April 23, Viva Saint George!

It is likely that Saint George was born to a Christian noble family in Lod, Syria Palaestina during the late third century between about 275 AD and 285 AD, and he died in Nicomedia. His father, Gerontius, was a Roman army official from Cappadocia and his mother, Polychronia, was from Palestine. They were both Christians and from noble families of Anici, so by this the child was raised with Christian beliefs. They decided to call him Georgius (Latin) or Geōrgios (Greek), meaning “worker of the land”. At the age of 14, George lost his father; a few years later, George’s mother, Polychronia, died.Eastern accounts give the names of his parents as Anastasius and Theobaste.

Then George decided to go to Nicomedia, the imperial city of that time, and present himself to Emperor Diocletian to apply for a career as a soldier. Diocletian welcomed him with open arms, as he had known his father, Gerontius “” one of his finest soldiers. By his late 20s, George was promoted to the rank of Tribunus and stationed as an imperial guard of the Emperor at Nicomedia.

In the year AD 302, Diocletian (influenced by Galerius) issued an edict that every Christian soldier in the army should be arrested and every other soldier should offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods of the time. However George objected and with the courage of his faith approached the Emperor and ruler. Diocletian was upset, not wanting to lose his best tribune and the son of his best official, Gerontius. George loudly renounced the Emperor’s edict, and in front of his fellow soldiers and Tribunes he claimed himself to be a Christian and declared his worship of Jesus Christ. Diocletian attempted to convert George, even offering gifts of land, money and slaves if he made a sacrifice to the Roman gods. The Emperor made many offers, but George never accepted.

Recognizing the futility of his efforts, Diocletian was left with no choice but to have him executed for his refusal. Before the execution George gave his wealth to the poor and prepared himself. After various torture sessions, including laceration on a wheel of swords in which he was resuscitated three times, George was executed by decapitation before Nicomedia’s city wall, on April 23, 303.

Saint George’s tomb in Lod, Israel

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Cristina says:

    Bom dia Paulo!

    Cresci vendo o Sitio do Pica-Pau Amarelo e pensando que Sí£o Jorge morava na lua, adorava =)

    Vim pedir uma oraí§í£o pra vc, e desde já agradeí§o

    Sí£o Jorge rogai por nós, q Sí£o Jorge te proteja e inspire sempre.

    í“tima semana


  2. sofia says:

    interesnte saber más de San Jorge pero cuál es la oración que se le reza

  3. No Brasil Sí£o Jorge é adorado por Cristíµes Catolicos e pela religií£o Umbanda, ní£o sei qual delas usa essa oraí§í£o para Sí£o Jorge:
    “Estou vestido das armas de Sí£o Jorge para que meus inimigos tendo olhos, ní£o me enxerguem, tendo pés, ní£o me alcancem e tendo mí£os, ní£o me peguem”.
    Sí£o Jorge é muito venerado pelos Brasileiros, acho também que essa oraí§í£o é da Umbanda.

    1. Cristina B says:

      Thank you dearest Thelma for such a beautiful video.
      I watched it and two things came to my mind:
      I remember, when I went to Rhodes many years ago, the beautiful icons I saw;
      I remember that when I whent to Greece, even if I didn’t speak your languade, nore I knew your alphabet, I started to learned it.
      I went to Rhodes twenty years ago, but suddenly, as I was watching the video, all the letters I knew came to my mind, such as it was yesterday! It’s fun, and magic the power of symbols in our mind.
      Have a nice day, thank you for sharing.

  4. THELMA says:

    Saint George and the Dragon.

    There are No COINCIDENCES! When I was in Austria during the Greek Orthodox Easter, (a week later than Catholic Easter, for this year), I had a dream… : I was entering a very small Greek Church, nice psalms were sang and I was making the Sign of the Cross. My husband who was next to me asked me: Whose church is this? I looked around and told him, it must be St. George’s !There He is, I said showing him the icon…
    When we returned home we went to a church, which has St.George’s name, to light a candle and pray. We also celebrate him on the 23rd of April.
    Thelma xxx

    1. Anna Mazzali says:

      Dear Thelma

      bello il tuo sogno….ti ha condotto in posto dove hai scoperto un piccolo tesoro…anche per me una chiesa di S. Giorgio ha molto valore….ma sono in ITALIA…era natale e da quando sono entrata in questa chiesa sono stati cantati molti bei salmi

      Il tuo sogno è una mia realtí …..un angelo forse ci ha parlato ???

      Mi piace pensare cosí¬. Il mio O si sta chiudendo piano piano ….

      LOVE …. ANNA

  5. Graeme says:

    Paulo, trying to find the location of Iolaus (Hercules nephew) tomb location in sardina. Any ideas, got as far as olbia as they settled there. And yes random chance mi nueovo peublo es San Jordi, chance? lol

  6. Marie-Christine says:

    Viva Sant Jordi!
    ‘ lI est revere en : Georgie, Ethiopie, Angleterre, France, Israel, Liban, Russie, Bulgarie, Italie, Espagne, Serbie, Suisse, Bresil, Portugal, Belgique,,etc. Il est’ l’allegorie de la Victoire de la Foi sur le Demon designe dans l’Apocalypse sous le nom de Dragon.’ Source Wikipedia

    He is revered in Georgia, Ethiopia, England, France, Israel. Greece, Lebanon, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, Brazil,Portugal, Belgium,etc.
    He is the allegory of victory of the faith on the Dragon,

    ‘Sometimes I need to be a stranger to myself. Only then my soul can show me not what I want but what I need to see.’ (Aleph)
    Parfois j’ai besoin de sortir de moi-meme. C’est seulement a ce moment la que mon ame peut me montrer non pas ce que je veux, mais ce dont j’ai besoin de voir.

    For me – Sant Jordi,a saint that unites us all.
    Universal Love, justice and peace.

    With thanks ,gratitude and love

  7. Surprised says:

    The blog on St.George is not impressive. Martyrdom for the sake of religion and the picture of attacking a dragon looks violent and seems to depict man’s superiority over all creatures in the world.

  8. Diogo says:

    O mais engraí§ado foi ler a ultima frase de O Aleph exatamente ontem… livro q estava lendo em partes ha mais de 1 ano. Sao essas “coincidíªcias” que me dí£o í¢nimo para viver.

  9. susana says:

    San Jorge es mi protector, siempre. Gracias Paulo desde Argentina.

  10. LoveM says:

    Viva Saint George! I don’t think he made it :.(
    Martyrdom is a dying breed.. drop it!!
    Its NOT a life affirming story..
    Viva Free:Dom.. it always brings a smile:)
    Blessings LoveM

    This is insane & barbaric..
    The notion that it is worthwhile to die..
    And then by implication to kill for one’s beliefs is insane..
    Further to pepetuate this concept in the name of love & peace is even more insane..
    All these beliefs just like the edicts are man made..
    They are a total man made vanity..
    Martyrs die in vain..

  11. R says:

    What a coincidense !! I was walking the wadi il qilt path to st. George’s monastery on friday. The book of aleph in my bag and i was thinking Paulo would definitely enjoy this walk in the valley

  12. There is another meaning to the picture of St. George on the horse holding the dragon down with his spear! My mother is from Damascus and I have brother named after St. George. Many a time have I trotted to Church in Damascus in my youth to light a candle to St. George who was my grandmother’s favorite saint. Read my biography Once Upon a Time in Baghdad! The hidden meaning of the picture is that the Self (represented by St.George) is keeping/holding forever the ugliness/the bad habits/the negativity/the inner monsters we all have in check, always under control. i.e. to master our inner demons that don’t enslave us. I was in a Rudolph Steiner Retreat near Basel in Switzerland where there is a Rudolph Steiner center and a church with large colored windows one of which was St. George piercing the dragon. Beautiful representation. That was where I heard the story, and it made perfect sense to me. In a monastery high in the mountains in Seidnaya Syria there is a church that was built around an old wall with a hole in the wall. Not large say about 2.5-3 ft wide and 3 ft high perhaps 3.5 anyway not large. The story goes that a miracle happened there and St. George went throughout that small hole riding on his horse. I remember that too from my youth. Out of habit taken from my Grandmother I still pray to St. George and remember my grandmother always. Life is beautiful and weird and God has a sense of humor, sometimes a macabre sense of humor but still there’s a lot of humor there.

  13. verónica Rivas says:

    Nadie nos puede obligar, ni comprar nuestra fe, nuestros principios y valores, nuestra dignidad y todo en lo que creemos , es como despojarnos de nuestra libertad, y si nuestro espiritu es domado por el poder y la ambición de terceros, es hacer sobrevivir un cuerpo, en un alma ya muerta

  14. G says:

    I understand the sentiment, but he died prematurely. Then again, don’t all those with a real message. It’s a shame our society is still subject to that trend centuries later. Who will change it?

  15. Florence says:

    I started reading Aleph yesterday and finished it today, I could not put it down. Saw this posting this morning and and did not realize that the goodbye took place on St George’s Day, the way he died and much more… Maybe a “coincidence” as some might call it? ;) Loved the book, thank you for writing it and sharing so much of you with us readers. It hit home at many levels!

  16. Alain says:

    I love you St Georges, and I thank God for you are a blessed Saint who prays for us and help us keep strength and faith, while in peace during the battles of our life, and also He helps us follow the will of God until we receive His Kingdom! I also thank God since He made me come to the world on the day of St George’s feast, and also cause I received the Baptism name George ! Thank you God, I love You!

  17. In my copy of “Aleph” on page 269 there it is at the bottom where I underlined it with a question mark:
    “Saint George’s Day 2010″
    I was unfamiliar with Saint George and am still curious why this particular date? Have faith above all else.
    Best regards, Susan

  18. Keith says:

    Today is St George’s day.

    Tonight is World Book Night. A million books are to be given away, twenty-five titles, including The Alchemist.

  19. Maria Nicolosi says:

    Saint George bless you and your readers.

  20. jackienoriega says:


  21. Marie-Christine says:

    Viva Sant Jordi! Saint Georges.
    A few weeks ago I picked up a monthly newspaper from the Region Languedoc Roussillon and I found an interesting article in Occitan and French,
    I’ve read the tale of Sant Jordi and the dragon.
    Sant Jordi’s Feast is celebrated on the 23rd of April, the day of Jordi’s death ( a Roman soldier that became a Christian )
    According to the legend, the hero saved a beautiful princess (Alexandra) from a dragon’s claws. Today the Sant Jordi ‘s celebration is in honour of books, librarians and also lovers.
    The Northern Catalonia joins in the Event. It is a tradition that couples offer a red rose and a book,. . The book’s presence coincides with the World’s Book’s Day which celebrates the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare,
    In Perpignan and a few other towns in that Department ,the sale of books and rose is encouraged as well as signed copies of books. A special day in the calendar!
    Source ‘L’accent du Sud’

    Here is the article in French
    ‘La fete de Sant Jordi est celebree le 23 avril, jour de la mort de Jordi un soldat romain devenu un saint chretien, Selon la legende, le heros libera une belle princesse des griffes d’un terrible dragon. AUjourd’hui, le fete de Sant Jordi est une fete en l’honneur des livres et des libraires mais aussi de l’amour et des amoureux.
    La Catalogne Nord participe aussi a l’evenement. Traditionnellement les couples s’offrent une rose rouge ‘comme le sang’ et un livre. La presence du livre coincide avec la journee mondiale du livre, qui commemore la mort de Cervantes et de Shakespeare. A Perpignan, et dans certaines villes du department, on propose vente de livres et de roses ainsi que seances de dedicace. Un journee speciale dans le calendrier.’ L’accent du Sud

    In Occitan
    ‘Sant Jordi : la festa del llibre i dels enamorats
    La festa de Sant Jordi es celebrada el 23 d’abril, dia en que mori decapitat Jordi, un soldat roma esdevingut sant cristia. Segons la seva llegenda, aquest heroi va deslliurar una bella princesa de les urpes d’un terrible drac.
    Avui, la Festa de Sant Jordi es festa nacional a Catalunya en honor dels llibres i dels libreters, i festa de l’amor i dels enamorats. La Catalunya del Nord tambe participa a l’esdeveniment.
    Tradicionalment, les parelles es regalen una rosa vermella ‘com la sang’ i un llibre. La presencia del llibre es deguda a que la diada coincideix amb el Dia internacional del Llibre , que commemora la mort de Miguel de Cervantes i de William Shakespeare. La diada te tambe un caire reivindicatiu de la cultura catalana.
    A Perpinya i alguns pobles de la Catalunya del Nord es venen llibres i roses. A la capital del Rossello,, al Quai Vauban l’esdeveniment arriba a la seva maxima expressio. A les parades habituals se n’afegeixen de temporals. Es tradicional promoure la venda de llibres amb signatures dels autors i a vegada fent un descompte al preu de venda. Tambe hi ha lectures de poemes o de fragments de llibres…. Un dia especial en el calendari.’
    L’accent du Sud

    Saint Georges is also the Scouts’ Saint Patron.

    1. toñi says:

      Esto que llamas lengua occitana es ni más ni menos que el catalán que se habla en Barcelona, hay muchas variantes :provení§al, balear, valencií  etc…pero este texto que has escrito aqui es el catalán que hablamos en Barcelona. Saludos. Toñi.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Me alegro mucho Toni ..entonces,.hablamos la misma lingua.

      Gracias por compatir y gracias a Maria de Montpeller tambien.:)
      Salud os

    3. toñi says:

      Merci! Una vegada vaig estar perduda a Franí§a amb la meva familia y vaig arribar a un lloc on hi havia una cafeteria. Jo volia parlar amb la dona de la cafeteria i feia esforí§os per parlar-li anglès. Llavors la meva filla en va dir algo i li vaig contestar. Seguidamente la dona de la cafeteria em va comení§ar a parlar en catalí  i així­ (milagrosamente) es feu possible la comunicació. Ara ho comprenc. Toñi.

    4. Marie-Christine says:

      Gracias TOni.
      Debe ser en el sur no donde podria hablar con alguien en Occitan/Catalan,?
      Tienen una escuela en Occitan aqui – me gusta la filosofia, – alparecer no hay ninos mejor ni peor – son igual –
      No hablo Occitan pero veo que es muy similar con el espanol y el frances
      Comprendo bastante. …y me gusta mucho. Siempre mas interesante saber lo que dicen.:)
      Me alegro que no tenia que hacer efuerzos para hablar en ingles,con la joven y que la dona de la cafeteria viene hablar con te en Occitan /Catalan …. Los milagros de la vida.
      Otra lingua, otra manera de ver la vida.
      Seguro que tu frances es bueno tambien, no ?. :)
      Gracias por compatir.

    5. toñi says:

      Hola Marie-Christine!
      Francés no hablo pero a veces me ha ocurrido de hablar con personas y no darme cuenta que yo hablaba en catalán y ellos hablaban en francés…y nos entendí­amos bastante.
      Gracias. Toñi.

  22. toñi says:

    En la tradición catalana Sant Jordi era un guerrero que luchó contra un dragón para salvar la vida de una hermosa princesa. El dragón devoraba jóvenes ví­rgenes. Sant Jordi consiguió matar al dragón clavándole la espada en el corazón. De la sangre que goteó sobre la tierra crecieron rosas. En el dí­a de Sant Jordi las calles de Catalunya se llenan de vendedores de rosas y vendedores de libros. Es tradición que el hombre le regale una rosa a la mujer y la mujer regale un libro al hombre.

    1. Empié says:

      Mira que me gustan, los caballeros, las espadas, las princesas, las rosas…

      En medio de este mundo donde desde que naces te dicen como tiene que ser tu vida, me siguen gustando las leyendas medievales, los trovadores, los caballeros, las princesas, las aventuras, las espadas…

      La verdad es que en la vida para ser como se espera hay poco margen de error, como tengas un poco de mala suerte, te quedas, sin piso, sin coche, sin curro, sin mujer y sin miedo, jajajaja¡¡¡

      Un saludo. ¿Por qué será que aunque esté fuera del mundo normal, siento ganas de reir?

      PD: aquí­ tienes una ROSA, un poco virtual, pero nunca se marchita.

      Un saludo, hasta pronto. Y que la fuerza os acompañe… princesa.

    2. toñi says:

      Hola Empié!
      Gracias por el mensaje y la rosa (es la única rosa que me han regalado). Yo le compré una rosa a mi madre y otra a mi hija para que no estuviesen tristes.
      Hace diez años yo tuve un poco de mala suerte, estaba embarazada, enamorada de alguien que desapareció, sin casa, y con el cielo encima de mi cabeza y la tierra debajo de mis pies…y pensé…¿a sí­?¿ésto es lo que me merezco? pues ¡con honor y hacia adelante! porque hacia detrás como los cangrejos pues no podemos ir…jejeje. Y me daba por reir también. Cuando estás así­…todo el mundo desaparece, es como si tuvieses la lepra ¿sabes? pero hay personas (poquitas) que se quedan a tu lado y un dí­a…tu hija empieza a ir al colegio, te dan las llaves de tu piso, y tienes cara de “alucinado de la vida”. Entonces, valla que casualidad!!, los que se fueron empiezan a aparecer y ¿sabes que hice yo? ésto: seguir con mi vida como habí­a seguido en los años tristes, y disfrutar de las cosas sencillas con los que habí­an estado a mi lado (porque son los que me quieren de verdad) y los que se fueron y luego pretendí­an regresar…tuvieron que volver a irse y además enfadados…pero así­ son las cosas. Y los que me quieren y me han acompañado estos años, son los que han transformado mi casa en una ruina..pero me hacen reir. Ya verás que todo esto (piso, coche, curro,…) luego volverá de nuevo a tu vida, estas experiencias sirven para demostrarnos la verdad, el que nos quiere se queda y el que no nos quiere se marcha. Todo saldrá bien, ya lo verás. Tú ánimo!! Y lo que me decí­a mi señorita Mercedes del colegio, cuando era pequeña: “la vida se vuelve una fiesta cuando sabes disfrutar de las cosas sencillas”. La señorita Mercedes era mi profesora favorita porque llevaba bambas con tacón, es decir, suela de 10 centimetros de altura. Y ese pequeño detalle de bambas con tacón me hizo mucha gracia y le cogí­ simpatí­a (que cosas tan raras tienen los niños pequeños ¿verdad?).
      Me ha dado mucha alegrí­a leer tu mensaje! Saludos. Toñi.
      A mi también me han gustado siempre las historias de caballeros y princesas, uno de mis libros favoritos es “El señor de los anillos” de Tolkien.

    3. andare avanti says:

      ja ja ja Empie
      Knight of the Round Table, trovador,lleno de aventuras a quien le gusta las leyandas medievales.
      Buen camino …con los libros y no te olvidas las rosas por favor.
      Que suenes con los angelitos!
      Sonrisa :)

    4. Empié says:

      Me da no se que pensar que lo has pasado mal… vaya rollo. En cualquier caso aquello quedó atrás y te hizo quien eres, aunque si los ángeles no hubieran visto algo en ti, no te hubieran puesto a trabajar para convertirte en lo que eres… buen trabajo.

      En el fondo se que aunque no tengo ciertas cosas, tampoco tengo hipoteca, ni seguro que pagar, ni me preocupa que suba la gasolina, y se que esto es solo parte del camino. Ha aparecido una gran sonrisa en mi boca, y casi no se va, buen indicativo del progreso y de lo que está por venir.

      Además, llevas razón, las personas que valen la pena siempre han estado, unas veces más cerca otras más lejos pero siempre han estado, y por lo que sea vuelven, parece que poco a poco todo empieza a cobrar orden. Me alegro que te vaya bien a ti también, creo que dentro de poco va a empezar una fiesta, pero de las de verdad, como cuando eras niño y era tu cumpleaños y estaban todos tus amigos y tu familia, solo habí­a alegrí­a y corazón, y tampoco hací­a falta mucho, si acaso algún refresco y patatas fritas para acompañar a la fiesta que era compartir la alegrí­a con las personas que siempre quisiste y que siempre te han querido, lo demás, que importa?

      Andare avanti… es que donde se ponga coger una espada, aunque sea de palo, que se quiten todos los videojuegos del mundo, jajajaja¡¡¡

      Un saludo, libros, rosas y besos para tod@s.

      Nos volveremos a ver, seguro.

    5. toñi says:

      Mensaje para ¿Andare Avanti?: no todos pueden ser Caballeros de la mesa redonda, algunos se quedan en “caballero oscuro” que se rie de los demás porque está triste-solo y aburrido.
      Yo por mi parte me siento muy feliz de los mensajes que escribe Empié y sobre lo de soñar con los angelitos…prueba tú a soñar con los angelitos que quizás aprendas algo positivo y si no puedes soñar con angelitos sueña contigo mismo…y espero que no te despiertes llorando.

    6. Empié says:

      Pero que es esto¡¡¡


      Un saludo Toñi, ya no estoy aburrido, jajajaja¡¡¡¡

      Nos vemos.

    7. toñi says:

      Hola otra vez.
      Esto es una historia medieval!! jejeje.
      Y en esta historia cada uno representa su papel. Me alegro que ya no estés aburrido! No todos los dí­as aparece un caballero medieval de la mesa redonda!! jajaja.
      Pensaba que alguien se estaba riendo del caballero medieval que regala rosas y libros. Creo que a todos nos da alegrí­a recibir rosas y libros.
      -“Caballero Andare”! le pido disculpas a su majestad y le regalo rosas y libros también.
      Un saludo a todos. Toñi.

    8. Empié says:

      Muchas gracias mi princesa valiente.

      Hasta ponto.

    9. Empié says:

      Bueno… al fin aparecen los caballeros y las doncellas alrededor de mi hoguera.

      Un honor, como siempre.

      Caballero de la Tabla Redonda… nada más y nada menos.


  23. titus says:

    To all my friends who celebrate the Patrons day……wish you all every blessings…..May St.George help you in all your needs…& give courage..to live & to love…….

  24. Rishabh Bhasin says:

    Such a brave, noble Saint.
    Dear Saint George, may your example inspire millions to fight for what they believe in.

  25. Shine says:

    what a great faith and awful torture………………….Gandhi once said some of the greatest crimes are justified in the name of religion. Love Avantika

    1. huma arshad says:

      very well said avantika ,my country is suffering badly because of this

  26. Magda says:

    Amo sí£o Jorge

  27. Thank you for sharing Saint George’s story. Reading about this great warrior is truly inspiring and influential.

    Having the courage with his faith to stand up to authority for who he was and what he believed in. Not being taken in by the tempting offers, knowing what his actions would lead to.

    In today’s fast pace society, people are afraid to stand up to authority and society, burying there true selves and going against their values, sometimes at the cost of others around them. They are afraid of losing their status, their big salaries and security. Not realizing that having the courage in strengthening their faith will be a lot more rewarding.

  28. Miguel Angel says:

    Beautiful, inspiring life!

    I hope people can find the inspiration and strength from St. Jordi’s life to be who they want to be, and never change their lives or ideals because of what others may like, think or prefer for them. The only one you need to follow without ever doubting him is God. For every cross there’s a resurrection three days later. For every pain there’s a lesson to be learned.

    Personally, as a catholic i’m a huge admirer of the whole Military Saints group. Particularly of St. Mercurius, St. Sergius and Bacchus. Not only because they preferred to be killed than denying our lord, but because they were so full of courage and bravery, and that’s just what we need to overcome any difficulties in this world. Faith, hope, bravery and courage.

  29. SULLY SANABRIA says:

    Interesante información, ahora conozco la historia de San Jorge.

  30. Sonia Betni says:

    Bom dia, já mais em toda minha vida, havia lido alguma sobre Sí£o Jorge, é muito bonito saber a história dele e também como morreu. Muito obrigado.

  31. mirna saba mhanna says:

    if i asked for 1 million $ today maybe it would have become true. i wanted to know about st george’s life since we celebrate it today. so thank you for posting this.

  32. Nnaemeka says:


  33. Nnaemeka says:

    Very moving.

  34. Anne-Li says:

    And here in Catatonia / Spain, this is our Valentine day ;) “Sant Jordi” and the streets are filled with books and roses… and Love

  35. Grazie Paulo ! Ciao Rosetta

  36. Excellent picture of St. George. I used his concept for a name and attitude of my Great Eagle in my book “Dinosaur Dreams (Indians Trail’s)”. Where An American Paleontologist finds a hidden chamber in a copper mine down on the edge of the Amazon. She travels to a new world where she must save her ancestors from the evil that followers her through the portal and threatens to destroy her people. It is on Amazon in Kindle for for only$2.85 US. I also have “The Ice Witch (Tribes)” and “Utopia Six (The New World)”.
    Is it as difficult to get recognized in England as a writer as it is here in the United States? It seems unless your Tom Clancy, Stephen King or some big celebrity, no one is even willing to look at your books.
    How much time do you devote to blogging for self promotion and has it helped in sales?
    David Charles Leitner
    Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  37. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    St. George. One of the greatest saints, one of the 14 helpers. A martyr, like so many. How many people have died since the has murdered? In the name of any faith? In the name of St. George? A lot. The point of this story seems to be dark. I do not find anything worthwhile to martyrs, we can learn nothing except the disgust of the act itself. The assassination. That’s the statement. To die for a faith is simple, it’s even easier to kill for a faith. To live for a faith to live his faith, this is difficult. Especially to fill a faith with content, in daily life, is difficult. It’s worth a thought, i think. He died completely in vain, unfortunately. I’m afraid he was not the only one for which this is true. And that is not only true for Christians.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  38. cristina cabral says:

    S. George rogai por nós. Linda história!

  39. Lucie Choueifati says:





  41. Pilar de a Orillas del Rio Piedra says:

    Viva San Jorge!! feliz dí­a del libro, de San jordi , dí­a de lector@s y autores!!!besos Paulo.
    con amor
    Pilar e Juan Carlos.

  42. Pilar says:

    Coraje, valentí­a, autenticidad.
    Patrón de Alcoy cada 23 de Abril.
    ¡ Visca Sant Jordi !

  43. Patrizia says:

    Viva to the patron of England – a country I really enjoy visiting with its wonderful nature in Peak District for example where last week I had been on the hills with grey clouds and sungleams inbetween and the greenest fresh hills.
    And thank you Paulo, only today finished reading Aleph, second book I ever read by you

  44. Annie says:


    Love and Gratitude