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The Frankfurt Book Fair Speech
Statutes for Life
The letter that I can’t answer
Manual for Climbing Mountains
Interview for Beliefnet – Paulo Coelho dances with angels
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Swedish friends, comments and Socrates
Sunday, Beethoven and Frost
Traveling in a different way
Who deleted the song in my profile
The wounded by love agreement
Messenger of Peace for the UN
The song in my profile
Why we love Men
Love or Dream
twig Obsession
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Attention Deficit Disorder
Love is not a priority
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As for the song in my profile
On a mental Institution
The creative process
Ithaca and 2008
Christmas Tale : Our Lady’s Juggler
The Prayer of Petrus
Men’s rules of engagement
We and the Critics
Pirate Coelho
Faithful or Bound by Society
My easter song
My unfulfilled desires
The little daily hell
Remember Andijan?
Traveling in Cyberspace : I have learned
It happened before
La Milanesiana : on the four elements
My keynote message for the Meeting on Youth : A Future without violent radicalization
To the One



  1. דירות למכירה בפתח תקווה says:

    צהרים טובים לכולם ראשית כל אני וחברים שלי אני מוכרח להגיד שרשמת מאמר מכובד . ברצוני לשתף אותכם , אתמול הייתי בחברת תיווך ותיקה מאוד , אילו אתם מחפשים מעון במדינת ישראל תבואו לחברת תיווך באזור גוש דן , הם ימצאו עבורכם את הדירה המתאימה ביותר , היות ו קיים להם מיומנות רב ומאגר דירות גדול .בקיצור עדיף ביותר .

  2. Wow. This is very interesting article. I love to read this article. It gave me a lot of informations.

  3. I write every day on your blog but i don’t see where are my comments…with love Mihaela.

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    Merci pour tous ces cadeaux et pour le partage.
    Thank you for all these gifts and for sharing.

  5. Hello!
    I´ve learned to be quiet when the storm is stronger.
    Thanks for these words!

  6. ERIKA SANCHEZ says:

    Nice words!!!

  7. Grazie***

  8. i really like your book the alchemist, at this moment, i am still reading veronika decides to die. i hope to read more of your books

  9. Agradecimientos por expandir su obra.

  10. sammed patil says:

    These are feelings i cant express… Please, i insist you to come India and have look on Jainism.

  11. nina ramirez says:

    Es un gran honor para mi poder acceder a su blog ,es mi escritor faborito,he leido la mayoria de sus libros y en cada uno de ellos hay una nueva etapa de la vida que hay que aprender,siento que usted escribe para cada tipo de personalidad del ser humano,cada uno de nosotros de una forma u otra nos tropezamos con nuestro yo interior y usted lo describe a la perfección,me encantan sus libros y espero seguir leyendo cada uno de los que escriba en el futuro.
    un gran beso y un brazo!!

  12. Paulo, as usual you post many words of wisdom. The key is how to really apply them and listen carefully to the words. Very,very hard!

  13. Biserka Vucetic says:

    I looked at these joyful pictures on the wall / cards, read your wise sayings, has seen plenty of them, I want you to be a long time so vital and ready for us rad.Napisite still plenty of wonderful knjiga.Big greetings from me!

  14. cityville says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  15. Hello!
    Has got anybody of you the English Version of
    POWER OF LIFE (Kraft zu Leben).
    In German I could find it, but I would like to have the text in English!?

  16. Nitish says:

    Hello sir Iam one of your biggest fans I have read 2 of your books {The Alchemist , Like The Flowing Rivers }they are not just good books but great books . Each word of those books inspire me a lot

  17. Dear Sir

    I am not a reader but one day I read The Alchemist and after that I try to read all your books. I am deeply touched by your writings and truly feel that these are not a part of fiction but somehow related to our true inner self , i hope you understand what i want to say. You are just great and I hope someday I will get a chance to meet you and take your blessings.


    • Rehman says:

      The main plot of the alchemist has been taken from the arabian nights . . . . .

  18. your writings have left me a changed person, in terms of perspective and attitude. THANK YOU

  19. It took me sometime to truly appreciate The Alchemist. But when I did, it has such a deep meaning and I can identify myself with the alchemist and Santiago. Only one who has really transformed can reach the true message of the book. Thank you.

  20. polyxeni says:

    My sweet Paolo,I’m always enlighted by your soul’s writings in this lifetime!I don’t grasp everything you long to share with us.It’s probably so, simply because I haven’t had some work done in certain fields in my life!I dedicate to you K.Kavafis poem OSO MPOREIS.

  21. Mazarine says:

    funny enough your books do fall into my life at the precise moment when I need them… they’ve mostly been given by my son.. to me.. and I know now ” that when you say in your books look for the omen or the signs” that these messages are being conveyed by the book themselves.
    A realization of dreams and wishes.
    thank you!

  22. Truly inspirational…Books by ‘Paulo Coelho’ are like a shoulder on the roads of life…Hats off.

  23. Very nice No words to say

  24. It is clear that a good reader should be honest. Telling goods and hiding bad feedbacks is very far from someone who wishes his teacher’s improvement. I really like my teacher. I really love him to have more success and that is why I allow myself to tell him that some of your writing could be better. I have learned by you , my dear teacher, that a good friend should tell his beloved the mistake.I m sure his is praying for me and for sure it is my duty to keep him in prayer.
    Regards rasel

  25. A man of vision. The world needs people like you. I’m in love with you.

  26. A big thankyou to Paulo, your books have always fallen into my lap at the perfect moment throughout my life and still continue to do so. You are an inspiration.

  27. I truly enjoy Paolo Coelho’s works. I identify with many of them. Having access to the free texts has added a sprinkle more of Coelho’s magic to my life!


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