[2016 MUSICAL MATA HARI] ‘THE GIRL I USED TO BE’ Sung by Ok, Joo Hyun ver.2

Mata Hari: trailer – Het Nationale Ballet | Dutch National Ballet

A Espiã / The Spy

The Spy – Paris 1920s


Quotes on love

“Inspirational quotes of love by Paulo Coelho … Healing music from Tom Kenyon .. Pictures all my own .. except the first one of Paulo Coelho …..”

Just found it in my Google Alerts. Thank you Weirena, and congratulations for your beautiful photos!

Father and Daughter (Oscar 2000 short animation)

6:36 min beautiful video.

The “pirate” Brida (audiobook)

I just found the file above. It contains the full audiobook of “Brida”
Many people from the book industry will say: “this is a pirate copy, and you should denounce it”.
I prefer to say: “people are basically honest, and if they have a chance to glimpse its content and like it, they will pay”
So this is our deal: if you listen to more than 10 min, please buy the book. Nobody is watching, but I trust you
You can buy it below
iTUNES (iPad and iPhone)



Update: Just read several comments of people who already have the book. It is my understanding that the deal is done, they can listen to the audiobook. That said, I must stress again that I have no copyright of the audiobook

Duomo de Milano, 23 Oct 2013

The road to Santiago (subtitulos en Espanol)


This journey inspired my first book, THE PILGRIMAGE


Paulo Coelho, Portrait (ARTE/ARD)

Hangout com Jovem Nerd 09/10/2013

30/09/2013 Nansen Refugee Award ceremony

The story of the pencil

in “Like a flowing river”

The legend of Narcissus (read by Jeremy Irons)

Taken from the book THE ALCHEMIST

ZDF 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair

Just found by chance this video, when youtube asked me to upload videocasts that were not in PauloCoelhoTV.
The first 40 sec are in German, but we switch to English.
It was recorded the day after the party were we celebrated 100.000.000 copies sold

CoelhoOffice 14 – Open to love

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho is talking about love and that we should not give up searching for the other half. Somewhere, someone is waiting and searching for us, too.

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre amor e que ní£o devemos desistir de encontrar nossa outra metade. Em algum lugar, alguém também está buscando por nós.

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca del amor y que debemos dejar de buscar nuestra otra mitad. En algun lugar, alguién también esta buscando a nosotros.

CoelhoOffice 13 – Fear of changing

Videocast #13 – Paulo Coelho talking about why we often fear to change.

Videocast #13 – Paulo Coelho falando porque algumas vezes ele tem medo de mudar.

Videocast #13 – Paulo Coelho hablando porque algunas veces siente miedo de cambiar.

CoelhoOffice 12 – Feeling useless

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho talking about how everyone once in a while feels useless.

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre como todas as pessoas em algum momento se sentem inútil.

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca del momento donde las personas se sienten inútiles.

CoelhoOffice 11 – You are going to die in 30 days

Videocast #11 – Paulo Coelho talking about how the doctor told him that he was going to die in 30 days.

VIdeocast #11 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre como o médico lhe deu a notí­cia de que ele morreria em 30 dias.

Videocast #11 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca de como el doctor le dije que iba morir en 30 dí­as.