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There is no good in manipulating people

Author: Paulo Coelho

To all my Jordanian readers:

I did not know that my visit to Jordan was linked to the self-explanatory email below. Therefore, I am cancelling it today, and I ask you to tell your friends that I would never agree with this akward situation, if I knew it beforehand. In the original program, I was invited to support the opening of a movie. I count on you to explain the reasons why I am cancelling this trip.

Dearest Paulo,

We are one of the people who believe in you, in your thoughts and in your way of living. We heard about your event of signing your recent book in Jordan. We wanted to come for sure but then when we knew and got informed about the details which we will be listing here in full details the first thing pops up into our mind is “why Paulo is allowing them to commercialise him”. The profile and the details of the upcoming event in Jordan does not suit you, it simply does not suit the image we carry for you…

I told my friend that I should stop liking Paulo she told me he does not know about the details then we decided to email you and to inform you about the silly arrangements they are doing, they want to make BIG profit out of you.

Here is the DEAL:

First of all interested audiences they need to call a mobile number starts by 0900 and these charge caller bill 1$ per minute and it takse 4 minutes at least to reach useful information. You need to at least try a number of times.

Then, they tell audiences to go for book signing around 7 pm and places are only for 200 guests based on first come first served. Of course, they tell you, you need to be there earlier ! Much earlier ! If you were not able to make it for the first two hundred people that are only allowed to see Paulo for free. You can go to the Luxurious (this is how it is broadcasted on radios ) Gala Dinner with Paulo Coelho on the 21st of June and tickets are sold for 100 $. Not sure if you already know this but the average salary in Jordan is 250 $. Of course, there are people who have much bigger salaries, but I am not sure if these are the people who read and understand Paulo; maybe if they do, just to show off and brag that they know of Paulo Coelho !

Where you are staying is confidential they said ! But how on Earth will you be meeting the readers who truly love you ? In the Gala Dinner?

Paulo is NOT materialistic. Paulo is NOT fake. Why see you in a materialistic atmosphere ….. You who goes on pilgrimage in the simplest ways …. Not on business class on planes… Who suddenly decides to go and sign books in whatever city you feel like going like the story you mentioned in the last Warrior of Light edition … Why does it have to be a big advertising campaign with sophisticated dinners ..etc ? Fine, they claim that the income will go to … whatever .. But believe there are more noble causes that Paulo’s name should be connected to … enhancing the lives of poor people and refugees … The list is long and you know better than us

Be safe,
People who truly LOVE you

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