Who is the most powerful master

One of Yu’s disciples was talking to a disciple of Rinzai:

– My master is a man capable of doing miracles, that is why he is respected by all his pupils. I have seen him do things far beyond our capabilities. And your master? What great miracles can he do?

– My master’s greatest miracle is that he doesn’t need to display any great wonder, in order to show his pupils that he is a wise man – was the reply.


Another name

A man said to a friend:

‘You talk about God as if you knew him personally, down to the colour of his eyes. Why do you need to create something to believe in? Can’t you live without that?’
His friend replied:

Do you have any idea how the Universe was created? Can you explain the miracle of life?’


‘Everything around us is the result of chance. Things just happen.’
‘Exactly. Well, “Things just happen” is merely another name for God.’


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  1. I think Van Gogh would be one of the people at my fantasy dinner party!

  2. marie-christine says:

    j’aime la facon dont le “maitre” faconne les questions pour les eleves .Chapeau! L’ecoliere a beaucoup appris. Merci.

  3. Marie-Christine says:

    we are the master of our own destiny.
    the master has to be himself and tell the truth

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    its all in the nervous energy.

  5. Marie-Christine says:

    bonjour tata, ca va?

  6. anica says:

    yes it is…is this a game

  7. tata pontimayor says:

    Christ who wields all authority in heaven and on the earth to bring about God’s will concerning the earth subject Himself to the One who subjected all things to him.

  8. Noura- Abouloyoun says:

    The master is one.
    Its god.
    No human can be a master.
    Because as humans differ in their levels yes, they are still equal in status..
    humans are classified as humans..
    Only the one who created them is their master.
    The beautiful master we always forget about, and only remember his wrath and punishment..
    And forget that he’s a nice beautiful thing too..
    Leave the miracles to the one who created humans,
    Cause humans are the real miracle..
    A human with all his thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes, genes, looks, interests and personality.. isnt that extraoridnary?

  9. Anneliese Flores Clar says:

    The second Master who doesn’t need to do miracles to be respected, has overcome the need for aproval, need for aproval is one of the forms of ego!!!

  10. Nancy says:

    A person who approaches a master to ask him/her to perform a miracle, and not to ask questions is looking to see how a master’s wisdom can improve their material world. No one needs to see a miracle to start a spiritual journey.

  11. anica says:

    that question is too deep, maybe the pope knows:)

  12. anica says:

    I mean God, the one and only

  13. natasja says:

    maybe the question should be: do you really need to know who the most powerfull master is.

  14. anica says:

    I really don´t know. Does anybody in this world know this question, that I have wondered all my life…

  15. natasja says:

    or it

  16. natasja says:

    if we don’t use the word master there is only a he or a she.

  17. anica says:

    P.S Todays replies are more interesting than the actually main text…interesting ;)

    Love peace and understanding

  18. tall penguin says:

    Those who say, don’t know. And those who know, don’t say.

  19. THELMA says:

    We judge a tree from its fruits, and a Man from his actions..

  20. Heart says:

    I say he who isn’t obsessed with himself. Many master artists have painted themselves in self-portraits, for instance Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gaugin and even Marc Chagall. The ultimate insult to his disciples can be seen in the Norwegian # one master, Odd Nerdrum’s Self-portrait called “Selvportrett”.

  21. Mandarawa says:

    In some Buddhist traditions these days it is forbidden to display publicly miracle powers. It is because previously some people use them incorrectly, just to gain more disciples or wealth. Anyway birds can fly too.
    Sincere spiritual practitioners understand that the real achievement is to gain spiritual realizations of wisdom and compassion. These realizations will truly help them in their life likewise during the death process, so they search for the master or spiritual guide who can help them to develop those virtues.