In Moses’ footsteps

By Paulo Coelho

Rabbi Zuya wanted to discover the mysteries of life. He therefore resolved to imitate the life of Moses.

For years, he tried to behave like the prophet – without ever achieving the results he hoped for. One night, tired of so much study, he fell into a deep sleep.

God appeared in his dream:

– Why are you so upset, my son? – He asked.

– My days on Earth will end, and I am still so far from being like Moses – answered Zuya.

– If I needed another Moses, I’d have already created him – said God. – When you come before me for judgment, I will not ask whether you were a good Moses, but who you were. Try and be a good Zuya.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    The “Five books of Moise” in the Tora.

  2. chieko says:

    cute story.

  3. Lia says:

    The most difficult thing is to find and be yourself..

  4. mariangela says:

    Eu concordo com a Luce,
    Big beijo,
    Mari Raphael.

  5. hazel says:


    and i will try to be a good Hazel :-)

  6. Heart says:

    We should always humbly ask; what may be God’s plan for each person. As a rule of the thumb I believe we have to imitate to learn anything, but then we have to make it our own. Assimilation+ Accommodation=Adaption, or something like that. We probably get half of what we are from the community, and half from within, and balances it to become a unique human being?

  7. tania chilby says:

    God made us all to be unique ,with special details ..each beautifully rare and incredibly precious no matter what the outside looks like or what our name says ..but he all gave us the one ingredient that makes us all the same – Love ..and when we are Love there is no jealousy , judgement ,anger or hurt .Blessings Tania

  8. Just Adam says:

    Yeah, everyone’s got own mission on Earth. Guess we’re created to be ourselves, however, it’s difficult to be when you don’t know who you really are (like me). Gotta try some meditation…

  9. luce says:


    I love this one !!!!!!


  10. THELMA says:

    Every human being is unique and has his own Path, leading to the Light.