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eleven mintues…. by Jess

Author: Paulo Coelho

so everyone knows what a nerd i am, you can almost always find me with a book. well a year or so ago someone turned me onto an amazing author paulo coelho. ive read quite a few of his books, and each one is more inspiring then the next. recently i found myself with nothing to read(having read just about everything on the best sellers list ). so i picked up a coelho book i read a few years ago called eleven minutes. i remembered thinking it was good but definatly not one of his best. out of sheer boredom i picked it up to reread it. it is about a young brazilian womans life. she escapes her small town and moves to europe looking for romance and excitement only to become a prositute to survive. she becomes jaded and fears love does not really exsist. one day she meets a painter who reminds her that love and intimacy do not always go hand and hand with sex. it is a beautiful love story. it got me to thinking, in this day and age of sexual freedom, where so many are having sex just for the sake of having sex, and confusing passion for love, i think that we have forgotten how scared both can be, and how one compliments the other perfectly. well enough rambling here are some quotes i enjoyed….hope you like them too…pick up the book its awsome!

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Stories & Reflections


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