In the Tokyo underground

Terry Dobson was riding on the Tokyo underground when a drunk boarded the train and began to offend all the passengers.

Dobson, who had studied martial arts for some years, confronted## the man.

“What do you want?” asked the drunk.

Dobson prepared to attack him. Just at that moment an old man sitting on another bench shouted out: “Hey!”

“I’m going to beat up this foreigner, then I’ll get to you!” said the drunk.

“I like to have a drink too,” said the old man. “Every afternoon I sit down with my wife and we drink saké. Do you have a wife?”

A bit puzzled, the drunkard answered: “I don’t have a wife, I don’t have anyone. All I have is shame for myself.”

The old man asked the drunk to sit down beside him. When Dobson got off the train the man was in tears.

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  1. Marie says:

    All we need is LOVE.

  2. El Dormido says:

    Somebody somewhere said, “Resist not evil.”

    I am not sure what that really means, or what ‘evil’ is, but what I hear in this story is the important lesson that change is inherent only in our ability to empathize and identify with what is around us.

    Animosity and confrontation come from within, and it requires a change in perspective to let that go.

    A truly wise man understands, touches the pain, opens it up and channels it to understanding and healing.

    Someone said that the root of sorrow is the doorway to transformation, and I would extend that to healing.

    The streets I walk are littered with the shells of people addicted to crack, alcohol and self-obsession. I understand that and try not to judge or shun. It isn’t easy because a lot is offensive. Yet I know what answers work for me and I can only carry an attitude of surrender to my spirutality which engenders an attitude of service and willingness to help.

    What my people say is, “All we want to know is what you want to do about your problem, and how we can help.”

    The first thing, of cours, is recognizing there is a problem. So the old man sits the drunk down and leads him to awareness of the pain that drives him. Only then is there a chance for healing.

  3. THELMA says:

    Since I have already expressed my opinion about this short-story I would like to ‘dedicate’ to all our friends here and Wanbliska, Annie, Love and Paul from Austria, this song, from Yma Sumac, who died recently. Amazing voice.

  4. nho(spain) says:

    Don’t resist evil by force.
    Only depend on us to take the constructive or destructive way, they often say that words are more stronger than fist.

  5. Heart says:

    An incredible little story about respecting EVERYBODY crossing our path. I’m always very humble meeting a new person, because royal or ‘low-lifer’ (normally I’d never use this word), we all have something incredible to give each other.

  6. Nelson D'Silva says:

    Goodness is the only investment that never fails.