many others can be inspired! Thanks very much, Paulo!

  8. THELMA says:

    I have always acted with all my enthusiasm and capacities to achieve any task I have undertaken. The difficulties have always been a challenge to me. I have been strict to myself concerning my duties and knowing that I have done my best so I am in good terms with my conscience. What has made me sad or angry many times is the lack of understanding, the envy, jealousy and wickedness. But then, I have found the courage to be able to stand up and be reborn from …my ashes. Prayer and Divine Presence has always been in my way.

  9. Gina Re says:

    I was ever looking for Love, ONLY Love! How stupid I was!!! :-P