Virtual Exhibition for 100 Million Copies Sold

Dear readers,

Thank you very much for participating in the Virtual Exhibition! We had close to 600 photos, that will be shown in the party that my publishers organize during the Frankfurt Book Fair, on October 15th 2008. And I will keep this page online as a treasure and a gift.
Click on the thumbnail to see the photo and more details.


Virtual Exhibition


  1. Dear Paulo Coelho!

    I’ve just read the book Veronika decides to die, and I just want to say that the book was totally amazing!! It’s one of the best book I’ve ever read! I was shocked when I read aboute the crazyness things, cause, I actually understand it. The ending of the book was supprising and new to me. I loved it, and I’m shure that I’m gonna read more from you ;D

    Love, a norwegian reader :]

  2. Dear sir,
    Reading your books is always an experience that I get when I finish the task I’ve enjoyed the most.It inspires,relieves and assures me,of my own self confidence.


  4. Great idea !!!!!!

    Птахи не літають. Вони теж плазують, опираючись на повітря…
    Напишу своїм
    на поверхні
    планети Земля
    слово ЖИТТЯ!

  6. Илья says:

    В этих книгах можно понять смысл жизни.

  7. I am very inspired by your books. Hope you continue writing. My favorite is Veronica Decides To Die. I hope the movie will give justice to the book. I’m looking forward to it.


  8. JED (Filipina...) says:

    Mr. Coelho

    Thanks for revealing LIFE…

  9. marie-christine says:

    Mon livre favori est “Veronika decides to die”
    I went to order it to day.
    It is my fight too, that’s why I like it so much.
    Finally, someone has had the courage to put this out in the open and I am so so grateful to you Paulo, thank you.
    Let’s hope that something good will come out of that experience.
    “Nous sommes des etrangers, des sans papiers
    des hommes et des femmes sans domicilie,
    Oh Notre Dame nous te demandons asile
    Asile! “Luc Plamondon & Richard Cocciante
    Thank you and with all the respect you deserve
    Love always,
    Love always

  10. I don’t know if you know, what William Faulkner knew and what he expressed so beautifully in his Nobel-Price-Speech or if you know what Anthony Minghella wrote down in his Author’s Note to his Book Plays:2, but reading this, reading their texts as well as reading in your works fills my heart with pride, because there is someone, who is capable of expressing experiences and feelings which are particular human. But the trick, the magic is this: You are one of the few, who does not only feel this fire yourself and show it to others, you have the gift to incinerate this fire of humanity in the hearts of other people. You do a good job. Go on with it. I for myself just say thank you :-D

  11. CaroPaulo Coelho, vorrei diventare presidente degli Stati Uniti D' America !

  12. John (женя) says:

    Dear Paulo!
    Спасибо Вам за Ваши книги !!! С Любовью из России.
    Thank you for writing so nice books! LOVE FROM RASSIA !

  13. You the genius! I love you!!!

  14. Dear Paulo!
    Surely, I am far not the one who wants to express the gratitude to you for your creations, but your books and ideas, outlined in them, make me want to live and think – that’s grate. I wish I had a small part of your life experience. You are able to touch the souls of people and change their shapes.

  15. My favourite book is ‘Le guerrier de la lumiere’. I have read it and re-read and given it to quite a few friends.Also “how to climb mountains” you used to have it in your blog. At one stage I used to “feed” on that all the time. It is exquisite.
    Thank you for your insights. It certainly has changed my life for the better.

  16. I read your books in 3 languages: Russian, English, French. They are all so spiritual and beautiful. That’s why I want to say thank you to your translators… Great job…it is so difficult to maintain the soul of the books but they succeed in doing this.

    Vive le traducteur!!Да здравствуют переводчики!

  17. Olá Paulo! Adoro seus livros e adorei esse blog! parabéns

  18. Dear Paulo! Thanks you for All! Your books support me during the Difficult moment of my life… Reading your books you understand, that the life proceeds!

  19. Ranganath Rao says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have just read two of your books latest being “Like a flowing river” I have becme an ardent fan of your writing It has stirred my Soul. I would like to read all your bokks even the latset please keep me informed

  20. Ciao Paulo,

    I’ve sent my picture three weeks ago. Hopely he comes on your site ;)
    Thank you for writing so nice books! You have me learn to life in a fantastic way.

  21. As i said later
    U chaneged my life…
    may i send my pic with ur book now…or its late:(
    Nasrin from Iran

  22. hola, senor cohelo es un placer tener la oportunidad de poder dirijirme de esta manera y compartir con una buena aventura que tuve con el alquimista y con la quinta montana de ver de manera diferente la muerte y la fe que abeces uno piensa aber perdido

  23. Beatriz garcia says:

    Hola Paulo la verdad es que me encanta como escribes me fascina tus libros y te confieso que te empece a admirar cuando me rompi una pierna y tuve que quedarme dos meses en cama solo tus libros me distraian y el tiempo se me paso volando en especial 5 minutos es mi favorito.. yo tambien tengo una historia que contarte y me gustaria que me escucharas quizas con mi historia pudieras escribir un libro… son como las que tu escribes contactame…

  24. Since you are keeping this page as a memento,will you be posting the late photos as well?:(

    BJS .

  26. Jocelyn Herrera L. says:

    I couldn´t send my photo, maybe next time…Have a nice week in Frankfurt!!

  27. I too sent my photo later than September because I thought they would be collected through out the year-which is what this page said when I visited it earlier.I only came back&saw the “until end of September” update after I sent the photo.I’m sad&disappointed I couldn’t participate in this.But still love you dearest Paulo

  28. Why is this page not updated?Did you not include photos of people who sent emails a little late?I sent my photo on the 1st of october:(

  29. The Alchemist is the first book I read by Paulo Coelho. Since then I have been thoroughly hooked. Each of his books is like a little spiritual journey; one that compels us to delve deeper into the diverse depths of human psyshe. All of the books are different & yet strangely similar in the unparalleled signature Paulo Coelho style. I cannot even begin to find the right words to describe what Paulo Coelho’s books mean to me, in any language. It is so very difficult to arrange them in order of favourites because all of them are quite simply wonderful. But The Alchemist will ALWAYS remain in a league of its own. It is my antidote, my comfort, my companion, my courage, my friend, my strength & my inspiration.

    Thank you,Paulo,for ALL that you continue to share with us & for touching our hearts…
    May you keep on making our souls sing!

    Love from across the shores of the Indian ocean,

  30. Dear Paulo,

    I just sent mine in – I hope it’s still in time! Thank you so much for bringing us together and making us see our lives in a more positive light :)

  31. Monsieur Coelho,
    je reviens vers vous avec ce message,pour vous invitez une nouvelle fois dans mon coin de Paradis.
    La Corse,Calvi et moi-míªme vous attendons.
    Si un jour,j’ai le bonheur de converser avec vous,je serais trés simplement HEUREUX.
    Vos ouvrages que j’ai découvert en 2006 en commení§ant avec l’alchimiste bien sur,dans un passage douloureux de mon existance,m’ont guidés vers l’envie,le devoir,et accentuer mon humilité.
    J’aime vous lire;Je vous attends í  Calvi en Corse,vous ne serez pas déí§u.
    Toutes mes cordiales amitiées.

  32. does anz bodz like 11 minutes
    its a great book whz isnt it as loved as his other books

  33. Ow…so sad to hear that you’ll be here in Germany on October but there’s no session for you with your readers. I wish I can be there and see you, then I will come to Frankfurt since I live exactly 318.34 km away. Are you sure there’s no session with us, your readers??? It’s actually a chance for me to see the person who already becomes such a big part in my life. Well, still hope to see you in some other time. God bless you Paulo!

  34. Es primera vez que tomo un libro de Coelho y lo leo. Impresionado, llego a mis manos como si un angel me lo hubiese hecho llegar, en el momento mas oportuno en mi vida.

  35. I’m very happy because in the Virtual Exhibition there are two photos of me andyour books, dear Paulo!!!!IIm’ waiting to order the book….
    Compliments for Brida!!

  36. Ekaterina Onassis says:

    Дорогой Пауло!

    Спасибо Вам огромное за Ваши книги! Спасибо Господу нашему за Ваш великий талант!
    Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья и успехов в Вашем творчестве!

    Thank you, Paulo!
    From Russia with love :))))

  37. Lars Johnson says:

    Dear Paulo
    I’m a retired civil servant who spent a lot of my working life as a librarian. I fell in love with books when I was a boy, and I suppose going into the field of Librarianship (I WAS professional, but not certified, though) was as natural for me as was becoming a shepherd for the boy Santiago. Now that that phase of my life is over, though, I seem to be engaged in an ongoing search to find the continuing thread of my own Personal Legend. I sure hope I develop (or remember!) the ability to read omens, and The Language of the World real soon!!!

    But about my perspective on books: very trite I suppose, but I think we humans all owe a debt of gratitude to the countless others past, present and future who write the books that teach us about life. And we must never forget the importance of those who teach us to READ the books. Because what books represent to humanity is continuity: man is the animal that seeks to leave a legacy for all those who will live after him. The human race is “hard-wired” genetically to find ways to record our thoughts and beliefs and whatever else is in the minds of men, and so preserve it for posterity.

    And as for the fact that perhaps more and more of what is written and published may objectively (?) be deemed to be “worthless”: we must recall that life itself is built up of paradox after paradox after paradox. We know beauty because we know its opposite. And so for all things: “good” books can stand the test because they provide such contrasts that make us, that force us to be, discriminating choosers of what we read, just as ought to be choosers of what physical food we eat.

    Thank you, Paulo for your masterpiece, The Alchemist! It’s the first and only book of yours that I’ve read (so far!) It reminded me of two things. First, that one real objective of alchemy is to turn base metals into gold (Yes! I KNOW with full certainty that there IS a Philosopher’s Stone). But secondly, and more importantly, that the mission of alchemy is to start with the base nature of man (the animal self) and stage by stage to refine this nature into the purest gold possible this side of heaven. For at that stage the man becomes so in tune with nature that his thoughts, intentions, and actions do nothing but give testimony to the Oneness that is the be-all and end-all of everything in creation.

  38. Me parece buena la idea, ya que estamos conociendo un circulo de lectores a nivel mundial esto hace que tengamos un contacto constante, pronto conoceran mi foto y mi libro favorito….

  39. hi! this is a great idea. i hope the picture i sent will be part of this virtual exhibition, such a great history and pleasure to be part of it!

    more power and god bless

  40. elisabeth delage says:

    this is so great to let us to say you thank you here,for your books,to share your i don’t see yet my picture here,i guess there are many people from everywhere,and this is a good thing,ho yes!

  41. hi!! initially i thought this comment page includes only those regarding the virtual exhibition. but as i read on, it was really nice to find out how much much you have inspired us.
    anyway, the submission is closed Sept end, right? then i’ll definitely take a part :D


  42. Each of my birthday my brother bought me a new Paulo Coelho’s book,’cause he knows hom much I enjoy to “sail” into his world(s)…Now,I can enjoy with my little baby (who is so quiet when his mommy is reading these books)

  43. Querido Paulo,
    No sé cómo agradecerte los sentimientos que gracias a tus libros han podido aflorar en mi interior. La verdad es que, aunque habí­a oí­do hablar mucho de tus libros, e incluso los habí­a regalado, hace bastante poco que he comenzado a leerlos. Pero lo poco que he podido ver, me ha fascinado por completo. Por ejemplo, “El Zahí­r”… ¡¿qué increí­ble forma de pensar te ha podido llevar a escribir esas reflexiones sobre el amor?! O “Verónica decide morir”, con una realidad tan escalofriante como que no somos capaces de sentirnos libres de ser quienes realmente somos en nuestras propias vidas… Tú nos pones la Verdad justo delante de los ojos, para que los que no somos capaces de verla claramente por nosotros mismos, tengamos la oportunidad de acceder a ella a través de tus libros. Así­ que:
    ¡Gracias, Paulo, por compartir con todos nosotros!
    ¡Mil gracias por ayudarnos en nuestra andadura!
    Porque tú eres como esa suave brisa que, en el camino, te ayuda a retomar el aliento. Como ese regalo que inesperadamente te llena de alegrí­a. Como una hoguera en las noches de invierno. Esa caricia cuando estás triste. Un susurro que te llega al corazón.

    Que tu luz brille por siempre.

  44. How can i describe you? By your novels?! By your world?! Or by myself and your influence on my life?!! you filled my blank times with your marveous words…thanks from IRAN

  45. Querido Paulo!!!

    Estoy super feliz de ver mi foto con tu libro… Me fué difí­cil escojer uno solo ya que todos me han llenado profundamente el alma y el corazón. No veo la hora de tener tu nuevo libro en mis manos. ¿ Cúando vienes por Caracas? Te aseguro que muchí­simas personas irí­an a tu encuentro. Como deseo poder verte en persona y tomarme una foto contigo. Muchos besos y bendiciones.!

  46. Karla Del Cid says:

    Leer los libros de Paulo Coelho es encontrar un significado diferente y maravilloso a las experiencias de vida que vivimos a diario. He leí­do todos los libros (excepto la recopilación Maktub) y puedo decir que cada uno me ha inspirado de diferente manera. Me encantó El Alquimista, por su conexión con nuestro yo interior… Me encantó Veronica Decide Morir, ya que ayuda a reflexionar sobre la importancia de vivir nuestra vida de la manera que nos haga felices… recordando que algún dí­a vamos a morir… pero que no sabemos cuándo será… Once minutos, La Bruja de Portobello, El Zahir, Junto al Rio Piedras me senté y lloré, Brida, Manual del Guerrero de la Luz, etc… todos y cada uno de sus libros tienen un significado individual pero al mismo tiempo entrelazado uno con otro… ya estoy esperando ansiosa la publicación de una nueva obra.
    No hay mejor consejo que pueda ofrecer a quienes me rodean… que disfrutar la lectura de uno de los libros de Paulo Coleho y reflexionar sobre el poder de una mente positiva en nuestras vidas… muchas veces inspirada después de leer estas fantásticas lecturas!
    Una vez descubiertas todas estas obras… mi vida ha dado un giro aún más espectacular… permitiéndome disfrutar de cada uno de los momentos vividos….

    Gracias Paulo Coelho por compartir tus obras con nosotros!!

    Dios te bendiga!!

    Saludos desde Honduras!!!

  47. Querido Paulo,

    Encantada de poder dirigirte éstas palabras, que bueno encontrar en la red posibilidades de hacer llegar inquietudes y deseos satisfactorios por tu hermoso trabajo, lleno de tanta sensibilidad, experiencia de vida, y fundamentalmente aprendizajes con todos tus contenidos que nos llenan de riquezas internas que logran su cometido, ser cada dí­a mejores personas, sentirnos en paz y alcanzar la felicidad. Que Dios te bendiga!

  48. bonjour Paulo
    je suis toujours sur le chemin, hasta siempre maestro

  49. I hope you read some poetry in this italian website.
    There’s also two of my poems under the nickname Steff80.
    Saludos . In God we trust.

  50. Diana Patricia says:


    Querí­a decirte lo importante que son para mi tus palabras, las leo cada semana en un diario de mi paí­s, Ecuador, y las comparto con un gran amigo que se que también las entiende y disfruta.

    Gracias por darme esos momentos de agradable lectura por que me permites descubrir la persona que soy y a las personas que viven conmigo.

    Un abrazo a la distancia.
    Diana Patricia