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  1. I appreciate the thought that you put behind your blogging. The fact that you even take considerate amount of your time to blog makes me an even bigger fan. I stumbled upon your website when I looked up Jorge Luis Borges, a writer of magical surrealism from Argentina, and found that Borges is one among the many inspirations for which you base your work.
    The different topics that you present in your blog help the viewers to think of various of ideas from that of psychological, realistic fiction and taking the simplest of morals and aphorisms up to a greater plane of extraordinary interpretation. In your short story “But who taught you that?” about a man seeking God, he goes on a great journey to find God so that he can receive a tangible response from Him. I connect with this story in that it’s based off of some true events in my life. I never questioned my beliefs, only until I was in high school. I was asked why I did not go to church regularly, for me church was never really the ultimate factor in order to reach God. I believed that God was wherever I was. The man realizes that God also seeks him as he does God, one can go far and beyond into the world and God will still be there.
    Keeping that in mind the piece has three different representations, your representation, my representation and the viewers. It connects us to a simple story with a simple message into a higher new level. You are able to get across powerful information that enlightens the audience.

  2. António says:

    Caro Paulo Coelho
    É a primeira vez que me dirijo a um escritor, apesar de ter lido tantos e tantos autores.Muitos deles marcaram a minha vida, mas os seus em especial.Sigo alguns dos seus passos e sempre atento í quilo que publica, seja num jornal , num blog ou num novo livro.Acho que li praticamente todos os seus livros e neles encontrei sempre novas experiencias, e novas formas de ver a vida, vc é um autor que nos transforma e acima de tudo nos ensina a viver.
    Obrigada por aquilo que nos transmite e pelas mensagens que nos deixa.

  3. Maryam Shakibi says:

    Lieber Herr Coelho,

    ich bin auch eine Leserin, wie tausend andere. Millionen Fans. Ich kann so vielen Sprachen, aber sprachlos, wenn es sein soll.

    Sie sind nicht nur mein Lieblingsschriftsteller. Sie sind mein prophet.
    Woher wissen Sie soviel über mich? íœber uns?

    Ich liebe Sie. ( Auch wenn das mein Mann so eifersüchtig macht)!!
    Ihre Bücher geben mir Geborgenheit. Ich hoffe, dass Sie bis eine Ewigkeit schreiben. Ich danke Ihnen für die wünderschönen Worte…….


  4. Bon dia
    desculpe os erros eu moro na franí§a e esqueci un pouco a lingua … por isso eu prefiro escrever en franí§ais mais facil para min e tenho certeza que voce pode traduzir isso .

    je suis jeune pourtant j’ai bcp souffert , pourtant je me suis toujour sentie differente , depuis quelques années je prend “consience ” de certaines choses mais je ne sais quoi et quand je lis vos livres j’ai limpression de comprendre ce que je cherche sans savoir comment y parvenir … je ne vous demande rien je voulais juste vous dire ses quelques mots car je doute qu’un jour je puisse vous rencontrer bien que nous aillons les “memes” origines , je vous remercie du fond du coeur pour toutes ses heures que j’ai passé a vous lire a essayer de vous connaitre a travers vos mots se furents des momets de “pure” extase qui mont fait prendre consience de mes defauts , qui mont fait pleurer et rire sachez que votre don excptionnel et qui beaucoup de bien autour de vous .

    j’espere qu’un jour vous lirez ses mots.

  5. dear paulo
    thank you. i was only 14 when i started reading your books. my mom said i was too young to understand and i wanted to prove her wrong i tried really hard but found myself totally confused and irritated. now 3 years later at 17 im having a magical experience reading your books not because of the story you tell but because of how parallel my life is to it. iv saved zahir for the last because i somehow thought it would be life changing. and it is. im glad i started early on this journey .and you have guided me through an enriching experience. my love for you is profound and everlasting
    and we are going to meet soon.

  6. nirmalya saha says:

    dear sir,
    after reading THE ALCHIMIST i just go through ur ELEVEN MINUTES……finished in 3 days…. being a doctor i know atleast something more about human boby than common people n nw goin to be an anatomist i m goin 2 deal with human body n mind…… for non-medico those who r willing to know about human nature……its very helpful for them……n for me i like the book…..the experiences of Maria written in her diary…….the brazilian belief……the awaiting for Ralf in airport……the intution….the history regurding the creation of man n women and why they r seperated n why they r searching for the better half……..i lyk the word “light” “soul”……..i like the walk of Maria n Ralf on rock……at last i like the book…….
    thank you sir for giving all the notes from Sonia’s diary in such a way it touches the soul…..

  7. nirmalya saha says:

    dear sir……
    i am by profession a doctor.i prefer 2 read n write in bengali….though m nt a professional writter but i prefer 2 write my experiences in my diaries since last 12 years……i was interested in reading THE ALCHEMIST after my best friend had finished it in 2011…….i ws busy with 1st year of my post graduation in anatomy so i couldn’t go.i m tensed these days ……..2 weeks back in 1 n 1/2 days i finishd the book…….the words i believe since from my childhood said by my mother “biswase krishna mile tarke bahu dur” its a bengali proverb literal meaning s “if u have the firm belief in God krishna u will find him by any means but if u have confusion which may start argument regarding His exhistance, u wont get him” means “if u have the urge for somethin then have faith n u will get”………
    thank you sir for giving me the faith again…….

  8. Me adentre a la lectura gracias a tus libros, cada uno tiene algo que lo hace especial, no tengo la dicha de tenerlos todos pero de los que e leido me han dejado un mensaje muy bueno. Cada quien ve las cosas desde un punto de vista diferente y es lo que cada libro deja hacer. En la ultima actividad que realizare en mi carrera de diversificado representare a un escritor obviamente a quien escogi fue a Coelho y me gustaria mucho poder tener comunicacion con El para poder presentar lo mejor de El en mi cafe literario.

  9. John peter pascual says:

    I’m a recent fan of yours. I think I have learned everything about life and love after reading Eleven Minutes – though I still don’t have any experience on romantic love. I’m gay, though I know I can still find my “lost half” – in God’s time. Can you please write a book about the real story behind every homosexual around the world? It’s a very timely subject for I presume, and perceive, that our number is increasing drastically as the year goes by. I’m pretty sure that book will be an international bestseller, just like the rest of yours. Thank you and may the Lord God always guide you.

  10. dear paulo,
    i love ur book “the Alchemist”.I like ur style of writing.nd fr the first time i understood a magical philosophical bookk nd connected it with myself…just luved it

  11. Доброго дня, Пауло. Мне всего 15 лет, но мне очень нравятся ваши книги. Я прочитала несколько ваших книг( признаться честно не до конца). Прочитав всего лишь малую чать вашей души в книгах я хочу заметить, что вы мастер своего слова. Спасибо вам огромное за ваши филосовские “размышления”. Желаю вам творческих успехов.
    С уважением Яна!

  12. Dipanwita Mitra says:

    Life always on Track…….
    My dream becomes my reality……………..

    Whenever I fantasize about anybody, I generally though unknowing always visualize myself with that person in a train compartment( moving train). Today, for the very first time in my life, I dreamt of the same train compartment while taking a short nap. I visualized whole of my world inside that compartment. First a chess board in front of me. My opponent is my senior room-mate. We are playing and chatting merrily. My other two roommates are also present. After losing a couple of game I ultimately won and thereafter I didn’t lose any of the single game I played with anybody. I am happy, I am positive. I got my best friend back in my life(my father). I became the best daddy’s girl. I saw one of my close friend being happy in his life with his girl friend. Me and my roommates are celebrating our success in career . All of us really did well. I am congratulating my brother for getting into a good institution. I also visualized one of my crush. Then at last I actually saw the person I really want to be with from the core of my heart. We expressed ourselves to each other. Everything arround is so perfect.

  13. Dipanwita Mitra says:

    something said me that i need to say this to you and its important for me.Presently I am reading “Aleph” and trust me since my childhood i have great love for train and train compartments.As because I stay away from my family,and visit them only during vacations,train is very important in my life.whether you will believe it or not sometime i feel like i am on train compartment and talking to certain people who are important but few days back i had a vision and i want to share it with you.I wrote down the dream or the vision as a write up with title without editing.I don’t know whether it is real or not but what i know is that i liked it..Your words”Life is the Train and not the station”has touched me. It was just few minutes back.It made me feel as if those were my words…….All i just want say is thank you.

  14. dharmendra upadhyay says:

    dear paulo,
    no words about u but i want to say few words abou8t your work. whenever i read books like alchemist and recently aleph, i tempted to let u know about the enlightened guru OSHO , u must be aware of his discourses , pl say few words on him

  15. RhEa GanDhi says:

    i m actually not into the philosophical books….
    i like action thriller and adventurous books…
    though i m not a professional author/writer, i also write books or we can say short stories on life’s adventures and thriller genre…..
    Paulo Coelho’s “The Achemist” was the 1st philosophical book i ever read and i was so inspired by that book that my book-shelf practically bursted out with my personal philosophical books collection of Paulo Coelho’s and Robin Sharma’s books… i wrote self-awakening books which were based on the things people miss to notice in their normal life….
    i m really thankfull to Paulo Coelho for these wonderful books which actually changed my life and inspired the crowd with his knowledge…
    thnak you..