Today’s Question by the reader : Jeff

Please share with us your daily life such as your writing style, your current thing of interest, and how do you spend your day.

I travel constantly so days are never the same. Nevertheless I do have some “rituals”: when I wake up I like having my breakfast and then going out for a walk. Walking for me is vital and the one things that I can’t live without.

I agree with the teachings of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, who said that: “when you walk, you are massaging and honouring the earth. In the same way, the earth is trying to help you to balance your organism and mind. Understand this relationship and try to respect it – may your steps have the firmness of a lion, the elegance of a tiger and the dignity of an emperor.”

Normally in the afternoons I spend hours navigating the web: I consult my blog, my myspace,my facebook fan page I read newspapers from the world, I write my stories. I also quite often give interviews. At 6 pm on the dot, I pray since for me this is the magical hour of the day. After that, I like having diner with my wife & friends. Before going to bed, I read.

Today’s Question by the reader : Niemann

I have read your book the alchemist, and I was wondering where is the best place to write a book that is so intriguing? Is any place more inspirational than another?

I write virtually anywhere. When I wrote The Alchemist for instance I was in my apartment in Rio de Janeiro. In the other hand, in the case of my book The Zahir, I wrote it while traveling in Europe and Kazakhstan.

Having said this, I only write every two years and the very act of writing a book takes from 2 weeks to a month. The rest of the time I travel and I live the moment – knowing that it is during this period that the seed of a new story will appear.

Today’s Question by the reader : Tamara

You are the living proof that the written word is not dead in this age of the Internet and beyond. But, will the written word ever die? Is there any need for us to fear for its demise?

When I became an author in the late eighties, before the Internet boom, many people said that the written word was dead. Specially being a Brazilian author, I heard constantly that it was useless to become a writer since the language of literature was now English.

When Internet was implemented during the nineties, it stimulated people to read and write once more. This illustrates the idea that when people predict something usually it’s the opposite that happens.

Today’s Question by the reader : Gilles

God has always talked to you, Sir. What has He been telling you that you have not yet told us yet? And why is it that we are not hearing Him – are we deaf?

God is constantly talking to all of us, not only with me. The great problem is that we are not listening to Him.

I do believe that everything we see, everything that is in front of us is just the visible part of reality. But there’s also an invisible part that is ruled by emotions, feelings. This is our perception of the world, but God is–as William Blake said–in a grain of sand and in a flower. This energy is everywhere.

Today’s Question by the reader : Warren

If “the world conspires to make a dream come true,” then why are so many dreams unrealized?

You’re skipping the first part of the sentence: “when you really want something, the world conspires to make a dream come true”.

Mind you, some people don’t truly want something or sometimes want things that in the end won’t truly help them. The Universe is a merely and echo of our desires, may they be constructive or destructive ones.

Quote of the Day

Paulo Coelho

Certain things are so important that they need to be discovered alone.
(Unpublished sayings)

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Today’s Question by the reader : Gabriela

You said in the past that “you can learn love in all its forms from women”, and discipline from men. Which were the stages of love in your life as related to the women you have loved? And what about men who have marked your existence?

This is a very long answer, and I don’t want to simplify, so probably I will resume by saying that we need to understand that love justifies life, and that we have to fight with enthusiasm and discipline for people and things that are important to us, otherwise life will be like a Sunday afternoon, plenty of time, but the most boring day in the week.

Today’s Question by the reader : Adèle

What was the first record you ever bought?

The Beatles (first album)

Today’s Question by the reader : Anders

I admire your work, and I love your books.
What is your best advise to a young man who wants to fulfill his dreams?

Pay the price, Anders. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn while walking.

Today’s Question by the reader : Penelope

How will you define the differences between a “heart person” and a “brain person”?

I am sure that a heart without a brain will not survive, and vice-versa.

Today’s Question by the reader : Michael

How big is the universe?

How should I know? I believe it is as big as your soul.

Today’s Question by the reader : Javier

Flaubert once said that for an author the daily life is much like the ocean; one should walk into it, but only until the water reaches the bellybutton. Do you also think that going past the bellybutton, is too much, in order to become a great author?

Normally I love to dive deep. And hold my breath as much as I can.

Today’s Question by the reader : Linda

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t follow advices. Try it yourself.

Today’s Question by the reader : Julian

Do you accept the thought of an intellectual elite, if yes – what is its responsibility?

I believe that a taxi driver and a writer or a gardener can have the same connection with life, and can learn everything if they do their work with love. I do believe that Jesus learned everything while working as a carpenter. It is our attitude towards this life that will inspire us. Be open, take your risks, dare to do something different, this is what life is all about.

Today’s Question by the reader : Grace

Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

I only write every two years after finding a white feather.

Today’s Question by the reader : Alain

What (people aside) would you save if your house burnt down?

As Cocteau once answered to this exact same question: “The Fire”.

Today’s Question by the reader : Valery

Doctor and writer Nikolai Amosov once said: “There is one particular thing about the old age: there is no future”. Are you afraid of old age?

I think that one doesn’t need to be afraid of old age as long as one tends to one’s inner garden, to one’s soul. Age then does to the person the exact same thing as it does to wine – it gets better with time. The most beautiful thing in my eyes is to be in front of an elderly person that has this serenity and authority that only time bestows in those that are wise.

Today’s Question by the reader : Miriam

Who or what gives you energy?

The presence of the goddess gives me energy everyday.

Today’s Question by the reader : Vladimir

Do you think fame always accompanies a genius or can a genius live without it?

Even though “fame” is an easy concept to define in today’s world, I think it’s much more difficult to define a genius. Yet, having said that, for me a genius is a person that allies the intelligence of the heart with good sense. Examples of geniuses in my view are Mandela and Gandhi. They are known men but I don’t know if the laurels of this world always go to the people of most merit. Fortunately there are great men that we hear of, but there are many others that work in silence – and these are in my view, the true warriors of light.

Today’s Question by the reader : Ivan

What is the maximum price one can pay for one’s dream to come true?

Only the one that embarks in the adventure of his/ her dream can answer that. In my case, the maximum price was to leave behind my economic safety for the adventure of becoming a writer.